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  1. Ovi in 3120classic
  2. Apps Disappeared
  3. Upgrading an app
  4. Problem with 3120
  5. S40 5th & Verisign
  6. mails sent to publishtoovi.support@nokia.com not answered
  7. Ovi Store reports
  8. Promote product inside S/W
  9. Press registration code ????
  10. I can't register! Help...
  11. Publishing Flash Lite content
  12. Publish contents to OVI
  13. Ovis store stats problem
  14. Reports exporting feature
  15. Rewards for Ovi exclusivity
  16. Ovi Store - Supported countries for paid/free content
  17. Invoice of publish fee
  18. How to charge for subscription based services
  19. Java API for OVI Maps Player
  20. thoughts on free demos
  21. VAT within europe
  22. ovi store reports request
  23. payee information with intermediary bank
  24. Java Verified Submission Portal - strange problem
  25. OVI Store not available in My Country
  26. order by popularity
  27. Acount Disabled
  28. Promotions on Ovi
  29. Content guidelines - Potentially Sensitive Content
  30. none-english language
  31. Series 40 - 6th Edition - Themes
  32. How to sign builds prior to submission?
  33. The Wonderful World of Ovi Store (video)
  34. Can we have a sticky on certificates?
  35. OVI Maps 3.03 problem
  36. message from SAP team Ovi Store... / PublishToOvi.support mails
  37. Publishing widgets with APIBridge
  38. "Only Nokia billing is accepted"
  39. the only missing map in the world of nokia
  40. Synchronise problem with Ovi Suite
  41. No sales reports, reloaded
  42. Tax-ID for individual developer?
  43. Question Regarding EULA
  44. Before Publishing
  45. "Live Talkback" and "HandyWi" Publisher Success Stories
  46. Another problem with sales figures
  47. OVi store : is it worth it?
  48. THAWTE incompatible OVI devices?
  49. Programming OviApps in Java. What do you think?
  50. Nokia E72 Ovi maps update to 3.3
  51. Payment now on a calendar monthly basis?
  52. Delay getting apps published on Ovi store
  53. Data on Paid Apps
  54. sales report broken again?
  55. Nokia does not report all sales and I can prove it
  56. anomaly in sales report and billing matrix
  57. Item not available and payment issues.
  58. Delay in getting an app published
  59. Automated sales reports download
  60. How to get permission for graphics upload on ovi?
  61. Can you tell us what Ovi uses to test apps?
  62. "Carnival Comics" publisher success story
  63. February reporting sales
  64. Confusion on using Forward Lock with SISX
  65. Paid App V/s Adware Apps
  66. "fring" publisher success story
  67. "Twittle" publisher success story
  68. Content Guidelines for Publishing Content to Ovi Store
  69. It is possible to publish QT app on Ovi store?
  70. "Nimbuzz" publisher success story
  71. Ovi Store "2.0" features?
  72. "Sensible Sudoku" publisher success story
  73. ovi - sales - gone
  74. Reviews on OVI store
  75. update function API from ovi store
  76. Publish on Ovi Store vs AppStore
  77. warez issues
  78. Will non-scaling affect QA?
  79. price of java verification?
  80. Payment and revenue for free applications
  81. January payment
  82. What's the deal with Chinese content?
  83. piracy of j2me apps and how to stop it
  84. Subscription based app on OVI store
  85. cost of publishing
  86. How to "Load distribution from existing file"
  87. Thawte signing S40 problem
  88. Weird new search algorithm
  89. N900 not on selected mobile list N900 search problems
  90. Promote Your App with an Ovi Banner
  91. virtual d-pad on j2me
  92. OVI Store: Total costs
  93. updating a published app
  94. Support for .pip file
  95. [moved] OVI QA process for WRT apps
  96. Forbidden links, what is the alternative?
  97. publish as a freelance developer
  98. Commercial OVI Store for N900
  99. s40 5th edition percentage
  100. 2MB sis restriction?
  101. Can I publish app to Ovi store when portraite or landscape orientation is blocked?
  102. Cost of getting first app to market
  103. Entry criteria for Nokia Widgets WRT
  104. Is it possible to have individual purchaser's information?
  105. stats
  106. [moved] Application is untrusted and may be harmful to you phone
  107. a
  108. Error Msg : Ovi Store is currently not available for your device.
  109. My own licence
  110. Artistic mild non explicit nudity: allowed or not?
  111. Can I publish my Qt for S60 application in Ovi store?
  112. Support website field on publish
  113. Questions regarding updates of application
  114. producting setting question on OVI
  115. How to protect .sis? Shareware?
  116. Under maintenance
  117. Code Signing Certificate expiration after 1 year
  118. Ovi Store acceptance of SIS packaged by Adobe Mobile Packager
  119. Registration to Ovi store doesn't work
  120. my awful story with ovi store
  121. wrong version published from ovi
  122. Empty reports
  123. Paid Apps
  124. Can I publish to the ovi store using my social security number as my tax id?
  125. Do I need some ID, Key/certificate before uploading to ovi store
  126. Refund money
  127. Multiple or Single verison(s) on QA - publish
  128. Money will come from
  129. How to publish a Maemo app?
  130. Content Pre-approval
  131. Every Developer should be able to publish apps
  132. Promo Codes for Publisher
  133. Are Qt applications already accepted in Ovi store ?
  134. Symbian Signing - RIP ?
  135. Minimum set of test phones for Symbian app?
  136. One content item in two languages
  137. Dynamic Video Stream/Load in Flash Lite 1.1
  138. Cyborg and virtual characters. Allowed?
  139. Cross Sell On a Java Game
  140. certificate error
  141. Payment system broken on Ovi
  142. New Version Notification to User
  143. Demo app on OVI Store, user activates app through publisher's website, possible?
  144. pys60 2 application as .sis via Ovi Store??
  145. ovistore.exe command line params
  146. operator vs credit card payment methods
  147. publish down ovi down and no info about planed maintenance
  148. Tools to access reviews/comments from ALL markets
  149. Is there any docs about posting procedure available?
  150. ovi Billing - Free to 1 euro
  151. Maemo Ovi Store FAILED
  152. Survey for developers of the Ovi Store
  153. Register not possible as vat number is required
  154. ovi store bugs
  155. End date for published content.
  156. Publish applications as an independent developer
  157. [moved] Nokia Ovi error
  158. reports didnt get updated last night
  159. Timeframe when submitting apps
  160. links to company sites
  161. Publishing audio or video ringtones, wallpapers and themes
  162. How to publish Maemo apps?
  163. [moved] Publish to OVI
  164. How to contact customer on ovi store?
  165. BUG user can't download application
  166. statistics again again again again again
  167. N900 To sell or not to sell?
  168. Review comments deleted
  169. Ovi Store Stats - as of 12 April
  170. Requirements for device testing? Complete confusion.
  171. statistics again again again CSV file
  172. My conntent was downloaded with unsupported phone model
  173. publishing on ovi store => Testing on humans
  174. Multilingual Applications & Localized content
  175. Publish to OVI using stripped down Qt static bin, Smart Installer release date?
  176. Landscape Device List For Nokia OVI
  177. Signing with VeriSign code signing
  178. [moved] symbian store
  179. [moved] App stuck in the queue (was Re: Welcome Publishers!)
  180. is there a way to duplicate (clone) application?
  181. How to publish 100 Applications
  182. new handsets
  183. Reports availability
  184. Once passed the QA, when do it will be publish?
  185. commenting on user reviews
  186. Ovi store
  187. Our revenue share with operator billing.
  188. How to remove content from OVI?
  189. Show submission time + QA completion estimation
  190. Publishers of Themes on Ovi Store Must Use New Carbide UI Performance Plug-In to Pack
  191. ovi store road map
  192. png images issue
  194. BUG ovi store plugin in web browser
  195. BUG ovi store foreign language problem
  196. Change in billing matrix?
  197. Content publishing for N900
  198. Homescreen mini view support
  199. Publishing on Ovi Store
  200. Nokia N8 - Ovi Store - Compatibility
  201. my express signed is disappeared on www.symbiansigned.com
  202. OVI store don't use wap push for send to phone
  203. Account settings
  204. Link to published app created
  205. Being featured in the "recommended by Nokia" influence your Ovi Store sales?
  206. Does editing content item unpublish it?
  207. app URL to the ovi store
  208. About dialog
  209. Distributing Client/Server Binaries
  210. Licensing (Again)
  211. OVI store not for individual developers?
  212. Bugs in review comments
  213. Share your app wizard experience with your peers...
  214. Permission from US Government for security related SW
  215. Twitter feeds
  216. Turkish character problem for my username
  217. Publish content doesn't appear on ovi
  218. Item FAILED: Poor Description.
  219. Publish multiple versions on Ovi-Store
  220. Publish in one language only
  221. ovi store payment
  222. content got stolen from Ovi Store!
  223. 95% drop in sales
  224. My App says Published but doesn't appear in the Ovi Store
  225. Ovi store dosen't work, HELP!!!!!
  226. search isn't working again country depended content
  227. Packaging Themes to Satisfy OVI Store Criteria
  228. VAT in Brazil
  229. WRT Widget content type
  230. Individual selling applications
  231. .jar size limit in Ovi Store
  232. [Moved] Ovi store
  233. Sales Reports
  234. Special requirements for financial (e.g. stock trading) apps
  235. VAT / Tax ID for publishers in INDIA
  236. Operator specific distribution
  237. "We are experiencing problems with the payment service"
  238. 5th Edition Themes keep failing QA
  239. Suggestion on how to fix Ovi reviews
  240. "You tried to lock item that is already locked." error
  241. Java version corrupted?
  242. Duplicate app name for different platforms
  243. Ovi apps hidden
  244. Ovi app wizard special prize:- The Most Popular RSS Apps
  245. OVI Maps SDK
  246. Software Security
  247. Understand installation process
  248. Theme created with Carbide.ui 3.4 S60 5th Edition plug-in
  249. Nokia device firmware bug failed app in QA
  250. Symbian publisher ID (to publish on OVI)