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  1. Nokia 6210 serial interface for SMS send and receive
  2. Problem with Presentation Autoplay!!!
  3. Doubt with Nokia 6020...
  4. Flash SMS
  5. 21 errors in j2me , help in soving them
  6. My mms file in binary format
  7. 6610i
  8. problem reading SMS from 3230
  9. Send SMS XML, UDH
  10. MMS problem?!
  11. navigation keys in 6610i
  12. Major problem in N70
  13. m-notification.ind for Nokia Phones
  14. Can Nokia 6800 with DKU-5 cable send and receive SMS
  15. [question]why the SmS can turn off the phone
  16. center with sms port number problem
  17. sms port numbrs?
  18. changing sender Number to alphanumeric for a mobile originated Message
  19. Web-to-Mobile SMS Service.
  20. SMS not readable on some Nokia handsets
  21. hopefully a simple sms application question
  22. Multiple login to SMSC Emulator in Nokia SDK1.5
  23. AT Command to send SMS message
  24. Receiving SMS on Handheld Computer
  25. Receiving SMS through AT command
  26. How can I write SMS on SIM card
  27. PPG on the MMSC
  28. SMS and wap push
  29. SMS triggered by sensor attached to computer
  30. About concantenation short message
  31. Please help me => +CMS ERROR: 500
  32. send vcard sms
  33. V CARD
  34. java API for CDMA Base station information with eaither PDUs or any
  36. Problem downloading the Nokia Mobile Server Services SDK 1.3
  37. PROTOTYPE 3.0 S60 midp EMULATOR
  38. Sms date and time
  39. CMsvSession Problem, Cannot access Inbox for reading SMS
  40. AT Commands and then getting the BSOD
  41. Playing .mms file in Nokia Multiamedia player
  42. how to encrypt
  43. Extract SMS from 6600 to Computer
  44. length of sms messages
  46. How to get a report after sending a SMS?
  47. multiple calendar events
  48. Where is the NMSS (Nokia Mobile Server Services SDK)
  49. concatenation of sms
  50. SMS via phone connected to PC
  51. Device Setting
  52. MMS(MM1-EAIF)
  53. MMS(java-EAIF)
  54. mm1 and mm7 library
  55. Some Phones Fail retrieving MMS from MMSC
  56. Anyway of retrieving deleted messages on 6610i
  57. how to filter the message
  58. 6680 and receive message
  59. Send Vcard from PC to Phone
  60. Java Source Code NMMS version 1.5
  61. MMS Problem With N70
  62. how can I recover deleted SMS from Nokia 6610i
  63. Can't receive MMS with nokia 6680
  64. send sms from an app on the phone
  65. Can I send MMS to my phone from my PC???
  66. Hire Programmer
  67. sms application help
  68. move sms/mms to mmc card
  69. sms sending problerm
  70. How to transfer all the messages from N70 to N91
  71. I can't read or write sms in my 9210i
  72. Sending SMS via 8051 Microcontroller
  73. List of AT-Commands for NOKIA PHONES
  74. 6630
  75. MIDP 1.0 application to send SMS
  76. SMS sending/receiving application via phone connected to PC
  77. Help: Some problems with AT command
  78. N91 SMS sending problem
  79. Nokia Connectivity Framework - how to send SMS to emulator?
  80. SCKE2 extensions
  81. Nokia bug with DTMF?
  82. A question about connecting 7610 through cable
  83. J2ME: sending sms: huge delay
  84. m-notification-ind (MMS size)
  85. Any way of an application reading an sms from phone?
  86. Is Nokia 30 discontinued?
  87. MMS Image compression
  88. how to create a m-retrive-conf mms message
  89. prov via local (Infrared)
  90. inspect MMS packet
  91. sms with 6610
  92. BINARY SMS on Nokia 6680
  93. To send sms through at command on 6600
  94. 6110 sms sending problem on SDK 2.1 with c# interop
  95. Could anyone give me code samples to create an MMS message using Nokia MMS Library
  96. How to convert .VGM to .TXT?
  97. Where can I find my MMS messages on phone and Phone Browser?
  98. how to debug sms app on emulator???
  99. I want to Develop an autoresponder using My mobile
  100. Receive SMS using AT commands on 6670
  101. Can't open ths .mms file in Nokia multimedia player
  102. How to send a image to a phone from a pc?
  103. SMS Exception on 6680
  104. I want to Communicate with my mobile using AT Commands
  105. Sending an SMS from Mobile to Servlet?!!
  106. How to test sms apps?
  107. Please give me an example of concatenated SMS message encoded in GSM bit 7.Help!!!
  108. How can i do this? please help!
  109. mobile behaviour when memory capacity exceeded
  110. MMS notification question
  111. how to set the SMS format PDU or text?
  112. send mms through sms
  113. What's the difference between PDU and text format?
  114. How to send MMS message from Nokia Cell Phone to PC
  115. Nokia model support to at command?
  116. AT Command for hangup with Busy Tone
  117. .mms from my pc to the handheld?
  118. MMS over UCP
  119. transfer sms
  120. My Nokia 6680 Doesn't respond to AT Commands Properly
  121. looking for Dll (C# .net) - Send/receive SMS from 6310i Or 6230i
  122. 6280 Cannot read SMS..need upgrade?
  123. sending MMS using AT commands and GSM Modem
  124. How to get the bodytext of specific number?
  125. How to get incoming sms number?
  126. Where is the Nokia Mobile Server Services Library/ API
  127. How to save SMS (sent /received) om memory card
  128. Automatic playback of SMIL in MMS on Nokia handsets
  129. strange SMS
  130. MMSC For JSR 212 - SAMS
  131. What type of Nokia phones that support "Text mode SMS" for SMS Gateway ??
  132. Problem with Index file
  133. Read SMS Sent date
  134. Develop this new product for consumers!
  135. Issue with NMSS Library 1.5
  136. sms send between emulator
  137. Send SMS Message with 6630 VB NokiaCLMessaging
  138. New Nokia Phones Don't Support AT read messages?
  139. SMS Security 101
  140. AT+CUSD doesn't work???
  141. receiving sms with j2me and 6600
  142. Error decoding mms'es only from Samsung phones
  143. could i creat a folder?
  144. problem of sending Chinese
  145. Nokia 2 byte sms bug
  146. Requests like *111# or to charge a prepaid account *123*33344-44# using at+c
  147. How to Read SMS through Nokia 6280?
  148. No tone when SMS received - N70
  149. Why E61 can type in English only?
  150. Another problem when using rsendas and rsendasmessage
  151. need to send arabic messages
  152. How to send email using rsendas and rsendasmessage
  153. Retrieving long messages from SIM
  154. Read SMS in SentBox
  155. Nokia-3660 commands
  156. Content Type supported MMSC
  157. SMIL files not Playing on mobile
  158. Java Coding Problems with AT commands?
  159. N70, MM7 smil problems
  160. need detailed information about mm encoding
  161. Can I install two sms/smtp client mtm?
  162. WILL HELP YOU IN CDMA SMS <CONTACT ME @ arjarun55@gmail.com>
  163. Flash Files (Swf) in MMS not opening on phones that support flash!
  164. MMS Problems on N70
  165. vcard coded in PDU format HELP!
  166. Nokia 6230b Push Registry
  167. What mime type/object type do you define in mms header for flash lite (swf)
  168. AT with NOKI 6680 ?
  169. Sending SMS to a specific port on Mobile Handset
  170. N70 - getting rid of sms text announcement
  171. Delete SMS
  172. developing applications to send MMS from the PC via Nokia 3220 s40
  173. multiple Calendar entries (maybe vcal with smil, or pim api, or original mms)
  174. TROUBLE: Sending a multipart SMS (Plain text) in CIMD/SMARTMessaging
  175. BlackBerry Connect
  176. a video mms encoding problem,thanks in advance
  177. Send SMS from PC to Nokia E61 via PC Suite Connection
  178. 6270 and +cmgs/+cmgr/+cnmi/etc.
  179. how can i send SMS form a website
  180. SMS received at serial, but not on handset
  181. send sms from pc to mobile phone using bluetooth
  182. Cannot sending video mms
  183. MMS from emulator to real phones
  184. Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.1 install doesnt work
  185. MMS receive problems (N70)
  186. PC Connectivity for receiving SMS
  187. NDS for MMS / license key problem
  188. how to set service center number using rsendas and rsendasmessage?
  189. How can we redirect sms from particular phone number to predefined folder.
  190. A problem about mobile phone's phonebook sync with PC
  191. Send SMS message via bluetooth to a LOCAL phone
  192. MM7 vs EAIF
  193. About receive SMS in s60 mobile
  194. sending vcal files to Nokia N90
  195. s60 3rd edition sms/mms directory?
  196. MM7 and Java Lib
  197. Hey i have virus sms
  198. SMS via phone connected to PC
  199. Delay of 2hours to send 2nd sms
  200. Transfer SMS messages from Phone/PC to Phone
  201. Smileys, N-series and s60
  202. AT Command to reject SMS texts
  203. Can we access Inbox in out MIDlet?
  204. Is it OK to send Message?
  205. Sending Message >160 chars via AT
  206. Anything that can filter and route incoming SMS?
  207. A way to read sms body in original format (not converted to USC2) from received sms?
  208. wap push SL
  209. smil problem
  210. how to send SMS from mobile to pc through router?
  211. problems occurs when CreateAttachment2L
  212. sending MMS- method not allowed?
  213. Read SMS from 6630
  214. Send/Receive SMS
  215. Counting only unread messages
  216. EMS Important!!
  217. N80 HANGS while sending sms
  218. Does Nokia N70 supports AT commands for reading SMS
  219. sms sounds nokia 3250
  220. How to retrieve sim card contents?
  221. To send sms
  222. Error in reading SMS through MSComm
  223. DKU-2 is working for reading data from comm port?
  224. How to read sms ?
  225. Help:send chinese mms
  226. Allow Adverts Setting?
  227. content-transfer-encoding in MMS message
  228. Receiving Messages in 6681
  229. Transferring SMS archive folders from 6680 to E61
  230. OnComm events of MSComm
  231. MMS to the series 60 emulator itself
  232. Any sample to read and send sms via PC with 6585 (cdma) + DKU 5
  233. How to send concatenated SMS?
  234. Vehicle Tracking system using SMS
  235. Sending Images
  236. Test SMS-C supporting cimd2
  237. "error reading comm device" on Nokia 6020
  238. AT commands for getting BTS location
  239. MMS body appears as attached Nokia 6230i
  240. Can anyone help me here!!
  242. How To read SMS and dont change its status?
  243. MMS Notification saved on SIM?
  244. nokia 6020 multimedia message error
  245. Send SMS to certain port thru AT Command
  246. Unzip MMSC EAIF emulator
  247. Send Long SMS
  248. PDU vs TEXT MODE
  249. reading sms from inbox in j2me
  250. 5110 send and receive