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  1. MMSC Server Problem
  2. "SIM Data Download" supported by Nokia phones?
  3. Sending sis file via sms
  4. Nokia N70 At commands list
  5. Forward lock of EMS (binary SMS)?
  6. Mms version flag decode problem
  7. SMS using RSendAs failing to send
  8. Short sms (70 chars) on S60 with T1
  9. SMS Connection Protocol
  10. MMS and kennel ( 2008 )
  11. Tracking Messages ...
  12. Tagged Numbers ?
  13. E50
  15. SMS File
  16. Composing all kind of MMS from scratch?
  17. Nokia internet toolkit, SMIL composition NOT WORKING !!!
  18. Multipart SMS messages
  19. SIM Data Download 2
  20. Which NOKIA mobiles support UDHI is 1?
  21. SMS, MMS forwarding to email
  22. Smil via WAP ?
  23. WAP and URL problem
  24. New SMS not listed at the top
  25. Suggestions for Nokia sets supporting AT Commands
  26. Not able to send messages ..
  27. OMA Provisioned SMS for Browser settings
  28. SMS from linux
  29. SMS View
  30. how to recognize a wap push message which comes as sms ??
  31. GIF Scaling problem in MMS
  32. CIMD data coding and character conversion problems
  33. Difference btw Cell broadcast and Service Indication SMS messages
  34. Problem in sending SMS on a required port from GSM Modem to a Midlet Running on Phone
  35. Message context menu tweak
  36. AT+CMGR index question
  37. Text prediction tool
  38. Saving Recived MMS Messages
  39. OTA specification problme
  40. KErrNotSupported when creating a folder on a Third party MTM
  41. Uncaught exception java/lang/NullPointerException.
  42. SMS remains in Outbox in "Waiting" state.
  43. Nokia 3100 and AT Commands
  44. Intellisync on E71
  45. OMA provisioning browser nokia 6085
  46. ASP.NET Mobile - a code error of POSTBACK Asp.Net Mobile c / ObjectList and DataBind
  47. SMS from Pc to mobile
  48. Sending long UCS2 vCard to nokia phones
  49. losing cable connectivity using AT commands
  50. curious
  51. SMIL, order content elements?
  52. A phone that supports AT+CMGR (Read SMS)
  53. Ecome and messsaging application- Urgent!!
  54. MMSCEM.mms missing
  55. SMS send/receive
  56. PUSH EMN Sample.....
  57. How do I keep Console application running?
  58. Many people love to chat via bluetooth
  59. Problem In Send SMS
  60. sms application
  61. please help. annoying problem
  62. Nokia 6210 shows some SMS via serial in plain text, some not. Why?
  63. Use AT Command to send SMS on 5310 xpressmusic
  64. Message in Outbox failed and cannot be deleted
  65. NOKIA SMSC Document requires
  66. how to make Interface between pic and cell phone?
  67. Help me out with multi-part messaging
  68. AT command in 6680 p
  69. BUG?: IMAP drops connection after UID FETCH
  70. how to decode and encode SMS when there is User Data Header(7-bit)?
  71. [Moved and changed subject] SMSs and AT commands
  72. [Moved] Read & Recived SMS by Nokia 7610
  73. Want to Extract Messages & contacts from mobile phone
  74. Concatenated SMSs sent with AT commands fail on some Nokia models
  75. MIDlet, pdu , why is source port 0000?
  76. Navigation of USSD menu with AT commands?
  77. Read contents of SMS file
  78. [Moved] send/recieve sms through gsm modem
  79. How can export the MMS file from N95 8GB
  80. Sending SMS to phone from pc
  81. import CSV file into inbox
  82. how to disable the forward option in sms ?
  83. PDU format of smart message
  84. International characters/symbols on E71?
  85. Read Message By AT Command VS PC Suite
  86. How to insert Application-Id in Content-Type header? (in MMS PDU)
  87. Identify binary content type from CIMD packet
  88. Nokia E71 Blackberry PIN?
  89. OTA Message
  90. mms messaging from a web application
  91. Building a SMSC
  92. Who can provide a OTA system?
  93. SMS Social Networking (Phone + PC - SMS Auto Responding) !!!!!
  94. Mail for Exchange Installation Error
  95. Receiving SMS Port Number
  96. Nokia 2630 bleeping when sending text.
  97. How to receive image in original size via MMS?
  98. Catching a REAL sms over a REAL mobile device
  99. Service request + answer through AT commands
  100. Receive SMS using C++
  101. E66 language combinations (T9)
  102. WAP Push doesn't work at Nokia 9500?
  103. Access STK Menu at SIM Card
  104. Remote Intrusion Detection System
  105. does N82 and others Nseries support AT+CPMS
  106. Commands through COMM / Serial ports
  107. [Moved] send MMS through GSM modem in java
  108. AT+CMGS on N95.
  109. Nokia E71 Email Help!!!
  110. How to display Arabic MMS in Mobiles with no Arabic fonts?
  111. help
  112. PPG and nokia phone emulator
  113. Nokia 6300(i) Emailing
  114. Nokia N81 8GB PC Suite MMS Error
  115. how to access mobile sms from PC automatically
  116. E66 error
  117. N32 and AT+CMGS issue
  118. how do i create udh + wsp headers ???
  119. N72-alphabets not working.....
  120. Packing 7-bit for Concatenated SMS
  121. Help!how to make arabic MMS by using Dot Matrix Font?
  122. Any One Could Help Me..
  123. WinCE 6.0 + nokia phones
  124. Path of "My Folders"
  125. [Moved] Is it possible to define font in MMS?
  126. I need help
  127. signal strength help
  128. sending message from pc
  129. message send
  130. jsmsengine
  131. How to see concatenated SMS parameters
  132. I need help about sending SMS in PDuU mode
  133. [Moved] Creating Application for Collecting information With SMS
  134. Flash sms
  135. How to get the VGM file from 6300
  136. Midlet receive SMS at port > 0 and transfer to pc?
  137. Using AT command for Nokia 3120 Classic to receive SMS
  138. 1650 fbus
  139. sending general sms
  140. udh for sending unicode sms
  141. Delivery Status for Sent SMS using AT command
  142. [MMS] How to know MMS implementation interface in operator side
  143. problem in sending AT cmd to N95 by hyper terminal
  144. Nokia 6300 and AT+CPMS?
  145. SIM Application Toolkit
  146. WAP push SMS
  147. Is it possible to Modify SMS Sender's phone number in J2ME?
  148. SMS storing area – can’t get it right
  149. MMProblem with MMDecoder
  150. How to send the same sms to the same recipient over and over
  151. nokia e-62-1
  152. Nokia Email Service problem
  153. CyberTrust/Verizon not trusted on E65
  154. At Commands
  155. How can I send multi-PDP content from phone?
  156. viewing phone messages from pc
  157. How can I send multi-PDP content via S40 phone?
  158. How to change UTF-8 encoding to ISO Latin 9?
  159. Bug In E66 Message Format ? Please Advise
  160. Nokia N70
  161. Problem in sending message through CIMD2 protocol
  162. How to send SMS including extension characters using a program
  163. Query regarding MMS 1.2 implementation
  164. how can i get the MMS Center Application Development Guide
  165. Nokia 5700 messaging
  166. Text Message memory Nokia 3500 Classic
  167. Smart message: GPRS setting via OTA, need help to check for error!
  169. Error While installing Nokia developers suite for MMS
  170. AT Commands Series 60
  171. app opening
  172. Converting a wordlist to a predictive-text application
  173. How to receive concatenated SMS
  174. Using Jwap to send MMS or communicate with Wap gateways
  175. Mail client Noka N96 username charakter limit
  176. OTA Bitmap resize
  177. Send a smart message from Nokia 5310 (GSM) to CDMA Nokia 6275 (CDMA) by AT Command
  178. How to connect to a WAP gateway
  179. nokia messanging problem
  180. urgent help..
  181. SMS National Language Tables
  182. Which Nokia phones support at commands especially reading message command
  183. Problem with messenger s60 at e71 locating server failed, please try later
  185. sms folder application for N GAGE QD
  186. TAC and FAC
  187. nokia 2760 email setup problems
  188. question about sms/mms gateway
  189. New Windows Live Messenger App for S60
  190. External Application Developer’s Guide document
  191. Nokia 7100s Supernova and Gmail
  192. send sms using php via nokia 3110c
  193. message decode
  194. Decode MMS Message
  195. WSP content type number for text/x-vMessage
  196. save settings with email
  197. "Sending SMS-CMS ERROR: 301"
  198. Messenging Receipt Time
  199. Receive SMS AT Command supported phones
  200. Sening SMS using C#
  201. how to receive sms by time
  202. pdu mode to text mode
  203. corrupted data from mobile
  204. sms through my pc
  205. How to set the service center number of the phone?
  206. SMS nuke
  207. Bug in Firmware of Nokia 5000 and Nokia 6600 concerning SMS-textstrings?
  208. n82 messages won't open
  209. Reading SMS in 6600
  210. Sending Sms Using NOKIA API NOKIA 7610
  211. receiving a message both in Inbox and my midlet
  212. Using Mbuni send MMS to Nokia MMSC 4.0
  213. submit_sm in smpp logica simulator
  214. How do I retrieve text messages archived on my laptop?
  215. Sending SMS Through AT commands
  216. CIMD Java charset
  217. How to send a delivery receipt in logica SMPP
  218. Sending UCS-2 in CIMD USSD response
  219. EMail and SMS location
  220. AT command issue to read contacts
  221. noki 9500 Problem view,write,open sms because delete something in system.
  222. How to implement a video in a .MMS
  223. SMIL Autolinking
  224. CIMD2 to http
  225. Does Nokia 3110c have an inbuilt GSM modem?
  226. want to send and receive via computer (N70)
  227. How do I get Hyperterminal to reply error codes?
  228. Send a MMS Message in my image viewr application
  229. How to implement j2me text compression??
  230. problem in signing my application
  231. Extract Image From .MMS File?
  232. MMS AMR "A media has been removed!"
  233. [Moved] Problem in Push Registry
  234. PDU format conversion
  235. AT Commands and GPRS
  236. MMS + SMIL doesn't work in S60 but works in S40
  237. SMS Sender's Name In place of number (phone)
  238. concated sms received as separate short messages
  239. want to send jar file using SMS
  240. How to send sms in a language other than english
  241. SMS for Setting
  242. Is it possible to send concatenated sms in text mode.
  243. [moved] PDU text mode
  244. E62's IM not logging on
  245. nokia 6650 fold
  246. How to do a "Send command" via AT command? (AT+CMGC)
  247. MM1 Message body content
  249. Issue in Sending picture sms to PDAs and Blackberries
  250. SMS from PC to Phone's drafts folder