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  1. manufacturer capability about DRM and Allfiles
  2. Where to get .KEY and .CER files?
  3. Package file structure - pointer needed.
  4. Nokia Content Signing CA missing !!!
  5. [moved] TRK - I can't debug my project.
  6. Can I use my Developer Certificate on more than one application?
  7. [moved] Symbian Signed
  8. Query regarding EPOCHEAPSIZE in mmp file
  9. Need clarification - test criteria
  10. Symbian Certified Signed and additional (external) parameters.
  11. error encountered when CreatePrivatePath()
  12. Nokia 5800 and "Expired certificate" error
  13. Samsung mobiles
  14. (CERTIFICATION EXPIRED) 5800 xpressmusic
  15. Should I create the window which shows capabilities?
  16. Poll: Do you love current Symbian Signing methods?
  17. Build SIS file ERROR
  18. How to -videos regarding application signing
  19. How to make one sis file install once...
  20. certificate error
  21. change softkey shortcuts on an "installing-SIS-file application"
  22. what should be the uid of my static lib??
  23. UID checksum invalid error with dumpsis tool
  24. Copy protection scheme idea
  25. Express Vs Certified Signing
  26. trying to self sign a SIS
  27. Signing an upgrade
  28. sisx file run once
  29. Getting installed certificate information
  30. "Hybrid" authentication für ISAKMP (IPSec-based VPN)
  31. Capabalities: ReadUserData & WriteUserData??
  32. Query for Open Signed Online
  33. s60 3rd edition
  34. Problems with Signing and the ReadUserData Capabilty
  35. file corrupted?
  36. Scalable UI Test Case and Supported Devices
  37. Can a software upgrade be signed with a different key?
  38. ./pjsua --use-tls --tls-ca-file /home/ca.crt
  39. Steps of symbian certificate
  40. Do Symbian rejects the Express Signing request on any Business Development ground?
  41. Required application access not granted
  42. Weird "Network communication failure." on express signing
  43. Different signing doubts...
  44. 2 applications, 1 sis, 1 private folder, no writeuserdata
  45. Self Signing Application
  46. folder creation fails on N95
  47. Application guideline question
  48. Re signing to add embedded sis
  49. Symbian Signed moved to Symbian Foundation ..
  50. [moved] Symbian_Signed Problem
  51. N85: DLL install error: unable to install a protected application from an untrusted
  52. [moved] sis installation problem
  53. [moved] Multiple EXE in one SIS file
  54. [moved] Unable to install two SIS
  55. [Moved] Installing/Uninstalling MidLets
  56. Symbian Signed for an application which access to a private server
  57. How to sign recognizer and app
  58. [moved] UID problem about Certified signed
  59. Unexpected "Certificate Error" on N96 -- typical fixes did not work
  60. How to make .sis ???
  61. UNI-02 service interruption and Rejecting incoming calls features
  62. symbiansigned.com no longer available?!
  63. Is it possible to self sign an app with capabilities?
  64. Unable to install ! What does the hint mean???
  65. [moved] One SIS file can contain multi app and exe files?
  66. Signing with multiple exe/dll.
  67. [moved] Symbian Test Crieteria for AutoStart Application
  68. One signed application to act on different configs ?
  69. Signing client applications
  70. [moved] Update Error
  71. knowing the application platform
  72. How does my exe go
  73. [moved] Single SISX file with multiple applications embedded in it
  74. How to release our shareware /freeware application
  75. https certificate issues with Nokia E50
  76. Firefox symbian signed plugin
  77. Obtain a Publisher ID once can create more cert for any devices?
  78. Problem installing application on N96
  79. [moved] Sis file creating programmaticaly
  80. How to create a sis file?
  81. Symbian Signed: multiple SISX files
  82. [moved] Application Size Unknown.
  83. Change Lock code and Phone AutoLock Period
  84. [moved] Signing with less capabilities
  85. Networkservices in "Open Signed Online "
  86. Run Express signed application problem
  87. Block applications
  88. Dev Cert Request - How many Caps
  89. App Releasing Doubts
  90. MIDlet install protection
  91. Add files to sis file
  92. Distinguished Name is not defined
  93. Please, sign my application
  94. installing application protected using combined delivery
  95. Install sis file in the emulator is possible or not?
  96. Question: One sis File for two platoforms by certification
  97. [moved] N79 - Application does not appear in application manager!
  98. Device gives error: Unable to execute file for security reasons
  99. How to copy Folders through SISx file and intalled sis in a particular directory
  100. symbian [check List no.17] issue for FEP
  101. Vendor ID issue : symbian signed criteria [checklist-12]
  102. symbian signed Universal-test 08 issue??
  103. symbian signed universal test 03 issue
  104. Difference between S60 API Partnering programme and Symbian Platinum partner?
  105. using all caps without Publisher ID
  106. How to make SISX installation more user interactive
  107. AutoStart Query
  108. Access Private Folder of another application.
  109. Need advice on choosing APIs and signing method
  110. [moved] Doubt regarding Nokia Test Criteria for Symbian Cpp Application
  111. Error: In executing application on N82
  112. E63 VPN Policy
  113. Security Error "Gallery : unable to execute file due to security reasons" in E62
  114. Cannot load exe_file_name.exe from C: drive
  115. Billable events, how to warn user?
  116. N82, Unable to install. Not enough memory
  117. [moved] SIS and SISX file
  118. Getting problem for express signed
  119. Show window during instalation process
  120. [moved] problem installing sis file to my 6120c
  121. [moved] SDK version & Express Signing
  122. Uninstallation issue on N95 device
  123. one Question about the naming of exe, dll and lib for certification
  124. installation in S60 3rd (sis,sisx,installer...)
  125. "security reason" & "access not granted" problems?
  126. Open Signed Online => Expired Certificate
  127. [moved] Is their need of waiver for express signing also?
  128. Symbian Signed Question
  129. application wont load on cellphone
  130. Developer Certification
  131. Testing UNI-05 on Edition 5
  132. [moved] Autostart from MMC after inserted in other phone
  133. How to install .sys on my emulator
  134. [moved] makesis pkg file problem with FP2
  135. UNI-09 problem
  136. DRM Lock for Application
  137. window layout using FILETEXT
  138. Problem with Express Signed
  139. install
  140. Developer signed
  141. Question: Checking Platform ID by installing embedded sis
  142. Signing a bluetooth application
  143. [moved] about a pkg bug
  144. Signing and Debuging
  145. Open Signed Online removes notification
  146. [moved] I have a Publisher ID but cannot request Developer Certificates
  147. .ZIP content for express sign
  148. I have a Publisher ID but cannot request Developer Certificates
  149. [moved] SIS file installation problem with 6630
  150. Encryption of SIS file contents
  151. New Content Item Legal Question: Encryption or not?
  152. [moved] installation for specific devices
  153. [moved] TC, TA in pkg file
  154. "Unable to execute file for security reasons" - background?
  155. [moved] Which Test House should I go for my FEP based application ?
  156. [moved] Installing sisx files in 5800
  157. exe is unable to execute....
  158. Will my get signed by Symbian Signed ?
  159. Embedding Test Harness into Application zip
  160. Application Deployment & Install into Device
  161. Could not run app for security reason
  162. Missing bits in encrypted text
  163. "Unable to execute file for security reasons" with protected UID
  164. Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted application supplier
  165. password portect autostart ON/OFF and symbian test criteria UNI-11
  166. neeeeed a help
  167. N85 Certificate Error!
  168. Can't use my PublisherID
  169. Problem signing an aplication with a 3rd party DLL
  170. "Application Incompatible with Device Warning when Installing on S60 5th Edition 5800
  171. [moved] E50:Application not compatible with phone
  172. problem with .sis creation
  173. multiple optional add-on sis files
  174. Application compatibility
  175. [moved] How to protect my application
  176. Preinstallation and multidrive support
  177. [moved] SymbianSigned doubt
  178. Application icon problem??
  179. Running a file only on uninstall, not while updating
  180. Privacy Dialog: excess click or useful?
  181. application restart when phone is rebooted.........
  182. Verifying SIS file Signature
  183. Series 60 Certificate Issue: "Certificate error. Contact the Application Supplier"
  184. SIS Instalation error on Device
  185. [moved] 5320XM application installation problem
  186. fast track Symbian Signing Option Query
  187. Unable to Install
  188. Problem with developer certificate
  189. Two same desktop icons
  190. problem in patch sis............
  191. problem regarding signing .sis file even have dev cert key ...its urgent plz
  192. Bundle multiple applications into one sis file
  193. Automatic install from memory card
  194. another problem facing ..
  195. Qurery regarding DLL signing
  196. AT Command for Call Divertion.
  197. application not running.
  198. my personal certificate is sent embty!!
  199. Decline installation using SW Installer Launcher API
  200. SIM SMS SC number - some device can not change SIM SC number
  201. Required application access not granted
  202. Required application access not granted
  203. Symbian Express Signed - Test House Fail Report Problem.
  204. Silent Installation
  205. Problem with Camera-wrapper code
  206. Sign application
  207. nokia.symbiansigned.com 502 Bad Gateway !!
  208. [moved] symbian signing check 14 UID in binary file
  209. silent installation for same uid
  210. Waiver question,Please help
  211. How to install downloaded certificates???
  212. Mobile VPN client
  213. Security warning for location application
  214. Installing code signing certificate
  215. "unable to install" error during IMSIReader Installation
  216. VPN with a server with dynamic IP (dyndns)
  217. s60 application installation procedure
  218. Express Signing for Non visible + hidden active GPRS icon App
  219. sign for SDK examples
  220. Problem in passing Client certificate on code
  221. how to pack jar jad and a sis file in one single sis file
  222. This idea, Is it true or false ?
  223. Question: About usage of Silent Installation API for certification issue
  224. Distributing Windows application inside SIS file
  225. Symbian Signed question,Please help
  226. Self Signed SIS won't Install
  227. Doubt in creating the certificate
  228. how to extract the file
  229. Packaging a data file in a .sisx file?
  230. Help plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!! DELETE preinstall sis only
  231. Changing from self-signed to signed
  232. Express signed
  233. Distribute self signed apps
  234. Application won't install on E71x
  235. Packaging with CameraWrapper.sisx
  236. E71 Nokia VPN to Cisco VPN 3000
  237. VeriSign publisher id can't be used for Open Signed Offline
  238. tcp12p8 -- Where to find?
  239. Open Signed - Request fails
  240. Anti-virus client
  241. Installing app icon to a different folder by device type
  242. Symbian signed testcases-UNI-01 & UNI-05
  243. [moved] Problems during the installation of a new version.
  244. Package file question,Please help me !!
  245. Submitted .sis file is not permitted for use with Open Signed (Online)
  246. How to write pkg file?
  247. Suppress dependency warning during installation
  248. certificate expire?
  249. Config file gets deleted when installing new .SIS
  250. What does that mean Security excpetion -46?