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  2. Problems with the update.
  3. Opportunities for developers - Check out WidSets!
  5. --auth doesn't work in devkit
  7. Great game tutorial from Will Bamford, aka WebSeed!
  8. Channel API: private channel ID
  9. Open source widgets for widsets
  10. http connection down
  11. Final reminder - only a few hours to go!
  12. Syndication Widget Source Code
  13. change language in the SDK emulator
  14. New SDK feedback and issues
  15. Announcing the Winners of the WidSets widgets coding contest
  16. How do I get information about the user
  17. How to make my widget "verified"?
  18. Flash Lite WidSets
  19. token authentication
  20. legal issues
  21. The green plus sign
  22. How can i play video on WidSet?
  23. After update on 7.8.2008, the Channel API still dose not work!
  24. WidSets Player broken from version 3.0 onwards
  25. encoding when fetching data with HTTP Service
  26. How to set focus on a component in a flow?
  27. Widsets and REST
  28. How can widsets save file?
  29. Win an N96 in the Wiki WidSet competition
  30. Ask about Rss
  31. New WidSets SDK version available
  32. Redirect to http site
  33. Widsets Clients
  34. HTTP POST content
  35. Updating verified widgets
  36. Can i make my own service?
  37. Connection to http://www.widsets.com could not be established in timely manner.
  38. Website with Flash / Shockwave games : How to make WidSets version?
  39. WidSets JavaScript API
  40. capability ?
  41. xpath array
  42. Error "Feature not supported"
  43. Widget RSS Reader
  44. Editing RSS standard widget from Aptana
  45. dynamic style
  46. is there call back for portrait and landscape change notification for widgets?
  47. Future of Widsets?
  48. widget versioning
  49. My widget stopped working. Feed read timeout
  50. Image
  51. masking png image
  52. how to launch wdsets on mobile
  53. how to open browser in widsets.
  54. widsets on mobile..
  55. widsets problem
  56. String to ByteArray
  57. Jsession ID in widset url http request - Help !!
  58. scrollable multiline text component
  59. Fixed title for a scrollable shell
  60. Animated Gifs / Flash Support ??
  61. GIFs in HyperText (or any other text component)
  62. authentication failed with devkit