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  1. Welcome to Location Based services section!
  2. Importing Landmarks into the N95 from Google Maps
  3. GPS-Tracking module
  4. N95 Runners edition - 2
  5. N95 V12.0.013 SUPL Problem
  6. GPS data in JPEG EXIF
  7. 6110 navigator/N95 GPS third party apps
  8. How to recover Nokia 6110 Naviagor Map Key?
  9. N95 firmware
  10. Creating/Validating NMEA Checksum
  11. Anti-thief car solution - GPS info over GSM
  12. Getting the location without using a GPS
  13. Address = null
  14. LBS Web Application
  15. map api
  16. emark project - developers invited to participate
  17. TomTom not working with N91
  18. New Nokia Map Application Language Error
  19. Load MAP on J2ME
  20. 6110 Navigator Landmarks with Negative Western Longitudes
  21. location-based social software??
  22. internal GPS interfacing
  23. Nokia Maps and installed maps
  24. Location Acquisition API does not try to find GPS device after failure
  25. Help with final year Project
  26. Do you need a live tracking, task managment service ?
  27. Map and Navigation API on S60 3rd FP2
  28. How to modificate map (Nokia map)
  29. nokia phone odels that send SMS in text mode using a PC
  30. using nokia mpas in my application ?
  31. GPS Assistance Data & N95
  32. gps navigation system for beginners
  33. How work with GPS
  34. N95 AGPS timeout problem
  35. GPS-Tracking into GPX files
  36. Image localization through gps info in exif
  37. Nokia Maps - Maps for some countries missing
  38. ProximityListener on N95, is it possible to use?
  39. Location based service query
  40. need answer to those questions
  41. I need help~ GPS location based autoguide
  42. need information...
  43. N95/JavaME Challenging question
  44. Nokia Navigator kills other applications
  45. about Nokia 6555 , LBS
  46. how to get seed ?
  47. Location Based Services using GSM Help Required!!!
  48. Lost signal GPS
  49. 6110 Navigator GPS tracking with phone in your pocket?
  50. Location Provider API?
  51. 3D Compass Sensor
  52. Power consumption for 6110 GPS
  53. Location Methods
  54. Nokia Map Loader: Can't save to storage
  55. N95 Sirf II or III?
  56. JSR-179 Orientation Implementation
  57. SimPSY (simulated GPS) useless on device if no access to C:\system\data
  58. GSM tracker
  59. Retrieving Wireless LAN Access Points
  60. Is "Static Navigation" available in NOKIA 6110/N95?
  61. RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator)
  62. N95 Gps Problem
  63. Format of longitude and latitude
  64. location based services comparison
  65. enterprise location based system
  66. GPS API in S60 3rd Edition
  67. JSR 179 -Getting Longitude Latitude Values of Current Location
  68. Displaying Google Maps To Mobile From Server
  69. JSR-179, Symbian (C++), Python or what else is better?
  70. Help !!!!!!!
  71. What is mPosition
  72. how to get location based information in device which are not gps enabled.
  73. proximityListener on Nokia Navigator supported ?
  74. Shameless plug: location aware web with Python!
  75. GSM Third Party map data provider application for s60 3rd edition FP1 SDK
  76. wbxml landmark file
  77. GPS Tracking help? e90
  78. problem gps on n95 8gb
  79. How does LMU measure RTD???
  80. API to connect to Nokia Maps
  81. Experience with NMEA sentences???
  82. S60_Platform_Location_Example_v1_1 issues
  83. Landmark HTTP response
  84. OMA SUPL Server
  85. Forum Nokia LBS Code Camp on 29 February 2008
  86. Attempting location estimate using cell ID
  87. Simulation PSY - its got me stuck
  88. Problem in Disable GPS module on N95?
  89. Location -> OUtput to publish
  90. Access compass via J2ME
  91. 6120 Navigator: compass access
  92. How can I change Location of the emualtor
  93. dvantage of using Autodesk platform
  94. Using GPS in multiple apps at once - weird behaviour
  95. Location services uk
  96. N95 internal GPS: which navigator?
  97. COMPASS in N95
  98. How to write a Location Base service in N95 using J2ME,
  99. Is it possible to access the Nokia Maps landmark store from a J2ME Midlet?
  100. Is Realtime Fishing LBS Content the Killer App for Nokia Mobile?
  101. Problem in N73
  102. Landmarks (lmx) accuracy
  103. Nokia Maps 2.0 Beta bugs
  104. can I deploy my LBS application on PHONE
  105. navigation without GPS
  106. can i have more than one connection with the position server at the same time?
  107. does Symbian have a tool like FakeGPS on WinCE so that i can test lbs_app on emulator
  108. can I use the location apis for a student group project?
  109. help about parsing NEMA sentences
  110. How to set A-GPS (Positioning method) before reading
  111. Reverse GeoCoding using J2ME and N95
  112. Basci GPS position example
  113. NMEA strings from JSR179 getExtraInfo do not have CR/LF delimeters - Nokia E60
  114. LBS error -14
  115. Forum Nokia Code Camp: S60 Sensor APIs
  116. How to read GPS signal from N95 internal GPS?
  117. Location based remainder system
  118. Localization using S40 Platform (Nokia 6233 )
  119. Announce: OpenCellId.org
  120. Location API Implementation Information
  121. LBS on a phone which doesnot support JSR179 ??
  122. Can we get TA from mobile through Symbian
  123. What are "Positioning Methods" ?
  124. When is cell id available ?
  125. JSR 293: LBS Goes Social
  126. Application Not Compatible with the phone
  127. E62 Location using Network Based
  128. Cell ID location question
  129. User Defined Maps In Location Based Service
  130. Nokia N95 GPS question
  131. Does Nokia S60 SDK provide Maps?
  132. TCourse.Course() always NaN ?
  133. Nokia N95: Receiving GPS information without GPS assisted data from UTRAN
  134. WHich NMEA sentences does an E70 require from a GPS?
  135. Nokia assisted GPS trace help
  136. Google Maps Nokia 6300
  137. Dynamic Data in LBS: Talk to the Guru
  138. Help regarding GPS/LBS application
  139. SUPL message from supl.nokia.com
  140. OMA SUPL1.0 spec doubt
  141. Can symbian be upgraded on E65?
  142. TTFF with and without a-GPS
  143. WGS84 to 3D conversion
  144. Problem Sportstracker -> unprecise GPS data
  145. Format of latitude and longitude?
  146. Positioning Methods question
  147. SUPL Server
  148. How to check phone is GPS enble or not?
  149. a question on GSM position
  150. a dummie question
  151. javax.microedition.location api on windows mobile
  152. Problem with Google map-symbian api example
  153. Posserver panic - esock_client 14
  154. Strange Issue ,Is it correct ?
  155. no ProximityListener support?
  156. Localization project using Google Maps
  157. Nokia 6210 A-GPS
  158. Noki SUPL AGPS server
  159. [moved] What is the best phone to play with GPS and location based systems?
  160. Drawing path between source and destination.
  161. which use frequency?
  162. Calculating Distance between Two Locations?
  163. Problems to Stop the GPS, using the J2ME location API
  164. Cost of using A-GPS
  165. Performance of LBS Math API
  166. Nokia N78 Navigation Tool
  167. Nokia Maps and Navigation Framework Availability
  168. Dev cert for JSR 179
  169. Pre-poulating "Find place" dialog with address in Nokia Maps?
  170. GPS query
  171. Regarding asin,atan,acox..
  172. I have got problem with my 90 day trial
  173. Nokia Maps as non-mobile web app?
  174. gmaps
  175. Finding mobile location with API?
  176. Battery consumption
  177. Problem in getting speed and direction in gps
  178. [moved] GIS Library
  179. satellite status bar
  180. NMEA sentence out of Nokia phone
  181. confusions about a BT GPS stuff on S60
  182. Data read in GPS of Nokia N82
  183. JSR 179
  184. [moved] Beginner GPS question
  185. Location Based Services Script/Code
  186. Receive sms with GPRMC data
  187. NMEA data??
  188. Regarding Location Map Application !
  189. Getting Compass Data on 6210
  190. Vehicle Tracking program from VB to Symbian
  191. Release Date for Compass Access on 6210
  192. Automatic refresh of landmark data?
  193. E61 support proximity listener?
  194. Airline + Flight finder with navigation
  195. cell information display
  196. Problems with BT GPS devices
  197. Manual For Lincoln Navigator, Which Fuse Helps To Start The Car?
  198. How to create a Nokia destination/city guide?
  199. A-GPS network operator depency?
  200. enhanced cell id
  201. [split] CellID triangulation (was: Re: Location Based Services Script/Code)
  202. Finding Mobile location using Symbian API
  203. Getting Location of Mobile Phone and sending that via SMS
  204. Locating position on google maps
  205. Connecting To Google Maps
  206. Tower ID detection
  207. Crash because TPositionServer::Connect()
  208. KErrPermissionDenied when RPositionServer::GetNumModules()
  209. Network Based module and cell-based positioning confusion
  210. Finding location of mobile through GPRS
  211. Advancd communication with GPS receiver
  212. Turning on/off GPS in J2ME on 6210 Navigator
  213. How to get selected format of coordinates?
  214. Getting location from non gps device N73
  215. Google Maps
  216. Get Location Name From Google Map
  217. Get Lat-Long and send it via SMS
  218. [split] Parsing NMEA
  219. Can a website get mobile location?
  220. how to tell is there's an available GPS signal?
  221. retrieve GSM cell id in S40
  222. How to show google Map in MiDlet application for LBS?
  223. Strange Problem ?
  224. speed=NaN in J2ME
  225. Problems in Getting Cell Ids and Signal Strengths
  226. some questions about AGPS and Network based Positioning
  227. Requesting mobile gprs location trough http/website
  228. Bluetooth GPS positioning method lost in emulator 3rd FP1
  229. Get Lat-long values after particular interval
  230. problem in zoom-in and zoom-out with map?
  231. Using Nokia Maps
  232. KPH to MPH
  233. 6110 navagator probs with the navagator
  234. question on nokia maps 2.0
  235. "Track up" instead of "North up" in Maps.
  236. Final year project
  237. current needs, problems, limits of LBS?
  238. Essential S60: Creating Location-Aware Applications
  239. Some Questions about JSR293
  240. Location API Problem
  241. which LBS class sholud i use?
  242. How to create LBS Application
  243. Project with pyS60 and location aware web
  244. Not able to retreive cellid in 9.1 phones
  245. question about network based positioning accuracy
  246. developing a compass application
  247. Create a landmark database on desktop
  248. Nokia Map API
  249. Location application not working when installed on Phone
  250. How to use Bluetooth GPS with Nokia phones