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  1. Full Duplex 6630
  2. how to implement VOIP using sip in j2me
  3. Audio streaming
  4. How to dial out using VOIP
  5. VOIP
  6. Nokia E60 VoIP and VPN over UMTS?
  7. 3rd party dual mode phone app on the S60 3rd edition SDK
  8. J2ME 2.5 Crashed
  9. strange crashed problem
  10. How to interact with VoIP on E61?
  11. Changing default call type from code on E61
  12. What are libraries/APIs for full duplex voice communication (including rtp handling)?
  13. What are libraries/APIs for full duplex voice communication (including rtp handling)?
  14. Timer in UI
  15. Welcome - Please Read
  16. Helpful Information
  17. Full Duplex sample program for S60 3rd Ed
  18. VoIP with SIP on J2ME serious problems...
  19. Nokia S60 VoIP Release 2.0 Configuration Tutorial
  20. How to make my own VoIp client
  21. Where to download VoIP Framework
  22. How do I get a client dialer interface
  23. Full Duplex sample program for S60 3rd Ed
  24. sip server
  25. How a code flows in PoC engine
  26. VoIP Rel. 2.0
  27. Audio encode support G.729?
  28. How can i edit stun server in N80 IE ?
  29. SIP Tutorial Resources
  30. Changing VoIP SIP Settings on SymbianC++ Programmatically
  31. Skype on Symbian
  32. Help with SIP Provisioning
  33. How do detect if phone supports WLAN and what is the MAC address?
  34. The truth of implementing a VoIP client in Symbian
  35. Run SIPExample in 3.0 got a 415 error?
  36. My E61 voip can not work
  37. Nokia S60 VoIP Release 2.0 and IMS scenario
  38. How To Configure E61 with CCM 5.0.4 using SIP
  39. Voip and sip with 6086?
  40. SIP Calls on 3250
  41. Client Provisioning - VOIP Settings - What do I need?
  42. Voip&Sip and UMA
  43. Urgent help needed! Students trying to develop a VoIP application
  44. VOIP over GPRS
  45. Port Numbers for Nokia VoIP SIP Client
  46. Devices that support Audio Proxy Server 2.0
  47. Problems with OMA setting to manage a SIP configuration On a s60
  48. VoIP with UMA
  49. Undergraduate Project: VoIP Application - Help Reqd
  50. VoIp provisionning: Link between SIP profile and ToIP profile
  51. VoIP/SIP on Nokia N91?
  52. Problems with E61 and IP-PBX system... Please Help
  53. need help with VOIP in N73!!
  54. Nokia E61 Transfer VoIP Call Bug
  55. J2ME VOIP
  56. N80ie sends 480 response to INVITE
  57. Meet Forum Nokia in the USA
  58. Devices that support Nokia VoIP client
  59. AMR support for APS 2.0
  60. H.323 ?
  61. How to do auto-start on S60 3rd?
  63. How to VoIP through 3G (i.e. not WiFi) on E65?
  64. WLAN RConnection::Start()
  65. E65 SIP connection problem
  66. JME MIDlet.platformRequest and SIP
  67. 407 Proxy authorization required
  68. Which is the best or easiest SIP server??
  69. How to apply for Multimedia Device Driver (APS requires it)?
  70. Audio Proxy Server 2.2 available for VoIP applications
  71. Loop back examples for S60 2nd, 3rd and 3rd FP1
  72. Audio Proxy Server 2.3 available
  73. Ask for help about library files of APS_2_2_S60_3rd
  74. will voip work with my telephone?
  75. Cisco Callmanager v5.0(4) and Nokia E61 using SIP
  76. Looking for SCCP nokia client for E61
  77. Doubt about voice encoding in VOIP.
  78. Look for the best VoIP and Sip server
  79. VOIP project
  80. Audio stream go thru NAT
  81. makecall problem
  82. SIP profile provisioned with only ”Loose Routing” Outbound setting failes
  83. Provisioned VoIP profile not “active” until it has been “touched” on the phone
  84. Cannot receive VoIP calls on an E70
  85. Video support in SIP client
  86. OTA Setting: Disable PIN Requirement
  87. N95 SIP registration failed
  88. Information about RTP
  89. CSip::NewL Crashes
  90. N95 can not register with IP-PBX
  91. VOIP with s40?
  92. incoming sip call dialog and ringing instructions
  93. SIP settings for nokia N73
  94. Video
  95. Doesn't Carbide.C++ support SIP plug-in ?
  96. Changing the "From" field in SIP header to include display-name
  97. Voip over Wlan
  98. Quality Routs with Eselients Rates
  99. VIA header not being correctly set
  100. Debug sip stack on E65?
  101. Chad, Sudan, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Ghana, Philippine
  102. What Proxy/Gateway does Nokia use for testing
  103. SIP calls via UMTS, not WLAN
  104. detect incoming SIP call on nokia E65...
  105. Audio Proxy Server v2.31 released
  106. STUN can stop your phoning instead of helping
  107. Problem with incoming SIP calls on Nokia E-61
  108. Is VoIP 2.0 compatible with RFC 3842?
  109. Forum Nokia Webinar (Public): DTM in 2G networks: Add voice to your application
  110. KErrNotSupported when running the example in Audio Policy Server 2.3
  111. How to place a call over SIP!
  112. WLAN U-APSD settings for VoIP and Video applications
  113. looking for RTP Example?
  114. VOIP over VPN
  115. kErrNotSupported on streamer sample application
  116. N80 registers but reports "Registration fails"
  117. APS 2.31: Not audio output from player
  118. capability for RTP API
  119. What is the best mobile choice to buy for VOIP Client Application project???!!!!
  120. Provisioning and creating SIP profiles programmatically
  121. Audio proxy server codec changing
  122. provisioning codec settings
  123. p2p communication bet 2 sip client from a cyber cafe, HOW ?
  124. VoIP Rel 2.1 - E65
  125. Problem with streamer Example on E70
  126. RTP API problem
  127. OTA provision for Secure WLAN
  128. g729 problem
  129. More information about APS available WIKI
  130. Does e61i support VoIP?
  131. Ad Hoc VOIP application?
  132. RRtpSession (Symbian RTP API) on E61 not available?
  133. Looking for E65 Built in SIP client?
  134. Audio Proxy Server & DTMF
  135. Nokia When is VoIP 2.1 available for E65? Hello NOKIA
  136. which version of g729 is there in N93, N80 used with CMMFDevSound
  137. Problem in registering the Eseries VOIP built-in client.
  138. s60 sip profile setting in j2me
  139. SYmbian Developer Certificate for VoIP application developers
  140. E serie as SIP phone
  141. Can we import RTP library from SDK 3.1 into SDK 3.0
  142. About RTP APIs
  143. Help! I need advice about the E60/VOIP/NGAGE!!!
  144. sip & voice Clarification
  145. Voice implementation
  146. N95 - VoiP & Emergency Calls
  147. streaming voice with mmapi howto
  148. Why does this call fail?
  149. Delay while using VOIP over UMTS/HSDPA
  150. VoIP - MWI?
  151. Full Duplex Audio fail with KErrDied Error
  152. SIP Resolver Plugin Problem
  153. Nokia N95 with Avaya SIP (SES) Server
  154. Incomming INVITE Problem
  155. Can't see RTSP streaming on my PC
  156. E-series VoIP and Asterisk?
  157. Need help with S60 3rd edition SIP API CSIPRegistrationBinding class
  158. About RTP scenario
  159. Asterisk REregister failing
  160. N95 sip and AEBS (Airport Extreme) router
  161. e65 - symbian - voip - stun
  162. N80IE SIP/Voip troubleshooting
  163. Using: compare and filter to find voip providers
  164. RTP-problem when starting protocol
  165. setting SIP Profile?
  167. How to initialize CMMFDevSound with ulaw(g711) codec
  168. G729 problem
  169. Record SIP calls
  170. Detect VoIP call start and end
  171. Events in SUBSCRIBE method of SIP
  172. Nokia supporting SIP is a fraudulent claim
  173. questions on E61S60 VOIP SIP client
  174. 183 - Session progress
  175. FullDuplex voip
  176. APS 2.31, Nokia E50, G711, KErrDied
  177. playing dial tone using audio proxy server
  178. 415 and then 480 response, RTP/AVP media type problem
  179. Welcome to VoIP and WLAN Deep Dive, MtView, CA on July 17th
  180. 6120 Classic and VoIP
  181. 415 Media type not supported
  182. Configure a Nokia e65 with an Asterisk VoIP server
  183. 480 Temporarily Not Available
  184. NOKIA E65 SIP with Asterisk final issue
  185. Skype is now available on the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet
  186. Request for Nokia experts! 415, unsupported media type
  187. Creating new Sip profile in S60 Emulator
  188. Creating new Sip profile in S60 Emulator
  189. How to report an WLAN IOT problem between WIFI certified products
  190. SIP registration Fails on N95
  191. N95 SIP incomming call problem
  192. Looking for CRtpAPI code example
  193. How to bill using SIP in VoIP
  194. Upgrade from APS 2.22 and 2.3 to 2.3.1 does not work
  195. Hold and Un-hold problem with Nokia VoIP
  196. Undocumented Features of the Nokia SIP Stack
  197. SIPExample
  198. First time, were to start?
  199. How usable is VoIP?
  200. voip call via PhoneClientDialAPI
  201. Sending and receiving RTP packet
  202. VoIP with a PBX, how to add prefix for outbound calls?
  203. INVITE message contents
  204. How to connect Nokia E65 with Asterisk from SIP
  205. Does anyone know how to configure the SIP profile programatically?
  206. posible problems configuring s60 nokia VoIP
  207. POSIX on S60 devices, developer event in San Francisco, CA, USA Aug 9th
  208. Send SMS with the provisioning?
  209. callback RtpPacketReceived is not called!
  210. CRTPAPI Undefined symbol Errors
  211. VoIP & WLAN Deep Dive in Espoo, Finland Sept 12th
  212. updating firmware
  213. SIP settings blocked????
  214. Using nokia configuration tool, Edit online problems.
  215. Built-in SIP-Client E90/N95 - who can confirm this issue?
  216. E90 VoIP usage is disaster!
  217. SIP NOTIFY Problem
  218. Audio Streaming
  219. APS not Encoding properly for G711 U-law
  220. SIP on E70 via GPRS/3G
  221. where can I get more document about sip?
  222. VoIP settings to E-series nokia over bluetooth
  223. N95 Voipclient, incoming call freezes phone
  224. xml for SIP configuration
  225. SIP INVITE Routing Problem
  226. SIP client port change on E65?
  227. Notification about state changes of VoIP call
  228. RTP: CRtpAPI
  229. the SIPExample "resolverplugin", how to use it?
  230. How to create SIP account programatically?
  231. How to set the default call type (Internet or Celluar)
  232. RTP benefits
  233. How to find out nokia features (wlan encryption, VOIP codecs supported).
  234. APS in applications for both MR and FP1
  235. Can an operator change settings/execute code in the phone without the user being noti
  236. WBXML token for VoIP setting
  237. Freeware VoIP application and Symbian/Nokia signing/certification ?
  238. how to implement VOIP using sip in j2me
  239. E60 & E65: can't dial 20-99 via SIP
  240. API Partnering request for SIP profile creation
  241. About the sip registry problem
  242. SIP server registration fails with S60 emulator
  243. Invite SDP bug?
  244. Nokia N95 SIP REGISTER problem
  245. VOIP Stack Update for E70
  246. CSIPConnection stays in 'initializing' state. Registering without SIPProfile
  247. less economical????????
  248. control volume APS 2.3
  249. sip sdk
  250. Open Source SIP Client for S60 Platform