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  1. Nokia Qt/C++ Software Engineer Needed ASAP (3-6 month contract, remote work)
  2. Developer needed -> VoIP Provisioning Settings
  3. [Moved] Mobile application development
  4. Freshers Jobs In Hyderabad | Real Time Project Training | Freshers Jobs
  5. Congratulations to Symbian_Neil December’s Poster of the Month
  6. Congratulations to Chintandave_er December’s Contributor of the Month
  7. Dictionary for Asian users
  8. Deadline for entering Calling All Innovators
  9. MP3 Flash player is not working in webpage.
  10. Long List Nominations for India’s Premier Software Developer Awards Close 14 January
  11. Tomorrow’s Tech Today: HTML 5 by Scott Davis at GIDS 2011
  12. Personalised tech support
  13. Needed Java Developer.
  14. [moved] Looking for Symbian C++ Developer
  15. We have an other 5-digit-man, Congratulations to Lucian!
  16. Can MeeGo compete with iOS and Android?
  17. [Moved]Attention: WRT Developers in UK
  18. Farsi, Hindi, Urdu viewing problem after fonts change???
  19. Widebeam needs freelancer for app for ^3 (N8, C7, C6, E7) / N97/N97 mini
  20. Looking for RF Integration Coordinator
  21. Congratulations to njzk2 January’s Poster of the Month
  22. Wizard_hu_ is the Moderator of the Quarter
  23. Very Simple project :: Freelancer Required
  24. CTIA Names Big Idea Finalists, GreatCall, LOCAIDer, SODA, iGenApps & FleetSafer
  25. $10M Calling All Innovators extended to March 31, 2011
  26. Complaints against the rules of $10M Calling All Innovators North America contest
  27. Java Developers - MNC Company - Hyderabad
  28. Congratulations to razvanpetru Februrary’s Contributor of the Month
  29. Congratulations to Sorcery-ltd February’s Poster of the Month
  30. Survey on EGNOS for VVA Consulting and DKE Aerospace
  31. Xbox 360 Kinect
  32. Developers/Integrators – join our study and make an easy $75!
  33. If you like our idea, support us!
  34. The Quick Competition 2011Q1 Results
  35. Nokia Developer Groups is active
  36. News for Symbian developers
  37. Jobs Available: Nokia/Symbian Developer at Pakistan's leading IT Company (Khi based)
  38. Radical Tube 3D
  39. Hi // Glimpses of the future of apps
  40. Invitation to answer a questionnaire regarding Mobile Technology competences
  41. Congratulations to girishpadia March Contributor of the Month
  42. Congratulations to PetriB March Poster of the Month
  43. Uk App Publisher seeking Symbian/Windows 7 developers for covenrsion projects.
  44. Symbian C++ Developer Wanted
  45. Immediate Required Symbian Consultants/ Symbian Freelancers
  46. Nokia and Microsoft Sign Agreement Ahead of Schedule
  47. Congratulations to Not_Dying our latest Super Contributor
  48. [moved] Audio podcast optimization: decreasing bit rate preserving high quality
  49. Game Jobs in New Orleans!
  50. freelancer needed: Facebook/Twitter interfacing
  51. Prize for the best innovative ideas for EGNOS
  52. Congratulations to somnathbanik April Contributor of the Month
  53. GSTI platform for testing and simulation tools
  54. Congratulations to not_dying April's Poster of the Month
  55. Combine Text Message Thread and Send
  56. Hermit game announcement
  57. European Satellite Navigation Competition from egnos
  58. Gamecast Contest (MoMinis) - $15,000 in prizes!
  59. if it's really possible to find Symbian C/C++ job ?
  60. How do you feel about Nokia partnering with Microsoft?
  61. $10M Calling All Innovators pressing integrity concerns.
  62. $10M Calling All Innovators eligibility concerns
  63. E7 keyboard Shortcuts app now available on OVI
  64. Congratulations to kiran10182 Contributor of the Month for May
  65. Congratulations to divanov the Poster of the Month for May
  66. Nokia Patent Win Over Apple
  67. POI's for more than 30.000 European campsites in lmx-format
  68. Nokia announces N9 - MeeGo phone with Qt
  69. Nokia & MoMo: What would encourage you the most to develop on Windows Phone?
  70. Enter the Create for Millions contest
  71. Is Flash Lite allowed in Enter the Create for Millions Contest
  72. Looking for Symbian/Qt developer in Zurich Switzerland
  73. NOKIA N950
  74. looking for biz partners among software engineers
  75. Dear fellow coders and GL shader fans
  76. Looking for a developper
  77. Congratulations to wizard_hu_ June’s Poster of the Month
  78. Series 40 Java and Web App Competition June 2011 Results
  79. NFC programmers required to work in Cairo or Dubai
  80. $10M Calling All Innovators Category Finalists announced
  81. Looking for Mobile Application Architect
  82. Invitation for Open Source Project
  83. Looking for Experienced Freelance Qt Developer.
  84. APX Basic alternative development language for nokia phones
  85. Looking for J2ME developer for a small series 40 project
  86. J2ME Project
  87. 20th september 2011 contest
  88. Experienced NFC app developer looking for projects
  89. Cloud :: Developer Convention '11 in Hamburg (Cloud Hackathon)
  90. Experienced Symbian developer looking for remote job
  91. Webinar on 'Utilizing Cloud-based Services for Enterprise Mobility'
  92. [Moved]developer of NFC applications
  93. acknowledgement for thanks to Symbian support team and developer platform members
  94. Open position: Senior Software Engineer, SDK development, Nokia Automotive
  95. [Moved]Italian developer
  96. Brand Creation and Development Questionnaires
  97. Application to capture screenshots of emails in the Symbian
  98. UI/UX Designer available
  99. Congratulations to SeemaB, September Contributor of the Month
  100. GameCast Contest Winners Announced !
  101. Congratulations to PetriB September’s Poster of the Month
  102. Looking for freelancer j2me moblie game developers from India
  103. Congratulations to Somnath Banik, October Contributor of the Month
  104. Calling Indian Nokia Developers!!
  105. Congratulations to Savaj October’s Poster of the Month
  106. EGNOS SDK and WP7 updates
  107. BT/WLAN for Android/Linux - Tieto
  108. Multimedia Framework Developer - Tieto
  109. Rahul Vala is Champion of the Month for December
  110. Congratulations to Savaj 3000 Posts
  111. Open Positions with Tieto Telecom R&D Services India Pvt Ltd
  112. Symbian developer required
  113. Symbian developer 2 yr exp required on contract basis for 1-2 month in Bangalore
  114. Congratulations to Rahulvala November’s Poster of the Month
  115. New Wiki page - QML plugin
  116. Windows Phone Apps numbers growing faster than expected
  117. Congratulations to Avnee Nathani, December Wiki Contributor of the Month
  118. Basic Nokia App Wanted - Can you make one?
  119. Congratulations to Vladest December’s Poster of the Month
  120. Possible useful site..
  121. python developer or J2ME
  122. [Moved]NOKIA International Series 40 HackAthon
  123. Congratulations to Pasi Manninen, January 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  124. Question about MWC 2012 and Nokia Developer Day
  125. need Symbian/J2ME developper for Morocco
  126. New product need to hire somene to write a app
  127. Nominate yourself or others for Nokia Developer Champion
  128. Congratulations to vineet.jain January’s Poster of the Month
  129. Windows Phone Hackathon (24th-25thMarch), Bangalore (India)
  130. M-power: Windows Phone free training - singapore 7 & 8 March
  131. **New Project** Need a developer!
  132. Win Nokia 808 PureView!
  133. Congratulations to Vineet Jain, February 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  134. [Moved]2012 annual Nokia World event in Helsinki, Finland.
  135. Nokia Lumia Apps League
  136. Looking for Freelance Developer
  137. Windows Phone Marketplace Expands Your Worldwide Reach
  138. Nokia DFW Developers: group announcement and invitation
  139. Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1 - results announced
  140. Cool app "Football Score"
  141. Symbian developer hiring
  142. Congratulations to Den Grigorenko, March 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  143. Congratulations to Balagopalks March Poster of the Month
  144. AppCircus in Sevilla offers an exciting and free workshop about Nokia Windows Phone
  145. Samsung is now FIRST mobile manufacturer worldwide!!
  146. [Moved]Nokia CodeWarrior Hackathons - Spring 2012 - USA
  147. Congratulations to Sebastiano Galazzo, April 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  148. Congratulations to kusumk the Poster of the Month for April
  149. Nokia 808 PureView entering US Market - FCC Approval
  150. Nokia PureView 808 launching date
  151. Kudos to daliusd, first of three winners in "PureView Imaging Competition 2012Q2"
  152. Windows Phone App Developer Group - DFW Dallas Texas
  153. Nokia communication - CEO news
  154. Kudos to fred.duarte, second winner in the "PureView Imaging Competition 2012Q2"
  155. Congratulations to Luis Valente, May 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  156. Nokia Device Lending Libraries
  157. Rumour: Samsung in talks to buy Nokia?
  158. Single sign-on using Nokia Account - from THIS WEDNESDAY!
  159. Telekom Germany NOT selling Lumia 900
  160. PureView Imaging Competition 2012Q2 - Winners!
  161. when the belle fp2 will be available?
  162. Nokia Air ! New Cloud service for nokia
  163. Are you ready for Series 40 Full Touch
  164. Congratulations to Pavan Pareta, June 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  165. GRabit is looking for a co-founder web application developer.
  166. Thank you Nokia, MeeGo team, for Harmattan!
  167. meego devices from Jolla?
  168. Open Source Symbian using CMake
  169. Congratulations to Somnathbanik
  170. qt is dying? (for nokia)
  171. Asha Touch Competition 2012Q3 - First segment winners!
  172. Congratulations to Ashraf Alshahawy, July 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  173. Simple Game Engine for Symbian OS
  174. Add featured project timestamp
  175. Congratulations to Pooja Arora, August 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  176. Congratulations to Wizard_hu_ the Poster of the Month for August
  177. Asha Touch Competition 2012Q3 - WINNERS
  178. AppsWorld - Europe Edition
  179. Congratulations to Sébastien Lachance, September 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  180. My first WP7 app
  181. Application statistics
  182. Looking for developers in Bangalore to get a mobile TV App developed
  183. FYI: Discounted WP DevCenter registration ($8, instead of 99), for a week from now
  184. Congratulations to Thomas Schmidt, October 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  185. AdDuplex referral program: Get 5% FREE impressions via this link (new users only)
  186. Nokia Developer will be down for maintenance for 2 hours 28/11/2012!
  187. Wiki Comments and TOC FIXED (30/11/2012)
  188. Congratulations Pavarang, Poster of the Month for November 2012
  189. Congratulations João Cardoso, Champion of the Month for December
  190. Did you get the Nokia Developer Newsletter?
  191. Help With Nokia Series 40 OS Development Problem
  192. Congratulations Im2amit, Poster of the Month for December 2012
  193. Congratulations to R2d2rigo, December 2012 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  194. Windows Phone 8 Wiki Competition 2012Q4 - WINNERS
  195. Series 40 Java doc & examples survey winners
  196. Searching Freelance S40 developer ! Urgent !
  197. S40 Developer (Java Developer or J2ME) (Reporting to Chief Technology Officer)
  198. Congratulations to Vaishali Rawat, January 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  199. Congratulations vineet.jain, Poster of the Month for January 2013
  200. We've just updated the wiki sidebar - comments welcome
  201. Share your views on Nokia Developer to win a Lumia 920
  202. Congratulations to Aady, February 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  203. Congratulations Balagopal NKnair, Poster of the Month for February 2013
  204. [Moved]Dev Outsourcing providers
  205. Updates for Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and Lumia 620
  206. Nokia Premium Developer Program for Asha
  207. Congratulations to Sara Silva, March 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  208. Congratulations Graham Hughes, Poster of the Month for March 2013
  209. Next Tampere Windows Phone Developer Meetup in May
  210. Featured Discussion Board Post Winners
  211. Congratulations to Marcos Fabio Pereira, April 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  212. Congratulations Alexander Traud, Poster of the Month for April 2013
  213. End of Lifecycle for Flash Lite Online Packager
  214. Congratulations to Thomas Schmidt, May 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  215. Congratulations Robert Molloy, Poster of the Month for May 2013
  216. Task Manager for Symbian Belle
  217. New Nokia store free discovery & cross-promotion service
  218. [Moved]Jobs-looking for a freelance S40 developer
  219. Congratulations to Ahmed Ghattas, June 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  220. Congratulations Jukka Silvennoinen, Poster of the Month for June 2013
  221. Two new imaging competitions.
  222. Advanced Business App ~ geoLogMobile : Beta Testers Wanted!!
  223. To all Singapore and Malaysian Developers - new competitions
  224. Congratulations to Alessandro La Rosa, July 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  225. Congratulations Shai Ifrach, Poster of the Month for July 2013
  226. Congratulations to the winner(s) of the Nokia Imaging Wiki Competition 2013Q3
  227. how to know the available cache in the mobile
  228. Congratulations Neil Turner, Poster of the Month for August 2013
  229. Congratulations to Paulo Morgado, August 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  230. The Munich Windows Phone App Creator Meetup
  231. Is "NOKIA Asha Porting Contest" result out?
  232. Congratulations to Oliver Ulm, September 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  233. Congratulations Neil Bhasme, Poster of the Month for September 2013
  234. [Moved]Asha Developer Competition Results
  235. Windows Phone Mini Mission for WP < 8 TOO?
  236. Job Opening for Qt developer @South Africa
  237. Symbian Signed program will close on January 1, 2014
  238. Congratulations Oliver Ulm, Poster of the Month for October 2013
  239. Congratulations to Glenn Versweyveld, October 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  240. bluetooth firmware series 40 ringtone
  241. appStar : Opportunity for Java & Windows Phone Developers
  242. Congratulations Kaj-Michael Lang, Nokia Asha Wiki Competition winner
  243. Congratulations to Sara Silva, November 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  244. Congratulations Verdavaine Yan, Poster of the Month for November 2013
  245. Nokia Imaging and Big UI Wiki Competition 2013Q4 - Winners announced!
  246. Congratulations Arun Balaji, Poster of the Month for December 2013
  247. Congratulations to Rob Kachmar, December 2013 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  248. Welcome to the new Nokia Developer
  249. Congratulations to Vinay Patil, January 2014 Wiki Contributor of the Month
  250. Nokia Developer Day at Mobile World Congress 2014