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  1. how get timestamp in MMS send report
  2. how to get Phonebook with AT commands?
  3. SMS Test Data
  4. how to get sms delivery report using nokia 30
  5. Terminal Emulator via Com Port for SMS development?
  6. unable to send more than 130 character using AT command CDMA 6235
  7. Question about smart messaging and EMS
  8. MMS Provisioning? (N73 problem)
  9. help please!! to get the SMS delivery report
  10. Nokia Developer's Suite for MMS
  11. Not receiving texts from USA
  12. Receive SMS
  13. Sending SMS to a specific port on S60 3rd Edition
  14. How to send SMS through nokia 2112?? will AT command work???
  15. How to switch N32 SMS store memory to "ME" ???
  16. Handset / Carrier Oddities
  17. receiving sms
  18. Nokia N32 GSM Terminal SMS Store Memory
  19. Which Nokia phones support SMS in text mode
  20. SMS Help..
  21. Unable to send attachment with MMS
  23. Do my GSM modem support delivery reports ?
  24. sms port!..
  25. Problem in sending SMS using VB
  26. Send wap push from a mobile
  27. NMIT 4.1 still not detected SDK
  28. putting wmlc in mms messages with S60 but how?
  29. Java SMS (Need help! Urgent!)
  30. Nokia 6111 fax message?
  31. MMS can be received by S40 - Help!
  32. how to send SMS from Symbian C++ to a J2ME MIDlet on Series 60 3rd Edition
  33. AT command support in N70
  34. AT command support in symbian
  35. How to set to unicode caractere the message before sending using midlet (J2ME)
  36. will be SMS obsoleted by instant messenger ?
  37. Mail Message Store Merging
  38. Help Me
  39. Nokia 1110i AT Command fail ?
  40. Turn off "Send message?" dialog.
  41. AT Command support?
  42. Send SMS using a Bluetooth connection????
  43. SMS
  44. receiving port for sms
  45. Nokia 6100-storing messages on SIM. Please help
  46. Launch the Application upon receiving SMS in J2ME
  47. retrieving DELETED SMS's
  48. SMS AT command support
  49. Identifying SM Type in CMGL or CMGR (Text Mode)
  50. SMSC connection and EMI windowing
  51. How implement a RSA algorithm in MIDlet??
  52. MMSC 3.1 help
  53. AT commands in series 60 phones
  54. Hidden params on SMS messages?
  55. stop sms
  56. Knowing Device model from Received SMS
  57. Whats Nokia 3120 Listening mode pattern, I want set it in listening mode
  58. Series 60 3rd / SMS ringtone selection
  59. Wap Push Documentation
  60. Read SMS in 3230
  61. MMS security
  62. [help] vb + GSM
  63. Help Needed MIME Encoding Code
  64. Receive SMS in J2ME application from GRPS modem (AT-commands)
  65. Problem with MIME in attachments
  66. JSR-212 reference implementation zip has missing com.nokia classes
  67. Damaged Index file in system\Mail catalogue
  68. Sms Receving problem
  69. HTTP request to Internet server with Nokia 30 GPRS modem?
  70. Help me, i m beginer!
  71. SMS and HyperTerminal on 6xxx series
  72. problem with sms
  73. How can i send a sms to myself on emulator
  74. Problem with PC Suite and Connectivity SDK
  75. 6630 with UCS-2 Push message, problem!!!
  76. sms from pc to mobil...(need help)
  77. How to create SMS?
  78. Read SMS Error,Help me
  79. AT command using VB to retrieve SMS from modem
  80. I have a chronic SMS Tones problem
  81. MMS Setup
  82. No message reference number after sending SMS on 6310i v7.0
  83. Downloading video and audio contents
  84. Can i download an application (MIDlet) using SMS?
  85. CIMD2 test environment needed
  86. Access to SMS from a PC.
  87. 8051 + cell phone
  88. creating sms sending/ recieving software
  89. Develop SMS related software
  90. How to write AT using VB to receive MMS?
  91. SMSC for business use!
  92. SMIL player
  93. SMS Counter
  94. How can i read incoming sms using at?
  95. Nokia 6268 & SMS
  96. send jar file in sms message
  97. PC's SMS listener
  98. How 2 create simple picture message
  99. Exceeding MMS message size limit
  100. Read SMS from mobile and store in Database
  101. Timestamp from "Sent Items" ?
  102. Help Needed to send bulk SMS to my friends via Nokia 3120
  103. What SMS port to use?
  104. How to read user data header in sms
  105. pb for sending MMS on Nokia N90
  106. Nokia CLMessaging
  107. WAP Push WSP while transfering data
  108. message or voice recording
  109. how to read SMS header information
  110. Transfer SMS from 6610i to PC - How?
  111. AT Commands
  112. routing address
  113. MMS and Fonts
  114. MMS Message Size
  115. +CMGL and 6131 phone
  116. What is the direct path for the sms folder or file?
  117. receive question SMS / modify it on PC / and send answer SMS to same number
  118. converting video to 100kb mms
  119. CDMA sms Problem.. Experts only plzz..
  120. sending & Receiving sms via phone connected to pc
  121. new in sending MMS via the phone
  122. HP-SMS Server Freeware (for Nokia CDMA Handsets)
  123. SMS to specific port, from pc
  124. Extract/Export/Transfer SMS inside a Nokia to SE?
  125. mms and device resolution
  126. SMS to specific port - SMPP params to set
  127. receiving sms to pc from phone
  129. Knowing Location of a Mobile Phone
  130. MMS and multimedia content
  131. AT command for symbian 60
  132. unique sms tones per contact
  133. Linked content in MMS SMIL (Series 40)
  134. where can I find the latest version of mms lib
  135. A problem about CMsvEntrySelection *ChildrenL()
  136. As soon as sms reached it should open automatically
  137. Nokia 6280 Sms Length
  138. Delete SMS Messages From Inbox - N73
  139. ZMS Midlet (freeware)
  140. SMS Receiving Port No
  141. How to recognize a sms-status?
  143. How can I make Nokia Ringtone SMS?
  144. Can I send an MMS to myself?
  145. What's the key's code?
  146. Nokia and AT+ Commands for SMS
  147. question about using china mobile
  148. How can i send SMS from VB.NET?
  149. SMS SIM Data download
  150. CDMA Messaging
  151. How to create a WAP Push SMS for direct call to a number
  152. How to send CallBack_num in SMS via SMPP
  153. possible loop in MMSPDUDecoder causing stuck thread!
  154. logica smpp api: how to retrieve information from message sent from smsc
  155. Which Protocol NOKIA SMSC Use
  156. Nokia 7610- Bluetooth-Hperterminal connectivity problem
  157. Sending the 'p' character inside SMS
  158. What kind of cellphone can differentiate certain senders of sms by alert tone?
  159. Extra spaces in message received on phone when message is sent from an html form
  160. Send SMS AT Command with PDU mode from Hyperterminal
  161. Please Help !
  162. Problem on reading "SMS coding scheme"
  163. binding problem
  164. problem with sms failing error
  165. What is wrong with this UDH and DATA?
  166. Update PC Messages, connected to Phone
  167. Nokia Phone Browser\Nokia N72\Messages\Inbox
  168. sms to mobile from pc in java using AT cmds
  169. MMS Bloggin Call Flow ???
  170. Binary Codes
  171. Sending sms using nokia 3100 or 3105
  172. What is MMS, EMS
  173. Listening to Phone activity using PC
  174. Smilies in Nokia N73 music edition
  175. Synchronise Contacts of N73 with N90
  176. SMS Message associated information?
  177. First time SMS + PC rtx
  178. AT Command Set
  179. MMS with Nokia PC Suite
  180. SMS Problem
  181. How to transfer Text message from PC to Nokia 6288
  182. HPSMS Server (Free SMS Softrware for Nokia CDMA Phones)
  183. Nokia MMSC EAIF Emulator
  184. Unable to send the REad report..MMSC sends MMS_send.conf MEssageclass error
  185. 6020, pc suite & full sms memory
  187. I can't to send a mms between SDK
  188. SDK 3.0 Problem
  189. 6680 Message transfer
  190. How to set the email to readed? Urgent!!!
  191. how to use VB to receive incoming sms and store in database
  192. WSP Content type for text/x-vMessage
  193. Sending SMS with Name instead of Number
  194. MMSC resetting Read Report Header
  195. PC - 6210 communication
  196. which RFC defines SMS
  197. send sms from a "TEXT" and not a "NUMBER"
  198. Transfer Image via PC to Mobile
  199. View Image of Caller Before Accepting Call
  200. Copying Text Messages to PC using Nokia PC Suite'
  201. PcSuite SMS problem
  202. Read SMS content from SIM card
  203. User Data Header and PDU
  204. Erron IN receiving MMS
  205. Debunk our myths about SMIL & MMS pls!!
  206. sms send to specific port.. please read..
  207. Sending some SMS to midlet from NCF
  208. SMS mobile phone configuration
  209. After AT+CMGL="ALL" inputStream is 'broken'
  210. automatic inline messaging
  211. How to get “TMsvld” value?
  212. Is S60 default SMS viewer extensible to view custom rich format text
  213. nokia 6600 pc suite
  214. SMS and VB6
  215. MMS message retrieve
  216. sdk to setting server and gateway parameters
  217. Receiving MMS by PC using 6230i
  218. How SMS Works for High School Project
  219. how can i send mms msg from my pc with a n6610i attached to it
  220. Extra number when I send message...
  221. Could not able to send the messages.
  222. Auto SMS generation software...... Help needed
  223. create mms from database
  224. Nokia D211 SDK and C#
  225. Transer SMS from PC to N73
  226. How to send SMS ?
  227. How to communicate with my application from my push plugin.
  228. How to send wap push message to SmartPhones
  229. Sending SMS
  230. e60 t9 default languages
  231. Bulk SMS
  232. SMPP Api for C/c++
  233. Adding Menu Button Items in 9300
  234. how to listen incoming SMS and save to database?
  235. send WAP/INTERNET setting messages
  236. Dictionary
  237. AT+CNMI doesn't work with NOKIA 7610?
  238. Replying to SMS using AT Commands
  239. EAIF and Forward lock
  240. Dev. Suite for MMS - Serial number does not match ...
  241. Nokia 30 Terminal with Linux
  242. AT Command Support for N70 - Urgent
  243. Need to help
  244. Protocol Information for SMS
  245. Send second SPY SMS with original one
  246. smsc plugin
  247. Prepaid Phones, AT commands and data cables
  248. Msgs disappeared!!!
  249. unable to send message
  250. WAP Push messages using a callbox (Base Station simulator)