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  1. Looking for com.nokia.notifications.* APIs for Series 40 phones.
  2. Barcode Scanner Using ZXing Library in J2ME
  3. How to extract specific data from xml format data in j2me??
  4. No SDK 2.0 found when creating a MIDIet Project
  5. i have a signed request class to use amozon api in java..but i need it for j2me
  6. Displaying clickable image grid in S40
  7. File Reading in s40
  8. Timestamping j2me app (Jar)
  9. Icons for Nokia and 'Exit', 'About' and 'Help' are not included in the application.
  10. In j2me, How to resize StringItem according to its content
  11. In J2ME, RMS can still hold all records after closing an app or restarting the phone?
  12. Need uiid Strings for Different components used in lwuit
  13. MMS with Asha 202
  14. Roaming detection from J2ME Midlet
  15. S40 LWUIT List issue
  16. Issue in loading images into command in lwuit for nokia s40
  17. LWUIT- adding back command to button
  18. Canvas or LWUIT? (J2ME)
  19. Default highlighted item in ChoiceGroup
  20. lwuit form gets shrink when my virtual keypad gets opend.
  21. cast to SVGSVGElement from org.w3c.dom.Element fails
  22. In J2ME, How to re-index records in recordstore after deleting any record.
  23. PIM Issue & Sim Contacts read problem
  24. javame svg addEventListener working example?
  25. Unicode support issue in some of OLD devices
  26. SIM contacts read issue (PIM JSR-75)
  27. saving files using fileConnection API - not working
  28. How to make j2me app which run in background
  29. How to change SVG text programmatically?
  30. Failed QA : When receiving an incoming call, the application is not suspended.
  31. Problem with SocketConnection in J2ME in Emulator of S40
  32. Porting a Java ME S40 app to Java ME S60
  33. location updating problem
  34. Long strings appearing with ellipsis on the acutal phone
  35. Ruuning The J2me App At Fixed Intervals
  36. How write unicode in file S40
  37. How I activate GPS in Nokia C5-00
  38. How to include ttf font in my j2me application ?
  39. java.lang.SecurityException problem in mobile jar creation
  40. Malayalam font support in j2me
  41. what are these void,extend,static,public,private
  42. KeyPad showing up Secondary value rather than primary value
  43. S40 Java: Incoming call
  44. Connection Exception in j2me app via httpconnection
  45. How to pause and resume the thread
  46. Menu in Asha
  47. Mandatory main menu?
  48. Is it possible to disable "keyboard menu" in qwerty asha devices?
  49. Nokia Premium Developer Program for Asha
  50. SQL like data storage
  51. Full screen mode is not working in ASha(java)
  52. Which components are L10N compatible?
  53. Possible to get the current visible items in a list?
  54. Gauge problem in s40 SDK 2.0
  55. 8-Error in HTTP operation
  56. How to resolve LocationException of ProximityListener in j2me
  57. J2ME FUll TOUCH - Open Urdu/Arabic Keypad when Focus is on TextField
  58. which Key to use in keyRepeated event
  59. Display Image of ContactNumber on a List
  60. How do I set Life span reminder only for one day??
  61. Problem in S40 Camera
  62. New to Nokia java development, running on emulator throws ClassNotFoundException
  63. Facebook Access Token Asha
  64. UX string element not showing on form
  65. Nokia C5-00 not allowing use addPrximityListner() method
  66. Command Action problem in Asha
  67. Pausing and Resuming j2me application and it's working
  68. OMA DM server client interaction
  69. How to detect SIM is Changed in j2me app
  70. How to use VKB in Nokia SDK 2.0 for java
  71. reg problem in posting image in facebook
  72. S40 launcher icons
  73. Find device is S40/S60
  74. Articles you could help write on the wiki
  75. Recordstore Problem with Asha 201
  76. Java Applications issue in belle
  77. where for 3D support in Nokia J2ME SDK 2.0?
  78. Lwuit Container, pointer released event
  79. What was your favourite question on the Series 40 /Asha forums this week?
  80. Start developping for Nokia C3 (S40 model)
  81. mobile application using J2ME
  82. Best practises for performing Image Processing in S40?
  83. LWUIT VKB not working in landscape orientation
  84. Add list after showing form (hack for lwuit s40 list bug)
  85. Development environment clarification for S40 touch
  86. Customize S40 Header Bar
  87. J2ME future??
  88. Media-rich JAR too large?
  89. How can i change the "Icon" image of action button1 for ASHA app
  90. DeviceControl Backlight
  91. Menu Bar LWUIT
  92. J2me Application to install works well. Turning off mobile no.
  93. Getting back to the same form
  94. Variable not changing
  95. UDP broadcast not working (Asha 310)
  96. (Moved) about control number of rings in atd command
  97. QOTW: launching the Nokia store client from a midlet
  98. PIM API ContactList::removeContact not removing contacts?
  99. scan for image files in the phone and memory card directory
  100. Nokia Asha 501 - What It Means For Developers?
  101. Does the new Asha 501 support copy paste?
  102. local sql database storage
  103. what is the solution for corrupt rms file detected
  104. What should I choose when doing UI between LCDUI and LWUIT?
  105. how to access rms from another midlet class in j2me for nokia
  106. How to create a input box that is like a google search box?
  107. help please how can increse the size of rms database
  108. How to test my midlet on S40 series device?
  109. The difference between "Connectivity" and "Network Access"
  110. Null Pointer getImplementation in Image class
  111. Nokia Asha Emulator Error
  112. How to remove this warning setPureTouch is disabled?
  113. Does nokia 6212 support llcp connection for NFC
  114. Push Registry Problem
  115. Can i use sqlite by calling servlet from midlet?
  116. Reading XML file using LWUIT
  117. Using graphic to drawString in more line
  118. Focus to textField by code
  119. How to open VirtualKeyboard
  120. Database for asha s40 full touch
  121. App dictionary and contact of asha s40 full touch
  122. Invalid Application alert issue with signed jar in Nokia 3110.
  123. How do I make my textField search always show
  124. How to implement floggy database?
  125. How to install .jar on Asha with Nokia Suite
  126. Fixed header while other parts scrolls
  127. include strings onto the message editor
  128. Customize Dialog
  129. How to deal with object that is wider than screen?
  130. Cannot install j2me Midlet into remote device phone
  131. Designing for Asha/S40 Touch and Non-Touch
  132. How to open phonebook s40
  133. Error while running rms program. Null pointer Exception. Plz help
  134. Uniqueness of midlet suite
  135. How to create event handler for button in Java ME
  136. How to check for null values in Xml parsing?
  137. I have installed Nokia IDE for Java ME and created, tried some sample projects.
  138. How to retrieve images from the resource file?
  139. The resource editor generated Netbeans project not working
  140. Rms getting corrupted..plz help
  141. How to find temp directory and create a temp file there? Asha .
  142. KNIEXT_NewGlobalRef failed kill app during provider.getLocation() - Nokia Cell Id
  143. How to detect hardware back key
  144. Asha Midlet GameTemplate touch
  145. [moved] How to store big xml data
  146. How to detect if physical back key exists?
  147. xml parsing
  148. J2ME-compliant about Action
  149. How to launch OviBrowser with a URL to open from a midlet in Asha
  150. How to synchronize rms database?
  151. how to get Network Status,Operator Name, Signal strength,Service status
  152. Introduction and 2 Asha questions
  153. BorderLayout bug in LWUIT for the new Asha Platform
  154. VM Error, assertion failure... java/cldc/src/vm/share/ROM/ROM.cpp, 356
  155. Issues on inbuild application on New Nokia Asha SDK 1.0
  156. please help,how to integrate my aap with facebook
  157. Searching is taking a lot of time in rms. what to do?
  158. App running on emulator but not on s40 device
  159. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
  160. please help,what is pin during authentication with twitter
  161. Organising classes within a Java ME application: Best practices
  162. Push notification on DP 2.0
  163. How to make dynamic recordstore?
  164. please help,How to get the built -in sms window in j2me nokia S40
  165. plese help,how we can authenticate the app with twitter
  166. j2me app doesn't run to restart device
  167. Problem in using Recordfilter with streams
  168. How to Running 2 Emulator?
  169. Is that possible that rms cannot take some characters for storing?
  170. please help,facebook authentication in j2me
  171. Preparing a simple lock screen application
  172. Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java stops at 98%
  173. please help,how to use default email aap of S40
  174. Print byte array as string array in J2ME
  175. New Nokia store free discovery & cross-promotion service
  176. How to add a pause button in a game?
  177. Uncaught exception java/lang/OutOfMemoryError while adding in vectors
  178. Localization
  179. Using file as database, file path problem
  180. Icon-insanity! Share your ideas to make life easier regarding launcher icons.
  181. please help,source code of send sms using plateformrequest
  182. Localization of midlet Application Name itself
  183. Char conversion problem in Nokia Asha sdk Localization Builder
  184. How WeChat can send large file size image...?
  185. open default email/mail client from lwuit button
  186. OutOfMemoryError in LWUIT Table
  187. Text area issue in s40themes.jar file
  188. please help,dialog box give the different output at different different class
  189. How to run service on Nokia Asha?
  190. please help,how to add image on button
  191. Recordstore content not displaying on phone
  192. please help,event handling on label using lwuit1.5
  193. How to use Tantalum library
  194. What are the possible device exceptions due to which data is not displaying on device
  195. Do rms database of phone and emulator is to be saved in a diffrent way?
  196. QR code scanner in j2me
  197. Can anyone name some devices with resolution 320x480 ?
  198. 81-error in http operation java app
  199. java.lang.NullPointerException, how to handle ?
  200. Problems using Nokia Push Notification Client API for Nokia Asha (J2ME) application
  201. Can we run s40 app on s60?
  202. Is heap size same for phone and for the emulator?
  203. how to run aap on different emulator in s40
  204. Parsing Error
  205. Image rendering issue on Nokia 311 asha s40
  206. File i/o in J2ME
  207. Launching browser with platformRequest() loads a different version of the page
  208. J2ME ACCELEROMETER GAME - Phone Lock Problem
  209. JavaME ad systems
  210. Nokia Asha 203 restarts after some time of using my application - how to find a cause
  211. How to apply multithreading in s40 app.
  212. Yay! We completed our game-project!
  213. Cookies in Java ME (Nokia Asha)
  214. [moved] Is Kxml parser a slow parser?
  215. Decoded response in Java ME (Nokia Asha)
  216. How to fetch records after deleting from rms?
  217. [moved] j2me linking of class files
  218. Asha app icon
  219. How to put local notification in s40 app
  220. Help Please Facebook integration
  221. Drivers for older S40 devices if I upgrade from Windows 7 32-bit to 64-bit ?
  222. How to debug on device..?
  223. How to tackle OutOfMemoryError..??
  224. How to set time in push registry according to users choice
  225. logging with microlog
  226. [moved] Help needed in solving this problem..
  227. Opinion : How do you go about developing LWUIT Apps?
  228. ArrayBlockingQueue
  229. Issue with loading image
  230. how to remove out of memory error during fetch data from RMS
  231. clear the cache
  232. hideNotify() not invoked on latest Asha firmware (7.36)
  233. How to create persistence in app when performing some settings
  234. Problems with Asha 311 & friends
  235. How to put user selected alert in push registry alarm
  236. please help,plateformReques not working properly for email in S40
  237. How to get day of week name and month name for any pevious date(not current date)
  238. erros in http operation
  239. Midlet version issue in Nokia IDE For Java ME (v2)
  240. Accelerometer Game - QA Failed
  241. How to open Network Setting from our app?
  242. Random "I/O Exception" in java me.
  243. Does Asha 501 support SIP JSR-180?
  244. realtime capture of video frames [JavaMe]
  245. Parsing the xml content and adding it to the soapenvelope
  246. need a help about running in background
  247. ArrayList in j2me ?
  248. HashTable is causing out of memory error
  249. Help needed in copy paste
  250. How to achieve the speech bubble effect like the one found in the messaging app