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  1. Welcome
  2. SDK Download
  3. Open C FAQ
  4. FAQ clarification regarding open source
  5. Carbide c++1.1 Express + S60 FP1 + Open C beta
  6. What is Open C ?
  7. Comprehensive list of included functions?
  8. video player streaming S60
  9. Open C talk in Symbian Programming SIG meeting
  10. Porting ffmpeg to symbian os
  11. Open C and linux?
  12. bug in write()
  13. fstat, fseek?
  14. Open C for 2nd Ed. platform?
  15. opening files in binary format
  16. Xvid port to Symbian OS
  17. libcrypt not found in Open C
  18. Server sockets
  19. Unwanted console pops up in the emulator
  20. Cryptography available for use through Open C?
  21. Error when running opencopenglex on nokia n93
  22. what is plug-in
  23. O_NONBLOCK and TCP_NODELAY inherited?
  24. "Alloca" usage
  25. marquee effect in SETTING LIST
  26. fcntl and F_SETLK
  27. Open C libm.lib (math lib) needs update to version 4
  28. OpenClibz: Error when building
  29. bug in printf?
  30. How to change the font SIZE for Nokia E61 console in Open C
  31. unnamed pipes
  32. Simplest way to start in Open C?
  33. n6030
  34. Can't start OpenC examples on emulator
  35. Sync. application for S60
  36. Porting C Open source.
  37. Erroneous UID in s60opencreleasenotes.txt
  38. Unable to install an Open C ..
  39. named pipe throws exception on emulator
  40. Anybody know about open C Challenge
  41. Error while opening openC Application
  42. failure to launch openc EXE on N92
  43. Open C Plugin-E90
  44. automake, autobuild, autoconf, ..
  45. Ok how do I start (very newbie thread)
  46. OpenC FTP Client Example problems
  47. How to install Open C plugin
  48. how to convert a TDesc8& in a char*
  49. fopen and multi threading
  50. How to install the Open C SDK
  51. Why a Blank White screen is coming?
  52. C Bluetooth Libraries
  53. openc sprintf on EPOC32 emulator goes bonky
  54. Can't i use the carbide c++ express edition v1.1 ?
  55. Porting ffmpeg to symbian os : AMR_NB audio codec
  56. playing a GSM6.10 Copressed wave file and PCM file
  57. Emulator problem with files
  58. TCP Window Size
  59. OpenC FTP connect on N92
  60. using a Open C compiled library from python
  61. verification failure, bad version range
  62. glib gmodule - misfeature
  63. OpenC Ftp Client Example
  64. Hello World !!
  65. OpenC Components and the KIS000457
  66. Project Building Process
  67. Socket Programming Flexibility
  68. testing TightVNC Viewer port to Symbian using P.I.P.S.
  69. Extremely slow file access on emulator
  70. OpenC and pre-installed card images
  71. Running on target device
  72. CloseSTDLIB() and OpenC
  73. porting linux server to symbian
  74. Devices compatibility
  75. Are libssl and libcrypt based on OpenSSL?
  76. problem with listen()
  77. Open source workshop by Nokia
  78. malloc limitations
  79. Missing S60opendoc help Files
  80. Open C internal question
  81. Where can I find stderr?
  82. libstdc++ support ?
  83. opengl example problem
  84. [OpenC][resolv.h][dn_skipname] compile problems.
  85. Installing stdioserver on N73/N95
  86. oepnglex done!
  87. Console fonts messed up
  88. Open c on Device how
  89. FTP connection with downloading and uploading files in openc
  90. How to connect COMM::0 in openC ?
  91. deploy application with the open C
  92. how to accelerate the openc application?
  93. OpenC FTPClient [native code problem?]
  94. GString leaks?
  95. makesis openc examples error
  96. Open C and cleanup safety?
  97. Open-C for Symbian 8.X
  98. Application on Emulator too slow
  99. Error when pipe call is encountered in emulator S60
  100. Anyone encountered CSHelp conflict with open c or something else?
  101. monocrome mobile programming is it possible?
  102. Source code of openc is not available
  103. How to use nokia 7210 as a modem?
  104. why socket connect function return 13(EACCES)/* Permission denied */
  105. embedding Open C in a SIS file
  106. from humane to humane
  107. Conversion between TPtrC and char*
  108. OpenC examples not run
  109. Question about GPL
  110. fopen exception '0' problem
  111. What's about Open C Contest finalists?
  112. Port Wine to Symbian OS ..
  113. Looking for Symbian porting of ffmpeg
  114. Unable to write to datagram socket ...
  115. run C console/shell application
  116. Any one used DTLS ?
  117. symbian application opens new windows
  118. Is it possible to run Expat XML Parser in S60?
  119. porting open source media player on symbian
  120. certification
  121. certification error
  122. Failed to RLibrary.load dll with OpenC
  123. pthread_cond_wait returning 1
  124. How to open file with fopen()?How to get data with fread()?
  125. Open C and POSIX compatibility
  126. New opencports: libsigc++, libferrisloki, libferrisstreams and, on soon libstldb4
  127. Problem overcoming this
  128. Internet sockets and connect() == errno of 13
  129. Diagnostics of my application
  130. P.I.P.S distribution with application
  131. writing unsigned char* to a File?
  132. glibbackend
  133. bind, listen, accept
  134. Please help me.
  135. Plz Help me wid Carbide c++ v1.1
  136. How to write the data line by line to a File using fwrite?
  137. Check version of PIPS @ run time?
  138. Q about malloc thread-safe in
  139. Is malloc/free thread-safe in Open C ?
  140. RSocket -> BSD socket
  141. pthread_mutex_init doesn't work?
  142. Take an argument of a URL
  143. About openssl DES_ede3_cbc_encrypt
  144. setsockopt permission denied
  145. fopen fwrite with openc
  146. OpenC usign KJS, how?
  147. Porting c++ application using Open C
  148. Developp GUI with Open C
  149. problem with pthread using PIPS
  150. developing C programs in symbian
  151. Problems with stdint.h and inttypes.h
  152. What is the correct way to convert TPtrc16 to unsigned char*?
  153. How to change file size with c funtion?
  154. Do I need to share my code?
  155. How to read the data line by line?
  156. How to open a socket connection
  157. RDebug crash
  158. mmap and max mappable regions
  159. Is there any library I should import missing here?
  160. stdioserver.sis not compatible?
  161. [POSIX bug?] Why malloc with big chunk doesn't work?
  162. how to get sender n#?
  163. GCCE cannot find link references to libc
  164. How to Start? OpenC or Symbian OS C++
  165. Multiple access point selections
  166. OpenC Appl prob
  167. Junk characters displayed for openchello1
  168. OpenKODE Core with Open C - Developers wanted!
  169. Developing in GNU/Linux with Open C?
  170. select() system call
  171. Emulator hangs when trying to run opencopenglex
  172. Open C and ASSERT macros
  173. connecting to FTP server without AP selection
  174. Program Works in emulator, not on phone
  175. BN_generate_prime_ex
  176. How to convert UTF8 string to WCHAR string.
  177. SQLite for Symbian OS v9.1 S60? PySQLite
  178. PIPS UID (Symbian vs Nokia)
  179. [ioctl ?]Howto specify & hide the access point for connect(socket) with OpenC ?
  180. undefined reference to E32Main()
  181. Do libc functions leave?
  182. application_porting
  183. [moved] problem with STLPORT
  184. Component "Symbian OS Pipe" missing
  185. how to use open c in visual studio
  186. ending .c or .cpp by compiling under gcce?
  187. I can't run the openc example on emulator
  188. fopen() doesn't work when doing on device debugging.
  189. Help with preprocessor Definitions
  190. Sending and receiving SMS with the help of Native APIs
  191. open c and nokia 6600
  192. poll function under Symbian (with select)
  193. can not get the file/directory attribute with open c
  194. need some help in porting games on openC
  195. Can i use c++ functions in Open C
  196. Pthread, select & file descriptor..
  197. P.I.P.S version 1.2: change log ?
  198. How to check memory leak under Open C?!
  199. Capturing stdout like stdioserver
  200. how to convert TPtrC to wchar_t??
  201. How to Upload File in OpenCFTPClientExample?
  202. select() function call cause simulator crash
  203. How to extend a file?
  204. connect to AP with ioctl SIOCSIFNAME error: Funktion not implemented
  205. Network measurement result
  206. raw socket
  207. Linker in C
  208. BIO_do_connect & Access Point selection
  209. Exception Handling in Open C
  210. Memory leak in Open C
  211. emulator crashes on my laptop. Please help
  212. Why not upload file using Cell phone?
  213. linking error
  214. close() fails when open() with O_BINARY?
  215. snprintf pb
  216. Problem with OpenGLex (executing on WINSCW and building release)
  217. Port blocked by s60 firewall?
  218. [ANNOUNCE] Successfull port of the GNU HTTP Tunnel for S60
  219. Updating system time ?
  220. Opening Socket
  221. OpenC and OpenGL ES
  222. Console Application Exits In Emulator
  223. HW rendering uses more memory
  224. SSL_library_init
  225. problem with UDP Broadcast setsockopt()
  226. rename() doesn't work with directories on device.
  227. string->HBuf
  228. What version of openssl is openc libssl based on?
  229. How to write a asynchron call between Symbian C++ and Open C
  230. gettimeofday(): emulator vs. target
  231. convert TDesC8 to Open C string
  232. Parse Error in staticlibinit_gcce.h
  233. Execption manipulate when C++function call C function
  234. atexit()
  235. Latest Open C download corrupt?
  236. will OpenC have hardware API in the future?
  237. App not worked on true device,which used openc
  238. C++ application in open C
  239. DNS server retrieval ?
  240. Asynchron Callback from OpenC++ to Symbian C++ (GUI)
  241. #including STL headers
  242. recvfrom
  243. floating point output format error?
  244. passing command line arguments
  245. Installation problems on N95 using Open C "Hello World"
  246. Does sched_yield() work?
  247. RGA crash
  248. Has anyone run the example of OpenC++ 'audioex'
  249. Using Open C in S60_FP2 os8.0a
  250. atexit (second take)