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  1. VAT number for hobby projects.
  2. Symbian Signed instructions valid or not?
  3. Publisher ID instructions valid or not?
  4. issue on running/installing the WRT version leads to bad reviews
  5. Updating from Ovi Suite
  6. App reviews disappear, appear,disappear, appear,disappear, appear,disappear
  7. j2me application published at ovi
  8. payment and sales report questions
  9. using webservice in app wizard
  10. Will my sales drop sharply if I disable operator billing?
  11. E52 导航自动退出问题仍然存在
  12. I recieved Ovi Store business model Survey
  13. Problem refreshing feeds
  14. Symbian Signed, express or certified ?
  15. MMMOOO: over 4.6m downloads in Ovi Store
  16. QA and bank holiday = morons running wild
  17. do we need to create .install file to upload our QT maemo application to OVI store
  18. Publishing a Maemo application
  19. App feed update issue
  20. publishing a standalone Flash app to N900
  21. full and trial versions UID's
  22. Ovi store client bug
  23. Is it worth to publish native paid app to Ovi Store?
  24. promoting apps in OVI banner
  25. Payments
  26. searching for country depend content isn't working
  27. QA: select at least one "fully tested" device per platform
  28. Design, Develop, Distribute – the New Forum Nokia
  29. Success Story: Polarbit- 1 Million+ Downloads in Ovi Store
  30. QA process: status 'editing'
  31. Average QA time
  32. Single or multi SIS for different platforms ?
  33. Selling client / server application
  34. Nokia X6 and updated Ovi Client wont allow correct entry U.K. Card number
  35. Releasing App to Ovi Store
  36. Problems with Wlan "always Ask" NOKIA E63 Updated to last version
  37. Success Story: Ravensoft- 1.5 Million+ downloads in 200+ countries in Ovi Store
  38. Open letter to nokia (Ovi team)
  39. Audio and Video publish to ovi.
  40. "Your Usual Service will Resume Shortly" - Apps Developed with Ovi App Wizard
  41. How to get agreements signed on a paper?
  42. Success Story: Locago- 2 million+ downloads in 200+ countries in Ovi Store
  43. Same programm, device dependant functionality
  44. OVI has made an error with launching our product and the support doesn't answer.
  45. ovi store client 1.07
  46. How to contact our customers ?
  47. reporting service
  48. Application is not hidden from unreleased ovi repository???
  49. [moved/feedback] Ovi Store App Deeply Flawed
  50. Is it now cheaper to publish sis files to OVI?
  51. publish.ovi.com down in maintenance and no email about planed maintenance
  52. Dynamic Licensing
  53. Reviews broken
  54. Create new content ==> "Permission denied. ..." ?
  55. Process to upoload paid app...
  56. Reports/Statistics problem, please Nokia help
  57. Can I publish QT app to Ovi store and get paid (Nokia QT SDK non commercial license)
  58. can i upload with any way a HD video( 4 min) file to the ovi store ?
  59. something important for me to join the ovi store.
  60. "Problem with payment service" but still charged
  61. Success Story: Playlist DJ- 1 Million+ downloads in 200+ countries in Ovi Store
  62. Success Story: Lunaforte- 6 Million+ downloads in 200+ countries in Ovi Store
  63. Success Story: Farm Frenzy- 6 Million+ downloads in 200+ countries in Ovi Store
  64. Success Story: Offscreen- 34 million+ downloads in 200+ countries in Ovi Store
  65. Reviews out again
  66. E-mail verification mail not received
  67. So what is the stand used by QA team?
  68. What are the GUI rules for landscape mode?
  69. Revenue share model
  70. Im Totaly dissapointed from NOKIA
  71. Public beta of Nokia signing Symbian apps for free
  72. Ovi Store free signing for Jave apps
  73. Is this allowed ?
  74. ovi store true story
  75. QA failed - Reason: prompt to update and install Adobe Flash Lite during installation
  76. new phenomenon
  77. Does anyone receive replies to emails sent to PublishToOvi.Support@nokia.com?
  78. # of units distributed through Ovi doesn't match my stats - why?
  79. Problem with publish on Ovi Store
  80. CHFO 6 digit bank code
  81. QA Assurance - Holidays?
  82. [moved] Subscription model for an app
  83. Publishing FlashLite app for S40 and S60
  84. Different Icon Sizes
  85. OVI store Developer Satisfaction Survey July 2010
  86. In app purchase validation
  87. Nokia assigned UID is not found in your SIS file
  88. response
  89. Ad in my application
  90. Reviews disappeared?
  91. today I'm celebrating 30 days
  92. OVI QA failed media for certificate error when they need to Sign application!!!
  93. ovi problem
  94. Receipt for purchase
  95. Why I see only free items on ovi?
  96. All pictures in OVI app client at least on 5800 are in worst resolution
  97. Test app before publishing on ovi
  98. When is Ovi Store going to change?
  99. Messages
  100. Reviews tab -- Fix needed
  101. Publish Theme's to OVI
  102. New ovi store client. at least for N8
  103. How to protect my software from piract
  104. Why is the N900 not supported?
  105. Publish FlashLite app
  106. alternative to ovi maps sdk
  107. Can't pay for application. How often it happens?
  108. Unable to access publish.ovi.com
  109. Questions on price tiers and updates
  110. OVI store billing one big fun, one big not working black bole
  111. How can I put my application to Nokia OVI store?
  112. finally passed QA, but..
  113. [moved] publish on Ovi unsigned JME applications
  114. Nokia OVI - jar file must reference the jad file
  115. switch from symbiansigned to Nokia app sign
  116. Where to upload Maemo Package (.deb)?
  117. Registering with Ovi store
  118. OVI Suite backup DOSEN'T WORK!
  119. Publish to Ovi News
  120. Gamble Game
  121. How many of us will attend Nokia Developer Summit?
  122. email form PublishToOVI.Support zero revenue
  123. My application has been in review for 8 days
  124. [moved] About CA
  125. Newbie: Free signing, what to do with .crt and .key files?
  126. Drop in sales
  127. Maemo™ 5 Applications: Ovi Store Entry Requirements
  128. Preparing an app for Ovi
  129. Getting build issues while installing QT-ORBIT for NOKIA-QT-SDK.
  130. Qt and "Ovi Store publishing tool"
  131. Ovi Downloader crashing a lot
  132. countries distribution list
  133. publishtoovi.support@nokia.com not working today
  134. Allowed to access paid services?
  135. Doubt distributing game using OVI -Plz reply ASAP
  136. Technology
  137. ovi store bugs report -> fix time
  138. Not recieved payment in this month September
  139. 5800 & accelerometer
  140. Improvements for the Ovi Store website
  141. How to export contacts from Ovi Suite?
  142. Need help with account :(
  143. Nokia World 2010 and J2ME Signing
  144. New fixed-rate revenue share
  145. Submitting S60 3rd Edition app to Ovi Store
  146. New Revenue Share
  147. search engine isn't working
  148. [moved] How to publish apps on OVI
  149. Apply for OVI publishing from India
  150. Commercial apps for Maemo5 on N900
  151. Uploading Qt application to OVI
  152. How to properly add lite and full version of your app to OVI store
  153. Registering at Ovi store: Personal vs Corporate account type
  154. open ovi store app from your app ???
  155. Apps are missing when searching by publisher name
  156. Open Source applications in Ovi Store
  157. Java Verified: only ONE flow chart??
  158. Raptor and Ovi Store
  159. FM Radio alarm
  160. Ovi Publisher discounts
  161. Linking to Ovi Store from App
  162. publish encryption utility
  163. Copy Protection
  164. All Applications Vanished
  165. Sales over 100K, what app are you develop?
  166. Application with NO support. Is it possible?
  167. Error messg while publishing in ovi
  168. OviStore developers survey
  169. 25 Days waiting for publishing our Nokia Software - and that for 50 euro... nonsense
  170. Software categories
  171. Criteria to be recommended
  172. Question about payments from OVI
  173. In-App Purchase
  174. Problem with certificate of Ovi content
  175. Ovi store does not accept my .deb package
  176. Problem signing app with Nokia shared UID's
  177. How long it takes to receive the QA report?
  178. Application version number
  179. Forum Nokia online FlashLite packager is down
  180. Dependencies to extras repository are allowed for OVI store apps?
  181. [moved] Cert stopped working
  182. Ovi Store and N900: "There are no paid items available for this category"
  183. QA passed but no confirmation and app not published
  184. What's so special about China & South Korea?
  185. What's the condition of publishing application to Ovi store
  186. Signing applications without owning any IMEI
  187. Does my app even install from Ovi Store?
  188. Any chance to make QA work faster?
  189. Please help
  190. Challenge to Nokia: Make it easy to submit!
  191. status after submit to QA
  192. status of ovi store
  193. trial and full versions submbission
  194. apps appearing many times in the "new" section of OVI
  195. Launch Ovi Store from within a QT app (N8)
  196. Faster support for registered publishers
  197. Updating an app thats already published
  198. A partial overview of Ovi Store at 6:30 GMT 30/10/10 browsing it from computer
  199. How to pack wrt j2me flash application to sis file?
  200. png images issue
  201. Link to published app created
  202. Link to published app created
  203. OVI Maps SDK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  204. OVI store QA is failing
  205. Requesting phone data access
  206. App created with the wizard store the feed in cache !?
  207. Any way to check QA Status ?
  208. Error add new content in Ovi Publish. Help.
  209. App QA Passed but not available on OVI STORE
  210. Is Signing Compulsory?
  211. Publish to Ovi apologizes for delays
  212. Date Starts over again
  213. Nokia free signing
  214. Failed to Express Sign
  215. Two noob questions. QA and languages
  216. How to publish free content?
  217. Symbian Signed Type ?!
  218. myapp_installer.sis untrusted
  219. NetworkControl - rejected - how to be accepted ?
  220. Vendor name
  221. Sandbox environment ??
  222. Waiting now 40 days for publishing content... paid 50 euro for that.. unbelievable
  223. FInding out the expiry of a certificate
  224. In App Purchase of Goods and Services
  225. Is your app in Limbo? check the link
  226. got these errors on QA overview
  227. Automatic installation of Nokia signed apps
  228. Doubts regarding App with Digital Content
  229. Doubts regarding App with Digital Content
  230. Doubts regarding App with Digital Content
  231. Use Nokia E71 -E72-E73 to Create Mobile applicatio/ We have better solution
  232. Supported language and distribution regions
  233. Publish my first app on Ovi
  234. OVI sign problem
  235. App published on STORE although it didn’t pass the QA
  236. Failed because of "Outdated version of Qt Mobility"
  237. How to make sales-campaing?
  238. How long need to wait for stats to be shown?
  239. OVI Suite should support Lotus Notes
  240. Selected languages for distribution
  241. Heads up, don't use transparent pngs as icons / screenshots
  242. Publish apps packed with smartInstaller to ovi store
  243. How long it takes to Publish?
  244. Heads up, Christmas themed content distribution.
  245. non download themes from OVI store
  246. Is vendor name is same as Display Name in Publish Account?
  247. Email send to publishtoovi.support@nokia.com
  248. Can I use UIDS from symbiansigned.com?
  249. questions on publish a QT app on Ovi Store
  250. Need direct link to app, please help