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  1. what is fomat of cellid and lac info from nokia api. (int or hex)
  2. Belle Notification Bar displaying in J2ME
  3. Render HTML content in my s40 java me app
  4. Conference application audio/video
  5. Mobile platforms and Keycodes
  6. Checking upload speed in an application in j2me.
  7. Nokia E72 - Correct Development tools set for JavaME
  8. static null pointer exception
  9. Version Download Problem
  10. Graphics in j2me
  11. Nokia's LWUIT jar
  12. [moved] LWUIT Textarea with multilines
  13. S40 PlatformRequest Browser bad rendering
  14. X-Wap-Profile doc process
  15. S40(full touch) UI
  16. getting issue with the dispose a dialogbox in j2me?
  17. Are you ready for Series 40 Full Touch
  18. S40 large resources
  19. Help me please
  20. S40 Form full screen .
  21. [moved] No Class Def Found Error For getting Cell Id.
  22. Play youtube video
  23. How to display .gif image in j2me
  24. Can i fix error about com.nokia.mid.ui.orientation.Orientation
  25. RE:Issue on nokia x3 device
  26. S40 system property for images folder
  27. reading mifare 1k tag
  28. Hash table in j2me
  29. Issue with category bar
  30. Getting IMEI on S40 devices
  31. Save animated gif as contact photo
  32. J2ME choicegroups help
  33. Nokia LWUIT gesture recognition
  34. Get IMEI on asha
  35. How To Extract Text From Html Web page in j2me Midlet(java)
  36. Multi chat application with web server
  37. java.lang.Error: Static initializer
  38. About Contact with Finger on Mobile Devices
  39. LWUIT supported on Nokia 700?
  40. How to remove HTML Special Characters and replace the Special Character with the resp
  41. Signed file issue
  42. How to Create Tabs in j2me(java)
  43. platformRequest() does not start standard browser
  44. How to develop Rss Reader App using LWUIT Component in j2me(java)
  45. Parameters Monitorization of Java Virtual Machine
  46. Rss Feed Reader in j2me using LWUIT not able to display Titles
  47. How to work with multiple rss files in j2me(java)
  48. How to create J2me(java)Project combining with J2me Polish
  49. How to set action button 1 (right-most location of the header bar) for LWUIT form
  50. How to install and integrate j2me polish in netbeans ide 7.1.2?
  51. How to Create Header part on j2me(java) screen
  52. How to display Image on the List and Form Screens(on Top) in j2me (java)
  53. How to Set Image height and width in j2me(java)
  54. How to Run LWUIT RssReader Example App in j2me
  55. Re: Netbeans configuration in Windows 7 64 bit
  56. How to append LWUIT List screen to a LWUIT Form in j2me?
  57. How to Set an image to lwuit list?
  58. Component alignment in J2ME
  59. How to identify List item in lwuit Form Screen?
  60. Developing Offline English Translation Dictionary.
  61. how can I fix my s60 3rd application for N8 ? Help pls!!!
  62. How to display a Form Screen on LWUIT Tabs?
  63. How to reduce the Font of a text from LWUIT TextArea
  64. How to Create a Custom Font using Resource Editor?
  65. Command is not working on LWUIT Form Screen
  66. Apps work on emulator but not on phone
  67. ResourceEditor LWUIT
  68. can we apply html css to LWUIT Text Area
  69. RE: Container Scroll Issue
  70. How to Decrease the Font of a Text on LCDUI List and Form
  71. LWUIT Tabs creation
  72. How to controll flow of multiple Rss Files
  73. Loading Image in J2ME
  75. New member!
  76. How to remove j2me popup's like( Network access popup , read write popup)
  77. S40 max length for filename
  78. Message sending failed by jsr 205_2.0 wireless messaging API
  79. LWUIT: Button Text Alignment CENTER jump to LEFT when selected
  81. Loading thumbnail images from server to populate contact list
  82. LWUIT XMLParser parsing content in CDATA
  83. RssApplication and LWUIT TAB
  84. String to date Format in j2me
  85. TextField questions
  86. LWUIT: softkeys blink after adding/removing actions dynamically
  87. LWUIT HtmlComponent out of memory exception
  88. PocketLearn J2ME HTML Component
  89. Mobile Device Max Jar Size
  90. I need the soft key keycode of all j2me devices
  91. How to work with LWUIT TABs click events
  92. help me..! how to design mobile banking application..
  93. HELP: Example for a MIDlet has more than two file?
  94. Unable to make LWUIT Textarea to grow by content
  95. Customise style of Title, action button 1 and action button 2 on Nokia Asha 311
  96. Problem with LWUIT Theme in Nokia Asha 311
  97. getting problem while setting hint to textfield in lcdui?
  98. tableItem rows
  99. Asha 200 : UTF-8 Problem
  100. How to use system clipboard in Asha 305
  101. Sent message
  102. No Class Def Found error for ElementListener
  103. Help with Platform
  104. Need suggestions to choose UIT and SDK platforms
  105. How to Upgrade Port Listening Application in j2me??
  106. IllegalStateException - Frame Animator API
  107. Nokia E63 Hand Set J2ME WMA SMS Notification
  108. Writing a multi-times ringing alarm clock for Xpressmusic 5130
  109. Couldn't create a mp3 player on the project device
  110. Integrate facebook with application
  111. Opening native TextField On Clicking - LWUIT Framework
  112. How to disable Mid suit Allow for this session Alert?
  113. S40 Java: Incoming call
  114. How can add s60 device emulator in wtk 2.5.2
  115. LWUIT Version
  116. online and offline handwriting recognation in nokia mobile
  117. Nokia 6300 throwing a "NullPointer" for Wrapped J2ME Games
  118. Invalid JAR file
  120. Persisting Data
  121. JAR file is too large to run on actual device.
  122. How to check LWUITList Contains Values?
  123. LWUIT Tabs
  124. unable to display unicode values from text file
  125. Out of memory Image error; possible solutions?
  126. LWUIT Uncaught exception: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError(stack trace incomplete)
  127. Facing issue when parsing html String in j2me
  128. How to create .bmf font file?
  129. Help me! Tetris algorithm?
  130. Issue with LWUIT Tabs Click Event
  132. Where is the soft buttons of a Nokia 305?
  133. LWUIT Form with multiple Components
  135. The application cannot connect to the network successfully??
  137. LWUIT HtmlComponent NoSuchElementException
  138. How to hide/remove title bar of LWUIT form?
  139. How to assign different icons to different divices in one application?
  140. RecordStore (RMS) not implemented ? Nokia 2600c-2 (LE)
  141. Show Status bar in Lwuit J2ME
  142. Customize lwuit Menu bar
  143. Virtual Keyboard Not To Move Controls Upwards in a Form
  144. Sprite TiledLayer collision in MIDP2
  145. Recommended way of constructing app User Interfaces (specifically S40 5th edition)
  146. problem with animation wait screen
  147. Lock Screen Orientation in Application ported from J2ME to Blackberry
  148. Show left and right soft key in Menu bar
  149. How can I sync my whole site to Nokia phone using Java?
  150. Invalid Certificate while OTA download
  151. hotspot
  152. application icon
  153. strike-through listbox
  154. Bluetooth apis
  155. notification on nokia S40
  156. Lwuit S40 Orientation change problem
  157. Nokia Ovi browser API
  158. javax.microedition.rms.RecordStoreFullException on send
  159. LWUIT -- alinening textarea and button to the center of the device screen using lwuit
  160. hide platformRequest prompt
  161. MIDlet receiving SMSes from specific mobile number instead of port number
  162. javax.microedition.telephony
  163. lwuit tabbed pane
  164. REST in a J2ME/Java ME application
  165. Improved Series 40 developer offering – Java docs and examples survey CLOSED
  166. Getting Unique Id from all java phones especially from S40 devices
  167. Send emails from application with image attachment without using SMTP settings
  168. Nokia S40 - How to use Bluetooth AVRCP profile for J2ME
  169. Entering characters from RIGHT to LEFT
  170. Max Response data size handled by device
  171. multiliple labels in single item of a list (LWUIT).
  172. [extracted] Location+localization problem, LWUIT
  173. Obfuscation failed
  174. .jar file stopped installing after a number of installation
  175. Dynamically adding elements & commands to a List (type javax.microedition.lcdui.List)
  176. RTSP Problem on Asha 311
  177. How to create UI like whatsapp on s40
  178. Problem in Midletsuite.....
  179. CIMD Receive SMS code in java required
  180. Image Compression in J2me and Decompression in PHP
  181. Background image of a form ..
  182. scrolling a form with labels in it.
  183. Differneces between kxml parser and default xml parser in lwuit
  184. platfromRequest problem
  185. In J2ME, is that possible to add Yes & NO command in Alert dialog box?
  186. How I obtain references of controls to record form's controls state changes??
  187. How to retrieve info of (Series 40)devices programmatically?
  188. Nokia SDK 2.0 for java in eclipse
  189. Problem in multilanguage support in j2me-LWUIT
  190. secure url issue(https)
  191. How create MapPolyline in locationUpdated?
  192. Instagram client for S40 - Source code available
  193. In J2ME app, is that possible to set alarm's ringtone as MP3 tone??
  194. Bridge between symbian and Java Me
  195. How to run a "Helloworld" Midlet project, Java MIDlet project & a Java project
  196. In J2ME, is there any method or property which similar to gotFucus() & lostFocus() ?
  197. Signed J2me app Hanging problem at first start
  198. Disable borders focus of customitem on qwerty
  199. How to display Nokia Maps.
  200. Contactdataset in Netbeans J2me
  201. [moved] problem in running the app on nokia asha 311
  202. linkedin authentication api for j2me
  203. [moved] Working of Imageitem in J2ME for Touch Handsets
  204. Max JAR size changed Nokia S40 Developer Platform 2.0
  205. Auto Scrolling in LWUIT for S40 Container
  206. Possible bug in "Series 40 UI Component Demos" example code with Button height
  207. Call a midlet on a button click event
  208. Series 40 Java doc & examples survey winners announced
  209. eSWT Click Button
  210. How to show statuss bar on S40 with LWUIT
  211. eswt How to make Shell FullScreen?
  212. XMPP Client Lib
  213. Making midlet to initiate a call without user interaction.
  214. For testing GPS based J2ME app, Is there any emulator which have in build GPS??
  215. help on accessing inbuilt gps of mobile device
  216. Renaming default SELECT_COMMAND label in a List displayable
  217. Porting MIDP Apps to Other Platforms
  218. Midlet icon to show notification (like the SMS inbox when got new SMS)
  219. game runing slow on Java runtime 2.5 (belle fp2)
  220. SHA-256 hashing function in Java ME/J2ME
  221. The SDK could not locate a JRE or JDK
  222. How can i filter contacts on basis of app installation
  223. Waiting while app fetches data from web server
  224. Google Static Map API error - java.io.IOException : No Response Entries Available
  225. Splash screen example - what is orientationlistener?
  226. screen height , width and image resize
  227. S40 FullTouch: Icons (List, Categorybar) not displayed on device
  228. scrollable image gallery
  229. Implicit list click
  230. Displaying a login screen the first time an app runs (but not subsequent times)
  231. In J2ME How to stop scrolling while touch the mobile screen
  232. How to correctly use Login Screen displayables (NetBeans Visual MIDlet Designer)
  233. lwuit ContextMenu issue
  234. Application throwing error on samsung devices
  235. Signing personal application
  236. Http Operation Error in Multiple Access Points
  237. Bug in String() on S40 JRT 1.1.0
  238. Aplication invalid! Delete?
  239. What is the Back Command in LWUIT
  240. Class Not Found java/lang/ClassNotFoundException Error
  241. Facing exception during try to running my app on mobile or Remote Access Decvice...
  242. Self-Sign jar to make it trusted 3rd party app
  243. Nokia Asha 302 s40 upload `.txt` file
  244. In-App purchase Server ERROR
  245. How to save file on memory phone
  246. j2me web service error
  247. Need J2ME Developer
  248. [moved] How to connect database located on webhost?
  249. Can typical j2me API(LCDUI) and LWUIT combined together
  250. JSR-211 (CHAPI) issue with Nokia Xpress Browser