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  1. how to install SOAPpy ??
  2. Hex strings
  3. creation extension appswitch
  4. Select module?
  5. python background
  6. Help what cause my program to exit
  7. Rar module?
  8. import urllib
  9. playing video
  10. ScriptShell and Python RunTime for FP1 Devices
  11. capabilities
  12. receive data from mobile to pc via bluetooth
  13. Error importing module
  14. Bug detected in PyS60 e32db on Nokia E90 Communicator
  15. cellbroadcast message(possible?)
  16. How to add simplejson to my application .sis?
  17. dlopen: load failed
  18. How to save utf8 on e32db databases?
  19. help with this....pls[urgent]
  20. PyS60 2.0 extensions
  21. Parse sms containing gps coordinates and open in nokia maps
  22. http header with Auth [help]
  23. Reduce memory consumption?
  24. print data from form error..[?]
  25. run a application in the background
  26. help with serial via bluetooth
  27. Debugging PyS60 extensions
  28. pysmsflooder
  29. python script for a mobile application
  30. Python Wireless(UDP) to PC
  31. Question about mod_python
  32. Call to urllib.urlopen closes the application on Nokia E71
  33. Get consecutive frames from camera using python
  34. INT to 8bit HEX
  35. Key to PC
  36. strange behavior of python
  37. Question on PyS60 programming
  38. problem with call screening app
  39. Getting images of contacts
  40. [App.] rejecting calls from unlisted numbers
  41. Strange behavior of the keyboard input with appuifw.Canvas on N97
  42. Thread Problem
  43. Dial an array of 10 phone numbers from python
  44. disconnect
  45. touchable topwindow
  46. How to play vibration and sound at the same time?
  47. Testing app on 5th edition devices
  48. Matrix initialization and Manipulation
  49. Query for Inbox Enhancement
  50. Acceleration Sensor
  51. e32db:Please add a function to get the column names and max length
  52. Where is Python GUI
  53. Calling java libraries in pys60
  54. sensing sound
  55. ErrBadName error naming an audio file
  56. How to import *.pyd module
  57. Key swapping?
  58. Get number of a caller while caller is calling
  59. How can I hide my application
  60. what wrong with (messaging.sms_send)
  61. Adding constraints in a table
  62. Display of calendar of a particular month
  63. e32.start_server and extension modules
  64. Debugging help needed: Phone recording app.
  65. How to turn battery consumer functions
  66. e32.Ao_timer().after(...), crashes for more than 30 minutes
  67. PyS60 2.0.0 exception gaierror - "Non-recoverable failure in name resolution"
  68. How to save my app settings
  69. Inbox (Sender , Time ) problem
  70. MissedCalls , Unread SMS count
  71. httplib&authorisation
  72. Packaging my python application issues
  73. Please help me with his code...
  74. say caller number while mobile is ringing
  75. IP on Phone
  76. My script stops working after a while
  77. component 'python for s60' missing
  78. Using Bt socket p2p with pause option
  79. Hey great new look, but is Python support dead?
  80. Recent Misse Calls Function
  81. Wireless APs available via code
  82. central repository
  83. Display image
  84. PySyncNotes - my first Aplication.
  85. let the GPU work instead of CPU
  86. Signing my application , UID
  87. how to solv error -21 KErAccessDenied
  88. pls help in debugging
  89. appuifw.query('','date', initial value?)
  90. I can't run my application
  91. How to get rid of virtual buttons and softkey labels on X6???
  92. Image not displayed in landscape mode
  93. Status of red key capture with Python 2.0 and latest versions of S60 5th Ed?
  94. SVGT icon can't be displayed
  95. execute code global?
  96. IronPython
  97. HTTP from Python
  98. CPython differs from IronPython
  99. stop ringing
  100. help python keypress for n5320
  101. Ensymble and Python for windows version - which one are compatible?
  102. controling backlight and ringtone
  103. Multiple tabbed instances of Text() fail to display Input Keyboard (5th)
  104. Problems in opening a zip file using "rb" mode
  105. Ensymble py2sis error: Getting prefix failed
  106. Python + Qt Mobility API
  107. global name 'sorted' not defined
  108. btsocket Error 0
  109. Encrypting with Python
  110. problem in using key_codes along with image display
  111. Unreliable bluetooth channel with PyS60
  112. Keypress 1.0.6 and PyS60 2.0.0
  113. need help in importing pyd file for e63
  114. Automatically sync photos and videos
  115. non parser method for XML file [ERROR]
  116. Play sound in silent mode
  117. How can I reset missed calls
  118. Event for phone opened / closed
  119. How to quit my code after a telephone call
  120. Creating a read-only Text
  121. Using relative paths
  122. Add and Remove items from list (list index out of range error)
  123. Another issue after a phone call
  124. Camera Autofocus and Fastcamera
  125. Application closes after playing audio
  126. how to cancel the key pressed input in Text?
  127. T9 Dictionary
  128. How can I add python runtime library in my installation package
  129. Reading, changing & writing to an XML file with ElementTree
  130. Help required with string functions
  131. Motion detection and access to raw Image data
  132. os.utime stubbed - why?
  133. How to dial special numbers
  134. Problem handling sms in callback
  135. How to get number of incomming call?
  136. TypeError: Argument must be string or read-only buffer, not int
  137. ensymble problem
  138. Float as form field
  139. How can I send a stream using btsocket to myself
  140. Default BT PythonShell Console problem.
  141. Python interoperability
  142. Secure Communication using Mobile Phones
  143. Audio PC to Phone and Phone to PC
  144. New Idea for mobile application
  145. Reading USSD messages
  146. Can't Write to C: Python 2.0.0
  147. How can I use extensions properly
  148. how to retrieve birthday from contacts database
  149. Application not responding to exit_key_handler
  150. Key Presses
  151. PyS60 & Ovi Store
  152. Data corruption during sudden reboots
  153. Python new line trouble
  154. How can I simulate the hints for a input feild?
  155. Running Scripts
  156. How to check for an active data connection before starting a data connection
  157. Fixed bugs in pys60 2.0.0? ("alread sending" and missing socket timeout)
  158. I need ActivePerl 5.6.1 Build 631
  159. Open GL and ensymble
  160. how can I put backgroud to my program
  161. How to send e-mail from Python?
  162. help installing pys60 2.0.0 on e50
  163. How to setup any S60 SDK emulator with python runtime?
  164. Cookies in pys60?
  165. "SMS Password"
  166. urllib2.urlopen hangs
  167. How to get ident of mainThread?
  168. change .cer to .crt for packaging with Ensymble
  169. Passing parameters on appuifw.app.menu
  170. Nokia 6600 to unterface with Atmel ATMEGA using python
  171. AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'call_state' TELEHPONE module
  172. how to use hack extension?
  173. Threading
  174. kill and close applications commands
  175. transfer unread sms from my phone to other phone
  176. transfer missed call
  177. please help me
  178. PyS60 2.0 e32.start_exe() of ensymble-built app fails with KErrNotFound
  179. Automatically connect to WLAN in offline mode?
  180. PySide for s60/Symbian?
  181. stop running thread
  182. mktime workaround error
  183. Make Standalone apps on the phone ?
  184. How to create help files
  185. Is there any way invoke the input method?
  186. Video recording at resolutions of 320x240 or 640x480
  187. How to prevent system from closing app when memory is low?
  188. how to start sync mail box that build in message by python script?
  189. Record voice call
  190. get unread missed calls
  191. Looking for script to wait for SMS, check for keyword, take photo, send by MMS/e-mail
  192. Python Shell Script don't start? Try turning your Wi-Fi on...
  193. socket.set_default_access_point(None) causes crash?
  194. Python for 3ed FP1 ?
  195. Python syntax help !
  196. More access to the built-in text to speech ?
  197. How can i make an application on 3rd Ed FP1 and 3rd Ed FP2 using one sdk?
  198. BlueTooth RFCOMM crashes when used between 2 Nokia N95s
  199. Dialing a GSM special command in PyS60
  200. sqlite3 and e32db databases
  201. Canvas Problem - help
  202. how can i make an binary code addition in python? please help. thanks.
  203. Display simple calendar on screen
  204. how to fix errno 13 in writing text to a text file pys60
  205. i am not able to receive data from a bluetooth module using python, please help
  206. help: simulate a keypress don't work in stand alone running
  207. help please pys60
  208. Password protected gallery in pys60
  209. How do I set the default access point in Python Version 2.0?
  210. S60 device responding to http, writing to USB
  211. convert phone number to name in missed call
  212. Error - KErrPermissionDenied - positioning.set_requestors
  213. when use keypress in script , the keyboard must be in unlock status?
  214. PyS60 1.4.x, static builds, smart installer and stuff
  215. Can i change the current access point? (btsocket module)
  216. sample usage for global_note's 'wait' ?
  217. help how to code to select graphical buttons
  218. how to capture key event when another app in front?
  219. redarw problem of canvas in S60 5th deition
  220. call handling and response with audio file
  221. How to run and continue a script in background even after exiting application ??
  222. Ensymble under Windows (7)
  223. Location capability issue
  224. e32.start_server() How it works?What is its function?Anyone know??
  225. how do you include mbm icon file(s) with ensymmble/py2sis packager?
  226. How to reboot phone programmatically?
  227. Options for sending images / streaming video via Wi-Fi
  228. convert unread sms to read sms
  229. number of unread sms and miss calls
  230. Setting up bluetooth port in Windows 7
  231. Inconsistent Cell ID results with gsm_location
  232. How to install python apps please help
  233. My Fisrt Python Pro:FileSearcherModule.
  234. graphics.Image.open fastest file type
  235. About Python support, bug tracker, ...
  236. Help with pys60 yahooMaps
  237. time in missed calls
  238. PyS60 & Ovi Store?
  239. btsocket, RFCOM
  240. error loading extension
  241. axyz module not found...
  242. Problem working with httplib
  243. S60 5th edition emulator automatically closes on starting
  244. Capture touch events in background
  245. Controlling Java app from Python S60
  246. Media Management service returning incomplete info???
  247. Need python interpreter for N80.
  248. Problem in computing amount of miss call time
  249. Send DTMF
  250. Problem installing python on N95