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  1. JOB: Senior Mobile Java Developer - Reading, Berks, UK
  2. application development
  3. Forum Nokia India !
  4. AutoTheme v.1.0 for S60 v3 released: theme changer for your mobile
  5. flash lite game developer needed for project
  6. symbian blue tooth broad cast software developer needed
  7. java game developer needed for project
  8. Wanted Developers Very urgent in chennai
  9. Nokia N95 8GB by MS Paint and mouse
  10. Seeking a C/C++ Programmer for Symbian OS and Nokia Series 60 Platform
  11. Symiban_Neil is March's Poster of the Month
  12. Symbian OS Graphics/Game developer Texas Instruments Inc in Dallas USA (FULL TIME)
  13. SMS storage in SIM
  14. product evaluation if you're interested
  15. Small Bluetooth FM transmitter with dual microphone
  16. nanonavi
  17. Procura-se Desenvolvedor Brasileiro
  18. E71
  19. beeweeb looks forward for Symbian C++ Developers
  20. Symbian H.264/AVC Decoder for Sale
  21. Symbian C++ video player developer needed
  22. mp4 command line Splitter
  23. memory full error message
  24. Testers for free OCR program wanted
  25. Need Help
  26. Le Pharao and DougCN Posters of the Month
  27. Please help me out
  28. JavaME Developer:Seeking New Project
  29. Seeking Application
  30. N96 release date, and Chinese counterfeits
  31. AfterCall for S60-3: give away licenses
  32. Developer - ffmpeg installation
  33. Need Developers -> SyncML solution
  34. New E51 fw
  35. J2ME student:- seeking some thesis topics
  36. Perst Lite, a Java ME embedded database, adds compression
  37. Xuinet: Making it easy to get on mobile
  38. Seeking Developers- Web Application
  39. Symbian Developer desperately needed - salary
  40. Mobile Developer survey
  41. Wizard_hu_ named May Poster of the Month
  42. Symbian and J2ME programmer needed ASAP
  43. Panviz.com - R&D Visual Search Engine
  44. Winners Announced in the 2008 Code Example Challenge
  45. professional opinion - NeaConn
  46. J2ME Developer wanted
  47. Congrats Symbain for completing 10 years ..
  48. Jappit our Newest Super Contributor
  49. [Moved] Open Source Development, Python, Linux, MySql , C++,
  50. E66 - availability in UAE
  51. the symbian foundation
  52. Handset developer needed
  53. Space Falcon Commander - Shoot 'em up game seeking beta testers
  54. J2ME Developers Needed in Orange County, CA Area
  55. Jappit chosen as June Poster of the Month
  56. How about the retail price of this Super-cute Nokia N95 8g Case ??
  57. [Moved]IYOUIT, new mobile Python app to share your personal experiences & whereabouts
  58. JavaME Developer Wanted
  59. S60 engineers looking to participate and help define future connected services
  60. Changes in Forum Nokia remote device access services
  61. N810 Wimax edition
  62. J2ME 3/4 months project in Lisbon
  63. Developing Mobile Applications
  64. Little developers union
  65. J2ME or Symbian C++ Developer Salaries in China and India
  66. Congratulations to Gaba88 our latest Super Contributor
  67. Newly launched social networking application.
  68. J2ME SWAT
  69. J2ME Special Forces / SWAT
  70. Nokia N96
  71. Mobile Application Testers Required in Italy
  72. Productivity bundle for S60-3: Get your discount
  73. JOB: TORONTO - Its warm NOW!! 4 month contract!
  74. Jobs QA Engineer (Mobile Applications) @Mumbai(India)!!
  75. help for connexion in USA North-East
  76. beeweeb still looks forward for Symbian C++ Developers - Rome
  77. INNOV8 Specs
  78. [moved] An awesome free browser-based MMORPG
  79. qxiaoyuan has been chosen as July Poster of the Month.
  80. Hoolee is named Wiki Contributor of the Month for July
  81. Mobile Developer Days 2008
  82. Congratulations to Jukka
  83. South African Symbian Developer Wanted
  84. Augmented reality game demo for Nokia 6600
  85. Would you like to publish your game global?
  86. Development Team Wanted
  87. Win $10,000! Xuinet FlashR Developer Challenge
  88. Job offers - C++/Symbian developer
  89. MobiVision, Mobile development Competition
  90. Job offer - Snr Symbian Dev (Russia)
  91. Congratulatiolns to Gaba88 1,000 posts
  92. Job Opportunity: Senior Manager, Partner Community with T-Mobile USA
  93. Job Opportunity: Senior Manager, Product Management
  94. Enetsys web solutions is now in E-learning domain also.
  95. [moved] free and good application
  96. Schedule Announced for Conference & Workshops on SOA, SaaS, Virtualisation & ECM
  97. [Montreal] Recruiting Mobile Application Expert Developer
  98. [Montreal] Recruiting Mobile Application Expert Designer
  99. [Ann] planetmobile.us mobile development blog aggregator
  100. Congratulations to skumar_rao August Poster of the Month
  101. [moved] Developers wanted!
  102. Anrufen Online - Massive Multiplayer Symbian Online Game
  103. 2,00,000 Members on Nokia Forum
  104. For all Symbian Developers 1-6 yr
  105. For all J2ME and Symbian Developers
  106. [moved] Spammish project offer
  107. Rome based Symbian C++ developers wanted
  108. Developers needed !
  109. Using Nokia S60 3rd from Ubuntu 8.04
  110. SajiOS - A mini project by me
  111. Invite to submit software to Phoload: new free download site
  112. FPC Bench 3.0 a New 3D Benchmark, Try It Now!
  113. Job Offer - Symbian Developer
  114. Space Falcon Commander Mobile Released
  115. Open positions for Symbian/S60 Developers in Bochum/Germany
  116. [Moved] Any Architect/Developers with mobile GPS tracking development experience
  117. Looking for a developer
  118. [moved] Advanced internet site
  119. iPhone Blogger Blog Creation Application
  120. RDA will become temporary unavailable from 15th October --> (1-2 days minimum)
  121. Searching for Software Developers for Android platform
  122. Searching for Senior Manager, Developer Programs
  123. Looking for Symbian developer
  124. Symbian developer wanted
  125. Congratulations to red_shi Setember Poster of the Month
  126. J2ME User Interface Developer - Montreal
  127. J2ME Application Lead Developer - Montreal
  128. Mobile Application Software Architect - Montreal
  129. www.ATMWA.com
  130. Calling All Innovators
  131. MilkShape MS3D file viewer
  132. Augmented reality game for Nokia N95
  133. Nokia N96 New TV Advert
  134. New Online Service Idea
  135. Searching senior symbian developers
  136. Porting c code to symbian / J2ME
  137. [announce] dbshell - view and edit your symbian native database
  138. Mopius and Croozeus Win Symbian Contest
  139. Job in USA - Nokia S60/Symbian Engineer
  140. C++ Symbian Developers Needed in TX!
  141. Symbian Email Client Developer (C++) - Irving, TX
  142. Congratulations to cassioli Newest Super Contributor
  143. whatisinmysis.com - What is in my sis?
  144. [moved] Mobile Porting Solutions
  145. TagsMe™ GUI
  146. I'll be in Budapest for Code Camp
  147. croozeus named October Contributor of the Month
  148. Congratulations to Sriky27 the October Poster of the Month
  149. Blummi!com ::: Your Location Based Service for your Nokia device
  150. Nokia Developer Conference' 08
  151. A new developer in town
  152. S60 Symbian Developer Jobs (Irving, TX - San Diego, CA)
  153. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic on Bulgarian market
  154. Anybody doing advergames?
  155. Forum advanced search
  156. [moved] Lifestream on your Nokia!
  157. NEED BREW Developer -- NY
  158. Congratulations to raj_J2ME Super Contributor
  159. We undertake outsourced symbian project
  160. Wanted: Mobile Developer/Architect – Cambridge (UK)
  161. 10000 posts from Wizard_hu_ - Congratulations!!!
  162. [announce] TestArmy.com - test your app on many platforms without the cost
  163. Cxt_programmer and bogdan.galiceanu Posters of the Month
  164. matteo nokis beta tester
  165. Work and play in Costa Rica? Plenty of jobs at Costa Rica's Call Center.
  166. Congratulations to jethro.fn Super Contributor!
  167. [moved] Real Time Call Control
  168. [announce] eBook Publishing for Mobile Devices
  169. JOM new Super Contributor
  170. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  171. about future in symbian..
  172. Rafael T. new Super Contributor
  173. Pix Master - Winter Theme a picture puzzle game seeking beta testers
  174. [moved] Job offer
  175. Mobile Developers Research Project asking for YOUR opinion, by Carnegie Mellon U
  176. what is the informatin send while calling to a mobile number. how to retrive it
  177. [split] Job offer (was in Re: Calling All Innovators)
  178. New S60 freeware
  179. Add chat to Movino
  180. Cairo for S60
  181. Need WLAN Printing on Nokia N79
  182. Automatic voice codecs quality checker - partners search
  183. Exciting Junior Software Engineering Opportunity - Bay Area
  184. Present your application at Mobile World Congress next month
  185. Pix Master - Winter Theme, a picture puzzle mobile game released
  186. [merged] symbian C++ developer needed
  187. Announcing a new tool
  188. Python + maemo for rapid prototyping UI. An example: Flip Alarm Clock
  189. Need developper for Symbian
  190. plz help me regarding symbian openings
  191. Temporaty Service Breaks First week of February
  192. Project Avaliable
  193. Need C++ and Python programmer
  194. AtlasCT released a new mobile Navigation API
  195. parser project needs C++ programmer
  196. Notice: Anrufen Online Feature Test - English Version!
  197. Java MIDP 2.0 Developers needed
  198. Congratulations to TurboC the Poster of the Month for December
  199. Congratulations to GrahamHughes the Poster of the Month for January
  200. [moved] I want to sell the antitheft software with source code, can you help?
  201. [moved] Open source a simple Symbian C++ code with use Google static map API
  202. PlabStore - New Business Opportunities for Developers
  203. Hekkus Sound System adds Symbian 9 and iPhone support.
  204. SymbianFoundation Open for Registration
  205. New Pytthon brings Sensor support ...
  206. Windows 3.1 running on Nokia N95..
  207. i need a helper to develop a Program Interface for my Translation Software urgently
  208. research participants urgently needed
  209. SymbianGuru give licenses for the best greeting on Woman’s Day
  210. Win latest Nokia device !!!
  211. ‎Xharada is February's Wiki Contributor of the Month
  212. A.A.M. Named February Poster of the Month
  213. Nokia - C++/Symbian jobs(Mumbai)
  214. Front End/Mobile Developer
  215. New Calling All Innovators
  216. Start your Updaters for Carbide.c++ v2.0.2
  217. eircom's Web Innovation Competition
  218. Great Indian Developer Summit 20009, Bangalore - Apr 22-25 2009
  219. Freelancer Brew Game developers - India
  220. Suche Programmierer für kleine Anwendung
  221. [moved/merged] Bank Reconciliation application to develop for s60 platform
  222. Freel;ancer for mobiles
  223. Kiran10182 is Poster of the Month for March
  224. [moved] FleaC - Easy Symbian Programming API
  225. Symbian Foundation announces beta website test programme
  226. $50 for help on resolving Out Of Memory Error
  227. N73 symbian paid project for controling profile (general , meeting, silent)
  228. Winners of Edit and Win contest announced
  229. Lower Mars announces myRMX Public Beta for review
  230. Review our hypnotic screensavers!
  231. Exif Application
  232. S40 Software Engineers
  233. New schedule for Symbian OS training (Inmote - Netherlands)
  234. Symbian contractor rates
  235. Freelancer sought
  236. please help me-7210 supernova-pdf reader
  237. Training Symbian C++
  238. Mobile Design Challenge - share and win!
  239. Savaj Named Poster of the Month for April
  240. Mobile Applications - Redefined
  241. Symbian Training in Singapore
  242. SajiOS v5 - Flash Lite + Pys60 (My Project)
  243. Panic Observer Freeware
  244. Mobile peer-to-peer communications questionnaire, please participate
  245. Voice quality testing and measurement tool - evaluation inquiry
  246. How to hire a developer
  247. Congratulations to Manikantan April Contributor of the Molnth
  248. [moved] experienced guy in symbian (c++ and j2me) is needed
  249. S60 Data Type Registry / Generic Data Recognizer
  250. free mobile application workflow tool & service exchange