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  1. new in flashlite
  2. Input from (mini)USB keyboard for N95
  3. 6131NFC SDK1.1 Class cast exception on Custom Data Source
  4. Python PC elumnator
  5. enums should have their numeric values in the documentation
  6. unable to get product serial number
  7. can nokia sdk 2.1 read two attatched mobile phones in one pc?
  8. SDK (GCCE) warnings
  9. Carbide 1.2.2: Indexer does not find source files in relative paths
  10. Registering Nokia 7210 SDK fails
  11. Theme Studio with windows shell
  12. registering nokia 3300 sdk fails
  13. Online compiler for sourcecode
  14. I Synch fo Nokia 6300
  15. SMS exports to phone / memory full message
  16. Can't play sound in Sound Tab — Series 40 Theme Studio 2.2 — says: no sound support
  17. New Software
  18. tools
  19. Nokia 6131 NFC SDK can't be installed on Vista
  20. carbide 1.2 Tutorial: Birthdays
  21. Silent installation of S60 SDK
  22. Extensions plug-in package v1 for S60 3rd Edition FP1
  23. UI Design
  24. GSM/GPRS and TETRA Network
  25. Reporting Known Issues is Now Easier than Ever
  26. how i can run after sdk date expire....
  27. Nokia PC Suit Data Transfer Crash
  28. Nokia 5700 flash light
  29. Themes For Nokia 6288 I need help !!!
  30. Themes for nokia 6288
  31. Carbide.vs to support VS2005/2008?
  32. test
  33. need serial number
  34. Need a serial for Browser Simulator 4.0
  35. Problem with emulator S60 (don't start Display GUI)
  36. NOKIA mobile toolkit 4.1 error
  37. Build miflist with CodeWarrior
  38. Cannot install Nokia Developer Suite for MMS 1.1
  39. What can Remote Device Access service NOT do for you?
  40. having problem installing NOKIA simulator
  41. Developing under Linux
  42. Zero initialisation and setting pointers to NULL in destructor
  43. I need help for NOKIA 6288 please
  44. CColumnListBoxData FP1 make MR bug worse
  45. Nokia Connectivity Framework 1.2 not start
  46. Is the S80 SDK still supported?
  47. Linux version of EPOC
  48. Problem with ActivePerl interpreter
  49. Eseries SDK plugin problem with 800*352 screen mode
  50. Web Browser - Proxy Authentication Support
  51. Where to get serial number for the tool?
  52. stream read/write in pc suite connectivity sdk
  54. Why carbide C++ express edition doesnot support WINS platform?
  55. SimulationPSY
  56. Handset Image Capture
  57. Install problems
  58. ActiveIdleMyTodaySettings and ScShortcut libs for Active Standby
  59. Problem in Installation MWS SDK Plugin for S60 3rd MR
  60. Wine support for S60 SDK
  61. S80 Platform SDK product key issue
  62. Carbide.ui 3.x register freeze the program
  63. ablout the marquee effect
  64. Too time-consuming when importing big project using carbide c++
  65. UML Design tool for Carbide.c++?
  66. Direct Push
  67. Problem with WAP Gateway Simulator 4.0
  68. Debug info into Nokia series SDK
  69. Stress Test tool
  70. Nokia video manager
  71. S60_SDK_v21c_CW.zip CRC error in data2.cab
  72. net monitor-like tool
  73. Big problem: Development Enviroment Setup
  74. Technical Writting and Professional Communication
  75. [moved] S60 3.0 FP2 Beta - documentation
  76. Nokia Mobile Browser Simulator cannot get past Install
  77. ALL -TCB
  78. PC Connectivity SDK
  79. S60 emulator performance and single IMG file
  80. Nokia mmsc server
  81. NMIT 4.1
  82. Please open up access to MDF DevVideoRecord
  83. MessageBox API (JSR 266) [inbox, outbox access]
  84. AT command to read flash sms
  85. Which serial should i use
  86. Installation Problems with Mobile Browser Simulator 4.0
  87. Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1 Uninstallation
  88. Nokia PC Connectivity API 3.2 - Missing function
  89. S60 PC Suite UMDF Driver crash & others....
  90. Carbide.ui feedback - Squashed custom icons on S60 2nd FP2
  91. Problem downloading Carbide.C++ 1.2
  92. Where is the source of the GPLd tools?
  93. CarbideUI - "Series 40 Theme v3.0 light"?
  94. Carbide UI
  95. S60 3rd ed MR SDK: undefined reference errors, cannot debug on target.
  96. Carbide 1.3: makesis doesn't work
  97. carbide 1.3: tyhe uidesigner doesn't work
  98. can't read S60 SDK Documentation
  99. s40 theme studio 2.2 problem
  100. Bug (?) in JSR-82 implementation
  101. application framework
  102. Please make available" Nokia developer suite for J2me" for linux platform
  103. EcmtAgent causes "unable to perform operation" error in browser when posting forms
  104. [moved] Why SDK miss guide developers
  105. S60 3rd Edition SDK Feature Pack 2 v1.1 Installer problems
  106. S60 3rd FP2 SDK emulator
  107. S40 NFC_SDK_World_Languages_Pack crash
  108. Open C vs estlib compatibility docuementation
  109. Some tools and SDKs cannot be downloaded from some countries
  110. S60 3rd MR SDK known installation problem
  111. InitComponentArrayL
  112. HELP ME!!!!
  113. google map Api
  114. Carbide 1.3 c++ Bug
  115. Capability issue in GetPhoneId API of CTelephony class
  116. [moved] S60 5th ed SDK v0.9 can't be installed on FAT32
  117. Time zone data update tools
  118. [moved] I can't install S60 5th edition on my PC
  119. help: libglib leaks in framework
  121. Help for uninstall the SDK
  122. How to get a nokia platform licence ??
  123. Nokia Connection Framework for Java won't install on Vista
  124. Unable to install S60 SDK (S60-SDK-0548-3.0-f.3.215f)
  125. [moved] XmlDataBinding.sis on Nokia N85 and Nokia N79
  126. Nokia 7210 Content Authoring SDK 1.0
  127. [moved] Graphics example - S60 5th Edition SDK - does not compile
  128. MBMViewer - S60 5th SDK - useless
  129. TRK 3 on device debugging and Carbide 2.0
  130. Installation of Carbide C++ V2.0 fails
  131. Problem with Carbide c++ about lincenses file
  132. Nokia Connectivity Framework
  133. S40 3rd SDK integration with eclipse
  134. S60 5th Ed. SDK v0.9 and Carbide.vs 3.01 Issue
  135. connection types unknown
  136. Can't open mp3 files in Nokia Multimedia Converter
  137. S60 build toucher.exe
  138. Searching for API documentation
  139. Debugging S60_3rd_FP2_SDK_v1.1 from Eclipse
  140. [copy] PC Connectivity Solution with cable driver device recognition problem
  141. S60 Emulator taking longer to load and Access than Android Emulator
  142. Logging documentation errors
  143. 5th edition SDK and Music player
  144. [moved] Conect nokia phone to PC using VB 6
  145. Failure compiling CS Help
  146. Open C++ documentation bug
  147. Problem with Simulation PSY
  148. S60 3rd Edition FP 2 - corrupt zip
  149. S60 5th Edition v1.0 Emulator - Application Manager crashes
  150. 3rd edition on Windows XP SP3
  151. Carbide.vs - why not make it open source and let the community support it
  152. Install issue : S60 5th Edition SDK
  153. beginner question N810 Plz Help
  154. What are S60 5th edition 1.0 and 1.0_2 and 1.0_3
  155. please help
  156. Interesting bug
  157. save me with sloving the problem~!
  158. Will VoIP Audio Service (VAS) 2.0 for Series 60 3rd Ed FP1, FP2 ever be published??
  159. plz sove this error.............
  160. Can't run any of the S60 3rd FP 1 and higher emulators on Vista
  161. *** Unknown character '_' (value 0x5f)
  162. pc suite calender synchronisation for mozilla lightning
  163. SDK Install crashes
  164. E66 time on indicator bar
  165. Reporting a SERIOUS defect
  166. S60 5e SDK v1.0 - helloworldbasic pkg file needs update
  167. [moved] S60 5th documentation in chm? eclipse very bad
  168. [moved] SDK feedback
  169. MWS plugin download
  170. Version 1.0 of the Nokia N97 SDK (Problem with Photos Application)
  171. Load applet on Nokia 6131 NFC phone
  172. S60 SDK destination dir problem
  173. N97 Emulator on Windows 7, 64 bit
  174. S60 5th Edition SDK installation problem
  175. Problem with devices
  176. S60 5th ed emulator panics when a virtual drive is mapped to a nonexisting folder
  177. SDK For Nokia 1208
  178. About N97 Emulator
  179. S60 v5 Emulator loading issue
  180. Driver 2610b
  181. S60 3rd FP2 v1.2
  182. Code for gps location finding
  183. [moved] Camera functionality implementation incomplete
  184. Cannot access internet from Nokia emulators!
  185. SDK for CS-10
  186. Broken link!
  187. cannot install NITK 4.1
  188. S60 Emulator shutdown
  189. Clone applications to copy to a serie N97's
  190. CSS Style?
  191. Samsung S60 3rd phones and PC Connectivity API
  192. Which SDK for N97 mini development?
  193. Problem installing Mobile Browser Simulator V4.0
  194. Installing Maemo SDK+ on a 64 bit system.
  195. Feedback & Bug Reporting channel
  196. maemo scrtach box
  197. It is possible update the java environment in the mobile phone?
  198. Integrating java in NMB 4.0
  199. Connect to Agent
  200. Installing NMIT
  201. [moved] Setup error (was: Re: S60 3rd Edition SDK Feature Pack 2 v1.1 Installer...)
  202. ActivePerl 5.6.1 build 638 not available any more?
  203. [help] need serial number
  204. s60v5 sdk changing phone model?
  205. Nokia Developers's Suite 2.2 for J2ME serial number
  206. How to access N95 contact book
  207. forgotten security code
  208. i already working in 5100 sdk
  209. Symbian^3 SDK 0.8 build Qt 4.7 with sbs/raptor failed
  210. Compilation errors in Nokia Symbian^3 0.8
  211. EcmtAgent / output redirection / remote debugging
  212. Installation guide of Nokia Symbian^3 0.8
  213. problem with platform_paths.hrh stlportv5 in Symbian^3 SDK 0.8
  214. Symbian^3 SDK 0.8 and Qt 4.6.2 fails need RVT
  215. NFC 6131 SDK - import certificates into emulator
  216. N97 1.0 SDK: missing onscreen softkeys when opening JAR/JAD
  217. Python SDK support
  218. Symbian^3 SDK v0.8: can't find application in emulator
  219. BUG in Nokia S60 Auto-start an Appliocation-how to make application autostart on boot
  220. Symbian ^3 fails under Windows Vista install Verify HelloWorld SVGTBinEncode.exe err
  221. Symbian ^3 0.8 and Qt 4.6.3 wont work together without patching wont link
  222. No answer after contacting for Ovi SDK
  223. Symbian^3 v0.9 Beta SDK: Missing headers
  224. Nokia Symbian3 SDK v0.8 Emulator not working....after 35 days
  225. symbian^3 SDK 0.9 missing hal.h
  226. More missing headers s32svr.h
  227. Code does not compile anymore, has been working since the 9210 communicator
  228. What has happened to the helptext compiler cshlpcmp
  229. multiple mice do not work on WinXP in VMWare Fusion on Mac OS X 10.6.4
  230. Symbian^3 SDK 0.9 missing MFepInlineTextFormatRetriever (and FEPITFR.H)
  231. epoc.exe has stopped working.
  232. Symbian^3 emulator hangs on exe's
  233. Nokia Qt 1.0 installer problems: Program menu links are not created
  234. Nokia 3rd edition Feature Pack 2 oma csp 1.2 client missing
  235. Problem building apps with S^3 SDK 0.9 for S60 5.x phones
  236. Bug in HAL::Get causes CONE 36 panic on application exit
  237. Symbian ^3 sdk is missing headers /libs and uses qt libs and dso files from qt 4.6.3
  238. Nokia Symbian^3 SDK v0.9 Emulator shows User Agent "Nokia3250"...
  239. Nokia Symbian^3 SDK installer don't work
  240. Not able to configure the Java ME MIDP platform emulator in Netbeans 6.5
  241. WRT widgets do not work on S60 5th emulator and Symbian^3 emulator on Vista
  242. App TRK installation failure: Nokia 5800XM
  243. Nokia Mobile Browser
  244. Topic not found - in developer library
  245. RCOMP produces cryptic messages instead of telling "xy.rh not found"
  246. Issue with HTTP Example of Symbian^3 SDK
  247. Unable to define new mailbox in Symbian^3's emulator
  248. Recommended Windows version
  249. S60v5 emulator started crashing...
  250. Downloads could be coupled with MD5 or other checksum