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  1. APS 2.4.1 available
  2. Undocumented Features of the Nokia SIP Stack to FN WIKI
  3. Loudspeaker control for an active GSM call for S60 3.1 devices
  4. N95 using Voipstunt problem
  5. VIOP Application for N95 and E61
  6. Speaker and Volume Audio Control for an active GSM call
  7. SIPPhone Needed
  8. SIP VoIP Settings Tool
  9. New SIP VoIP settings tool published
  10. VoIP on s80
  11. The SIP VoIP settings tool does not work full out
  12. Diff between AIW Service Handler/Phone Client Dial APIs
  13. N95 Anonymous Invite
  14. Audio Proxy Server - RAPSSession::SetDecoderMode fails
  15. regarding using Extensions plug-in for s60 3.1
  16. APS 2.31 and 2.4 cannot enable PLC
  17. Session: How to create VoIP for S60, Palo Alto, Nov 14th
  18. SCCP not reconnecting issue
  19. SIP originated Message Delivered!
  20. how to construct this sip register message with authorization
  21. specifying media type and RTP ports in SIP
  22. Why do I need APS?
  23. system crash with Symbian VoIP client
  24. Prefix request
  25. Using SCCP over VPN on a e61i
  26. How to call a Tel Number
  27. Compile SipRtpexApp
  28. Intellisync for Cisco does not work on E65 with special Firmware
  29. Emulator not working with public ip
  30. e61i + ilbc codec
  31. e61i and "SIP_VoIP_Settings_v1_0_en"
  32. Which api i need to make video conferencing using symbian c++
  33. Error compiling sip stack !
  34. s60 3rd ed FP1 - APS problem
  35. Plug-In APIs & RVCT
  36. sip application not working with n73
  37. not getting register response
  38. is someone knows what api i use for sip
  39. Incoming Invite not received by SIPExample on E61
  40. sip connection authorization
  41. w9013 - Wlan settings
  42. VoIP overview on S60 platform Webinar -Dec. 13, 2007
  43. plugin for pocket pc and sony ericson
  44. OTA provisioning over HTML?
  45. Best Nokia model for VoIP
  46. Developing 3rd Party VoIP clients on S60 Platform
  47. Persistent TCP with SIP
  48. JSR 180: set Registrar in Request-Line instead of Proxy
  49. mimimum speed for voip
  50. Platform selection for Voip
  51. SIP client for Video call
  52. ipConnectionNotifier::acceptAndOpen() hangs
  53. SIP registration fails on Nokia E65
  54. [E51] Loss Gizmo account, password and SSID after complete backup via PC Suite
  55. VoIP configuration over SMS
  56. APS plugin with S60 MR
  57. APS recorder and player settings
  58. APS jitter issue
  59. Guidance required for INCOMING call scenario in 3rd party VoIP Client implementation
  60. should I apply for API partnering request for getting Incoming VoIP Call on E61
  61. problem with voip on E51
  62. SIP calls over Packet data
  63. e61 sip wlan switching
  64. VoIP - OMA provisioning Setting, CODEC Problem
  65. RFC's implemented in RTP stack
  66. Recording internet calls
  67. VOIP RTP SDK query
  68. APS 2.4 recording issue
  69. how to disable built-in VoIP Client in E61
  70. need your input please
  71. APS Server Demo with AMR Audio?
  72. Ask the Expert is on VoIP
  73. Ask the Expert VoIP: Video and SIP stack
  74. APS buffer with header 0?
  75. Noise when G711 encoded data is converted to PCM
  76. E51 Sip registration fails. RFC 3261 compliance?
  77. iLine.NotifyIncomingCall can't call runl
  78. n70 & sip
  79. European phone in U.S.
  80. Skype or IAX2 for Symbian ?
  81. Number presentation of the domainpart in Nokia E65.
  82. VoIP solution in UAE
  83. Volume Control with Aps Server
  84. RTP DTMF sending issue in S60 3Ed Fp1
  85. N95 battery life with inbuilt SIP client
  86. E65 built-in sip client over IPsec VPN (over 3g)
  87. New Audio Proxy Server (APS) version released
  88. Disconnecting Data Connection after VoIP Calls
  89. Strange Connection Error over UMTS/HDSPA
  90. VOIP, G723 and N95
  91. Provision VoIP settings over-the-air - how?
  92. public ip? NAT, STUN?
  93. changing SIP settings
  94. Implement Media codec (JSR-135/234) to use with SIP in J2ME
  95. Skype on N95?
  96. Local Client Provisioning plug-in for VoIP published
  97. SIP Header Problem
  98. RTP traffic
  99. does N80 support 'canreinvite'?
  100. Von conference
  101. SIP working in N95 but not in E65
  102. SIP Problems
  103. N95 SIP/VoIP calls
  104. SIP Refresh Registeration TIme
  105. NAT/FW traversal for third party VoIP client
  106. RTCP in VoIP call
  107. APS Sample can't work
  108. Push to talk
  109. Why content-type in SIP ( rfc 3261) is needed ?
  110. [Help]Can I use own sip service for sip on N95?
  111. G.729 codec in j2me
  112. E51 G.711 and APS 2.4
  113. how can I get the SIP "contact" head?
  114. Nokia VOIP Wizard
  115. The type of the sip message of N95 is standard or not
  116. Local Client Provisioning plug-in for VoIP rel 2.x available
  117. APS playing into Cellular uplink
  118. How to connect my N95 to my SER phone server SIP VoIP?
  119. GSM-SIP convergence - Automatic answers
  120. Is there any open Source SIP VoIP client in S60 platform?
  121. SIP Subscribe Refresh Problem
  122. Unable to play RTP packets
  123. Incoming calls rejected on N95 if caller ID is withheld
  124. Provisioning problem: unable to save all settings. 1 settings saved
  125. Can sip stack support Presence?
  126. how to make and send a preset SIP config
  127. g729 - SIp VoIP Preferences not working
  128. VOIP switched off by vodafone
  129. SIP VoIP Settings download broken?
  130. Does SIP Plug-in 4.0 support Vista?
  131. If installed the S60 3rd MR SDK, then does not need SIP Plug-in 4.0, right ?
  132. Avoid IAP listing everytime
  133. VoIP Handsets
  134. ask for stun using e65
  135. enable register profile error with -17701
  136. G729 Supported Nokia Phones
  137. SIP provisioning with existing NAP
  138. cann't get localaddress from CSIPConnection
  139. IM with outbound proxy
  140. VoIP: IAX Client for S60
  141. SIP registered but error internet telephone service not available
  142. E51 not supporting voip on Gprs or 3G internet
  143. PrefConRef in SIP Profile
  144. Which Nokia Phone Supports internet call on grps or 3g internet
  145. why VoIP does not supprt multicast stream ?
  146. Stopping and Starting SIP/VOIP Client
  147. SIP Registration Status
  148. Which handset suit mostly the test and developing of WiFi and SIP in China?
  149. can I change via header use the sip client Api?
  150. CRLF Refresh for Nokia SIP client
  151. incoming SIP Invite with T.38 signaling
  152. SIP default profile setting weirdness
  153. ACK not sent
  154. Nokia PTT Standards
  155. nokia push to talk
  156. New VoIP Audio Service APIs published for S60 3.1
  157. Can i send Subscribe|Publish|Message message twice ?
  158. How ro provide call transfer in VoIP
  159. ClassCastException problem for SipConnection
  160. Audio problem
  161. Streaming G.711 over N95..
  162. Nokia SIP VoIP client for N78?
  163. LastRegistrationError Error Code
  164. CSIPProfile Undefined Error
  165. Does S60 3rd SDK provides audio & video codecs API?
  166. Help!! N80 and VOIP over 3G
  167. non profile register!
  168. SIP Registeration Faild
  169. Not accepting 2xx response to a Bye Request
  170. rtp in j2me
  171. [moved] asterisk and VoIP
  172. DTMF
  173. SIP Codec Error (-17767)
  174. SIP 403 Forbidden error
  175. Unable to play RTP Payload(Actual Voice Data coming from remote client) in J2ME
  176. Nokia 6300i with Voip - other than Gizmo5
  177. SIP call application
  178. Manual configuration works but the same config OTA dosn't (Nokia N95)
  179. Inbound VoIP Call
  180. Nokia N75 -Config Voip problem-
  181. TLS/STUN/outbound support
  182. Nokia E51 odd behaviour after REFER
  183. Nokia SIP Stack Problem (RE-INVITE)
  184. CSdpBandwidthField problem with SIP
  185. echo cancellation in VoIP app
  186. TLS support in Nokia Sipstack
  187. [Very Important] SipRtpExApp_Sample_Application_v1_0_en
  188. 407 auth problem with Nokia RA-6 200.34.73
  189. STUN server configuration
  190. registration to Panasonic IP PBX
  191. SIP: STUN used for registration but not outgoing calls
  192. Corect unregister procedure
  193. cach incoming INVITE
  194. Information for VOIP using Symbian
  195. mccsubthread error
  196. Receive notification of incoming & Outgoing VoIP calls
  197. Issue on N95 and VoIP calls over Wi-Fi
  198. Reregister Problem
  199. Unable to receive RTCP packets through callback AppReceived...
  200. E90 SIP Debugging
  201. nokia 5700 sip settings tool not working
  202. How can i set outbound proxy address to my own sip client
  204. SIP REFER and INFO method
  205. N80, SIP, AT&T
  206. how to send and recieve RTP payloads in SIP using J2ME.
  207. Start From The Begining
  208. Wlan Settings | IP MASK GW Address
  209. VOIP stops working after a few calls
  210. ilbc codec download
  211. Is it possible to establish 2 RTP Connection for a call session?
  212. APS Server 2.43 Update Error
  213. Implementing new audio codec
  214. Header-controlled autoanswer in IETF profile?
  215. Can we change the SIP port of VoIP client?
  216. APS Problem
  217. APS and S60 3rd FP2
  218. Not getting INVITE request
  219. n95 Voip power issue
  220. Getting 403 from server
  221. Free PTT Server Software?
  222. CarbideC++ and PGSIP and VOIP
  223. Is S60 supports unsolicited notify?
  224. SIP server "None" value for Local Client Provisioning
  225. Missing API Plugin. Please help
  226. SIP
  227. Gizmo = Nokia VOIP Client?
  228. E65 sometimes don't receive incoming call but can call.
  229. Dynamically setting Sip proxy address .
  230. SIPAddress NewL error -5017
  231. needed VOIP Example help me
  232. Voip incoming calls
  233. VoIP client for Feature Pack 2 being developed?
  234. Medical VoIP solution for hospitals
  235. how to know the version of installed APS?
  236. Invite routing logic when no native SIP client exists?
  237. PROBLEM: While making call between two N95 devices
  238. SIP Setting Dialog
  239. not getting 200 Ok response
  240. Can't change Proxy Realm when using Local Client Provisioning Plug-In
  241. Help:SIP + Voice Mail..
  242. :confused: Running SipDemo
  243. Undefined symbol error
  244. sip nokia vs tivi
  245. Fring
  246. jitter buffer with APS
  247. How to use PoC on N95 (S60 3.1)?
  248. APS 2.4.3 problem on n95
  249. SIP bad request 400 from nokia SIP device when callerId includes scandinavian char.
  250. S60 support for silencesupp in SDP