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  1. Can't find my own application !
  2. Roles of Discussion Board & Ovi Support
  3. QA Process Frozen
  4. Publish Flash-Lite items to OVI store with self signed certificate
  5. "All Time" report for individual product?
  6. Device popularity statistics?
  7. Where is my app?
  8. How long does the QA process usually take?
  9. OVI :submit & publish
  10. "Nokia Account authentication system is currently down" for at least past 3 days
  11. how to update published application?
  12. Download numbers DECREMENTING?!?
  13. QA failed: game N95 landscape not available
  14. Success cases for OVI Store
  15. Meta data and QA?
  16. Creating Content
  17. We coodn't complete registration. Please help !!!
  18. will an aplication like this be accepted?
  19. Requesting new Category under Channels Metadata
  20. Feedback after buy
  21. connected app failing QA
  22. Help me with TAX and ZIP
  23. App doesn't appear in any search result on Ovi
  24. Need assistance with game not showing up for 5th edition
  25. how do we handle multiple language releases
  26. Publishing Video Content on OVI
  27. Does app get pulled from PVO app store when metadata content is updated?
  28. why disabled my publisher accounts ?
  29. How do you delete content ?
  30. App not published, but reported downloaded!
  31. Insurance Requirements for Premium Services
  32. Application failed due to "Unable to install."
  33. Audio and Video
  34. Publishing donationware
  35. Missing: Ryan Christensen, my acct manager
  36. How to get User's profile?
  37. Ok so how on earth can I publish my game on OVI??
  38. Error Installing On Nokia N73 Orange
  39. Can we put open sign sis file on ovi?
  40. "Video proof" of QA failures?
  41. Another failure publishing to Ovi
  42. Multiple files within the same content item
  43. App does not appear in search
  44. mobile link to my app?
  45. I think apple iPhone Developer Program is well than ovi
  46. Packaging S40 Theme for Ovi
  47. “File format not supported” - help me to fix
  48. Change icons on published application (QA)
  49. Ovi Store publishing tool Offline Aug 15th.
  50. How can we contact a customer that describes a problems in his review
  51. Ovi Publishing tool unavailable for 4 hours this Sat for maintenance
  52. "Report Issue" and offensive reviews
  53. New devices available for distributing your Ovi Store content
  54. over 28 days? to publish a wallpaper? really?
  55. Failded QA again!!
  56. New Devices Supported at Ovi Store
  57. Accepting competition to OVI maps
  58. We cannot see our uploaded and live app - FlipFont
  59. Info regarding Ovi Store publishing
  60. Ovi Store related info
  61. Ovi Store Monopoly - disaster
  62. I think S60 3rd Edition FP2 devices don't recognise a Thawte certificate. Solutions?
  63. Google links to OVI broken
  64. Can I publish an ebook in Ovi?
  65. Can you make a sticky about everything that a publisher should know?
  66. Sales dropped to zero... Ovi content management problems again?
  67. [moved] My experience publishing to the Ovi Store
  68. App does not appear in european ovi stores
  69. Applications published on OVI are coming in serach
  70. Soon to be released versions
  71. Unlocking files that are uploaded to OVI but are in QA testing with a PENDING status
  72. Is there someone here who is satisfied on OVI?
  73. Payee information
  74. [Moved] Ovi Developer
  75. Ovi's search-function broken
  76. Failed QA due to encryption, USA distribution not allowed
  77. Failed QA due to encryption, USA distribution not allowed (reopened)
  78. company type for OVI publishing
  79. No Wallpapers, MMS or Videos
  80. [moved] OVI Store
  81. How long QA pending
  82. Direct links to Apps in OVI
  83. FlipFont application displays on OVI screen but it says item is unavailable
  84. Can Ovi incorporate a recurring-payment model?
  85. Published item back to pending state, and blocked there
  86. Using the same UID for a trial version
  87. QE-passed applications (passed 5 days ago) not visible on OVI store
  88. Some questions about Ovi requirements
  89. Will Thawte or Verisign signed apps work on all devices?
  90. Mongkok is a context sensitive virtual DJ
  91. Paid for content upgrades
  92. Queries regarding TIN Number and Publisher Id
  93. Game description (language) problems in Ovi Store!
  94. Are there any batch operations available?
  95. Applications uploaded 26 days ago, passed QE and still on visible on OVI store?
  96. Feature status question
  97. Related items logic
  98. Current QA & publication period
  99. ovi store - pay without credit card
  100. How to get started with OVI
  101. Linking to services other than Nokia/Ovi
  102. Java me - Thawte certificate
  103. Noob Question.
  104. Indemnity insurance & License Questions
  105. Java Verified Test House Question for 5800
  106. Suggestions for faster and cheaper QA
  107. Ovi - a legal nightmare
  108. OVI QA Failed
  109. How to pay the register fee in China
  110. Wallpapers
  111. Application getting rejected due to 'phone not supported by ovi'
  112. Developing Freeware
  113. what information can we extract from customer sales
  114. Sales reports
  115. Q RE: New devices available for distributing your Ovi Store content
  116. New to Ovi
  117. N95 on-device store app working for anyone?
  118. No saction or support since weeks
  119. Publishing a C++ Symbian App on Ovi?
  120. passed but not published
  121. Updates and pricing effects
  122. if I “unlock” on the web page to update the meta data?
  123. Content Distribution - Countries and Languages
  124. how to uninstall??? pls help
  125. Email: "Please correct your Language Distribution for your Content Items"
  126. how does it take to be out of pending status
  127. Troble with QA
  128. N900 / Maemo
  129. Android Market v Nokia OVI.
  130. OVI Store Questions
  131. Publish to Ovi from Poland
  132. VAT Tax ID Issue on OVI Registration
  133. How to publish Theme to Ovi Publisher?
  134. 'Any Phone' not listing all apps?
  135. Ovi Maps On Nokia E63
  136. questions about file locking and unlocking
  137. Ovi Publish & Ovi Store - scheduled maintenance
  138. Parsing a file
  139. Passive content SIS through QA - suggestions?
  140. File corrupted QA - please help!
  141. securing our software from OVI...
  142. Set a theme in ovi client directly
  143. 'Most Popular' sort enigma - totally confused
  144. T&Cs Content Distribution
  145. Nokia Test Criteria for Symbian C++ Applications v2.2
  146. The Big Update
  147. Registration
  148. in-app ads and QA
  149. WRT Protection
  150. Where are Ovi Store Terms & Conditions for Publishers
  151. Critical Publisher info only available if you become a publisher
  152. download problems
  153. Add-ins
  154. Forward lock problem in Ovi Store
  155. Two weeks after passing QA and still not published
  156. Proposal for discussion: Cooperative interaction and cross-promotion
  157. Guideline for Qt Applications
  158. App Categories
  159. OVI Publishing as Java Verified Test House
  160. QA not picking up updated SISX file?
  161. How is the visibility of products on the ovi store
  162. publishing free contents
  163. [moved]Firmware versions - Nokia is reporting "Mosaic characters" drawn with DrawText
  164. Difference in payment and estimated revenue
  165. Re-Download hanging
  166. 50 € - Receipt - Ovi Support where are you?
  167. What is the deal with supported/unsupported devices ???
  168. No paid applications?
  169. screen size for a game
  170. Re-downloading
  171. Ovi Store app submission and Symbian Signed
  172. Affiliate program
  173. App not available to correct devices in store
  174. Protecting Widgets
  175. Customer Information
  176. NOKIA Music from OVI Store
  177. Funny translation of a category name in Ovi Store - are there more?
  178. The right way to handle upgrades without overlap in distribution and downtimes?
  179. Submitting app for Ovi Store
  180. Sales reports publishing time
  181. Two Weeks in Approval Process
  182. Ovi store impressions (so far)
  183. Is Java Signing a requirement to be published on OVI?
  184. I do not receive the form to be premium publisher
  185. My situation...
  186. Reporting Service Down?
  187. N900 Ovi Store
  188. Are there some documents of pubilshing to Ovi Store from NOKIA
  189. UID3 for sis and dll
  190. Content published but not visible on the store
  191. Ovi QA
  192. business
  193. Media Geo vs Media Genre
  194. Ovi Publisher Registration
  195. Uploading apps to app stores must be made a lot easier
  196. Multiple builds
  197. QA failed & symbian signed
  198. Update an application on Ovi
  199. Getting Started with OVI
  200. Anybody seen reports stop working?
  201. New devloper but can not register(for Nokia staf)
  202. refund my amount.
  203. New User Experience resources available
  204. Jad/Jar
  205. Who need Chinese games?
  206. 5th edition devices & virtual joypad
  207. A confirmation email does not arrive
  208. Official complaint about the OVI store process
  209. Java Verified Certification and Ovi Submission
  210. Ovi store log in problems.
  211. Ovi Article: "The most painful Q&A session Nokia has ever had to go through"
  212. Regarding updating the Application in OVI Store
  213. Right way to update my application
  214. Notice: store.ovi.mobi not accessible with 5800
  215. Credit card processing INSIDE an app
  216. OVI Store worster than Iphone's app store...
  217. Reporting: downloads ./. device percentages
  218. Call Logs Events
  219. New content item – Choose Channel
  220. Language - choosing distribution for your content item
  221. time to go through QA
  222. Sales not showing up AGAIN!
  223. Why does the publisher's site in inaccessible?
  224. Publish J2ME app as Individual developer to OVI
  225. OVI should sponsor some free applications
  226. Can I submet for 5th and 3rd as NFL file??
  227. App free trial in Ovi Store
  228. How to publish video content when it's not showing among content choices?
  229. Link from demo to full version
  230. Limits for OVI store
  231. suggestion for ovi store....live chat
  232. Problem or Possible loophole in username-password retrieval
  233. Unable to make payment on Publisher.ovi
  234. Failed QA
  235. OVI for N900
  236. Are nth files supported by ovi
  237. Updating content in Ovi
  238. Optimal platform to develop for
  239. Is there any wha to convert nth into NFL
  240. Native application publishing.
  241. a question about "www.onlineasithappens.nokia.com"
  242. Most Popular and content id
  243. App failed QA because of the missing end date
  244. Application activation key after purchases
  245. OVI store reporting N95 not supported
  246. Ron, I have a question about the submit puduct.
  247. How to submit Reg Key supported products to ovi?
  248. No sales reports for recently added apps
  249. Top Grossing applications report please
  250. Chinese content