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  1. Is it possible for PC Suite APIs
  2. How can I develop a desktop to read/write phonebook from/to the phones?
  3. Sending MMS / SMS
  4. C++ Builder or Delphi onnectivity...
  5. Pc to Phone (n95) transfer
  6. Does 3110c work with Linux through an USB cable?
  7. Connect to Apple Mac
  8. How to programmaticlly add a internet connection in windows OS
  9. Is it possible to accessing regular Thumbdrive from Nokia Hp e.g N96
  10. Please help; converting nokia files to itunes
  11. Device Connectivity Tool fails to connect to Debug Agent
  12. Sending SMS Using Pc Suite Api with C# Code
  13. is it possible to connect PCsuite and remote device
  14. Pc connectivity SDK 3.0 .msi
  15. NCF Nokia Connectivity Framework doesn't start
  16. nokia PC Suite 7.0 support
  17. Drag & Drop files into Nokia Phone Browser (File manager)
  18. Tracking down bug in Content Access API (C++)
  19. WAP Messages through C++/C# Api
  20. PC Suite file explorer
  21. why SMS_SuiteAdapter can not work well ?
  22. PC Suite - logging to troubleshoot backup/restore problem
  23. How can i access Calendar database using PC Connectivity SDK?
  24. How get message centre using SDK
  25. How can i initialize the DMAPI and run the PIMNavigator project?
  26. Email syncing with Connectivity API?
  27. Problem to run the C++ Sample Applications of Pc connectivity SDK?
  28. Give me a C++ Sample Applications of Pc connectivity SDK?
  29. [moved] What are the dependency file for PC connectivity API 3.2?
  30. Needs list of file name that required for PC suite connectivity API?
  31. Send SMS in Visual Basic using Mobile Phone as Modem
  32. Calendar Synchronization
  33. PC套件7.1.18 的设置出现不响应
  34. PIM application caching contact information?
  35. [moved] Problem to run a program using PC connectivity API?
  36. Internet connection from s60 emulator
  37. NSU Problem (USB Hub Error)
  38. [moved] problem with ConnApi.dll ?
  39. HelloComComm + HyperTerminal Fail on N95
  40. Connecting RS232 port of PC to mobile
  41. Configuring Nokia via AT Command
  42. how to make the device supports List application operation in C#
  43. does nokia 6650 fold supported by PC Connectivity SDK
  44. CONA_DEFAULT_FOLDER property problem
  45. read Phonebook from all nokia phones
  46. Delphi 7 / SendSMS / Nokia 6124
  47. How to get a S40 device's call history like dialed,missed,last dialed...
  48. Download Nokia PC Connectivity SDK 3.0
  49. Sending sms to specific port
  50. Connection problem for 6120 classic
  51. [moved] [OT] Visual C# (.Net) Component of Nokia
  52. Accessing Nokia Phone million times: Possible issues?
  53. usb
  54. Nokia E71 & HSCSD
  55. how to get pictures from cell using PC Connectivity SDK
  56. Does PC suite app uses OMA SyncML technology
  57. Can OMA syncML be use to support PIM and Music sync functonality
  58. Find about broken messages
  59. [moved] Are S60 FP1 phones support CONA_LIST_All_Application feature
  60. send sms emulator to gsm via usb cable
  61. Phone adapter C# programming
  62. Real-Time GIS-GPS devices and programming
  63. Cable device search with PC Connectivity API + PC Cable Solution
  64. Using my PC's internet on my phone
  65. But where is the nokia pc suite FAQ??
  66. How to read SMS Message from Nokia N78 via Java Disktop Application?
  67. 3110c and vb6 sending/recieving sms
  68. Nokia 3120 Classic Graphite.nth theme
  69. [VB6] Transfer Files to NOKIA 6020 ¿It's possible that?
  70. Nokia 6070 send and read SMS using VB6
  71. Needed Secure Synchronize only module
  72. How to unistall nokia sdk 3.0 ?
  73. Nokia 1208 drivers
  74. how use keyboard events in sdk 3.0
  75. How to get a new message event with C#
  76. How tu active Midlet when I recieve SMS
  78. How I read my sms Inbox
  79. How I read my sms Inbox
  80. MMS write to mobil (CAWriteItem)
  81. PC_connectivity API 1.1
  82. PCCAPI 3.5 and S60 R5
  83. Read/write phone book from mobile
  84. PC Suit Automation: Automate "Send as Email"
  85. How i can get device status informations with API 3.2
  86. Committing item data returns no ID
  87. [moved] SmS Sending Program C# At COMMANDS
  88. Consuming CANotifyCallBack{...}
  89. [moved] Can the expert help? Consuming CANotifyCallBack{...}
  90. Sending SMS With Sms3aS.dll in VB6 giving Automation Error
  91. Save texts using PC Suite
  92. nokia n80 vs. nokia 5800 XM
  93. How do you make calls and receive incoming call event with the PC API ?
  94. The API can only use VB?
  95. Connecting 6300 to Laptop for using Internet?
  96. s this possible?
  97. CANotifyCallBack do not raise on N72
  98. Mass storage and 5800
  99. Does Nokia 6303 support AT Commands?
  100. SMS Execption Using Nokia PC Suite API 3.0
  101. When will PCS API 3.5 be made available on LaunchPad?
  102. Start programming filemanager in Delphi
  103. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic USB Connectivity Issue
  104. PC Suite under Linux - usinf Wine or Mono?
  105. API & Example Code Licensing Question
  106. FAX technology?
  107. SMS sending example in C#
  108. Problem at backup sms messages to my phone
  109. Some questions about Contact Manager
  110. Use VB6 to send SMS with SMS Adapter and N73
  111. Nokia 6220 classic AT commards , please help
  112. File Transfer
  113. Needed a developer & Partners for a early stage project
  114. Nokia 5130 Connection problem with PC
  115. AT (or other) Commands for Nokia // reading message
  116. Неееееlp!!!
  117. AARGH... Data not being saved to PC Suite
  118. Birthday year in calendar is at least 1980 - PC Connectivity API 3.2
  119. Sending MMS by PC Suite
  120. PC Connectivity SDK3.0 download
  121. Help! How can I detect the usb conneciton on the phone
  122. Nokia s60 v3 (5500) s60 v2 (3230)- file to inbox
  123. Unable to Access files in \\E:\ on N95 8GB
  124. SyncML and todo list in Nokia
  125. How to prevent OVI Suite from hijacking JAR filetype extension?
  126. How to start a process on the device using PC suite API.
  127. PC Suite connect to Nokia Emulator?
  128. Install .sisx from command line
  129. 5800 PC Suite USB Connection
  130. Alternative to PC Suite
  131. PC Suite newbie
  132. Dial and Transferr call's from Windows
  133. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic as Modem?
  134. nokia 6070
  135. [moved] Does Nokia PC connectivity api support Other S60 phone(LG,SAMSUNG)
  136. Getting MMS image attachment using PCCAPI v3.2
  137. Install PC Suite to Win Server 2003
  138. CONAListApplications on S60 3rd edition....
  139. Universal virtual COM port driver
  140. Retrieve MMS image
  141. video call from PC
  142. [Moved] Nokia Connectivity API on Windows 7
  143. Internet on PC trough phone's WiFi modem
  144. media transfer to N79 and multimedia
  145. Modify calendar of S60 phone (Nokia 6730) via PC
  146. 6310i AT commands
  147. AT command support problem with symbian phones
  148. PC Connectitivty API Read Call log
  149. AT commands no response from Nokia 6680 using Mscomm32
  150. LNK2019 on DAOpenCA
  151. PC Suite not working with N79
  152. [moved] Flash Messages
  153. Linux version
  155. Connecting S40 6212 Phone to the internet using the PC Suite
  156. [move] AT modem commands
  157. calling from api
  158. Firmware Updater
  159. Nokia PC Connectivity SDK 2.1
  160. how to use Nokia Pc connectivity API with vb.Net 2008
  161. how to connect nokia N70 for send/receive sms?
  162. CAGetIDList Error:0x80700004 Why is this Error?
  163. How to Schedule SMS to particular date in C#
  164. How to install .dm files via cable?
  165. Mark SMS as Read
  166. Nokia 8250 – retrieve audio sounds
  167. nokia 22
  168. AT command question
  169. Expert help pls! ~~ Does Nokia PC suite support Interfacing with Microcontroller??
  170. [moved] C# Nokia PC Connectivity API_3.2 SEND works RECEIVE ONLY for ONE MEssage
  171. give me your hands
  173. Converting sound .amr files
  174. CONAPI_DEVICE_GEN_INFO.iFileSystemSupport flags return incorrect info
  175. Unable to install application on my Nokia 2730
  176. Error connecting TRK app
  177. C# PIMNavigator sample crashing on 6210 Navigator
  178. Defect after synchronizing Lotus Notes8 calendar via PC Suite
  179. List/delete certificates using PC Connectivity API 3.2
  180. PC suite Vista and MMS
  181. [moved] visual c++
  182. 5700 XpressMusic 'error connection' message
  183. AT Command nokia 7610
  184. PC_Suite_Connectivity_API_3.2 Get phone number???
  185. Backup And Restore using Pc Connectivity API
  186. Reading mobile phones folders from PC
  187. Ofono support Circuit Switched Data? Can I use in ofono AT+CBST or ATDtel.number?
  188. Reading new SMS C#
  189. [Bug] CommunicationCenter - Messaging; PcSuite version:7.1; Nokia Model:E72
  190. Dynamic Loading of Content access API "DAAPI.DLL" (bug???)
  191. Compatibility with newer PC Suite Versions...!?
  192. How to use AT Command
  193. Connect PC with phone via Internal conector
  194. How can I get the pc control handset api?
  195. Trying to send SMS with Nokia 6120 using Hyperterminal
  196. Trying to send SMS with Nokia 6120 using Hyperterminal
  197. synchronise 3rd party application in nokia to pc
  198. Nokia 61i will not connect to PC Suite anymore
  199. Delphi and SDK Guide
  200. [moved] AT Commands not working for Nokia 2865
  201. Make a Data Call with Nokia e52
  202. sdk and Delphi + nokia x3
  203. Send/Receive SMS Messages from C# application, using Nokia mobile phone
  204. Using FBUS on Nokia 1208
  205. FBUS session initialisation procedure with a Nokia 3110c
  206. Connection problem between Ovi Suite and my N82
  207. Synchronisng contacts using 6303i which many of u ve tried....
  208. Sending SMS - API
  209. Which API should I use?
  210. HELP: Connectivity locked up problem
  211. How to access Missed Call List
  212. Having connectivity problem
  213. Development of PC application based on Nokia 5800
  214. Sending SMS using the API & C++
  215. Compatible phones for Nokia PC Connectivity SDK 3.0
  216. Does 'Nokia PC Connectivity API 3.2' support Visual Studio 2010?
  217. [moved] transfer call to pc
  218. Issues with PhoneNavigator Sample application
  219. Connectivity
  220. Is it possible to launch an app on Nokia Phones from PC ?
  221. Transfer contacts & texts from PC to Nokia N97
  222. connecting 2330 to pc via bluetooth
  223. read sms help needed
  224. SHBrowseForFolder() api fails with Nokia suite installed
  225. charging problem
  226. How to prevent disconnect at logoff?
  227. Syncronization of Contact Information
  228. pc suite upgrade
  229. how can i listen to paging (PCH) channel
  230. Connect to Nokia 1200 or 1280 or 1100 ( N1)
  231. Transer my text messages to my PC?
  232. Receiving Incoming calls alert using Nokia PC Connectivity API
  233. Voice call control using AT commands
  234. Interfacing to Nokia usb modem
  235. AT commands STK & SMS (nokia 6300)
  236. How to set the USB mode (e.g. to OVI Suite) via the ConnApi?
  237. SDK - Send SMS in VB
  238. Problem to connect laptop at internet with One Touch Access & E65
  239. C3 on goes into file storage mode and connect connect to pc suite
  240. E55 PC Connection problem
  241. class names of nokia adapters
  242. PC Suite - Updating?
  243. Nokia VPN Client Configuration for C7
  244. OVI suite USB connectivity to Symbian3 devices issue
  245. Pc suite API
  246. PC connectivity api example programs Help
  247. Error in connecting nokia phone :NokiaCL.Msg
  248. [extracted from] Always No recent call
  249. 64 bit support
  250. nokia pc connectivity api 3.2 does not work in windows 7.