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  1. How to publish wallpapers on OVI
  2. Ovi reports not working?
  3. Signed/Published Java-app does not have the right permissions; Causing malfunction
  4. Slow response getting developer certificate
  5. UID Problem for Launching my App from OVI Store
  6. Download signed application file
  7. Product cannot be found when using certain nokia models.
  8. Suggestions for App
  9. Java Verified signing for a J2ME app: how long until a reply should come from Nokia?
  10. Nokia payment invoice email
  11. Creating unsigned sis failed
  12. How to upload the app to ovi
  13. confused about signing price
  14. QA failed with old N9 firmware but ok for my new N950 firmware
  15. Can I create a complex MeeGo packages structure in the Nokia Store?
  16. The signing certificate of this file has expired or is due to expire. (Java App)
  17. How to avoid spontaneous purchases?
  18. Belle firmware for older devices
  19. Apps disappeared from Nokia Store
  20. Got mail "Content file(s) updated in Ovi Store"
  21. Content URL for Mobile Access
  22. Latest Alerts & News: Please check back here regularly
  23. Nokia App Wizard Tamil Language Problem
  24. Developer multiple self reviews
  25. Publish an app for only certain firmwares of a given phone
  26. More than one invoice in December 2011 !!
  27. Downloads ratio Harmattan / Symbian
  28. Publishing apps that contain encryption
  29. Different UIDs for same app running on different platforms?
  30. JavaVerified requires the app to have a "main menu" containing help & exit?
  31. Wrong release note language
  32. QA fails due download connection lost
  33. Ovi Store “Downloads by Device” Top 15 List
  34. It's a shame this be allowed by Ovi Store!!!!!!
  35. Very low payment in January 2012 Invoice
  36. QA team changes (Harmattan) test pattern almost every week
  37. How to get into Nokia "Top Developers" list?
  38. CSV Report: Estimated Revenues: sorted randomly
  39. Q:QT symbian application, target OS version
  40. How to completely delete the product from the store?
  41. Ovi Reports very very slow!!!!
  42. Bank Information - City code
  43. Harmattan input method plugins destination
  44. In-App advertising (J2me)
  45. LibreOffice Calc Macro to produce a nice graph from the CSV?
  46. Certificate expired, again, and no answerfrom Nokia...
  47. [moved] media failed QA
  48. 12 Character International Bank Code Limitation
  49. Where do I get an "Available on Nokia Store" logo?
  50. Update and submit to QA "Pending Countries: China" is later than in other regions,but
  51. Linking to content in Nokia Store
  52. Content protection
  53. Submit app update which targets subset of devices supported by published version?
  54. Mail problem to PublishToOvi.support
  55. Questions about Java signing
  56. When is bank information required?
  57. Glitch followed by drop, am I the only one?
  58. App not work to Belle?
  59. February invoice
  60. Application not available for Belle
  61. N9/N950 - Are you able to upgrade the paid software for free?
  62. Symbian (and Meego) Firmware issues
  63. One Feed not updated
  64. qt creator can not sign with my uid
  65. Can't Create New Content
  66. Online reports statistics
  67. Version? (General Content File Metadata)
  68. Changed my bank info
  69. Maemo + Qt Components
  70. Is it allowed to change the price in different versions of an app?
  71. Do I have to build two sis files for Anna and Belle or one is enough?
  72. Which qt version should I use to build my app for submission?
  73. Should I upload the unsigned file or the signed file signed by the crt and key files?
  74. Qt app numbers
  75. Publishing N9 application using Notifications API
  76. QA suddenly fails due "The application modifies system files"
  77. Nokia unpublishes my app without giving me time to correct issues or reply my request
  78. Upgrade a WRT app to Qt
  79. Nokia Store Payment Notification
  80. registeration payment problem
  81. Registration as Publisher and Legal status in France
  82. QA Failure I cannot reproduce - The application cannot be launched successfullly
  83. nokia app wizard rss feeds problem ?
  84. What phones are supported - I created app but cannto find supported phones
  85. End user support
  86. Reports from China: downloads/revenue not accurate
  87. Wrong UIDs given for my app by Nokia prior to publish
  88. How to conform with SymbianSignedTestCriteria for symbian C++ EXE/ sever apps ?
  89. s40 java and web app publishing
  90. What is going on?!?
  91. Upgrade an application PU vs SA
  92. Invalid Support Website
  93. Does promoting app really helps to gain higher rank in store?
  94. How to recover unpubished Application
  95. Nokia Store Search function is broken and hardly usable
  96. May I publish Symbian package containing more than one executable
  97. Certified signing and Smart Installer
  98. My application is not passing the QA Test of Nokia OVI Store.
  99. how to plan for different versions, upgrades etc'.
  100. "Application Running Nothing to Display" message will Nokia QA team reject?
  101. Regarding Poor Content Error in Nokiaappwizard Apps
  102. Publish multiple jad/jars for different resolutions for single app to Nokia ovi Store
  103. Publisher registration : Bank Code/Number for Indian banks?
  104. Pricing options : Set an introductory price for first 30 days or purchases?
  105. Symbian native app package version needs to be v2012.1. Pkg does not support it?
  106. Submit app for N9 with PR 1.2 only
  107. different file for a country
  108. Invalid Rating Totals
  109. [moved] Facing problems in Publishing apps
  110. "Available on Nokia Store" icon?
  111. Nokia App Wizard expiring signing certificate - solution
  112. Cannot buy any paid app in China Mainland !!!
  113. Password "renewed" for Ovi?
  114. Price shown in AUD for India users?
  115. Billing Matrix : Price point not avaible in all regions?
  116. [moved]Acquiring More Information Beyond the Nokia Publish Dashboard about my content
  117. [moved] How to publish to OVI if I have two version of application
  118. UID cockup question
  119. I want all the users get updated with my new content automatically(symbian & C++)
  120. Screen shot - minimising distortion
  121. Content metadata: No more localization for release notes?
  122. In order to get your money, you may have stop selling your apps!
  123. "Nokia 808 Pureview" not automatically added to the device distribution list?
  124. QA team has ridicules expectations
  125. Cannot get the developer certificate
  126. Search Really Messed Up
  127. Nokiaappwizard app for self-use only
  128. Changing price: users have to pay again on update?
  129. Menu Feature not supported
  130. invalid uid
  131. Loss of data/reports on updating content
  132. Free Device For Development After Webinar Attending And App Publishing
  133. Err msg 'Unable to install, invalid file', 'invalid Jar file', 'Certificate error...
  134. Nokia QA Ban Links To maemo.org ?
  135. How to pass QA?
  136. Alert: JAD file must reference the JAR file
  137. Arabic links not working in my Nokia App
  138. Disclaimers for free content in China
  139. What should I write to the .pro file and what should I not?
  140. Hardware/platform dependencies
  141. Error 217
  142. "Customer Support" messages - language issues?
  143. Message "QA halted" after browsing
  144. Purchase problem for same UID Free & Paid app
  145. Usability-Problem with updating java jar and jad together
  146. What is solution for us.
  147. Different financial figures
  148. I need to renew my developer certificate
  149. what's the ratio between the number of reviews and purchases of your app?
  150. Is www.symbiansigned.com an official Nokia website
  151. Nokia publish site need to be polish
  152. Advice in Making App.
  153. How i pay the one whippersnapper euro
  154. To those who keep complaining of sales report malfunctioning
  155. Updated apps details and images taking forever to update
  156. Nokia Store is charging for the app updates?
  157. Waiting now for more than two weeks for QA processes
  158. updated app has new languages, how handle "works for all languages"?
  159. The application must include an "OPT-OUT" feature
  160. Should our apps target older devices?
  161. Come back to Main Menu afer game over
  162. Nokia Store temp
  163. Users Reporting Problems using the content - Firmware_Version = 111.040.1511
  164. Two applications with the same name
  165. How to create a theme for Nokia smartphones and publish in the nokia store
  166. FAQ: Content management
  167. Signing related - FAQ collection
  168. Merging 3 content items to one
  169. API Update in Ovi Store
  170. Changing account type from personal to corporate
  171. The application collects Personal Data, but does not include a Privacy Polic
  172. Publishing items which use encryption
  173. NokiaPublishing Media failed quality assurance--Maximum JAR size exceeded
  174. Express Signed error: "Your file could not be processed for unknown reason."
  175. Nokia store app page statistics
  176. Featured App
  177. Publishing sis along with an embedded sis
  178. Ovi Store UID problem
  179. Payment
  180. indirect.ap response time?
  181. N9 content forced free on China due to billing issues
  182. No reply from Nokia support channels?
  183. Can i publish a python-based app in Nokia Store?
  184. Application has been rejected : Invalid UID
  185. [Java app] Update application without using Ovi Store
  186. Question about app payment
  187. How to test apps on each Platform !!
  188. UID3 Error when validating Content file
  189. Suggestion - IAP stats.
  190. Funky!
  191. Nokia publisher's account for student?
  192. Qt content item for N9 - error 224
  193. Publishing Flash app
  194. Is Iraq a tough market??
  195. Application update
  196. Welcome to the Publishing to Nokia Store discussion board
  197. What is best way to test on old devices before distribution?
  198. What should i do with jar/jad files received after publishing my web app
  199. UID transfer case
  200. Account ID: Lost? Where can I see it?
  201. Proper and correct Config.xml
  202. The application cannot be launched successfully with an error message 'Application no
  203. s40 vga screenshots now in nokia store?
  204. Remember to promote your content
  205. Data Shut Down App
  206. m-health
  207. NAX implementation problem
  208. Asha Platform devices are now available in Publishing tool
  209. IAP items not showing
  210. Pirated apps every in forum
  211. Apps for N8?
  212. where to get the publisher id for latest Nokia Porting Campaign June 2013
  213. Nokia Store no longer open from ovi.mobi
  214. Fully tested device for each platform (J2ME)
  215. Lost the Certificate and Key Accidently which was generated from Trust Center.
  216. reports.nokia.com certificate has expired
  217. Exit application on Asha Platform 1.0
  218. My App got earlier published in the store. Now I have made some changes to the app
  219. Nokia N9 ?
  220. [moved] JAR size too large for Asha devices
  221. Nokia Signing - How to request UIDs?
  222. InApp Payment API
  223. Multiple JARs for one content item
  224. Improvement suggestions for Publish website and service
  225. External In App Payments
  226. When does the app get published?
  227. What do do with a Email "Customer Support - Problems using the content"
  228. Can something be done to stop fake user email addresses ?
  229. Reviews since July 14th not shown in Nokia Store?
  230. Nokia Publish not providing necessary information for UID QA issue
  231. [moved] store.ovi.com Reviews
  232. Nokia dropping support for MeeGo + Symbian apps starting Jan 1 2014
  233. Imei Specific Symbian Certificate
  234. "Tools" category not displaying items assigned to it in Store
  235. [moved] Image meta data for Asha 501
  236. Nokia Store deep links
  237. Is it possible to convert a content item from a web app to a java app
  238. PIM APIs not accessible when app is installed from Nokia Store (Nokia Asha SDK)
  239. Nokia Store Receipt As Proof Of Purchase.
  240. Meego / Maemo apps submittable only by partner publishers
  241. Closing account and getting the earnings transferred?
  242. Sell is down to 10% starting new year
  243. Privacy Statement: What statement to use for Share button in share API
  244. QA overview
  245. Nokia store spam
  246. Publish web app to nokia symbian
  247. My game packaage name already exists ?
  248. How to claim publisher name from OVI store
  249. Linking to apps on the Nokia App Market Place
  250. When I have tried to publish a android App for Nokia X in the nokia store