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  1. Help me on VOIP(SIP) in J2ME
  2. VOIP in Portugal for E51 and others
  3. Nokia E51 wi-fi roaming and SIP tend to not reconnect after regaining coverage
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  16. G729 problem In VAS
  17. receiving sip calls as missed call?!!
  18. software needed for accessing sip settings on nokia phones
  19. SIP disconnects after one time and is unable to re-register (behind NAT)
  20. VoIP Audio API DTMF Player
  21. where does RtpPacketReceived () called
  22. Internet Call Indicator and SIP
  23. SIP register without profile?
  24. N85 "Connection failed"
  26. Restoring Default Call Type on N85
  27. Detection of emergency call
  28. Outbound proxy without route header
  29. n97 = no VoIP
  30. SIP VoIP 3.x Settings: bug with STUN port entry (5 digits)
  31. Timer
  32. One way audio on Nokia phone when transfered from Cisco IPCC to VoIP gateway
  33. E61i NOT sending DTMF on Voip call
  34. E55 Where the hell is the SIP Client???
  35. max memory allocated for call log program (s60 rel 3.2) ?
  36. Nokia VoIP Client using SIPS/SRTP freeze the mobile on hangup.
  37. Nokia e63 voip problem , pls help
  38. e63 and e51 power off during VOIP calls
  39. SIP registration problem
  40. Sip Settings push through SMS
  41. E71 3g custom connection for VOIP
  42. Be sure 911 is Supported To Your VOIP
  43. Need help, sip settings on Nokia n80
  44. Publish requests with SIP for J2ME...
  45. e71/voip.ms
  46. How to develop the VOIP client on Symbian!
  47. E75 SIP register problem
  48. Nokia SCCP provisioning
  49. How can i get the volume while making a call?
  50. wierd connection issue
  51. Nokia 5800 SIP: I've Registered, Now what?
  52. Nokia E61 vs. SIP Info
  53. voip over 3g connection gets lost after ~60 mins
  54. What's the meaning of panic cntmodel 15?
  55. N79 SIP VoIP: Sending Caller ID?
  56. Start your own VOIP+callingcard+callback+wholesale&retail business from your Home
  57. how to make a 3g video talk software
  58. How to hold a call on s60 3rd FP2 device?
  59. internet telephone not available
  60. No SIP VoIP setting plugin for N97?
  61. SIP communicator (video + sound) for s60 5th
  62. e71: How to force sip register?
  63. Now Start VOIP+CallingCard+Callshop+Pc2phoneCallBack+Wholesale&Ret Business from Home
  64. How can i know that the VOP is Secure or Not
  65. Nokia 2626 - provides Vop or Not?
  66. voip over gprs and nokia 6600
  67. E75 VOIP Client
  68. Prevent your SIP Client from TIMING OUT with the Server
  69. Missing VoIP bridge to SIP client in E72
  70. Nokia E52 VOIP and Wlan always on. Help to turn it off.
  71. N97 SIP client always uses the same RTP port
  72. I have succeed 5800 Expressmusic EXPIRED CERTIFICATE
  73. Requesting AMR-WB codec for all S60
  74. [moved] SIP/SDP Codec negotiation problem on outbound calls
  75. Sip Voip setting for N79
  76. Call waiting beep - during voip call
  77. e71 Which version sip voip settings
  78. Activate and deactivate Internet Service programmatically (S60 3.2)
  79. Not receiving normal calls after VoIP configured
  80. we really need sip soft for 5800!
  81. Unsolicited NOTIFY
  82. E71 SIP keeps reconnecting
  83. SIP message support
  84. How to use VoIP Blocking Countries?
  85. registering two servers simultaneously
  86. OMA voip provison, proxy problem
  87. N97 Nokia VoIP doesn't reconnect
  88. JSR 281 IMS Client API porting
  89. Nokia E72 SIP client missing
  90. Nokia 5530 and SIP Configuration
  91. Problems with incoming VoIP 3.x calls
  92. Nokia N95 VOIP Software
  93. SIP session interval settings in SIP VoIP 2.x Settings Application
  94. Bounty for VoIP with antiblocking development
  95. Data transfer over VOIP
  96. Support SIP INFO DTMF
  97. How to send voice data through Voip?
  98. IP Tel: VoIP Dialer
  99. RTP Send/Receive
  100. SIP settings for RingCentral: how do I enter them?
  101. E72 SIP audio delay
  102. E52: "SIP 3.x Settings" - problem with UPDATE (trace included)
  103. Wlan auto reconnect after sip call
  104. Can't receive VoIP calls with E72
  105. E72 with SIP profiles problem
  106. (Nokia SIP VoIP 2.X) ReInvite Not Functioning?
  107. TBuf8 copy to Tptr8 problem
  108. some problem about n900 sip setting
  109. PrivRegisterEventCallbackL method
  110. call back function
  111. RtpPacketReceived
  112. Voip Call over UMTS
  113. 5800 voip call
  114. Peer to Peer VOIP
  115. N97 Mini VOIP failure after 11.0.045 upgrade
  116. Need resources on sip presence plz
  117. not acompiler error
  118. Sip configuration for Vyke
  119. RTP Timestamp problem or other
  120. E52 de-registration at random from own service via VPN
  121. path varying
  122. Missing SIP "default profile"
  123. Help Using VAS
  124. how to make a call using voip
  125. E52 - Can´t here the caller
  126. SIP phone to phone directly over WLAN without registration or internet connectivity
  127. continuously appear error
  128. Voip App for Nokia 5800 XM
  129. VoIP stoped working after upgrade N86 to 21.006
  130. SIP and VPN on N97
  131. real time voice transfer from mobile to laptop through bluetooth
  132. VoIP / SIP / Betamax on E52
  133. Supported codecs by phone for VoIP calls
  134. VoIP - Nokia e72 - 22.007 - Unable to install app
  135. Fixed Mobile convergence (FMC) information
  136. Help to solve problem native Nokia SIP client for E71 and Voxalot
  137. SIP Profile Registration failed
  138. wrong Sip Register on Nokia X6 !
  139. [moved] Regardin VoIP api's
  140. Invoking fring from other application
  141. Nokia E72 SIP issues.
  142. No Advanced VoIP settings menu on Nokia N78
  143. E72 outgouing internet call
  144. siprtpex resolverplugin problem
  145. Nokia 5530 XpressMusic native SIP client: TRUE or NOT?
  146. SIP issue, registered, can receive but not make calls.
  147. Nokia N-95 8GB SIP Settings
  148. Make call over internet
  149. security problem when opennning my voip client
  150. VOIP over Bluetooth instead of 802.11
  151. VoIP Encryption
  152. open source SIP VoIP client
  153. Incoming SIP Requests not routed to Application
  154. VoIP Client on 5530
  155. N85 /N86 VoIP SIP Problem
  156. Nokia X6 voip support
  157. what is the important.............
  158. SIP profile....plz help
  159. Sip connections - in shared mode
  160. SIP registration on 3G and battery usage.
  161. problemas con pjsip y vas
  162. NAT traversal in S60 5th Edition
  163. No SIP VoIP over GPRS/3G
  164. MobileVOIP failed to register
  165. What phones have the Nokia SIP client?
  166. problem in programming sip protocol
  167. different SIP REGISTER messages N82 and 6710
  168. Help to receive voice and play it in the MMAPI player in J2me
  169. voip service codecs on E52
  170. voip client
  171. descriptor problem
  172. Problem in resolving SIP application
  173. Reg: RApaLsSession.GetAllApps() method
  174. E71 VOIP voice lag
  175. Settings SIP - VOIP - E72
  176. Can the Nokia Voip client be upgraded?
  177. Is it possible to make a call from j2me application to mobile
  178. Advanced VOIP settings on E72
  179. Can receive SIP calls but can't make SIP calls with firmware 22.0.110.c01.01
  181. RTP Packets not received from X-lite
  182. Unable to play RTP packet in E72
  183. Help - Bad VOIP quality speech with N70
  184. Is there any plugin for VoIPAudioIntfc.lib in s60 MR edition ?
  185. n70 and sipvoipsettings
  186. don't get incomming sip calls to nokia e71 via asterisk
  187. Noise while playing RTP packets in E72
  188. can make profile in internet tel settings???
  189. VoIP app in J2ME/C++
  190. creating voip profile???
  191. how to install sis that depends on VOIP Release version???
  192. regarding make voip using Local client provisioning.
  193. not registered???
  194. regarding AP inside sip through XML?
  195. Internet telephone service not available???
  196. Can I do voip on the c3-00 (wifi) s40 - sip
  197. Nokia E72 Keeps restaring when Nimbuzz 's connecting
  198. software videocall nokia
  199. VOIP Uplink wont records remote party voice
  200. VOIP Without connecting to a telecommunications network?
  201. Nokia SIP Client problem
  202. problem in creating VOIP Rel 3_x???
  203. for voip rel 3_x through LCP
  204. Advanced SIP VoIP Settings disappeared
  205. how to make sip & voip for voip Rel 3.x version???
  206. SIP calls on a C5
  207. not query in gui app???
  208. N95 VoIP-calls being made through 3G rather than wireless LAN
  209. How to enable VOIP settings in S^3
  210. how to proceed related to signing???
  211. Cnnot find "APSClientSession.h in " in RTPexample
  212. VOIP/SIP Connection Problem-- Nokia C6-00. Pls help
  213. mobilevoip call log in problems-- help out
  214. voice encrypt
  215. VOIP
  216. VOIP with a nokia 5530?
  217. way of making sip & linked voip profile???
  218. whats the reason???
  219. one way calling with n8?
  220. sip settings 3x (2x is OK!) hang after low 3G signal
  221. Voip audio traffic may be blocked
  222. BUG in Symbian^3 "Advanced VoIP Settings"?
  223. problem in using gprs???
  224. VoipCallHandling run time error for "Dial"
  225. VoIP Settings - which version?
  226. VoIP configuration over SMS
  227. mobile voip
  228. POC PTT - Connected to server with Nokia POC client but no contacts visible?
  229. How to enable the G729 annexure -A in APS
  230. Nokia X3-02 with VOIP other than Gizmo5
  231. E52 won't route outgoing numbers longer than 8-digits over voip
  232. SIP voip 3 X setting V2
  233. Advanced VOIP configuration on 6110 Navigator
  234. INVITE Receive Problem: INVITE Received at SIP STack is not fwd to App
  235. Voip Call using API Bridge
  236. E63 - one way voice on incoming calls...
  237. Info about H.323
  238. There is no ringback tone on my nokia n97 mini?
  239. N8 SIP connection when re-entering default WiFi
  240. Can i route wifi packets to GPRS network in Nokia E71
  241. E52 and registration fails
  242. SIP Call on Symbian - REGISTER works, Proxy authorization not
  243. [E63] One-way audio after assisted transfer with Asterisk 1.6
  244. E72 SIP Incoming calls
  245. Symbian voip client auto-login by program
  246. I cant delete Voip services from E72
  247. volume control
  248. C7 During call switching from WLAN to GSM - how to turn off?
  249. Incoming TLS/SRTP call - fail
  250. Internet telephony profile