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  1. Welcome Publishers!
  2. Support for native Symbian S60 applications
  3. Revenue share
  4. Is Revenue share only for Companies or Individual
  5. Self-signed applications ?
  6. Opinions and Questions on Costs
  7. Does ovi store has channel for freeware and ad-ware?
  8. What is the user experience of payments?
  9. What is the content protection model for applications on the Ovi store?
  10. Nokia - help us help you
  11. will Publish allow for ebooks?
  12. Please add Express Signed for Java
  13. Schedule for Languages and Countries
  14. Nokia Software Market
  15. Any special payment/billing system required to implement?
  16. Most common phones used for Download! and Ovi
  17. How can an app detect it was installed with the Ovi store?
  18. Ovi Publish Sign-up Hangs
  19. Is it possible to use OVI payment system inside the application itself?
  20. Feedback channel about the site quality?
  21. Publishing FlashLite to Ovi
  22. copyright problem?
  23. Publishing Content
  24. OVI download is different version on same websites!
  25. Publish FlashLite but website using Flash 9 incompatable with most phones
  26. Is there a minimum compatibility requirement?
  27. Guidelines for application protecion against illegal copying
  28. Advertising implementation by Nokia?
  29. will it be possible to sell ringtones on Ovi?
  30. Additional info on the OVI T&C
  31. Ovi developer open house in Mtn View, CA - 19 March
  32. OMA1.0 DRM Forward Lock
  33. Petition against Java Verified
  34. publisher for Ovi registration notifications
  35. CorePlayer on OVI
  36. Ovi Store event on 19th of March in Mountain View, California
  37. Application Dynamic (RPN) Registration Option?
  38. Ovi? MOSH? Download? Software Market?
  39. [moved] Ovi store
  40. [copy] I have a publisher account. What next?
  41. Java Verified signing - Explanation
  42. Nokia Revenue sharing
  43. Feedback from users to developers - informal wish list
  44. Can I show OVI content in My Application
  45. Nokia-Outlook Sync' charset problem
  46. ALPHA release: 11pix: multi-touch alternative for single-touch devices - free downloa
  47. Region specific service applications
  48. Free trial vs. full version
  49. New company, Tax ID issue with registration
  50. Refund/Returns Policy
  51. May I ask a question?
  52. download costs of app to phone
  53. Will Symbian only games be allowed on Ovi?
  54. Pre paid vouchers user purchase of apps would increase developer margin
  55. License management
  56. About Content type select
  57. ...and themes?
  58. Ovi UK Sales Tax (VAT) Issue?
  59. Ovi and Dynamic (RPN) registration code server?
  60. Publish Java games to Ovi
  61. Want to Learn Ovi
  62. WebRunTime (WRT) do NOT need signing and can package Flash content
  63. An application that sells transport tickets
  64. The VAT/TAX ID field on the form
  65. How to publish a game in ovi as an individual
  66. affiliate program
  67. How does the Ovi Store implement Forward Lock (for native S60 apps)?
  68. Ovi Store, Nokia Software Market and License Management
  69. Selling client-server software
  70. Ovi Store 101 for Developers - The Video (English audio) posted 01-April-2009
  71. link item
  72. Unlocked Applications & Security on Ovi Servers
  73. publishing to Ovi: Webinar on April 9th
  74. OVI Java app complited, what next?
  75. Unable to upload themes
  76. Cost of Publishing to Ovi.
  77. QA Testing app on a phone they shouldn't be
  78. Supported country info for the launch of Ovi Store
  79. Does my website need to support OTA?
  80. Link Content type
  81. QA Failed on "Free Content Restriction"
  82. Not a company - can't register to Ovi (suggestion)
  83. Does this forum have a moderator who can answer stuff?
  84. Compliance with US export Laws
  85. Public lauching date
  86. Help us to package simple Flash content for Ovi
  87. Signed x Java Verified
  88. OVI Billing - is there http post
  89. Time/Cost to Publish Application to Ovi store
  90. Update device list
  91. OVI Publishing Issue - POINT OF CONTACT
  92. Access to application (full version) URL
  93. DRM and Download FAQ content protection used on Ovi
  94. Flash Lite Packaging for the Nokia Series 40
  95. Ovi and trials
  96. Flash Lite Packaging for the S60 phones
  97. Nokia, does anything work with Ovi?
  98. Is it necessary have a company to publish a symbian game to Ovi?
  99. Addressable (usable) screen size for wallpapers
  100. OVI attraction and easy to use
  101. OVI bad billing solution
  102. Notification about individual purchases
  103. Wallpapers and Screensaver - Is a definitive answer available?
  104. Where are you on Price points guide - will you sell lower or higher on Ovi
  105. Publish on OVI as an individual company?
  106. why not individuals?
  107. ovi store signing/ uploading
  108. OVI publishing - Java Verified certificaiton a requirement for J2ME or not?
  109. How does my company become a premium publisher?
  110. Bundle application: Symbian + JavaME apps together in one sis file
  111. Application to join declined - Reply to "Thanks for signing up to publish on Ovi!"
  112. Bundle seperate application sis and data sis
  113. So I have to create a company to publish my app?
  114. Timeframe for OVI-store?
  115. Payment Options
  116. QA Problem - Failed Case 1: Expired Certificate
  117. Publishing to OVI - S60v5 and S60v3 submissions
  118. Ovi Support
  119. Windows Mobile app store competition to Ovi opens, where is Ovi store now
  120. Java Verified Experiences
  121. European Commision site on VAT and e-commerce - Application fillers check it
  122. What is Nokia Ovi Publisher site developed with? Java, Rails, a PHP framework?
  123. Publishing themes
  124. Ovi Testing
  125. Where is some information??
  126. Downloading Applications from OVI in my Mobile
  127. version regular expression
  128. Can a china develper/comany register as a publisher?
  129. Content Guidelines for Ovi Store
  130. Ofono instead of Ovi?
  131. Ovi QA : Failed Case NEC 1.2: Download/Install/Launch/Delete ??
  132. QA Summary: Application not properly signed
  133. Ovi Store is not Ovi Share
  134. For those who are confused what Ovi actually is...
  135. OVI Store
  136. Can we publish to Ovi on behalf of 3rd parties?
  137. When is the launch date?
  138. How many times do I have to sign my app
  139. DRM protection in OVI
  140. Order complete mechanishm
  141. Selling Application only for a specific phone model
  142. Independent developers treated as second class citizens?
  143. My very first Flash Lite Application for S60! :)
  144. Item no longer available
  145. Is anyone out there?
  146. Ovi App Store app broken in Download!
  147. No responses, no updates and lot's of questions!
  148. Ovi Store client issues on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
  149. Sales reports?
  150. Please use thread to Comment and Opinion Ovi Store Open 26th May 2009
  151. Version numbers and link to online help
  152. How to protect Java MIDlet without DRM FL?
  153. Trouble paying registration fee from the US
  154. Help!how can i call off the payment
  155. The free Photobucket widget - download not supported for N95
  156. Step by step procedure for publish application to Ovi store
  157. Maybe this forum needs an official "Replies Czar"
  158. Content file is pending unpublishing
  159. Software protection on OVI ?
  160. Ovi Store Java content publishing and Java Verified testing requirement confusions
  161. Download Statistics
  162. QA testing methods - questions about sideloading/installation methods, environments,
  163. Confirmation emails not delivered
  164. Phonelocator removed from Ovi store
  165. Time expired trial versions - How to?
  166. How to add wallpapers?
  167. Symbian signing for .sis theme files
  168. Certificate Error. Contact the application supplier
  169. Please Help a question about the sale of the Games
  170. Max size of app in Ovi
  171. QA rejection "due to the devices not compatible by OVI store"
  172. QA problems with NFL and Nokia 6500 slide
  173. Lead Time for Approval
  174. Published to 0 / 1 channels but still in OVI?
  175. Updating a file (version update)
  176. [moved] Getting Started through Ovi
  177. QA status PASSED but content not published!
  178. Asking for help about ovi dynamic registration
  179. If I am from Belarus?
  180. permanent link to my application?
  181. [moved] about submitting widgets to Nokia throught ovi
  182. Lack of Symbian knowledge amongst QA staff
  183. Users get an error when trying to buy our app
  184. Ovi automated signing
  185. Some questions about getting set up
  186. Publishing QA Pitfalls
  187. How to get into the Ovi Store
  188. Symbian for themes?
  189. Just how much for fee to become a publisher????
  190. Does "Buy" work? I had a problem
  191. Delete content item in OVI
  192. Missing images
  193. Dealing with plug-ins and expansions
  194. Ovi QA testers seem to think they dictate the app functionality...
  195. [moved] Ovi and J2me App Signing
  196. Suggestions for Ovi Store app.
  197. Big Issues and no reply from Ovi Support: Item no longer available on Ovi Store
  198. Publishers helping Nokia to streamline QA process
  199. Odd failure notice. Any idea what it means?
  200. Small piece of info
  201. Ordering criterias in Ovi Store
  202. "Where's my mobile" not working?
  203. [moved] Apple iPhone Developers Mostly Don't Make Much Money
  204. Widgets and widsets in Ovi
  205. How to generate activation code after payment?
  206. Price is different on tooltip than inside app page
  207. Can't unlock content
  208. Which SDK for OVI
  209. Upload Free Applications
  210. S40 Themes coming ot OVI soon?
  211. Nokia 5700 update !!!!!!!!
  212. Time-restricted URL
  213. Can I add a country to the distribution list without having to pass QA again?
  214. Is it possible to post content from India
  215. Wheres the winning app from a Nokia Developer 24-hour Nokia Hackathon event 2009
  216. How to publish expansion packs? (1 passed, 1 failed?)
  217. Not yet publish after QA for more than 10 days and maybe forever.
  218. S60v5 game not published, 15+ days from QA
  219. How to link directly to a product on OVI (solution)
  220. What conditions must have a project ?
  221. ALL links on "related" tab not working!
  222. App does not appear in German/Spanish/Italian/Russian OVI Store
  223. Reviews lost from Ovi Store
  224. OVI store is completely broken today. Just when we thought it can not get any worse..
  225. Suggestion for Reviews
  226. Can I refer my website in my soft?
  227. Publishing J2ME to Ovi Store
  228. Not getting enough feedback from OVI's publishing team when app fails
  229. Clarification on Shareware rules
  230. Cannot view this forum on Firefox
  231. is OVI store in India ?
  232. What all do I require to publish to Ovi store?
  233. App does not appear under N97 listing
  234. Registered but never received confirmation email
  235. Other sites
  236. Hoiw does one get feedback from the QA team?
  237. how to protect j2me software
  238. Stuck in QA.
  239. Ovi store regression - can't change phone model
  240. Top Devices to support
  241. Discussion of DRM for Ovi Store Memo
  242. Is Publisher User Guide available before registering?
  243. More specific categories for applications
  244. New "Most Popular" index
  245. Ovi Store Reporting Webinar / Q&A
  246. Our content has been STOLEN from Ovi Store Client.
  247. Porting
  248. Why charge 50 Euros
  249. Sales report numbers updated?
  250. Can I submit Qt for S60 application to OVI Store?