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  1. how to change the facebook icon on homescreen on nokia 5230
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  3. How to change in the css off Nokia Mobile for Drupal
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  8. New “Carbide.ui Symbian 4.0” is released.
  9. , as I open a topic. sis
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  14. How to use PNG Icons without white Frames
  15. Why all icons doesnt work in Carbide.UI 4?
  16. Transparency in Carbide 4.0
  17. extra white space on ends of softkeys
  18. Bug Fix for Carbide.ui 4.0 to developers
  19. Carbide.ui 3.4 for N97 themes
  20. carbide.ui
  21. How to change the publisher name in a theme
  22. how to make nokia 2700 classic theme by Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.4
  23. Symbian^3 and S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 plug-ins for Ovi Publishers
  24. carbide 4.0 error packaging process skin_compiler.exe (access denied) c
  25. Main Area Transparent - Carbide 4.0
  26. Carbide 4.0 created an incompatible theme for my Nokia E63
  27. Information needed!!
  28. [moved] Sending themes to the phone
  29. problem with Cut/Copy/Paste/ Highlight
  30. who can give me Carbide.ui Symbian Theme Edition 4.0 skin_compiler.exe
  31. how could i build a c3-00 theme by use carbide.UI ?
  32. Plugin for Carbide.ui
  33. Best way to create an SVG icon
  34. [moved] S40 Touch and Type UI from Symbian Anna. Possible?
  35. A new idea on the Symbian OS icons lagged 1 and 3
  36. my c7 hacked..but where is the folders uid?
  37. I'm A new member - how to get key??
  38. help me thanks!!!
  39. please help me. how to remove 'blank background' if i use carbide 4.0
  40. please help me. how to remove 'blank background' if i use carbide 4.0
  41. Carbide.ui v4 will not start in Win7 64
  42. serial no.
  43. Softkey button problem - Carbide 4.0
  44. how can i copy preinstalled 5230(5th edition) theme?
  45. change the theme "Nokia default black"
  46. Need UID for "bookmark" shortcut icon
  47. Carbide.ui Series 40 Theme Edition 5.0 Problem
  48. Nokia 6030 compatibility with Carbide.ui Series 40 Theme Edition 5.0
  49. Installing N97 plugin
  50. Serial Number Carbide.ui
  51. Problem with configuration please solution
  52. How to change the default icons on Nokia N8?
  53. How to make a nokia e63 theme
  54. Carbide.ui isn't working on my laptop
  55. How to change the text color of the operator name?
  56. carbide.ui theme packing error
  57. Creating themes for Nokia 5800 EM using Carbide.ui V3.4 with S60 ed.5 plugin
  58. Theme icons
  59. Update v4.1 is now available for Carbide.ui Symbian Theme Edition.
  60. Want to just change background and color on default theme
  61. how to create s60 3rd edition
  62. Update v4.1 is now available for Carbide.ui Symbian Theme Edition
  63. Carbide.ui won't accept e-mail address
  64. Help with clock digits for a newbee :-)
  65. Removing lines from menus lists etc
  66. Change color of dial screen contact list search result
  67. Manualy compressing nth archive
  68. Nokia X2-01 themes created
  69. carbide.ui claims Inkscape SVG files contain illegal XML characters
  70. Border around image of person (when calling or incoming)
  71. Uploading Themes
  72. serial no. Carbide.ui 5.0 ???
  73. how make music player skin ?
  74. Symbian^3 HomeScreen Wallpaper Problem
  75. Image file formats for putting them on themes.
  76. Tool folder icon won't change + Icon size
  77. how can i change very small icon in file browser or message? for symbian 3^
  78. in s40 theme how to change life tool icon..?? it is possible ?
  79. MUST SEE...s40 new animated agree birds live wallpaper theme...here
  80. How to hide/remove the top white bar in home-screen in symbian anna theme?
  81. s60 icon to s40 icon it is possible ??
  82. Can't find right UID for "Tools" folder and "Social" app on N8 :-(
  83. Unable to change icon for "Tools" and "Social" - anyone have the right UIDs?
  84. carbide ui not steady issue
  85. How do you update a thema that is on OVI store?
  86. series 40 icons
  87. theme studio 2.2 register problem
  88. Third party icons and Anna icons for Symbian 3 using carbide.4.1
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  90. Theme Element missing
  91. "Go To" Screen on X3-02
  92. "Go To" Screen on X3-02
  93. Where to get icons?
  94. Home screen crashes using Carbide 4.1
  95. help!!!!
  96. Softkey background+visibility [extracted from something totally different]
  97. Media Player Skin
  98. Wich Carbide.ui will allow me to creat themes for Nokia 6700 slide?
  99. Problem with Distribution proposal during publishing theme to ovi!
  100. Trying to create theme for Nokia X3 02
  101. Custom alarm clock icon S40
  102. How to get fullscreen wallpaper in nokia 5233
  103. What is the password of the key certificate
  104. Missing "Symbian Anna" model when reinstalling carbide.ui
  105. Incoming call popup
  106. Carbide update freezes program
  107. Theming other elements
  108. press on tabs in symbian anna?!
  109. Need Help!!! Need quick reply
  110. where can i find this!
  111. how to change "tools" icon for device C7 ?
  112. Carbide_ui_S.40 Theme_Edition_v5 Loading Problem in WIN 7 64bit
  113. Problem with fast phonebook text colour.
  114. How long will Remote Device Access be down?
  115. Invalid UID , how to solve this?
  116. Additional menu icons and other indicators
  117. Packaging + Signing S60 themes with Carbide.UI 4.2 ERRORS
  118. Conversation bubbles
  119. Carbide.ui error on startup/inserting/creating Theme Please Help!!
  120. Editing existing Theme fo E52
  121. Unable to update
  122. Update Error !!!
  123. No Animated Grid Icon element for Store menu icon?
  124. Error Loading Content - Can't open Themes
  125. X2-01
  126. How to edit SMS reading screen?
  127. Carbide.ui V4.2
  128. 7230 default themes
  129. How to change all icons for the Nokia C2-03 theme
  130. Poorly documented theme items
  131. Compilation of theme elements needed in Carbide.Ui
  132. A couple of issues with my theme
  133. E71 plugin for carbide.ui
  134. what's meannig of theme version
  135. S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 plug-ins
  136. Carbide.ui 4.3 - Updates available
  137. Symbian Belle Plugin - lot of bugs?
  138. My red Belle themes whit full specification
  139. can any one tell how to put uid in carbide theme
  140. How to create the Dual sim activity Like Tower ranges in theme?...
  141. Help, not have edit/animate option...
  142. Modifying the standard display..
  143. find-name search option theme problem
  144. how can i customize the whole icon of nokia x3, theme..
  145. Please Help about white stripes @ carbide.ui
  146. Please Help about white stripes @ carbide.ui
  147. Help in installing plugin in of Carbide.ui (Series 40) 5.0
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  152. midnight silver tdf file
  153. Download Carbide.UI?
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  155. Can't run Carbide because of java
  156. Nokia 5070 and Series 40 TS 2.2
  157. UIDs and IDs for external progs.
  158. Theme creation is failed in S60 1.2.1
  159. Help to get secret uid for icon like S60 Logo, Battery icon, Signal and other
  160. Nokia X3-00 radio icon.
  161. Carbide Ui 4.3 works very slow
  162. HELP!!!
  163. Screensavers and animations
  164. Themes for S40 Phones
  165. Cannot run Carbide.UI Symbian Theme Edition 4.3
  166. carbide 4.3 belle missing some icons hown can i get plz help
  167. Error when try to get the "Carbide.ui Series 40 Theme Edition 5.0"
  168. Problem on creating themes
  169. Download prob
  170. carbide ui theme creator themes
  171. Forbidden You don't have permission to access /dp on this server.
  172. carbide ui 4.3 not opening
  173. Carbide.ui Series 40 Theme Edition 6.0 released
  174. Carbide UI 6.0 installation problem
  175. Carbide UI S40 Theme Edition 6 problems.
  176. change icons of email, lifetools and store
  177. Error "SKIN_COMPILER " carbide.ui 4.3
  178. Name of this colour on Belle Plugin
  179. Homescreen Bar and Text Color Problem?
  180. How con I edit a Mediaplayer skin?
  181. What is going to happen with theme developers?
  182. Carbide.ui Series 40 Theme Edition 6.0 Screen resolution prob.
  183. 'No matches' text
  184. Add link to an icon
  185. Carbide.ui Series 40 Theme Edition 6.0
  186. Carbide.ui Symbian Edit/Animate option
  187. Lost transparency - what have I done wrong?
  188. Editing icons
  189. Nokia C6-01 Social icon
  190. (HELP)I don't change the color digital clock. Help Please :(
  191. Home screen Background problem on Symbian Belle
  192. Carbide.ui /Symbian Anna default colors
  193. How to find name of a text color in Cardibe.ui
  194. Carbide.ui Symbian Belle plug-in for Nokia E6 themes
  195. Archived version of Carbide.UI and plug-ins?
  196. Navi Pane Color is different on test and preview
  197. how i can change the status bar icons ?!
  198. Keyboard Skin and Notification Tray files
  199. C7 with BELLE does not restart with customized theme
  200. Problems with other applications text colours and text background colours
  201. How to remove the grey background behind the wait bar?
  202. [Help] Carbide.ui 6.0
  203. how to convert .sis to .jar or .nth
  204. General Folder icon uid (Belle)
  205. Carbide S40 Theme Edition 6.0 Idle Flash
  206. first theme, how do I avoid it to be "untrusted"?
  207. Theme exam for newbie?
  208. how to change third party icons for S40 using carbide 5.0v theme edision .
  209. Digital Clock not show to phone? (N8)
  210. carbide 4.3 : java.io.filenotfoundexception /config/screens/360x640/messageeditor.xml
  211. Good day! I need help!
  212. ItalianLab Belle Plugin [v2.7.0]
  213. caller image is not showing in nokia 5250(but showing in carbide.ui preview)
  214. Bad News: Seems that Belle FP1 won't fix current skin issues
  215. sign theme in carbide ui
  216. I need help!About Carbide_ui_Symbian_Theme_Edition_Setup_v4_3_en
  217. help!
  218. Problems with Carbide.ui 4.3 on Windows XP Professional
  219. Calendar bg and option popup menu not skinable in 603 & 808??
  220. Plugin for Nokia N73 Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.4
  221. install s40 theme on rda: not working?
  222. Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1” plug-in support is available in Carbide.ui tool
  223. nokia C3-00 problems converting a xml theme in to carbide.ui 6.0
  224. Help needed!!
  225. Problem with.. i don't know what!!
  226. installation process of carbide 4.3
  227. Big Issue with shortcut menu (phone wont boot)
  228. S40 c1-01 Light.nth and Nokia.nth NEED HELP
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  230. Difference between .zip and .nth? (creating themes under linux)
  231. Need help with a theme: icons statusbar shortcuts
  232. I can't find plugin for my x2-01
  233. Busy circle uid in s60v5?
  234. Please help me with Carbide UI 4.3 (Нужна помощь с Карбидом)
  235. S40 Developer Platform 2.0 (Full Touch UI) theme plug-in available
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  237. Tool for helping analyzing s40 theme files
  238. Plug-in management not there.
  239. Help!!! Theme Not packing correctly in carbide.ui 4.3
  240. how to copy protect a theme in nokia s40
  241. invalid uid
  242. Carbide UI 5, full touch plugin not installing.
  243. Carbide UI 4.3 crashes on startup after splash screen
  244. [moved] Problem in Signing themes
  245. Necessary software updates for carbide.ui theme edition 4.0
  246. Please Help!!Texts don't change new event in Calendar.
  247. Thumbnail or Icon for .nth
  248. Text color and b/g color same while using fullscreen edit in an application
  249. Need The Library Of .NFL Skin* For s40v6 touch and type phone.......
  250. S40 full touch pop-up button color