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  1. Can someone please try to reproduce this! Pretty please...
  2. Messaging using VoIP
  3. How to differentiate between GSM Call and SIP Call
  4. Few questions about nokia sip client.
  5. Re SIP Registration and battery usage
  6. Getting Kern Exec 3 while HangUp Call
  7. SIP Register request failed
  8. public sip server
  9. SIP VOIP.
  10. the steps involved in making SIP call
  11. two sip profiles to the same sip provider
  12. VoIP : Call Forwarding
  13. Symbian 9.3 & voip
  14. Nokia E71 and Avaya S8300?
  15. jitter test tool
  16. VoIPAudioServiceAPI & 6120c
  17. Sip application on device
  18. OTA to-appref
  19. sis file to install SIP & Voip Settings
  20. SIP ,RTP and APS
  21. Problem with SIP on GPRS on some Series60 devices.
  22. How to install SIP, VOIP settings using browser
  23. Video calls on WLAN
  24. N96 - No voip?
  25. VAD=on not working?
  26. codec-sending rate
  27. nokia sip client - emulator
  28. How to register public SIP server via WLan
  29. Sip Registration with SIP server
  30. sip port 5060 to another
  31. N95 Voip
  32. VOIP and GSM call
  33. Changing Codec settings on N95/N78/N66
  34. SIP settings tool does not actually disable codecs
  35. SIP REGISTER and error -17701 - KErrSIPInvalidRegistrarResponse
  36. g729 VAD
  37. dynamic resource allocation questions
  38. SIP settings for 2nd edition devices
  39. VAS vs APS
  40. How to add User-Agent into the SIP REGISTER
  41. In E61i phone REGISTER method is not working.
  42. Nokia N95 SIP setup (internet telephone) for voipyourlife or voipyourphone customers
  43. Does new Nokia 5800 Sip/Voip...
  44. local IP address changes
  45. SIP API & LCS
  46. About the actual bandwidth of VoIP
  47. E71 Internet Call Client
  48. Is there any documents about SIP errors?
  49. SIP Dial
  50. [Moved] Native ringtone support with VAS
  51. How to capture SIP log on N78?
  52. VoIP settings
  53. Making SIP calls through a VPN on a Nokia. Help Request.
  54. A problem about RTP api
  55. SIP/JSR180: Registration failure due to incorrect sending/listening port mismatch
  56. IncomingResponse problem
  57. Please help regarding VoIP enabled nokia mobile..
  58. SipExample&profile enabling trouble
  59. 483 Too many Hops
  60. SIP Clients problem
  61. PTT settings on N78
  62. problem with PRACK with SIP port != 5060
  63. 6500 Slide & SIP
  64. where to start developing mobile voip application
  65. Client Provisioning "VoIP Release 3.0" for N79/N85?
  66. VoIP support in Nokia devices List Help
  67. SIP VoIP Settings v2.00 for N79/N85?
  68. Acessing voice channel using J2ME
  69. Native voip client Nokia 6120C
  70. RTP and S60-MR
  71. RTP retransmission
  72. VAS server never sends KOpenComplete after call to Open on the downlink
  73. How to get default call type? (Internet call or voice call)
  74. Voip cant get SIP to work...HELP
  75. Sip Stack sends a 500 Internal server error for invite!?
  76. voip client development
  77. Outgoing SIP calls fail: internet telephone service not available
  78. Can crtpapi use tcp protocol?
  79. LocalProvisioningTest , ConnectivitySettingsQuery issues in the XML file
  80. Caller-id
  81. Get voip just in one click
  82. SIP Registration
  83. Local Client Provisioning plug-in for VoIP
  84. N82 voip and handsfree problem
  85. Help Information
  86. VoIP settings via SMS
  87. Different ringtones depending on voip or gsm call
  88. J2ME or C++ for VoIP on Mobile
  89. Device Management Plugin for SIP
  90. Nokia E71 VoIP client with Jitter function?
  91. SIP Stack Mystery
  92. Does APS support AMR with DTX?
  93. Providername change
  94. Problem with N85 SIP Call
  95. VoipCall with N79?
  96. N95 and SIP_VoIP_3_0_Settings_v1_0_en.sis
  97. SIP - 2 Errors
  98. PAging in MS idle mode
  99. Voip client (rel. 3.0) for N78 and N96?
  100. S60 5th Edition VOIP support
  101. Nokia 6300i settings for voipstunt
  102. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
  103. Can I change codec priorities programatically
  104. VOIP application advice
  105. Wifi to 3G failover access point
  106. Voip Usage Battery Stats N95 8GB
  107. 400 Bad Request response
  108. N78 PTT client blocked/missing
  109. Locked Sip profile
  110. Why is there no SIP VoIP Setting program under Installations
  111. what's the problem?
  112. Problems transfering a call in Cisco CCME enviroment
  113. nokia n96 unlocked
  114. Problem with Nokia E51, asterisk and Wifi
  115. SIP resolver plugin problem
  116. N95 VoIP problem playing RTP
  117. Doing a research
  118. is there anyone having succeeded in using the VAS api
  119. Limitaions for Nokia VoIP applications?
  120. Voip PhoneClient plugin and 486 to INVITE
  121. Is MultimediaDD required when using the example of VoIP?
  122. Enterprise VoIP app for E51
  123. Nokia 5800/VoIP
  124. [moved] E51 Install of Voip setting application problem
  125. Triggering emergency calls warning under internet telephony
  126. SIP dialer with tunneling
  127. S60 emulation of user navigation, selection, etc. on the UI
  128. nokia n96
  129. NAT traversal for MJSIP
  130. internet tel via gprs
  131. SIP over WLAN support in 5800 Music Express
  132. UDP buffering
  133. VOIP in J2ME
  134. using G729 Codec of APS
  135. Registration error E71 sip configuration
  136. SIPManagedProfile API Problem
  137. How to create,edit,delete SIP profiles programmatically in S60 3rd FP1
  138. Issue with processing of re-INVITEs on Nokia E-65
  139. Nokia PRO membership compuslory for API partnering?
  140. SIP client customized
  141. Some problem with RTP
  142. NoClssDefFoundError in running SIP app on BlackBerry
  143. geofone.us
  144. Want to develop Mobile Dialer for Symbian
  145. Looking Developer to Develop Mobile Dialer
  146. sip cancel invite problem
  147. Download OTA WBXML via GPRS/WLAN
  148. SIP VoIP Settings App 3.0 (v1.1) and N79
  149. Where is PrUI/PbUI in PTT client settings ?
  150. What SDK contains Push-to-Talk client software ?
  151. How to run SIP Server Emulator?
  152. SIP_VoIP_3_0_Settings_v1_01 & E71
  153. How to avoid symmetric NAT
  154. Forward to VoIP
  155. How to identify cause of problem!!!
  156. SIP_VoIP_3_0_Settings and dialplans / dialing rules
  157. OK Settings for Betamax voip services (eg.Voipdiscount) for Nokia E71, E61...
  158. N95 VAS noise issue
  159. Why is my SIP profile locked?
  160. Starting VOIP
  161. sip & rtp api Integration
  162. Power consumption‏
  163. Question about PTT client in Nokia
  164. Nokia E55 with VoIP Client?!
  166. Creating VoIP profile programmatically
  167. VoIPAudioIntfc.lib and MR release
  168. SIP registration issue
  169. VoIP in S60 v5.x
  170. Nokia E66 VOIP Packets onG729 40ms
  171. SIP implemenation in java,j2me
  172. Problem with SIP
  173. 6120c and VoIP Audio Service
  174. voip with h.323 and gatekeeper
  175. sip/voip program for n96
  176. SIP Messaging
  177. i need a help!!!!!
  178. open source SIP client customiced
  179. open source SIP client customiced
  180. SIP VoIP Settings fields
  181. SIP profile settings-> service profile
  182. software
  183. Problems with SIP
  184. Strange dialog pop up during VoIP call on N95
  185. RTP Coding with J2ME
  186. Coonecting to VOIP
  187. Application crash with KERN-EXEC 3 on deleting SIP server transaction
  188. Application crash with KERN-EXEC 3 on deleting SIP server transaction
  189. Application crash with KERN-EXEC 3 on deleting SIP server transaction
  190. Fring?
  191. RTCP implementation on Nokia phones
  192. SipRtpExApp - PKG file
  193. VOIP call record issue Using mobile phone
  194. SipRtpEx example
  195. The documents of siprtpx
  196. Port no. for SIP connection
  197. Phone adapter C# programming
  199. Nokia 5800 XM SIP / VoIP support
  200. How to surf Using Wifi
  202. SIP VOIP Settings application installation
  203. How can i create voip client in s60 device?
  204. How to do Voip Call?
  205. SRTP with E61i and fw 3.0
  206. N85 VoIP problem
  207. SIP bad request
  208. [5800 XM] We really want VoIP
  209. Is CMR voice quality planned for future Nokia devices?
  210. Client Provisioning Registration - w9018.txt
  211. How to get incoming voip call sip uri during voip call
  212. How to get clear whether VOIP call is available?
  213. Connecting E71 on NEC SV8100 PBX by Generic SIP
  214. I can not receive a INVITE from remote
  215. N79 Phone
  216. SIP Client & Out of Band DTMF?
  217. Native SIP client in N97???
  218. Alternative SIP clents - with hardware codec support.
  219. VOIPTestApp does not open in N79
  220. Voice chat over Wifi in java
  221. Bluetooth headset connection
  222. How about VCC 'Voice Call Continuity'?
  223. VoIPAudioServices API
  224. E71 sip connection problem
  225. E51 voip: Nothing after INVITE, 100 Trying
  226. Display caller's name instead of "sip:*****@fritz.fonwlan.box" ?
  227. DTMF with APS
  228. n85 voip
  229. E51 ***almost*** working with asterisk, but help needed
  230. Audio routing issue with VAS
  231. E51 VOIP Tunneling
  232. APS 2.43 USER 23 panic playing G711 on 6220 classic
  233. SIP Resubscribe with digest challenge problem
  234. Nokia set for DatagramConnection
  235. Noise VAS
  236. disable RConnection auto re conecct
  237. MondoTalk VoIP Development
  238. Configuration of Nokia client SIP port
  239. Caller ID enclosed in quotation marks in calls coming from Asterisk
  240. sip video call
  241. Sip voip client
  242. OutOfMemoryError
  243. VoIP and wi-fi power-save mode
  244. Configuring VoIP on E51
  245. VOIP using sip
  246. What's the meaning of 'according to profile' for SIP Login Type?
  247. VAS - clock & times
  248. Does S60 SDK provided codec implementation?
  249. VoIP calls from code S60 3rd Edition FP2 (3.2)
  250. Nymgo for Nokia E75