Developer Champions FAQ

What is the Nokia Developer Champions program?

Nokia Developer Champion is a recognition program for top mobile developers worldwide. Every quarter, Nokia invites outstanding members of the Nokia Developer community to accept a one-year membership in this program. Honorees are selected based on their technical expertise, their activities, contributions to the Nokia Developer Portal online community and offline services and communities worldwide. Each Nokia Developer Champion earns elevated professional profile and status, sponsored access to Nokia technical services, Nokia Developer Premium Program for Lumia membership, support to host developer meet-ups and other exclusive networking opportunities.

Is the Nokia Developer Champions program linked to the DVLUP Program?

No, it is not. (You can read more about DVLUP here.)

Why does Nokia offer Nokia Developer Champion?

To appreciate the hard work and involvement of Nokia Developer community members. The Nokia Developer Champion program is Nokia’s way of recognizing those members who show their technological expertise and willingness to share it with their peers. Nokia also wants this program to serve as an incentive for individuals to contribute and commit to the community regionally as well as globally and to improve customer connections and interaction. The Nokia Developer community is most effective when mobile technology experts from around the world share their ideas and opinions.

How are Nokia Developer Champions selected?

The key criteria in the selection of a new member for Nokia Developer Champions are the developer’s technical expertise and activity both in online and offline channels. Only members of Nokia Developer community who have registered on the Nokia Developer portal may be considered as valid nominees. Selection is based on knowledge displayed through contributions to the Nokia Developer portal, as well as proven expertise in the mobile developer community. A list of example areas that may be monitored as a basis for selection can be found here. Every quarter, Nokia evaluates both the quantity and quality of registrants’ activity and expertise and compares their activities against those of their peers. Nokia gets information about registrants’ activity by monitoring Nokia Developer online and offline services and communities. Registrants can present their activities for consideration by Nokia by emailing us.

I would like to become a Nokia Developer Champion. How do I get started?

If you want to become a Nokia Developer Champion and have not yet registered at, you should start by registering. Individuals are nominated based on their technical expertise and/or activities, as well as activity in the Nokia Developer offline and online communities. Nokia may monitor activities through our online channels — for example, the Nokia Developer Blogs, Wiki and Discussion Boards - but to improve your chances, you should also submit a list of your activities through the nomination form.

Nokia Developer Champion memberships are awarded based on individual members’ technical expertise and activities. We evaluate each Nokia Developer community member’s contributions against the other candidates. Achieving membership depends on each individual’s dedication to being a technical expert and an active contributor. Read more about the selection criteria ›

How often does Nokia select new members for Nokia Developer Champion?

Every quarter, we select new members by evaluating registrants’ technical achievements and activities. During their one-year period of membership in the Nokia Developer Champion program, honorees may refer to themselves as Nokia Developer Champions and enjoy all other program benefits.

Who can apply to Nokia Developer Champion Program?

If you are a registered member of the Nokia Developer community, you are eligible to apply or be nominated. Only registered members will be considered.

Do Nokia Developer Champions represent Nokia?

No, but they do represent Nokia Developers and are expected to present themselves honestly and honorably. Nokia Developer Champion membership does not mean employment at Nokia. Nokia Developer Champions represent themselves, and they do not speak on Nokia’s behalf. Nokia recognizes Nokia Developer Champions as being the most outstanding third-party individual members of the Nokia Developer community. Each Nokia Developer Champion earns membership as a result of his or her own achievements.

A Nokia employee who is a registered member of and shows outstanding technical expertise and/or activity in the community beyond his or her employment may be granted Nokia Developer Champion status. Such a person represents only herself or himself in the program. Nokia employment does not preclude participation in this reward program; furthermore, such Nokia Developer Champions do not join the reward program as Nokia representatives.

What are the benefits of membership in the Nokia Developer Champion program?

Nokia Developer Champions receive a free one-year membership in the Nokia Developer Champion reward program and can take advantage of its related benefits. They receive a free Nokia device upon joining the program. They also have the right to use the Nokia Developer Champion title and qualifier image during their membership year. Other benefits include being showcased as a Nokia Developer Champion online, enjoying sponsored technical services, connections with industry leaders via various events, and being supported and encouraged to host webinars or local meet-up events and training sessions, giving the Champion a higher profile locally. Learn more about the benefits of the Nokia Developer Champion Program.

What is the Points and Rewards system?

The Points and Rewards system is a new incentive approach within the Champions Program created to reward Champions who actively contribute in the community both online and offline. The list of activities that qualify as benefits can be found on the Champions Portal.

What do Champions have to do in order to earn points?

Champions have to actively contribute to the community both online and offline. Contributions include organizing developer meet-ups, hosting webinars, providing training, giving speeches at Nokia or 3rd party events and so forth. For more information, visit the Champions Recognition and Ranking page.

How do Champions submit points?

To submit points, Champions have to log in to the Champions Service Portal service and report their activities.

How do Champions exchange points for rewards?

When Champion points reach the minimum threshold, Champions may choose to redeem points via the Champions Service Portal for select choices of Nokia devices and/or accessories. Visit the Earn and use Points page for the list of select devices and accessories.

Are there any fees associated with the Nokia Developer Champion membership?

No. The Nokia Developer Champion membership and its related benefits are free of charge.

Certain activities that may serve as a basis for invitation to this reward program—for example, application certification—do cost money. But no paid activity is required for nomination to this reward program.

Does Nokia pay Nokia Developer Champions?

No. Nokia gives Nokia Developer Champions a small welcome gift and other personal benefits that form the core of this program. However Nokia Developer Champions receive no monetary payment from Nokia.

What does Nokia expect from Nokia Developer Champions?

Nokia Developer Champion membership is awarded based on activity in the Nokia Developer community and technical expertise. Nokia’s only expectation is continued adherence to Nokia Developer Champion Terms of Membership. It is, of course, Nokia’s hope that all Nokia Developer Champions will continue to advance their technical expertise and sustain a high level of activity in the Nokia Developer community. In addition, Champions, like all registered members of the Nokia Developer community, are required to accept the community’s Legal Notice and Privacy Policy.

Can a person be asked to join Nokia Developer Champion more than once?

Yes, because evaluation is based on a potential Champion’s expertise and involvement in the Nokia Developer community, an active honoree may receive more than one invitation to join.

Does every Nokia Developer Champion have a dedicated personal-support contact at Nokia?

No. However, if a Nokia Developer Champion needs to contact the Nokia Developer Champions team, they may use an email address that is available exclusively for their use. In addition, Nokia Developer Champions can meet Nokia staff at selected physical and virtual events

Who else is a Nokia Developer Champion?

All current Nokia Developer Champions who have given their permission are listed on this Nokia Developer Champion page. Many Nokia Developer Champions also have personal pages at this site.