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  1. J2ME and ASP.NET
  2. LWUIT 1.5
  3. License for JSR-238
  4. Device restart issue
  5. How to Exit the applicatiooon automatically?
  6. In-App Purchase API's for j2me
  7. Push Button !!
  8. No Class Def Found Error
  9. LCDUI List Search
  10. Signed midlet Certificate not recognized
  11. In Nokia S60 5th Simulator the application doesn't shows the Marker of Google Map.
  12. How to resolve IOException while listing all the filese from memory card?
  13. how send the text via httpconnection
  14. How to get the imei number
  15. restricting the use of special charecter
  16. Deactivate screensaver in midlet/eSWT
  17. Urgent - Audio Streaming & downloading simultaneously
  18. RuntimeException
  19. how to carry the two byte array values to servlet
  20. Parsing XML in J2me
  21. LWUIT 1.5 support Facebook Aunthentication
  22. Where could I report a bug?
  23. Connection too long on SamsungS5580
  24. Marque the combobox contents
  25. Not able send Send SMS in dual SIM phone C2
  26. how to make alarm function using lwuit
  27. navigation key in s40
  28. Cell ID(tower id) Information
  29. java.io.EOFException while reading PNG 8 bit in J2ME
  31. problem in the mobile device's time
  32. Data not stored in Record Store (RMS)
  33. Chinese Mobile Development
  34. question about Building a Java ME Canvas based calendar/date picker source code
  35. Is there any way that we can change the Java apps default installation folder ?
  36. Direct Input Mode is possible in j2me or not
  37. IllegalArgumentException when calling Display.setCurrent(...)
  38. Some devices won't list their files
  39. How i can get a certified of Manufacturer
  40. touch & not touch variant build
  41. capture the photo with the frame overlay for S40
  43. Nokia SDK 1.0 for Java Emulator Crashes Repeatedly
  44. what is the use of LWUIT is better than eSWT in Symbian OS?
  45. bluetooth File that i sent is not saved on remote device
  46. How to convert a string into..?
  47. Nokia 2600C Java use what software to develop?Netbean or what is better?
  48. problem in pushRegistry.registerAlarm
  49. X3 gets hangs when i tried to share in tweeter
  50. JME App starting with the cellphone
  51. List and Font
  52. Issue while displaying chinese name in j2me application?
  53. is that possible press a key run a application?
  54. PDF Reader for J2ME
  55. How to create a list file in resource project j2me
  56. Do we can download jars, sis or sisx file on pc from OVI?
  57. Browsing to images directory with S60 emulator
  58. Badly need a PDF Reader for Nokia X2-01
  59. File append
  60. Authorisation Failed Error
  61. How should i use Twitter Api in j2me?
  62. How to display message while we select the textfield in lwuit
  63. Unknown vendor in J2ME application
  64. Bluetooth problem: Service discovery does never complete
  65. Design Disctionary for my NOkia 7230 phone
  66. Where to store pictures?
  67. how to draw multi line text on canvas in j2me
  68. Displaying data in Table format in J2ME S40
  69. SDK 1.0 Location Issue
  70. User Agent returns UNTRUSTED/1.0
  71. Reason "An internal application error occured. java.lang.NullPointerExeceptoin:0."?
  72. JavaME: how to connect an external sensor?
  73. WebPage Problem.
  74. PushRegistery & ConnectionNotFoundException
  75. socket protocol for s40 3rd edition
  76. Running A Program After Started In Background
  77. re: socket protocol for s40 3rd edition
  78. How to play gif on Label in lwuit?
  79. server messages
  80. uploading images
  81. "Cannot read" message when trying to display a PNG with the Series 40 Emulator.
  82. How to allow the user to choose the installation drive for MIDlet ?
  83. J2ME Touch application
  84. Erasing the contents of a file
  85. search files in mobile
  86. Oracle Lite in mobile
  87. How to populate a choice group from a record store?
  88. Video Capturing application for j2me
  89. video capturing with flash light off
  90. set permissions for applicatiion
  91. Error starting XYZ$2dABC: Symbol 'CommandListener.a' not found in BlackBerry device
  92. Internal Error: IntegrityService commit failed on Nokia C7 Device
  93. Copy datas in cell phone memory and card memory
  94. Pushregistry detect event
  95. Content Handler (JSR-211) & "Conflicting applications"
  96. Need help populating a choice group from a record store.
  97. S40 series and OutputStream (Connector)
  98. Need help filtering a record store.
  99. [moved]j2me
  100. ClassFormatError compiling and running a Java (Mobile) prog?
  101. Please help me to solve the issues in j2me with https
  102. Problen in enter text in Nokia C5-03 device!
  103. Access MiFare Classic card: Issue while migrating code from Nokia 6131 to Nokia 600
  104. Need help with an ItemStateListener.
  105. Nokia 710
  106. Mobile VOIP access point
  107. Hiding and destroying application
  108. Problen in enter text in Nokia C5-03 device!
  109. List of other brands mobile which supports java having huge heap memory?
  111. Deleting file from memory card
  112. Game crashes in many handsets
  113. sending/Receiving Sms through j2me
  114. Sharing Rms data within two appln.
  115. creating appln like email in j2me
  116. How to sort objects in real time?
  117. An alert is not displaying.
  118. Motion Detection In j2me
  119. How to Read Text File located on PC to Mobile device using serial port Communication
  120. Can not access files in Nokia C5-00!
  121. Trying to convert a DateField to a string.
  122. Using Thread.sleep()
  123. Data typed into a date field is not saved when the cursor is not advanced.
  124. error with LWUIT com.sun.lwuit.impl.midp.CanvasImplementation
  125. Symbian sdk games?
  126. Installing JAD over Bluetooth.
  127. J2ME Database Connection - Suggestion/Help
  128. Getting MediaException while playing .3gp audio file
  129. Nokia SDK 1.1 Beta for Java available for review and feedback
  130. Where to find the API documentation in html format for SVG JSR 226?
  131. Question about transferring JAD file and icon file to a phone.
  132. My J2me application not work properly in Nokia mobiles
  133. how to get the calling number
  134. Nokia Series S40 SDK 1.0 - Records stores - Difference between emulator and device
  135. Some buttons don't work on some mobile models
  136. X3-02 icons
  137. Infinite "canvas touch enabled: true" prints...
  138. Series 40 app display, duplicate screen
  139. Drawing many particles in a loop doesn't work.
  140. Exception while reading data from server.
  141. JavaME: how to detect headphones plugin and plugout?
  142. JAR attached to sample works, compiled gives "authorisation failed"(SensorTestMidlet)
  143. Java app LifeRemarks on Nokia N8 (save error)
  144. Is it possible to export a record store to a CSV file?
  145. jsr 179 developing tips???
  146. J2ME USSD call: Invalid number
  147. [j2me] playing multiple audios
  148. Jar and Jad mismatch while installing the j2me application
  149. Satellite map in Nokia Maps API
  150. Add effects in sounds/audio and edit it
  151. Signing issue!
  152. OS delets settings from Java Tool
  153. unable to run jar file on Nokia e63
  154. LWUIT HTML Component
  155. How can i request 1 signed or certified from Nokia ?
  156. Best programming language on adding effects and editing audio? j2me?
  157. Caller Id Problem
  158. Arabic font issue with nokia mobiles
  159. how to convert StringBuffer to InputStream in MIDP?
  160. how to get GPS lcoation accuracy in j2me?
  161. Support for different phone number formats
  162. LWUIT TextField - Removing InputModeOrder Text "Abc" from TextField
  163. Key Press event in Touch Screen mobiles in J2ME MIDlet
  164. Nokia 5130 Xpress music Update Problem
  165. J2ME Multithread concept for asyn call .. Download images
  166. Catch the event when the app switches from Portrait to Landscape for S60 by Java
  167. I have problem in using TimeZone class in j2me
  168. javame: is it possible to disable highlight decrease and screen locking
  169. Problem in S60 keypad
  170. J2me application for Touch/Non Touch devices
  171. Bitmap font by LWUIT resource editor
  172. LWUIT compile-time error
  173. Failed to open image that save using FileConnection
  174. Find Current position on Network based without Native API
  175. Port Conflicting Error in Application
  176. Failed to open image.. OutOfMemoryException on S40 device
  177. Get Latitude and Longitude values using network based positioning
  178. how to activate network based positioning in s60 and Symbian device
  179. Out Of Memory Error (App Size- 560kb)
  180. How to Determine current location via CellID in Nokia N95
  181. How to keep the app running after the red key is pressed in javame?
  182. Which Nokia devices are currently supporting In-App purchase?
  183. How to set Landscape oriention
  184. UI guidelines for Java apps
  185. How to use Display.vibrate() - static content?
  186. J2me:Displayable.setTicker() automatically switch off nokia mobile.need help to solve
  187. How to Auto Update Your Application
  188. Clean And Build J2me Application Using Java Web
  189. Chat Application using J2ME in Eclipse
  190. Copy protection for java applications
  191. how much latitude and longitude accuracy can be used in J2ME ?
  192. Sending an sms to a gsm modem
  193. How to disable long click event on touch screen phone?
  194. Can anyone suggest me an open source mobile database ?
  195. [moved] RecordStore / RMS - how to conserve space?
  196. Facing issues with the Nokia In-App Purchase API.
  197. Lwuit label problem
  198. How to draw line sign on char when writing text in j2me
  199. Keypress injection
  200. Missing link to launch app manually in C2-00
  201. How to run J2ME Polish Project on emulator?
  202. Simple animation problem
  203. Start Midlet using PushRegistry.RegisterAlarm
  204. How to compress Jar File for J2ME
  205. How to get gps value in correct periodic interval
  206. Access right for platformRequest
  207. How to Upload a large video file (>6Mb) in j2me
  208. LWUIT: tabs - how to mark the currently selected tab?
  209. Is it possible to port j2me application on BalckBerry?
  210. shortcut on the desktop automatically after INSTALLING application
  211. [moved] Problem on reading data from server in socket connection
  212. Task manager needed for s40
  213. java.lang.math not working with asin
  214. Multi Touch in J2ME
  215. J4ME: Issue in scrolling up and scrolling down components taking more time
  216. J4ME: Issue in touch screen devices of nokia
  217. Http connection timeout
  218. RE:How to disable long click event on touch screen phone?
  219. LWUIT Increasing size of menu bar
  220. Advanced Pointer in j2me
  221. NFC in j2me
  222. how to set record index value to initial or zero ?
  223. IAPClientPaymentException: Application ID initialization fails
  224. Need help for creating a mobile app using Java ME
  225. Bounce on swedish Nokia 3200?
  226. Digital Signature in J2ME
  227. eSWT + Command (for menu)
  228. Lock S40 phone if Sim is changed
  229. Hindi font display through LWUIT
  230. Google translate API
  231. How to implement Digital Signature in J2ME
  232. Live video streaming in J2ME
  233. some arabic symbols non writing in 3d edition devices
  234. How to get 24 hours date time format in J2ME ?
  235. Folder Creation
  236. Virtual Currency Solution for J2ME?
  237. xml parsing exception in e71
  238. Itemstatelistener query in j2me
  239. javame: is it possible to disable AGC / VAD when recording using the microphone?
  240. about API:com.nokia.mid.impl.jms.core.*
  241. J2ME Form - first one or two characters clipped
  242. J2ME Proguard file size.
  243. Help Please - Image with horizontal and vertical scroll
  244. Http POST = 403 Forbidden
  245. nokia 5230 problem to launch midlet.
  246. Help Please - Incoming Call detection in j2me
  247. Is is possbile to use SQlite DB in j2me mobile application?
  248. Performance issue in Nokia Series60 mobile i.e. NokiaC5-03?
  249. How to receive sms through J2ME application
  250. Developing apps for Nokia 5230