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  1. [moved] Is it possible to convert .jar/.jad into .sis
  2. Priviledged API
  3. SIP security and compression options
  4. security problem about SMS in 6230???
  5. When I connect to a site using SSL/TLS, a certificate warning dialog pops up。
  6. CSendUi cannot send JPEG on 3rd edition?
  7. [S60,9.1]IAP-SelectionDialog pops up twice
  8. Error in enabling profile for SIP example supplied with Series60 3rd Ed. SDK
  9. Can we use the textmtm example for Symbian9.1 third edition?
  10. Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted supplier
  11. Receiving RTP data on TCP channel
  12. NAT problem
  13. Nokia Mobile VPN VPN-policy file
  14. Bluetooth sockets and permissions
  15. Public key security
  16. Security platform: controversial information
  17. S60 Signing and Certification
  18. BIO messaging on Series60 v3
  19. Retrieve the incoming / Outgoing number in S60 V3
  20. MailforExchange and certificates
  21. E61 + VPN Probs, need help
  22. outgoing sms
  23. Issue of installing SIS on 702NKII (Nokia 6680 for Vodafone)
  24. socket connection in E61
  25. conflicting information...
  26. Requesting feedback for few ideas related to Symbian Platform Security tools
  27. Welcome
  28. N80 Application instalation problem
  29. SIS install fails in S60 V3
  30. SymbianSigned Developer certs work starting tomorrow
  31. Problems with signing / installing / makesis on S60 3rd
  32. Capability to close APN Connection
  33. What I must do after got the x.csr and x.key?
  34. ssl with CA certificate
  35. Granting sensitive capabilities
  36. 6630, 6680, N70 online certificate check does not work at all
  37. Is there any sample for CertMan and so on?
  38. CSecurityEncryptBase
  39. What does capability X let me do?
  40. CAPABILITIES issue...
  41. Certificate validity duration
  42. RComm::Open() capability
  43. Registering with backup Server in OS 9.1
  44. OMA DRM Forward Lock?
  45. certificate problem with N80
  46. Questions about Symbian Signed, Java Verified or Platform Security for Helin Risto
  47. 3rd Edition WriteDeviceData Capability
  48. Suggestion for all Nokias...
  49. CSendUi::CreateAndSendMessageL And DRM capability
  50. Symbian signing and freeware? Anyone tried it?
  51. Signing multiple versions with minor text changes
  52. expired certificate on carbide.vs sample developer certificate
  53. OpenGL ES app is not trusted
  54. RComm::Open() returns KErrPermissionDenied
  55. INI Files
  56. Data files
  57. signing problem
  58. Freeware or not?
  59. App. uses active GPRS, PHN-01...do I need a Waiver Request?
  60. Installation to all Memory Locations - regulation
  61. "unable to install" on 3250
  62. AllFiles-TCB -UnExpected
  63. Strange Issue with MultimediaDD capability!!!
  64. Anybody knows.
  65. Signing & Certification doubt
  66. 7710. how install new certificate?
  67. Simworks AntiVirus For 6681
  68. Showing two SIS files on device
  69. error signing with .cer file from symbiansign!!
  70. Changes in Symbian developer certificate requirements
  71. Symbian Signed Problem understanding
  72. Paypal Security & J2ME
  73. How to locate private folder?
  74. Symbian Developer Certificate could not work
  75. Required application access not granted
  76. Documentation about signing an application
  77. Unable to execute files for security reasons
  78. Unable to execute files for security reasons
  79. Symbian Signed Catalog
  80. Vpn policy file
  81. How to add customized window during installation
  82. MGFetch Capability
  83. S60 3rd edition signing types
  84. Still about Symbian certificates
  85. Error while signing sis file
  86. MakeSIS tool to sign SIS files with ACS Publisher ID.
  87. Bluetooth RSocket security issue
  88. What is max size of Stack in S60 3 rd addition?
  89. "certificate error contact the application supplier"
  90. signed/unsigned
  91. Signing - problematic functionality
  92. Which Nokia phones support Secure Socket Layer(SSL)??
  93. "Unable to install" sis file
  94. Installation of "Sampleapp.sis" not supported on Nokia E60
  95. Unable to connect NT Contivity server
  96. MakeSIS won't sign with my ACS Publisher ID
  97. Problem to generate csr file for devcertificat request
  98. S60 3rd Ed Application icon
  99. Unable to Install. Constrained by the certificate.
  100. is it necessary to sign this sis file with the developer certification?
  101. Self Signing with ACS ID
  102. Thwate Certificate... Will it work?
  103. failed symbian signed testing due to uninstall warning
  104. how to add capabilities to mmp file
  105. signing .sis application for 2nd ed
  106. signing gnubox with signsis
  107. Code Signing Cert for Microsoft ActiveX
  108. Module Signing
  109. Unable to install the self certification sis file on Nokia E60 device
  110. Concerns with MEM-02 (Low Storage Memory During Execution)
  111. How to change name of exe file on E61?
  112. ATL---Alarm notification is visible. Failed
  113. Sis of sis file
  114. Application backup Problem In s60 3rd Edition
  115. Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted application supplier
  116. Unable to install a signed Application on Nokia E61(issue with UIDs)
  117. .mif file not visible on device
  118. error to install .sis
  119. Symbiansigned.com --> extremely long waiting period...
  120. signing freeware with extended capabilities
  121. requesting TCB capability
  122. problem with capabilities
  123. Very chaotic approach in giving the sensitive capabilities
  124. Security from experts
  125. Symbian Signed --Backup & Recovry
  126. Signing process duration
  127. capabilites required
  128. Why my program can’t run in S60 3rd device?
  129. How to prompt users whether delete the user created files during uninstall process?
  130. Tryng to launch an app via code on 3rd edition
  131. Question about "Backup and Restore Compliance"
  132. Question about Mulitiple EXEs in SIS
  134. PDF based content certification
  135. Self signed - are you using it?
  136. Over the Air Installation Problem
  137. About vpn
  138. All-TCB in dll project.
  139. How to install the sis file and test it
  140. Console Application Deployment
  141. we want devcert's with allfiles and TCB!
  142. Symbain Signing Help
  143. self-signed = 5 or 6 capabitilities ?
  144. Location Capability... symbian/developer signing or not??
  145. Mobile VPN keepalive
  146. Symbian Signed, the Freeware path and ACS Publisher Id
  147. Can't get developer cert
  148. VPN Client username/password
  149. Symbian Signed test criteria
  150. selfsigned sis not working on new firmwares?
  151. How to identify ECOM plugin caller ?
  152. Carbide C++ security features
  153. ATL - The SIS did not contain an application with the same UID as that of SIS.
  154. What S60 APIs in your view should require lower capability than currently?
  155. Test Criteria TOOL1 can't be installed on Nokia 3250
  156. What kind of capablity should I have to access camera real-time ?
  157. Location API and rights
  158. Self-signed program prompt warning “Program isn’t compatible with the mobile” during
  159. DRM for sending jar file via Bluetooth
  160. What caps need to use SetSubst ?
  161. Unable to install protected application :: PleaseHelpL
  162. Regarding using an third party DLL with different SID
  163. DRM PIP File - unable to read file
  164. UID's problem, please help!
  165. MultimediaDD enabled developer certificate??
  166. UPdate Error! while installation
  167. One Verisign ACS ID for multiple companies?
  168. DevCert - commercial use
  169. Multiple developer certificates
  170. DLL locading problems (capabilities)
  171. updating Symbian Signed application with a newer version
  172. Signing S60 V8.1 Application
  173. S60 2nd to 3rd/ PlatformSecurity / Capabilities
  174. Removing a previously installed PA
  175. Email likely...
  176. symbian signed
  177. Need to lock app manager. Please advise
  178. Problem with signing
  179. Capabilities needed for RTP and Audio policy server (APS) APIs
  180. Adding properties/resources to an already signed .sis file
  181. Unable to install .sis-file with DevCert
  182. Recognizer signing in S60 3rd
  183. capabilities needed to audio recordering:
  184. MultimediaDD Capability
  185. Legacy UID
  186. Procedure to sign the sis with the developer cert using Carbide.C++ Express version
  187. Updating a Symbian signed application with a selfsigned update
  188. Dev. certificate request page is broken
  189. Is there a way to encrypt a file of any type in our phone?
  190. Cerificate not valid/expired (N80 + carbide 1.1)
  191. N95 & Certificate
  192. Multiple SIS files with and without executables/libraries
  193. Ipsec on Symbian
  194. Private folder is not really private
  195. Saving testing money by self-model-based-testing first
  196. How to revoke certification
  197. Does Symbian have functions like OpenSSL?
  198. How to improve freeware/opensource signing?
  199. Low mem test
  200. Symbian signing
  201. "Unable to install" error
  202. The application does not display after installation
  203. Another "Unable to Install" Error, HELPPP
  204. hoe to remove Supported: sec-agree header?
  205. Failure of MEM 02 (Failure of low memory during execution.
  206. Aborting the testing
  207. Where to store backupable settings for dlls?
  208. application does not run on phone???
  209. Unable To Execute file for Security reason (-46)
  210. How to dump SIS file capabilities?
  211. sigining sis file
  212. Trial period implementation
  213. Can not open application on device after install the *.sis file
  214. Hi
  215. i am unable to install my jad file in symbian 3rd
  216. Unable to install DevCertRequest
  217. ACS Publisher ID does not match
  218. Signing FAQ
  219. problem in signing a sis with Developers certificate using command line
  220. Capabilities and KErrCorrupt
  221. how to install jad file using symbian 3rd edition
  222. application not open in N-80
  223. ACS PublisherId
  224. KErrPermissionDenied && Nokia N80
  225. Questions - Symbian signed tests
  226. known bugs/problems?
  227. Autostart signing problem
  228. IMEI independent signing
  229. Creating and installing SIS on emulator
  230. Application MBM file help
  231. ACS Publisher ID - Symbian signed test tool
  232. Symbiansigned.com down or unusably slow. Any info when this will get fixed
  233. Understanding of the complicated signing process
  234. Certification
  235. file protection against cracking....
  236. Could someone clarify something for me?
  237. Problem signing the full duplex example with private key and self signed certificate
  238. Looking for comment on 'PlatSec' diagnostic
  239. Nokia signed process???
  240. App Cracking problems, question to C++ application developers
  241. Doubts regarding symbian signing
  242. PHN-01 Failed
  243. VPN Policy Singed
  244. Request for manufacturer capability (NetworkControl)
  245. Making an application commercial
  246. Problem with CSecureSocket::NewL
  247. Developer Certificate signed for n73
  248. UID allocation
  249. Platinum Partner
  250. Symbian Signing