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  1. Symbian signing got me confused
  2. probleam related to certificate key
  3. Publisher id, where is??
  4. Can two symbian-signed accounts share one Publisher ID?
  5. Error in my program
  6. Who benefits from Platform Security ?
  7. doubts on symbian signing UNI - 10 testcase
  8. some clarification needed on UNI - 09 test case
  9. CTelephony and Capabilities
  10. Suppress popup screens for embedded SISX
  11. Self-signed application error :"Unable to install. Component is built-in"
  12. allfiles, DRM, TCB with "an all series 60" pkg
  13. S60 UI Style on Nokia Tests
  14. Online Signed program could not be instaled on smartphone
  15. Symbian signing query
  16. Update Error on N80 & E61
  17. Handling DLL capabilities
  18. Strange behaviour
  19. Problem in creating Sis file?
  20. Test ID: UNI-09 Fail
  21. Problem with DLL function invocation in Nokia E65
  22. unable to install SIS
  23. how to handle the certificate issue in HTTPS request
  24. SIS file error, test.sis is not a SIS file.
  25. developing MTM (manufacturer capabilities and dev cert)
  26. VID
  27. capabilities info
  28. E71 Series60ProductID
  29. Carbide.ui S60 Theme Edition 3.1
  30. other two question about symbian test criteria
  31. question about check-02
  32. platform uid question
  33. Unified Certificate store
  34. CommDD listing
  35. ACS Publisher Signed problem
  36. CAESDecryptor
  37. Unable to install ...
  38. AllFiles capability error in epocwind.out
  39. application and DLL problem
  40. Service
  41. Service Capability list ...
  42. How can I get the Cert for product version of my FEP
  43. Platform UID
  44. Price differences between test houses
  45. Symbian Signing cost
  46. certificate and UID
  47. System error
  48. Urgent Capability request form is needed?
  49. Sign Sis with TC Trust Center
  50. Problems with symbian signed
  51. Capabilities initial message
  52. Autostart at device boot-up (UNI-11)
  53. Scalable UI (UNI-10)
  54. Reading sim card information
  55. Strange: UNI-10 Scalable UI Compliance even when it a is WLAN issue
  56. The last step of express signed
  58. ReadUserData and WriteUserData
  59. Installation problem on Nokia E62
  60. Open Signed online (query)
  61. Startup List API and MMC restoration not working simultaneously
  62. PGP for Nokia E90
  63. Encryption using MD5
  64. How to make my aplication symbian signed
  65. Changing UID
  66. Symbian signing
  67. Obtaining vendor Id
  68. Signsis with PublisherID
  69. Error setting up VPN Tunnel
  70. Where is my application after installation?
  71. [Moved] Difference Between TC TrustCenter Publisher ID & Verisign ACS Publisher IDs
  72. App not loading without WriteDeviceData
  73. Why "NOKIA manufacturer ID is Not Defined!"
  74. Unable to install application on E62.
  75. Changing file type mappings
  76. Developer Certificate
  77. Ecom resolver plugin and symbian signed
  78. Open Singed Online
  79. HowToGet the "legal agreements between the developer and Nokia" (to use manufacturer?
  80. [Urgent] How can i do manufacturing Approval (Nokia) ?
  81. License Management, Files and Symbian Signed Issue!!!!
  82. Custom Interface UID
  83. Unable to install on N82
  85. Password Caching?
  86. Network communication failure while app signing
  87. Why can not I export the private key from my Windows Internet Explorer?
  88. Mime-Types “application/vnd.symbian.install” and “x-epoc/x-sisx-app”
  89. Open Signed Online - Execute application
  90. How to modify the UID3 after creating a project?
  91. verisign does not work
  92. Open Signed Online-Why can not I submit .sis file?
  93. Capabilities for saving a XML file to Disk in Symbian OS
  94. How to deal with the plug-in files when deploying an application to device?
  95. Symbian Signed - Failure
  96. How to verify the capabilities that has been used in an application?
  97. What is the limit of IMEIs for publisher ID
  98. Symbian signed criteria regarding Connections???
  99. About "Unable to Install"!
  100. [moved] How to acquire System Capabilities
  101. Cant signed the symbian_ua.sis from PJSIP
  102. Nokia signed embedded sis file without backup_registration.xml
  103. Plateform Independent SIS
  104. Can AudioProxySever.sis be embedded into my own application.sis?
  105. Auto Startup Application Signing!
  106. symbian signed problem
  107. Step 7 of SymbianSigned test UNI-09
  108. TC-ConvertP12 giving error
  109. Open signed certificate Issues
  110. need to know IMEI No left in publisher ID
  111. problem of certificates of security
  112. The application crashes with a glint when being launched on device.
  113. After submission of application whn will i get express certificate?
  114. error in installing
  115. Is it necessary to Sign all embedded files to get express sign certificate>
  116. Which protected range UID is used for start with which cam make application express s
  117. how to add .dll in pkg?Help
  118. calling function password for the lock code
  119. HWRMTestApp Required Access NOT ....
  120. Higher priority ...
  121. INI FILES ... SECURE ?
  122. Please help csr to cer
  123. help plzzzzzzzzzzzz crete file cer key
  124. Saving Files Vs Symbain Signed Criteria
  125. how i can "open" and install this example?
  126. Express Signed complaining about unprotected UID
  127. Open Signed Offline and Protected UID
  128. Request for ATL
  129. Why my project cann't run on mobile phone?
  130. TCT Publisher Id
  131. S60 2nd edition "Symbian certified signing"
  132. Capability Request Form..for Manufacture Capability
  133. developer certificate program
  134. SHA-2 & Central Repository
  135. Security policy against two secure IDs?
  136. Publish&Subscribe problem: RProperty:Set returns KErrPermissionDenied
  137. Freeware symbian signing
  138. Unable to install .sis on the emulator/device
  139. Can multiple developers use the same certificate?
  140. acu error code -104011, state code -6 VPN Policy server
  141. signing of Symbian project
  142. Dont know what to name this thread!
  143. "Gateway received an invalid response from the upstream gateway"
  144. Problem about imporation of DLL to device
  145. Unable To Install Error after buliding a sis file after i unsis it ..
  146. How to Perform UNI-03
  147. Nokia Test Criteria for Symbian C++ applications
  148. Symbian Signed for ISV
  149. File corrupt error in Nokia N-82
  150. PKG file with two UID's
  151. Problem with DBMS and Platform Security
  152. Best Signing Option for just fun programming
  153. [split] How to create an account on symbiansigned.com
  154. Signing issues
  155. Question about "LocalServices"
  156. Network error during Certified Signed submission
  157. query regarding capabilty info message
  158. Data caging issue -Urgent Help
  159. Question about capability: DRM
  160. file I/O fault in .pkg file
  161. Application not compatible with phone. Continue anyway
  162. Illegal recognizer usage for auto-start - Symbian Test Criteria
  163. How can I use RSA classes of cryptography api?
  164. Can't install example to real device.
  165. how to sign content(memory card) based application??
  166. Signing same application for diffrent Os versions
  167. I can't make heads or tails of this one
  168. Panic of DBMS 2 during the creation of table
  169. certificate error on E51. no problem on E50
  170. Max Key size - cipher strength
  171. sign in for symbian UIq
  172. Unable to execute file for security reasons
  173. [moved] VPN setup problems on E71
  174. code convert between emulator and phone
  175. Developer Certificate
  176. clarification regarding NetworkControl Capability
  177. Application signing for test area users.
  178. [new thread] Installign Flash player in emulator
  179. Application Log Files
  180. Symbian Signed not required?
  181. Constrained by the certificate
  182. Problem with PowerMgmt Capability
  183. MD5: lib file for standard header md5.h
  184. Access Point creation - Network Control Capabilities
  185. SymbianError: Errno -46 KErrPermissionDenied
  186. submit failed due to wrong extension files
  187. strange problem in 2nd sign
  188. Developing crypto services
  189. AutoInstall on boot
  190. Use Third Party Library for DRM
  191. Any tool to verify publisher id
  192. How to get publisher ID ?.
  193. donwload certificates
  194. is separate signing required for 3rd Edition FP1 and FP2 devices
  195. Application doesn't work after signing it (Open Signed)
  196. Renaming Application Executable
  197. Two exe's part of single pkg file for Certified signing
  198. Multilanguage app for Certified signing
  199. Application installed but I dont see it in application windows in phone
  200. Feature not supported while running a Open signed sis file
  201. Unable to execute file for security reasons on E61
  202. Backup and Restore Application through PC suite in s60 2nd Ed Device N70
  203. Nokia 5800 missing certificat
  204. Verisign Publisher ID not working
  205. NEED HELP
  206. [merged] is sis express signed?
  207. Signing with no capabilities
  208. "Multilanguage applications" test criteria
  209. X.509 encrypted email for Nokia S60 3rd edition (E71)
  210. [split] App not starting from memory card
  211. Check-13 Correct Application UID
  212. UNI-09 testcase
  213. which Apis require sybian sign
  214. Singning with no capbilities
  215. Can I use TC publisherID certificate' to sign the MIDlets?
  216. Nokia calling innovators without publisher ID
  217. TCT content ID link does not appear
  218. Nokia calling innovators application without publisher ID
  219. capability scan result: need DEPENDENT capability
  220. Open signing online failed
  221. app signing and automatic app updates
  222. Update Error: UID of the application is Changed
  223. Application reinstall without user intervention
  224. backup and restore problem with embedded sis files
  225. Problem in Export Certificate with Publisher ID.
  226. registery in nokia e65
  227. Cannot install the sisx file.
  228. wlan usage permission by test criteria
  229. Symbian Express Signed guaranteed to be installable?
  230. Is PIPS & SSL required signing separately for signing an application?
  231. UID, Signing and CTelephony
  232. Potential virus or corrupted????
  233. Do I need Nokia approval for applying for dev cert with MultimediaDD capability
  234. Samsung i8510 - Cant install the app?
  235. what capability is need of "RThread.Open"
  236. [moved] symbian open signing
  237. [moved] Application Signing.
  238. Symbian certified signing concers
  239. signing applications without UI
  240. How to sign a .Sis file with Self-Sign Certificate!!!
  241. Cannot execute file due to security reasons using RSockets
  242. Multilanguage app for Certified signing
  243. Vendon Name
  244. Backup and Restore Compliance
  245. E71 problem to run signed application
  246. VeriSign Certificate OR Unified Testing Initiative (UTI) root Certificate?
  247. Central Repository & Vendor ID
  248. Application to support 3rd edition and 3rd edition FP1
  249. S60 3rd edition Express sigining Process?
  250. i want to get a dev cert