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  1. lifecycle costs for an application
  2. Supported countries for publishers
  3. Can't receive the confirm mail !
  4. Free Signing - Magic Formula?
  5. Reports server - certificate expired
  6. Application update is free for already purchased?
  7. OVI maintenance/security issues ??
  8. Qt Disclaimer required?
  9. App acceptance/rejection subjective based on who QA's it?
  10. OVI should seriously be concerned about QA delays
  11. Files:In Progress Changed to File:Pending?
  12. Nokia signing and distribution/updates of applications
  13. Adding new metadata on already passed Content item
  14. Unable to download Published Item.
  15. reports.ovi.com - The site's security certificate has expired!
  16. S.M.S like Iphone or Windows Mobile ?
  17. 2 weeks in QA, file still pending
  18. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth
  19. MP3 background music in game - royalties & license
  20. New Metadata Needed: Additional documentation?
  21. ovi store is it really 60:40 for distributors?
  22. from what sum Nikoa sends money to developer?
  23. Chrome no longer remembers the password for publish.ovi.com
  24. Application for a company - what do we need to sell
  25. why specify 13MB?
  26. can't download from ovi application wizard
  27. Content File: Invalid metadata
  28. New Metatags Needed
  29. HOWTO create sis file for ovi store submission?
  30. How long for price changes?
  31. Publishing using Smart Installer for pure Symbian C++ (non QT) application
  32. impossible to register as publisher -"application error"
  33. New year - new venture. iPhone to Ovi
  34. How to publish wallpaper&videos&audios?
  35. Money money money
  36. Can't download new apps in Ovi Store !
  37. Requesting UIDs for Self Signing
  38. Finding you Vender Name in your Ovi Publish Account
  39. Maemo depends packages
  40. Delay updating content
  41. Broken N8 winning device
  42. Apps pull down from OVI
  43. Is Developer responsible for ensuring IP/ copyright non-infringement?
  44. payment problem
  45. How to sign my application? What tools I want?
  46. Free Signing - IMEI of five phones
  47. Qt 4.7 applications allowed for Ovi submissions? (n900 PR 1.3)
  48. Please help me to publish my first QT App
  49. Maemo Ovi Publish QA team gone on extended leave?
  50. Symbian Signed Criteria?
  51. Sales decrease in these days
  52. Publi
  53. Paid or Demo versions not showing up in search
  54. My first QT App just got published to OVI Store
  55. In app purchase
  56. distribute demo outside ovi?
  57. Disable security prompts
  58. Is it required to register at the Symbian Signed also?
  59. Device distribution change resets QA?
  60. new year's reporting bug?
  61. Linking up 2 different publisher IDs
  62. Related on Ovi Store
  63. Why does Ovi publisher survey ask wrong questions?
  64. PAYPAL
  65. Can't install to test prior to publishing
  66. Alternative development tool
  67. How long it takes to receive a publisher UID for Ovi free signing?
  68. App version upgrade question
  69. Which signing capability is required for fetching Device ID and using Shared Object?
  70. App published but not appearing in the search results
  71. OviStore - EPIC FAIL?
  72. Error packing a Qt unsigned application with Nokia UID
  73. How to change Publisher Brand Logo?
  74. Help! I can't get my UID and key pairs.
  75. Comments on OVI related to failed download
  76. OviStore - Wishlist from publishers
  77. How to know how many applications have been downloaded?
  78. Nokia Publisher - Submitting Application and Vendor ID question
  79. Which time can solve the reports bug???
  80. Smart installer and Ovi Store app problems
  81. Online reporting doesn't show number of sales anymore
  82. Salary for individual Publishers and taxes
  83. Widget / APIBridge QA issues
  84. Lifestyle App-Mobiesta "your mobile fun guide" is finally out on Ovi Store!!!
  85. You tried to submit changes that were already submitted
  86. Update to already published content
  87. Use remote compiler to submit app to Ovi Store?
  88. "This content file contains invalid metadata!"
  89. App passed but not published
  90. QA Passed - why not published yet
  91. New Qt app delay may be due to duplication
  92. Update from Symbian C++ App to Qt App
  93. nokiaovisuite.exe hangs on winxp64bit and cannot find ovi maps app
  94. New device in distribution, C7-00_1
  95. Search result mystery
  96. App Discovery apps allowed on OVI?
  97. Passed not published means what, exactly?
  98. update management?
  99. Support email address and support web site for app
  100. can change "See original story" on landing page?
  101. Disabling the virtual d-pad...
  102. Latest Model Mobiles
  103. UID NOT assigned to you by Nokia with packed sis
  104. My app does not last updated !!
  105. I received UIDs for Five IMEIs and what now?
  106. Which UID should I used?
  107. Symbain Signed Type - which is free?
  108. Just observation about security and protection.
  109. Devices: "Symbian3" in Report
  110. Publish a new app on ovi
  111. [moved] How do I use Ovi .crt & .key files to sign for Series 40 using Java keytool?
  112. Application Signing for Ovi Store Publishers
  113. Qt 4.7 and Calling Innovator Competition
  114. Slow QA process
  115. Marketing banners etc.
  116. How to get rid of those installation issue "reviews"?
  117. Also publish outside OVI
  118. RSS New App with ovi app wizard
  119. QT App with CameraWrapper
  120. QA takes too much time and support keeps silence
  121. Publisher report showing device "Symbian3"
  122. Installation fails, but one can still review
  123. publishing to Ovi Store and also the web site
  124. shall i want to submit [B]source code of my application[/B] for OVI java free signing
  125. payment of last month?
  126. How long does the QA process for a Java application?
  127. Publishing ... what went wrong ? :(
  128. eliminate the round trip time of online signing
  129. Content file(s) updated in Ovi Store even though I did not submit it
  130. Calling Innovator deadline
  131. Content "Published" but can't be seen on Ovi store
  132. Images Cached
  133. Report issue on comment/review
  134. How to publish a pys60 (python 2.0.0) app
  135. I can't register on publish.ovi.com
  136. Future of Ovi Store for Symbian apps?
  137. About the new alliance (Nokia + Microsoft)
  138. Nokia, Ovi, MS
  139. How frequent "Paid content" reports get updated ?
  140. How to update an app to a new version?
  141. App tagged with "This item may require a one-time download of components"
  142. Ovi Suite on other partition.
  143. Calling Innovator and Qt Mobility 1.1
  144. Help quality assurance
  145. Ovi Store report lost history
  146. Do I need to register a new publisher account for Microsoft Marketplace?
  147. how to publish application
  148. Support for S60v3 phones dropped?
  149. Stalled processing of Qt applications for Symbian^3 devices
  150. 11.2.11 announcement concerns
  151. install app plus500
  152. Chinese market
  153. A lot of complaints
  154. Publish Qt+OpenGl in Ovi Store
  155. creating Nokia App with Conduit Mobile
  156. Impossible Non-Compete Requirement
  157. Qt Mobility API 1.1.0 and Ovi Store
  158. Publish to ovi under maintenance
  159. Ovi app wizard question?
  160. News on OVI app upgrade notification ?
  161. How to update published (Qt, Symbian) apps?
  162. Stall on C7-00_1: What's the difference between C7-00_1 and C7-00?
  163. Did you get the payment of January?
  164. Transferring company to other person
  165. uids for Qt app
  166. Can India download only "free" apps?
  167. Ovi store sales again stuck?
  168. Ovi delays (extracted from "Something is wrong with Open Signed Online")
  169. 有中国的开发者吗?
  170. Ovi terms
  171. App appears twice in OviStore
  172. app sells only for N8 & E7
  173. Anybody else not seeing payments from US?
  174. Change app's icon viewed at Nokia Ovi Store
  175. How you promote your Ovi app?
  176. Promotion codes (or coupons) for paid applications?
  177. In-App-Purchase availability and work arounds?
  178. J2ME download via OVI: How to check license
  179. We did not get paid for February?
  180. Localization, best practice to maximize revenue
  181. What is Application characteristics document
  182. OVI Store bestsellers list is wrong
  183. [moved] OVI search API
  184. Promote OVI with fewer on-device apps?
  185. Spotlight and Promotion Banners: How do they work?
  186. Ovi Publish Symbian Sigining Developer Certificate expired, does it even matter?
  187. Few questions about publishing Qt/Symbian app to OVI store
  188. Where in the World is the Ovi Return and Refund Policy?
  189. Anybody else noticing the reports are not working?
  190. smart installer for Qt application.
  191. How do You Create a Wrapped .sis File for Ovi Store Submission?
  192. Has Anyone Tried Mellenial Media
  193. Application / New - OVI Search Criteria
  194. Distribution Tab not accessible
  195. Payment methods for creating published account
  196. Personal publisher account- registration number
  197. how to register
  198. Can't download -review
  199. What's up with India purchases?
  200. What they are doing in the QA department!?
  201. What do I submit to the Ovi Store for a Qt application? Signing confusion.
  202. Publishing update for an existing application
  203. 2 publisher accounts with the same name?
  204. Nokia projects hosting, freeware and publishing to Ovi
  205. Has anybody else...
  206. How long to get a Developer Certificate?
  207. Ovi Store updator does not work?
  208. Failed due to "Certificate error"
  209. Publish Qt 4.7.2 application
  210. Howto install application updates from Ovi store
  211. C7-00_01 and Qt
  212. Doubt on signing of Symbian apps
  213. bank account can changed?
  214. How long does the confirmation email take to arrive?
  215. Packing Qt client server application for OVI store
  216. What is the future of symbian and ovi store?
  217. What are your Ovi App page views?
  218. Reports not working again???
  219. How to display a support or homepage address in OVI store web or client?
  220. need Terms and Conditions
  221. How do I set 'Default HW\platform dependencies' in Qt Creator for qmake for the pkg?
  222. I did not get paid for the second month?
  223. OVI store is driving developers out!!
  224. Help! Targeting screen size of application!
  225. Account Ovi Publish Help
  226. personal publisher about support websuit
  227. How to do limited time discounts?
  228. How to get longitude latitude value of any GPS enabled mobile?
  229. Reporting errors for days (on a new item)
  230. Bank Code / Number
  231. Help! My OVI Account Can't Publish and Unpublish item normally!
  232. Choosing Free to Paid application UID
  233. Does anyone know...
  234. Question before my application signing
  235. Average rating?
  236. Nokia WRT widget uploading some doubt regarding multiple resolution...
  237. Providing support for your application
  238. submitting a content took too long to upload?
  239. Acknowledgements to Ovi Store and Forum Nokia team
  240. Ovi publisher support ignoring me - how can I resolve this issue
  241. Application not visible on OVI Store
  242. How to promote my application on facebook
  243. waiting
  244. Serious issue with new Nokia/Ovi signing of flash apps?
  245. Where is support information visible?
  246. Ovi Publish signup error
  247. ProtServ not included in publisher dev.cert
  248. Only "fully tested" compatibility is downloadable in store?
  249. QA now wants JAD and MANIFEST attributes mirrored?
  250. My application price on ovi less than I decided