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  1. MIDP2.0 Player API prefetch limitations?
  2. Problem with sprites? (Nokia 6600)
  3. Grouping and colliding Meshes from Blender
  4. SNAP to leave PS2 Online?
  5. Nokia 6600 doesn't run mygame maybe a sprite loading problem
  6. Help,Technology problem about SNAP platform
  7. Most recent SDK 1.4.4
  8. Midlet start on Nokia 6600
  9. help !!! the connection in the nokia phones
  10. Proper frequency for playTone in nokia2610
  11. Can Sound be stopped during call ?
  12. please help
  13. An error using s60 emulator with eclipse, please help
  14. Collisions and vectors
  15. Keycode on different phones
  16. MIDxlet-Application-Resolution question
  17. Possible problem reasons on MIDlet start on phones...
  18. Date protection
  19. Invalid Jar File
  20. how can i get back lost java application in nokia n-73
  21. Flickering issue in Nokia6280
  22. Optimization of MIDlet
  23. missing float in j2me but available in cldc 1.1?
  24. Multiplayer RPG with SNAP Mobile?
  25. quick question pls reply
  26. J2mepolish
  27. Detecting a Finished Call
  28. About pre-compliance test without hardware environment
  29. question on 2 player game
  30. Maximum payload of the SNAP messages
  31. Canvas and Canvas.FIRE
  32. Need a platformer tutorial
  33. Canvas size on 3rd edition phones
  34. Location API gone wrong
  35. problem with bluetooth and n70
  36. about gamecanvas´╝č
  37. How to implement projection for jsr184 animation?
  38. pseudo 2D racing game
  39. Bluetooth, multiple connections - best practices?
  40. File System problem
  41. Textfield on canvas
  42. Up and down canvas
  43. KeyPressed Problem
  44. Image not displaying
  45. tablular format
  46. key code problem
  47. Frequency recognition Java Mobile
  48. Problem with running SnapMobileSample
  49. Game connected on TV problem
  50. Java games in a Non-Java Mobile
  51. game analysis
  52. How to develop a simple mobile game by applying SNAP ? (A newbie game developer)
  53. J2ME game source code: Darts
  54. SNAP Mobile SDK 2.0 online now!
  55. Graphics Memory
  56. Problem while translating Mesh (JSR184)
  57. How to connect Netbean with SNAP Server?
  58. Problem with SNAP libraries
  59. pausing and resuming games
  60. about creatergbimage( ) help!
  61. 2.0 SDK documentation Correction: SNAP-Mobile-URLs JAD parameter
  62. 2.0 Documentation Correction: SNAP-Mobile-OperatorID JAD parameter
  63. Image Transparency issue - Help me out ....
  64. GPRS not getting activated without minimizing the MIdlet
  65. Nokie 6500 slide & V40 5th Editon
  66. 2 player mobile game
  67. GameCanvas Question
  68. Noob mobile development
  69. Duplicated objects with different textures
  70. SNAP 2.0 Compliance Test
  71. ip address and access points of a gprs activated mobile
  72. S40 Heap Size
  73. is there any j2me game editor for none programmers?
  74. NullPointerException while changing displayables
  75. image should move randomly when collsion takes place without sprites using canvas
  76. Netbeans visual game designer, using a sprite twice?
  77. N73: Game not resumed after camera interrupt
  78. N73: Game music remains during incoming call recived
  79. exception in only nokia 128x128 phone
  80. game canvas over canvas
  81. adding a third level to a game ?
  82. does a new gamecanvas need to be created for settings of 2nd and third scenes
  83. Problems with a game error
  84. S40 5th Ed FP1
  85. SNAP Mobile SDK 2.1 online now!
  86. Problem installing a game
  87. Problem with S60 2nd Edition FP2 and mobility pack
  88. illegal start of expression
  89. Using Random
  90. [Help]PacMan game.
  91. N95: Application Active During Call
  92. M3G, bones and blender exporter.
  93. over the air
  94. Audio From .Jar and .Jad Mobile Games
  95. M3G, out of memory, CRASH!
  96. High level and low-level
  97. parabolic movement ....
  98. character movement according to the map
  99. Probolem in Samsung sgh D 880
  100. parabolic movement
  101. how to show a frame of images in a keyPress?
  102. Basic Platformer Geometry and Physics.
  103. how i get the postion of the game charactor
  104. database help
  105. how to give a realistic fall when a player fall?
  106. 3G-logo?
  107. Tile collision..how?
  108. Un Explainable NullPointerException
  109. Bluetooth games exit
  110. hidenotify on N95 in landscape mode
  111. Nokia 6131 Bluetooth echo
  112. Confused about phone limitations
  113. n95 j2me 3d graphics hardware acceleration
  114. N81 Gaming keys
  115. Fullscreen mode of Sagem my700x
  116. Basic differences
  117. How to change application name(over application icon) in Symbian...?
  118. Getting RxLevel, RxQuality,Timing Advance Zero
  119. Series 40 6th Edition: Developing Java ME applications with force-sensitive joystick
  120. Drawing Spreadsheet Alike Screen
  121. game
  122. if I don't use PIM techologe,how to read phone number from mobile?
  123. Managing threads in j2me game
  124. Help In Java App
  125. Problem with my Nokia 5100 with Java books
  126. series 40 theme studio download
  127. Out of Memory
  128. LG KE_970 :: The MIDlet could not be instantiated.
  129. Developing new game - UFOterror (rus)
  130. Nokia 5000 Out Of Memory Problem
  131. i am not getting the sprites more than two from array
  132. Most popular Mobile set for testing of game & service application.
  133. GameCanvas not being instantiated
  134. is there toolthat support making games for mobile java for none programmers
  135. Graphics on video
  136. How to interact with system in mobile games
  137. Error with nokia sdk series 60
  138. how bullets move
  139. Need Help ?
  140. Is rms file platform dependent or independent.?
  141. Multiplayer game using bluetooth and m3g
  142. Midlet not searching the Bluetooth active devices in S60 mobiles
  143. how to reset the game
  144. Porting Game (240x320 TO 176x208)
  145. Cartoon java games
  146. Implementation of Game
  147. Convert world to screen coordinates
  148. Selling a mobile game
  149. Desperate Game Project (First time in game developing)
  150. Select and click
  151. keyRepeated problem
  152. simple bluetooth based j2me game
  153. how to import .jar
  154. Game restart is slow
  155. The valule of Joystick API
  156. How to publish a game in ovi as an individual
  157. listener for table puzzle
  158. Query with regards to j2me project using m3g
  159. No keyCode for Select key on 6210 Navigator!
  160. M3G setAlignment() & align()
  161. Out of memory Error
  162. Game Development Newbie
  163. Mobile phone games developer wtd
  164. what is the difference between Developing Game in Java and FlashLite???
  165. 5800 j2me performance
  166. out of memory prob
  167. Blender subsurf and animation question
  168. Another out of memory problem 5130 nokia.
  169. more than one proximityListener??
  170. Help With Linking My Midlets.
  171. Java Control on 5800 xpressmusic an Fullscreen Mode
  172. Delay in game sounds
  173. Game speeds variation
  174. Game Development Tips
  175. Game loading bar
  176. java.io.IOException Error in Mobile
  177. How can we use font?
  178. How to get transperent background
  179. How do I delete the game demos from the phone ?
  180. Orientation switch does not re-scale scrollable tile layer? N85
  181. Loading Resources in Game
  182. Mobile Device for Game Development
  183. memory jump while running game
  184. scaling and rotating
  185. How to get symmetric bluetooth l2cap connection?
  186. multi thread issue
  187. Play java game and get stuck "Out of memory error" in 5130
  188. efficiente way for painting images
  189. My First Game for Nokia Touch! TouchSenku
  190. Levels of a game...
  191. few m3g problems that i cant fix in my game :(
  192. How to pause the game when Incoming Call ? (The pauseApp,hideNofify doesn't work)
  193. Problem playing sound on N70
  194. Actions to take before releasing a game to the market
  195. Logical problem making the "move" method in M3G...
  196. Where is the save (rms) game on S60V3 ?
  197. Keycode error?
  198. How to disable keypads functions, such as the exit and off button of the phone.
  199. Endless background
  200. How to place sprites in dynamic background
  201. How to clip the backgroud...
  202. Forcing Landscape view on N97 and N5800
  203. 3D camera following an object
  204. How to implement HTTP connection time out
  205. how to force Right of Left menus commands
  206. destroyApp()
  207. application error on real device
  208. Help me!!
  209. Loading time take too long...
  210. RACE
  211. Problem setting image on button
  212. How to Add a List in CANVAS?
  213. How to create different level for a game?
  214. Mobile Application Design @Technozion'09
  215. How to uninstall/remove games from Nokia 6500 Classic
  216. Connect Four game for mobile
  217. collision
  218. How to move from one Level to other in J2ME Game?
  219. RAG DOLL GAME for black berry storm - touch screen PLZ REPLY SOON
  220. Pause Issue
  221. How can I save gps coordinates in Mobile memory (Nokia E71 Mobile)
  222. Reinstall / retrieve standard games (Nokia 6500 Classic)
  223. nokia e75
  224. Defect to take snap using native camera
  225. NetBeans and S60jmesdk 3rd edition
  226. J2me application closed with KERN-EXEC 3 Error
  227. how to use j2me to give a option to the user for defining his own maps in Nokia E71
  228. Gif Animation???
  230. Please test my logic game?
  231. Beta test: Mad Coe Martha 3
  232. Moving images
  233. Sounds on N95 overwhelm processors
  234. Where are all the Threads in this Forum?
  235. Sound delay Nokia E66
  236. E55: how to play games.?
  237. Display getDisplay setCurrent Problem
  238. 5800 XpressMusic game sound
  239. Multiple RMS
  240. [Contest] MoMinis GameCast #2 - mobile games development contest is launched
  241. Netbeans - New Project
  242. How to create automatic shuttlecock trajectory?
  243. Application Error on Nokia 2630
  244. how to get multiple value from accelerometer
  245. Need help
  246. On screen keyboard
  247. Touch API
  248. Implementing Transition Effect on a set of Canvas pages
  249. How to do porting for different Screen Resolutions
  250. GameCanvas using Menu Keys