Meet-ups and networking opportunities

champion opportunitiesAre you passionate about mobile development and networking opportunities? Does the mix of mobile technology, applications, and social networks excite you? If so, Nokia wants to help you thrive in building your developer community and improving your status within your network and the industry.

As a Champion, you will be given the chance to express yourself on the Nokia Developer community blog, participate in exclusive virtual focus groups that discuss Nokia’s ecosystem, and promote your work with Nokia’s help over different marketing channels.

You will also have opportunities to engage and network with other developers by hosting developer meet-ups and webinars, giving speeches at developer events, and conducting technical training sessions. The Nokia Developer Champions team will support your efforts as needed while you contribute to the Nokia Developer Community.

Organizing any of the above mentioned events gives you great opportunities to work with other developers and industry leaders, discuss projects, gain respect, and have an impact on Nokia’s ecosystem. In return, you will be rewarded with Nokia Champion points, according to the guidelines explained in the Champion Points and Rewards program.

To lead or host a developer event, we have a few standards we’ll need you to follow:

  • Prepare a proposal for the event, highlighting the following details below. (Note that a minimum of 5-6 weeks’ notice is required for promotion of any developer event). The proposal should contain the following in a PowerPoint format:

    1. Overall purpose, focus, and format of the event, e.g. webinar, meet-up, or training session, focusing on S40 development, games, NFC, etc.
    2. Proposed agenda, presentation topic (slides included) and duration of the meeting
    3. Proposed date, location, and expected number of attendees. (Note: The minimum number of attendees is 30.)

  • Present the proposal to your local Nokia representative expressing your willingness to arrange the event. Log into the Champion Service Portal to see who the representative in your area is.
  • Your Nokia representative will review and evaluate your proposal. If it’s approved, your Nokia representative will forward the details to the Nokia Developer Champions team for final approval.
  • For meet-ups and training sessions, the preferred venue is your local Nokia or Microsoft office. If neither location is available, you can discuss other venues with your Nokia representative.
  • The Nokia team will help to set up event registration pages so we can track the number of attendees. This also allows us to contact attendees to get their feedback and suggestions.
  • Have a fantastic time at the event. Make friends. Influence people. Bask in the glow.
  • After the event is held, Nokia will send follow up emails and feedback forms to all developers who attended the event.
  • Finally, send us photos of the event to be posted on Nokia developer web site or social media! We love to show off our developers and our Champions.

Note that the same process applies if you intend to host a webinar, speak at an event, or conduct a training session.

So, get started and get rewarded for your contributions!