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  1. Location capability
  2. [moved] Add jar file inside the PKG file with another sis file
  3. [moved] Urgent: Problem with signing sis file by using ACS publisher id
  4. The app can't run, athough singed by Open Singned Online
  5. How to package a video file
  6. Symbian Signed failures due to ... bad UIDs !?
  7. required application access not granted while installing self sis file in simulato
  8. how install two program in one sisx file?
  9. Uninstalling app with invalid application resource file
  10. [moved] Installation error ("the component is integrated")
  11. Hardware/UI platform dependency
  12. Silently installing packages post-installation
  13. Unable to update FW. Nokia N78
  14. [moved] Installation problem in Series60 V2 FP2
  15. Program is not running on Symbian 9.3
  16. Deploying Symbian C++ Project to Mobile (Nokia N72)
  17. Application doesn't run on phone
  18. Application fails to query the database...
  19. Signing specifics for an SMS Scheduler
  20. About TC Publisher ID
  21. [moved] Installation dependency in pkg ?
  22. [merged/closed] Nokia N73 File Corrupted problem even after formating phone
  23. [moved] Unable to install
  24. List installed roots certs for application signing on N97
  25. [moved] Pre-Installed Applications
  26. [moved] Device localized folder name
  27. Certificate error - contact supplier
  28. unable to install constrained by certificate
  29. installed application doesn't run?
  30. Autostart with unprotected UID
  31. Nokia Factory applications
  32. [moved] How can I remove a task from scheduler when uninstalling the an application?
  33. Security issue when creating CCamera
  34. Possible to patch express signed SIS files?
  35. Security for application
  36. SHA-2 support
  37. Symbian sign for using Camera API
  38. Express signed with embedded sis
  39. Installing new version of an application
  40. Can not install
  41. I cant't compile!
  42. Certified Signing App Multiple exe
  43. How to debug installation process
  44. Is an autostart implementation possible for Nokia 5230 S60, Version 5.0
  45. Duplicate group_name
  46. Uninstall package from .sis
  47. Problmes signing on win7
  48. Express Signing capabilities problem
  49. [moved] How to bundle some videos into app sis package?
  50. Installation [name] not supported
  51. Express Signing with many exe / dlls
  52. [moved] want to give my mobile application for demo
  53. SID Issue
  54. Installing embedded sis files silently using SwInst API
  55. [moved] Installation Instructions
  56. How to check app installation with capabilities when UID 0x2xxxxx
  57. [Moved]Embed signed sis file into unsigned sis file
  58. [moved] CA root certificate recognition within Nokia and Symbian applications
  59. [Moved] Express Signing and Certified Signing
  60. E75 - sis download error, "Unable to open. File type not supported"
  61. Can't add WriteDeviceData cap
  62. cerificate error!!!
  63. TCG software stack
  64. [moved] Java & Symbian c++ signing
  65. SD card and preinstalled application
  66. [Moved] Install with no questions
  67. Publisher ID
  68. Cannot find "□" in the installation process
  69. difference between sis and sisx
  70. Delete Nokia's signatures, extract files, modify the package and sign it again
  71. "unable to execute due to security reasons" error
  72. Application Installation Fails on E71x
  73. Application gets Replaced in s60_2nd_FP3
  74. System capabilities
  75. how to prevent being uninstalled silently by other application
  76. Problem in modifying a jar file
  77. [Moved] Validity of Trust Center Certificate
  78. Localisation issue with Indonesian language
  79. Installing DLL
  80. [moved] How to create a signing certificate?
  81. [Moved] Symbian Signing
  82. Private directory is not deleted during un-installation
  83. [moved] IF NOT PlatformUid
  84. [moved] Is it possible to create sis(x) file with some other files attachment?
  85. [moved] Embedded sis disables exe to start upon installation
  86. Installing to memory card issue....
  87. Question about express signing
  88. Release some requested UID
  89. Signing Problem
  90. How to avoid queries to user about installations of embedded sis files?
  91. Customizable .pkg file (build dependent)?
  92. [Moved] How run the program on my n E72? I write my program by myself
  93. How to creat CRSAPrivateKey object from file
  94. [moved] Strange problem during uninstall the application..
  95. [Moved] 'Open Signed Online' - how much time it takes to get signed sis
  96. Sisx file deleted on installation
  97. How to stop uninstall my application from App Manager?
  98. programmatically install DRM key
  99. Why "Unable to install" on v3 FP1 dev but ok on v3 FP2
  100. [Moved] Certificates
  101. Cant run applications on emulator
  102. Two SIS files sharing a private folder
  103. [Moved] Developer Certificate Expiration
  104. How to specify (in .PKG file) that my application will not run on S60v3 FP2 devices?
  105. [Moved] Uninstallation Events?
  106. [Moved] TEST 8 — Un-install violation
  107. Symbian application upgrade issues
  108. [Moved] "Unable to install. Component is built in." on N86 8mp nokia phone
  109. [moved] Silent Install - Symbian test criteria
  110. fro testing process
  111. Doubts about certification
  112. [Moved] Start application immediately after installation problem
  113. [Moved] Can't uninstall application
  114. "Unable To Verify Supplier" - Help Needed!!
  115. Why "Nokia Manufacturer ID is NOT defined"
  116. How to Restart phone programatically.
  117. About changing application's UID
  118. Bluetooth & Certificate
  119. Embedded SIS
  120. changing displey colour/sowtw.update
  121. Allow to create more than 1 installer version from the same source code
  122. Audio Proxy Server + VID
  123. Uninstallation process driven by a custom exe
  124. capability requires in retrieve contact in 3rd?
  125. Need your help for get certificate...
  126. How to remove silently a sisx during uninstallation process
  127. Help!! built pkg unable to install in 5800
  128. Unable to Install
  129. [moved] Package modes
  130. package() condition in PKG
  131. [moved] Installation
  132. After How many day we get Publisher ID
  133. Not able to load/Open CR Initiation File.
  134. My application for free public use
  135. Installing gif files and accessing them
  136. Is it true that Publisher Id able to use only on one PC?
  137. Stub / Bootstrap application
  138. no input files error
  139. Proforma for Symbian signed Docs
  140. [moved] Doubts in pkg file
  141. [Moved]Unable to install
  142. [moved] Multi-language SIS not ask language
  143. Publisher ID without a busniess?
  144. After second "Open Signed Online" signed,the *.sis file not work.
  145. some ques. regarding "express signed"
  146. [moved] sis installation problem
  147. «Certificate Error Contact the Application supplier» on HelloWorld C++ Project in E6
  148. SwInstCli Panic 2
  149. Inserting a unique download identifier in a sisx file
  150. [Moved] Unable to execute for security reasons
  151. [Moved] Expiry of sisx file
  152. Which Certification needed for installing additional files to drive C or E
  153. Un able to execute file for security reason
  154. Publisher ID questions
  155. SIS files for OTA (over the air)
  156. Preinstallation with memory card
  157. self-signed without proper Symbian UID?
  158. [moved] unable to install. component is built-in
  159. [moved] how to modify a sis file
  160. Update sis with different package file name works on 5.0 but not on 3.0
  161. N93, Nokia Mobile Dictionary, Installation failed
  162. [moved] making .csr file
  163. Error while creting .cer and .key file using .pfx file..
  164. Symbian Express Sign issue
  165. Need help on Symbian Signing for Preinstalled Application
  166. [Moved] how to sign 2nd edition application?...
  167. Signing/Installation Issues please help
  168. [Moved] Open Signed Online
  169. two app in same device related query?
  170. [Moved] Installation errors for Camera Example
  171. location based application
  172. KERN-EXEC 0
  173. S60 3rd edition FP 1 Singing Developer Certification
  174. [moved] Language selection
  175. [Moved] Publisher Id
  176. How to install application to Games folder?
  177. Application don't start with Location capability
  178. automatic installation at download time
  179. E72 E71 CAPABILITY differences
  180. E63 theme ( self developed )
  181. Creating package file
  182. open signed automated tool
  183. Startup list on 5th devices
  184. preinstalled app with CAPABILITY
  185. [moved] SIS File installation
  186. How to handle un-installation and re-installation event separately
  187. SIS package: Update problems
  188. SilentInstall question
  189. installing applications | external memory vs. internal memory
  190. What is that FR,RI?
  191. Adding properties to a signed sis-file
  192. Installation of private files
  193. [Moved] using open sign online, sign a sis file which has an embedded unsign sis
  194. [moved] How to package a .jad, a .jar and a .sis in another .sis file??
  195. Installing binary under OS 7
  196. symbian application signing and cost details
  197. Update Error - Despite restoring to factory settings
  198. camerawrapper.sisx cannot install to samsung i8910(s60 5th)
  199. Developer Certificate Request PROBLEM
  200. Timeline for Symbian Signed
  201. creating installer file that installs multiple .sis files
  202. Open signed clock problem
  203. is there an api which can dump contents insides sis?
  204. Untrusted software found on memory card...
  205. Time reqired to get Manufacturer capability approved
  206. [Moved] How to send some images to the device through pkg file
  207. commercially used by any company self sined app?
  208. Regarding Uninstallation of Embeded Sis file
  209. [Moved] About Embedding SIS Files
  210. [Moved] Open Signed Online Clock problem
  211. Install in memory card can not run
  212. [Moved] Strange problem during installation
  213. can i install a dll to device using self sign?
  214. inetgration of sisx
  215. Unknown Size
  216. Why do not get multilang selection at installation time?
  217. [Moved] What is Time limit for Symbian C++ Open Sign Sis file?
  218. unable to locate application
  219. Create file .sis without dependence QT.
  220. Unable to install
  221. Content ID purchasing is down
  222. [Moved] In a pkg file, where should I type Vendor message?
  223. [Moved] install .pxt
  224. my application doen not open
  225. [Moved] What are the CAPABILITY'ies that requires Symbian Sign
  226. [Moved] Issue in creating sis file
  227. Reg:problem in installing sisx file
  228. What about Nokia OK?
  229. can upgrade using package-type SA preserve some files?
  230. E61i, .sis installation Error
  231. what is internal memory preinstalled applications
  232. could not install sisx file now
  233. [Moved] how to package another sis file???
  234. Question about signing application that needs to be re-branded every time it is sold
  235. SSL question
  236. Is separate UID3 needed for each target platform?
  237. sisx file contents
  238. Task Manager - In test case of Symbian Sign
  239. [Moved] SIS file installation crash
  240. Unable to install .sis file signed with Dev Cert
  241. [Moved] failing to install 2 sis files
  242. Problem with ' General OS-related error'
  243. pkg file format "™" symbol does not work?
  244. Read contents of private folder
  245. [Moved] About commercial publishing of application
  246. [Moved] Reg: open signed online
  247. What is R-UIM ?
  248. [moved] Prevent application uninstall
  249. Sensor API capabilities and self-signed certificate
  250. Unable to install application jad/jar file in symbian emulator S60 3rd edition