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  1. rseven.com - Nokia Lifeblog alternative
  2. Recuitment@BJ,China——SW Symbian Architect
  3. Symbian Viewer
  4. Senior QT Client Developer (Dublin, Ireland)
  5. Mobile Design Challenge - Part 2
  6. [moved] S60 Platform 3rd edition Software Developers Required
  7. Congratulations to jitu_goldie the Poster of the Month for May
  8. Porting Mobile Java
  9. Announcement: NFC Directory
  10. Symbian boot-camp in Singapore
  11. Developer sought for mobile phone customisation
  12. Request for developers to take part in industry survey to improve app store process
  13. Press release:Sevana Audio Quality Analyzer(AQuA)2.1 - means to test HD Voice quality
  14. CellularBasic Pro - Enhanced BASIC interpreter for J2ME enabled mobile phones
  15. Attend Symbian OS and QT training in Europe
  16. Recruitment
  17. New firmware for 5800 XM
  18. Symbian training in Singapore
  19. Symbian S60 software developers required (in Seattle area)
  20. Is this true
  21. Congratulations to Tiger79 June Poster of the Month
  22. Symiban boot camp in Singapore July 23-25
  23. Symbian Developers (San Diego)
  24. Why Symbian Jobs opportunities are very less nowadays
  26. CRM Chief Architect
  27. Position:SDP Chief Architect
  28. 工作机会-深圳 or 海外
  29. 到韩国的工作机会
  30. 韩国工作机会
  31. Cambridge, UK - mobile platform software developers
  32. N85 freezes after setting sip Voip
  33. ASD Exam Paused
  34. voip applications
  35. Senior Symbian Device Driver Engineer (based in Beijing, China)
  36. New Wiki Moderators
  37. Recruitment:WINCE/MOBILE engineer
  38. IPHONE SMS hack does *NOT* apply to Nokia
  39. kamalakshan FN's latest Super Contributor
  40. Nokia N86 is Ready To Hit The US Market
  41. Looking for a Symbian Developer for Growing LBS Company
  42. 金融软件开发测试管理职位-英国公司
  43. J2EE,应用软件C/C++,lead QA-美国公司
  44. Looking for Nokia Developer in Mumbai, India
  45. Congratulations to Gaba88 July’s Poster of the Month
  46. Symbian QT
  47. Congratulations to MindFreak Wiki Contributor of the Month
  48. Scheduled Maintenance for Forum Nokia Website
  49. [Moved] New way distributing Java apps
  50. Required: Symbian Consultant in Bangalore and around
  51. Windows considered harmful
  52. SIMagine 2010
  53. [moved] Looking for a coder for Ovi Store Apps
  54. WhatsApp Inc! is looking for a Symbian S60 guru.
  55. Testing my mobile app on Nokia devices
  56. im2amit the newest Super Contributor
  57. Review an Article and Win an N97
  58. looking for Sr. Symbian Device Driver Engineer or Architect based in Beijing, China
  59. Want to advertise your mobile game or app for FREE?
  60. Open Source Project to create Web Services package for Symbian
  61. Microsoft Silverlight for S60
  62. Needed a developer & Partners for an early stage project
  63. Tell Nokia What You Need to Succeed
  64. Multiclient IM for symbian
  65. Needed developer , better if you have this already!
  66. [moved] Chinese product "Cool Show" for S60 v3
  67. Congratulations to Nirpsis August Contributor of the Month
  68. Congratulations to im2amit August’s Poster of the Month
  69. Building our team of Symbian Development expertise
  70. Meeting you in developer events in October
  71. Salesman with experience from Asian market wanted
  72. Announcement : New product : CleverTexting and SMS compression
  73. URGENT!! looking for Senior Symbian Device Driver Engineer working in China
  74. Are you reading My Daily App
  75. Open GL ES programmer wanted for a screensaver project
  76. Symbian Programmer Needed
  77. Selling the source code for Mobile Blogging Client
  78. Brief Service Break Sep 24, 2009
  79. New version of GPS-Action available - now for Series 60.5
  80. looking for Senior Symbian/S60 SW Design Engineer,Beijing,China (foreigners welcome)
  81. Mobile Application Blog
  82. looking for Symbian core integrators...
  83. maps, ovi? not opening
  84. Mobile Cell ID GPRS developer
  85. Limit outgoing SMS
  86. Congratulations to shafali gupta September’s Poster of the Month
  87. Congratulations to Valderind4 September’s Contributor of the Month
  88. Teleca - Symbian UI and Core Integrators needed - San Diego http://tbe.taleo.net/NA9/
  89. Forum Nokia Developer Conference India ' 09
  90. Download Path In N97
  91. Developer's Conference in India 7th December
  92. [moved] programmers help needed
  93. New symbian China web site
  94. Senior Symbian Engineer based in Beijinig
  95. Dev Con in Leeds England 17th Nov ?
  96. Active notes sinchronized with Lotus Notes
  97. odopod is looking for a Mobile Application Developer (JavaScript)
  98. Senior Symbian S60 SW Design Engineer(base, driver, middleware)-Beijing,China
  99. Congratulations to vineet.jain October’s Poster of the Month
  100. Congratulations to Thiagobrunoms October’s Contributor of the Month
  101. [ANN] Running Adobe Flash and Silverlight in Qt apps
  102. Career in Mobile Application Development Wanted
  103. Job Posting: Graphical Applications Developer, Cambridge, MA
  104. Sample application for perst database
  105. J2ME developer parttime/freelance @ Mumbai,India
  106. SajiFS Launcher
  107. [moved] Need Symbian Consultants /Developers
  108. Need Symbian Consultants /Developers
  109. Sixth sense device built
  110. Mobile software development company
  111. ERROR MANAGER - SYMBIAN / S60, San Diego, CA
  112. Need gps developer
  113. Want to be a Mobile Developer
  114. Carnegie Mellon University is looking for mobile developers opinion
  115. Job Android / I phone apps developer (Nasik)
  116. Developer Oppertunity
  117. [moved] facebook on symbian
  118. [moved] Gtalk on Symbian
  119. Congratulations to Wizard_hu_ November’s Poster of the Month
  120. Congratulations to Flaviofabricioferreira November’s Contributor of the Month
  121. Looking for italian mobile app developer
  122. Kurukshetra Mobile Application Development
  123. Need a freelancer!
  124. [moved] Using Inkscape to create application SVG icons
  125. SVG Tiny converter beta test
  126. Symbian Engineers Required
  127. Need to write Tag Editor for audio files
  128. Developing a T9 Dictionary Editor
  129. SVG Pony - the SVG Tiny converter is now available
  130. Congratulations to Kamalakshan Poster of the Month for December
  131. Congratulations to Neois December’s Contributor of the Month
  132. Jan 2010 - Calling All Innovators
  133. Million Dollar Challenge - Calling All Innovators
  134. Consultant needed for Open GL ES 3d space game
  135. Would you like to Check your Gmails Without Internet Connection?
  136. Red Five Closing down
  137. SymPlayer – Wirelessly Play MP3 files directly from computer
  138. 5th cemice congress(5to congreso de cemice)
  139. Postdoc position in Radio Science and Engineering
  140. looking for symbian application developer. urgently.!!
  141. Seeking US based developers as interviewees for paid, confidential research study
  142. Job J2ME (GIS) Developer@Mumbai-India
  143. Job J2EE (GIS) Developer@Mumbai-India
  144. Looking for Maemo/Symbian Programmer
  145. Congratulations to Vasant21 January’s Contributor of the Month
  146. Congratulations to sumit_rathi Poster of the Month for January
  147. Symbian developer opportunity - S. Florida
  148. Community Manager / Technical Lead - Forum Nokia
  149. MeeGo the New Platform
  150. Developer Survey on Carrier Network APIs
  151. 參加 Nokia Developer Conference & Qt Workshop, 贏 N97 mini + X6 (Mar 9-10 Hong Kong)
  152. Job - Solaris C Kernel Engineer@Nagpur/Pune
  153. Developing mobile applications in PHP, Java and ASP.Net
  154. Calling all Mobile Developers
  155. J2ME Developer Needed
  156. Congratulations to Hoolee February's Contributor
  157. Congratulations to sajisoft February's Poster of the Month
  158. 北京指云时代科技有限公司诚聘symbian开发工程师
  159. Symbian ASD examinations
  160. App Developers Wanted (mobile and web)
  161. Senior Symbian Engineer based in Beijing, China
  162. Mobile Developer Survey - Complete online survey and win prizes
  163. Wanted Freelancer - Symbian C++ - Video Streaming
  164. Congratulations to Pasi.manninen March Contributor of the Month
  165. Survey concerning the mobile application market in the Nokia Ovi Store
  166. Congratulations to Danhicksbyron March Poster of the Month
  167. Icon changer on the fly
  168. lokigsm and smx protocols...
  169. S60v3 Click to call app job opening
  170. [moved] Entwickler für Java Anwendungen auf Handy gesucht!
  171. SYMBIAN ASD and NOKIA S60 exam in BANGALORE on 28 APRIL
  172. Programmer looking for job.
  173. Last chance to participate in biggest mobile developer survey to date
  174. Congratulations to grahamhughes April Contributor of the Month
  175. Congratulations to gaurav007 April’s Poster of the Month
  176. GEVC Form Submission
  177. is n95 still available in Indian market
  178. is n95 still available in Indian market???
  179. Authentication by Bluetooth and mobile.
  180. [moved] Complete Voice Client-Server available for licensing
  181. Growth Economy Venture Challenge
  182. Redchery - Mobile Application (J2ME Tech)
  183. Bored, in Vienna? Symbian tutorial on the 9th!
  184. Congratulations to sangramp@cybage May’s Contributor of the Month
  185. Congratulations to Nokia Engineers May Posters of the Month
  186. Mobile Widget Developer wanted in London
  187. New Mobile Developer Research talks Symbian, Android & iPhone
  188. Silverlight for Symbian
  189. Congratulations to Levin Wei June’s Contributor of the Month
  190. Congratulations to raj_J2ME June's Poster of the Month
  191. [Moved]Freelance J2ME Developers @ Mumbai
  192. Symbian Developer Wanted in Paris
  193. Symbian developer wanted mobile webpages for s60
  194. Your opinion counts. Help us make a difference!
  195. Software Application Developer Survey
  196. Symbian_Neil honored for being a volunteer moderator
  197. SOA In a Day at India's Most Influential Business Technology Conference
  198. Mark Doherty Speaks on AIR 2.5 for Android at Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010
  199. Congratulations symbianyucca for reaching a milestone of 20,001 posts!
  200. Qt/C++ Developer position (perm) - Orange Labs, London, UK
  201. NarDuino: N95 controlled car project.
  202. [Moved]i need some one to write a programe for $
  203. Search for a coach Carbide C++ at Germany
  204. Looking for freelance Symbian / j2me developer in Mumbai
  205. Congratulations to JimGilmour July’s Contributor of the month
  206. Congratulations to ektasrv July’s Poster of the Month
  207. IEEE ICDM data mining contest
  208. Java Verified wants your feedback on new Trusted Status!
  209. Local MeeGo: Dallas - Fort Worth (Texas) area
  210. Hiring Symbian and J2ME application developers!
  211. Local MeeGo: San Francisco Bay Area
  212. new reasrch or project
  213. Congratulations to tamhanna August’s Poster of the Month
  214. Mobile cross platform development survey
  215. Mobile App Developer Contest at Mobile Developer Summit 2010
  216. Congratulations to Wizard_hu_ for 20000+ posts
  217. [Move]TODAY WEBCAST: Go Mobile with their Lightweight User Interface Toolkit for Java
  218. [moved] Symbian In Application Analytics
  219. How to Engage with Your Customers via Smartphone (Enterprise Mobility - Webinar One)
  220. CTIA Enterprise & Applications, San Francisco, California, October 6 - 8, 2010
  221. [moved] WRT & QT SDK Support Engineer @ Smaato (Mobile Advertising)
  222. Samsung Symbian support shutting down
  223. Congratulations to hartti September’s Poster of the Month
  224. Congratulations to Mavi85bmn September’s Contributor of the Month
  225. Not trying to be a prick but...
  226. My game for free during one month
  227. Hiring on All Mobile Platforms for Bangalore / Hyderabad / Indore & Noida(NCR)
  228. Looking for Senior Symbian Developers for our Project
  229. Win an N8 - Qt article contest on Wiki - November, 2010
  230. We surch developer (freelance) for Nokia app
  231. Nokia Developers Conference 2010
  232. Senior Symbian S60v3 developer needed for CRM
  233. Someone to port The Impossible Game onto Symbian
  234. Congratulations to Rahulvala October’s Poster of the Month
  235. [moved] Russian developer needed!!!
  236. Qt Developer needed
  237. Congratulations to Flycarl November’s Contributor of the Month
  238. Wiki Qt Contest Winners Announced
  239. Congratulations to Somnathbanik November’s Poster of the Month
  240. We should all thank Ron IMHO
  241. Share contents without upload them to outer server - iFMW
  242. First ever "Nokia Camp" in Bangalore, India (Barcamp style unconf for Nokia Devs)
  243. Looking for Symbian developer near Cincinnati, Ohio
  244. Nokia phone as a voice quality assessment device
  247. Amazon Kindle app for Nokia phones. Symbian users petition Amazon for a Kindle app
  248. UMA/GAN implementation
  249. Software Developer Vacancy at Galaxy Semi - France!!
  250. Mobile Application Development Tool