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  1. Python beginner, need help with Celsius converter
  2. PyS60 preinstalled in E90?
  3. help install pyd module
  4. (question)about dir_iter module
  5. dbms query
  6. help with BT keyboard
  7. Python dying for unknown reasons
  8. List devices module socket
  9. Python against C++
  10. Questions about N95 8GB
  11. Form field, type 'text' --- is there a limit?
  12. script split to more than 1 py file
  13. error socket in the emulator
  14. httplib stuck on response
  15. Access to Default Call Type
  16. event based framework need ideas for impl.
  17. [announce] Ensymble v0.26
  18. Gps On E65
  19. Python version > 2.2.2
  20. Multidimenstion list
  21. creating sisx files
  22. Python Kern-exec 0
  23. PyS60 db format known?
  24. need newer version of misty
  25. database file not accessible after closing
  26. 3rd Edition Phones with GPS
  27. How to get phone number selector?
  28. How to Access T9 By PyS60
  29. .AU open and read?! PYS60
  30. [announce] ShakerRacer : control a real RC Car with your N95 !
  31. problem in using py2sis tool for sdk 3.0
  32. more than one HTTP-connection
  33. Ensymble-py2sis-system error 2
  34. Connection Timed out Error
  35. PyS60 GPRS connectivity issue
  36. Bluetooth
  37. Pyedit
  38. TTS: audio.say() is not Ellen or Marie
  39. developers needed: IMDbPY on PyS60
  40. Nokia Beta Labs doing python: My Mobile Site widgets
  41. what is s60 product id
  42. time.strptime function missing?
  43. 1000 th post for Forum Nokia Champion cyke64 !
  44. Reading Text
  45. About packaging a python application
  46. Some problem whith a Notepad
  47. Performance od Python
  48. Monitor microphone sound level?
  49. KErrAccessDenied (-21) when playing audio to uplink
  50. Total Noob questions...
  51. Reading of XML.HELP!!
  52. Positioning Module with Error -46 Permission Denied
  53. scrollbar in listboxes
  54. Beginners Trouble!
  55. Not finding my scripts.? (Questionable installation?)
  56. writing into the message archive
  57. sgmllib?
  58. rsa or at least c implemented pow?
  59. Setting module paths for libraries and executing via PED vs. executing via Python she
  60. S60 3rd - local HTTP proxy
  61. Google Map and python
  62. complex module
  63. What is wrong with 1.4.2, sockets and S60 3rd emulator?
  64. Assistance please - S60 3rd emulator troubles
  65. Creating PyS60 extensions
  66. Audio problems at 3rd Emulator
  67. No accents in the console
  68. Strange that no one ever has this problem
  69. py2sis capability for accessing calendar
  70. py2sis
  71. Test and debugging tutorial
  72. Energy consumption info
  73. Want PIN code collection ?
  74. Compass support!
  75. parsing results page
  76. Link to PyS60 extension source code
  77. Sending audio over phone call
  78. Opening a notepad
  79. url link through pyhthon s60
  80. Help with creating a C++ extension on 3rd edition
  81. Does anyone know python code for accelerometer
  82. Making application "top screen"
  83. SOL_SOCKET - Attribute Error - Python for S60 v1.4.2
  84. appuifw.listbox - how to catch the delete key
  85. How to install the UiTricks Module in the Emulator
  86. Problems using sensor
  87. HTTP Tunnel feasability : sockets, threads
  88. Cannot play more than 3 audio files?
  89. [announce] AyIX v1.0.0 released
  90. Syntax error, I think...
  91. sql string functions for pys60
  92. nokia n-gage
  93. Camera rotated 90 degrees
  94. Being notified upon taking photo
  95. calibration of map
  96. Finding accelerometer update frequency
  97. Send keys to Music player
  98. pyparsing
  99. Making the script a .sis file
  100. Better WLAN detection
  101. Where to get "Getting Started with Python for S60 Platform" for the newest Python?
  102. Can we launch a sis in pys60 script
  103. Python Imaging Library extension for PyS60?
  104. Building commercial grade applications with PyS60
  105. Cleaning up extension repository
  106. [Ann] Yet another uikludges module + building extensions with Carbide C++ tutorial
  107. Web Development Project
  108. How to use a .pyd file
  109. beginners Location module
  110. project help in python with nokia .
  111. Code help...
  112. python prog in background - save battery
  113. [Python] How set caption under title ?
  114. How to change values in forms via menu callback?
  115. download routine in a separate thread to avoid app from hanging?
  116. Convert HBufC8 to TDesC8
  117. How to create text with user defined height in an image?
  118. Voice streaming by bluetooth
  119. What Capabilities are required for PyNetMony?
  120. Adobe CS3
  121. 2 way bluetooth communication (phone & pc)
  122. from number to string
  123. How to handle key presses?
  124. Python IPC on S60
  125. Read Text not success
  126. How to convert c++ to pyc Irda module
  127. Listing File System Root
  128. using a configuration file
  129. Does menu in Form really work?
  130. Comunicating Between 2 emulators
  131. Installation PYS60 on Nokia N73
  132. Accessing phone logs
  133. getting access point configuration
  134. Screen Orientation - Urgent!!! For Tuesday
  135. is a masked box available in forms ?
  136. additional info for calendar appointment
  137. Icon for the Python app.
  138. problem with font size for image.text
  139. How do I send/receive file with USB?
  140. Selected bold of the text display
  141. How to read from the phone's bluetooth received signal level
  142. Help on aosocketnativenew for S60 3rd edition
  143. Error on opening selfmade py app
  144. No py on installed app list though it run
  145. How to display wlan host MAC addresss?
  146. VB.net, usb and 6680
  147. bt_discover on N95
  148. PYREPL for S60 FP3
  149. How to find my support files (c: vs e:)
  150. download Python for S80
  151. Any S60 phone with preinstalled Python?
  152. help compiling a Python C module
  153. Network measurement result (nmr)
  154. Network measurement result-NMR
  155. N95 Shake
  156. Unprotected UID
  157. keypress and appswitch
  158. how to open sign s60 python
  159. Importing Modules in Symbian emulators
  160. Python Beginner Help Please
  161. arabic char with python problem
  162. How to read the notes of a Nokia mobiles??
  163. simulating keypress
  164. Automate series 60 UI applications using python script.
  165. .PYD file compilation
  166. canvas lost when dial called in N95
  167. Program can't access included files
  168. Free devcerts
  169. How to host menu key?
  170. python script that can automate Number keys in mobile
  171. Build emulator steps not clear.
  172. importing Keypress module in s60 3rd edition C++ SDK FP2,Beta
  173. NMR with python??
  174. help accesing info from dict/db
  175. scrolled info in image
  176. Pc to phone transfer - via wlan
  177. Monitor cell signal strength while on a call
  178. How to make a sis application works with a cell location module inside the script?
  179. Show text on the celular screen
  180. Compensation Exposure Nokia n73
  181. Message content
  182. internal icons.
  183. How to change default font size display using python
  184. What is the icon size dimension and file format used for s60 3rd sis file creation?
  185. process on video recording
  186. GPS location
  187. How to do self auto refresh by the program itself
  188. Direct USB connection amng PC and cellphone
  189. SQL Help
  190. how to make cell phone read and speak a text?
  191. Possible to initialise multi_selection_list with certain values
  192. sms to online database
  193. BaseHTTPServer module for S60 Python
  194. Problems with a python wrapper: convert PyObject to Image
  195. Problems with a python wrapper: convert PyObject to Image
  196. [B]How to launch an application on the emulator using python script?[/B]
  197. IMDbPY for Symbian
  198. What code for using the original phone screen background as your background
  199. position_stop() problem
  200. How to get IMSI in 3rd edition
  201. Phone always plugged
  202. How to register the "Next" command for the Music Player?
  203. Help wxtimer...I need to close a dialog after a particular time...
  204. UnSIS: Unpacking SIS/changing UID + capabities
  205. use pdb
  206. Launching the menu through script?
  207. Launching applications that is not running in the background
  208. Another Query?
  209. Launching the addnewcontacts menu option from contacts menu directly
  210. SIS file - Python 1.4.1 - Symbian S60 3rd Ed
  211. Problem with python in Nokia N95-3
  212. [Ann] LifeMatta - test users wanted
  213. How to speak local time?
  214. Adding new contacts without opening the contacts
  215. launching addnewcontact directly without even launching contacts using python script
  216. Display text and pictures in Python S60
  217. Can I use symbian generic .lib with PyS60?
  218. sending Image throw socket
  219. change the original file
  220. Python for S60 bluetooth (obex)
  221. Programs that run behind everything else
  222. Python -> Sis with Mac
  223. putools + execute scripts
  224. python to sis, install to mem card
  225. Voice to text
  226. How to get the Lat-Long and Altitude of Particular City reply urgently
  227. "About" Window
  228. User defined data format in FORM?
  229. multiple ui control - callback
  230. Emulater and bluetooth
  231. Kindly explain this "Classic Keyboard Module" ?
  232. ID of a contact
  233. Implementing Press-and-hold event ?
  234. UI control hierarchy
  235. Text-to-Spech åäö? hmm?
  236. Idea, bluetooth gps emulation
  237. syncml api?
  238. How to manage time for sub threads
  239. open signing shell
  240. ensymble: where to put icons for listbox?
  241. Sleep within a while statement???
  242. Automatic pop up window
  243. Zoom in, s60 image
  244. Include resources in SiS pack.
  245. Last received call
  246. Python Search On Web
  247. receive messages
  248. Tranfering file by bluetooth
  249. appuifw.Text AttributeError
  250. Newbie trouble