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  1. support for pss smil and xhtml in MMS
  2. difference between mms 1.0 and 1.2 versions
  3. Sending .mms file
  4. send internet format message/content as MMS
  5. Decoding of Class 2 SMS TP-user data
  6. How to use NDS for MMS to send out MMS to external MMSC in real network?
  7. sms sending program c# at commands
  8. Help Needed - SMS format
  9. Help Required ?
  10. AT CMGL, CMGR command support in nokia phones
  11. AT commands:Sending an SMS from a Nokia 6210 through an Arduino (AVR) microcontroller
  12. Nokia 5700 Picture messaging
  13. MMS sending from NMIT or NDS for MMS tool to actual mobile phone
  14. Help needed for OTA Browser Settings encoded message
  15. Mail for Exchange 2.9 not syncing calendar when categories use numerical values
  16. Do Nokia 7610 support the AT+CNMI=1,2,0,0,0 to see all the receive messages?
  17. [moved] Nokia 5220 At Erros read messages
  18. [moved] Nokia 5220 At Erros read messages
  19. Please help => +CMS ERROR: 500
  20. AT Command for check sms receiver operator
  21. Send SMS using AT Commands in VB6 - MSCOMM Control
  22. E75: Mail for Exchange & Google Sync/Nuevasync
  23. Nokia Email Messaging on N86
  24. Using NDS for MMS behind a proxy
  25. Messaging in Nokia 5310...
  26. Sms Problem
  27. SMS Gateway or SMSC
  28. [moved] Receiving SMS using AT commands on e71 --possible?
  29. [moved] Does Nokia 6303 classic support AT Commands?
  30. an error
  31. [moved] how can i get the Delivery Report from the AT COMMAND?
  32. Smart Messaging in Edition 3&5 devices?
  33. AT+CUSD Command
  34. GPRS communication!
  35. Phone hangs when deleting MMS
  36. Create MMS file
  37. Exchange - Sync mode time interval 5mins
  38. Nokia 2760 Saving massages thing.
  39. Chinese Character SMS Software for 6235 CDMA
  40. Wap push link
  41. Streaming WMV on E71x
  42. Links in binary SMSes not clickable
  43. Smart message sending problem
  44. Question regarding using OMA settings
  45. Start a midlet with SMS
  46. OMA configurational messages
  47. What is the Optimum Port
  48. Problem with time at the messages of 5130
  49. Connecting Mail For Exchange to an Exchange 2007 Server
  50. Need pointers on SMS application
  51. How to insert XHTML files into MMS message?
  52. Calendar on homescreen does not show next meeting if next day
  53. Sending sms through wap site
  54. Bad Activesync implementation in MfE on Nokia E75
  55. Is WAP Gateway required for mobile with HTTP/WAP2 browser
  56. Why is WAP gateway required for MMS?
  57. e71 sms
  59. deletion of sms messages
  60. sending arabic sms problem with n73
  61. WAP Service load indication, strange bytes.
  62. send SMS to several phone numbers with AT command
  63. Question on Picture Message feature
  64. gmail & reply to
  65. MMS Location
  66. capability of SMS
  67. custom MTM (on S60 2nd edition, FP3 ) working on emulator but not on device
  68. Nokia n95 8gb theme effects
  69. Series 30 SMS Advice
  70. URL embedded in SMS
  71. Mail for Exchange problem when there is no new e-mail
  72. Nokia 5800 - Virgin email account problems
  73. AT command with serial port
  74. Universal file with text data for all phones.
  75. CDMA Messaging - Encoding/Decoding UDH
  76. Reading SMS on PC
  77. Example of implementing Cimd2 protocol with Java (Login operation)
  78. Smartmessage NSeries Help
  79. High data traffic with Mail for Exchange
  80. Nokia IM password issue
  81. Worldwide Free SMS Provider Website
  82. Im looking for 3500c AT params
  83. Background audio in MMS SMIL issue
  84. text SMS with http link
  85. Need information on Class-2 messages.
  86. Sending Service setting over binary sms
  87. N900 SMS Receiving Notification
  88. Error in PDU message.
  89. SMS Integration
  90. Copy SMS from SIM
  91. using url references in smil
  92. How can i send an operator logo from my phone
  93. Incoming SMS
  94. SMS routing between networks
  95. Monitoring SMS Center
  96. MMSC EAIF simulator - OriginatingDecoder error
  97. WAP bootstrapping
  98. how to change the selected item in a list to a string format
  99. how to change the selected item in a list to a string format
  100. How to get mms number info?
  101. PLS HELP!! Sms font size
  102. AT commands enables nokia ?
  103. Using the phone as GSM front end - Fbus - AT - 1200, 1208, 1209
  104. Receiving Escape 1B Problem in SMS
  105. How to give at commands through J2ME
  106. How to send AT+CLIP command
  107. Incoming SMS wrong time problem
  108. E72 Email and MailForExchange
  109. Nokia 2626 - Flash Message Services
  110. New faster and more accurate to write an SMS
  111. Bulk SMS requirement
  112. sending unicode message after converting to hexa
  113. Concatenated SMS is possible in low spec Nokia 1200 series
  114. smpp simulator: how to check connection reset ?
  115. Cell Broadcast in 3G
  116. J2Me application to access Message Senders' phone number
  117. exchange sms
  118. Got an idea
  119. Newbie q: Incoming SMS name
  120. Access Points
  121. Problem with MMS
  122. What the hell this is?
  123. Bluetooth problem
  124. Sent Messages to Many Problems
  125. How to remove old nokia email account
  126. Problems with nokia messaging
  127. which phones do message threading?
  128. Nokia 6680 SMS structure
  129. unable to open message message format not supported N82
  130. nokia 6303 sms problem
  131. Dialable string in SMS with 'p' (pause)
  132. How to make scheduling application sending sms
  133. Copyright on N900 / Maemo 5
  134. Searching for MMSC EAIF emulator
  135. SMS shortcode simulator
  136. J2ME app cant send message to a specific mobile operator
  137. WAPPush for IMPS client
  138. Capturing incoming SMS message by PC
  139. bagaimana caranya agar aplikasi yang saya buat bisa di install di handphone Nokia
  140. how can I make an application can be installed on Nokia mobile phone
  141. cannot send sms after updating my nokia5800
  142. Nokia 7310 Send Text Issue
  143. Nokia e72 problems or not???
  144. e72 mail question
  145. How to autoplay MMS in Series 60 phones
  146. e71x - unable to send message problem
  147. MMS - User Response via SMS
  148. MMS problem
  149. Invoking Browser from MMS
  150. MMS picture size in N97
  151. Automotive SMS Reader
  152. UTF-8 text editor for E71
  153. SMS text Fonts Make it large pleaseeee...
  154. Nokia Messenger
  155. Can't see time message came in on E71x
  156. Simple MMS
  157. E75 text message disappeared...
  158. some questions about the details of multimedia content encoding
  159. Support of flash SMS in Monochrome Phones
  160. send GPRS setting over smart messaging or any other method
  161. Do we still have to encode MMS as binary?
  162. Ringtone download
  163. Download application using MMS?
  164. How to receive sms from N70 in application?
  165. Defrag Apps
  166. fit .png image in MIDlet form
  167. T+ Messaging App
  168. App through EMS
  169. File size
  170. push J2ME application Over the air without using GPRS
  171. MMS issue
  172. MMSC EAIF Eumulator
  173. MMS Pull
  174. File Type Association
  175. best way to send 2D barcode over picture message
  176. How to reject SMS
  177. vCards revisited
  178. 7230 messaging query
  179. 3310 spymode
  180. 5800 Xpressmusic, Im, Please help me
  181. nokia x3 help! menu button works for lock but not for menu
  182. How do I install putty.exe on E63 ..Certificate Expired
  183. After the values of Content-type feilds
  184. multiparted/related message issue in mms
  185. Sending an SMS using sockets example issue
  186. MMS java library
  187. optimizing push messaging for power management
  188. Midlet that can send SMS "how to do it??"
  189. MMS terminating application using servlet
  190. Read PhoneBook and Messages of Phone.
  191. How CIMD come into picture ?
  192. No notification for unread messages
  193. Where to download MMSC EAIF emulator
  194. Is it possible to set vas id or vasp id with eaif connection
  195. Can not access Inbox due to security reasons
  196. Threaded SMS for s60 v5 phones please!
  197. OVI SMS DB3 Timestamp
  198. Nokia 5320 battery problem
  199. Please help to solve this problem
  200. Nokia Mobile Server Services Library
  201. IM on the Nokia 2330 Classic
  202. Nokia 7230 - unable to install fring
  203. nokia 6212...application
  204. Sending binary sms to SIM through SMSC
  205. send notification from mobile to pc when message arrive on mobile phone with j2me
  206. AT+CSCA not working on 64 bit os with Nokia n-95
  207. E63 picture messaging
  208. How to transfer messages
  209. Nokia 6301 When writing a text message....
  210. Signed application cannot send SMS
  211. Syncml: Server Alert Notification.
  212. Add Smilies to Nokia N86 Text Message
  213. how to connect Nokia 2626 to PC/Microcontroller
  214. Nokia N97 Mini suggestion for next firmware update
  215. Tp-mr field pdu problem.
  216. Back up
  217. 6230i's incoming notifications for SMS keep getting lost!
  219. Can't open smses to read
  220. Can't see sender's name SMS
  221. SMS structure
  222. SMS sender's name not showing
  223. Cannot register Nokia Developer's Suite for MMS Version 1.1
  224. Need pdf reader, office for my 5530
  225. Huge clock in 2690's screen?
  226. Nokia 5310 Backup
  227. Cannot re-install Facebook on Nokia5230
  228. Exchange Server and 3720 classic
  229. How to respond to a message with a header?
  230. How to answer the requirements of a service using USSD?
  231. SMS (.VMG) files opening.
  232. Text message sender 6700 Slide
  233. [5800] Bug on Nokia Messanging and Browser
  234. Sending photos
  235. synchronize multiple Exchange Calendars
  236. MIDlet Push not working
  237. Receiving a MMS via PC using a gsm/gprs modem
  238. can I use my Nokia N95 8g as a landline handset
  239. Use smsto: with Unicode characters
  240. What is the true xml structure of operator logo and hex digits value of all tags?
  241. Mail for Exchange cannot read body of emails
  242. PHP S60 API for sending SMS
  243. Nokia Email Client
  244. message reader for nokia n97
  245. >>Severel dificulties writing software for the GSM modem , need HELP
  246. Nokia Mail - the worst app EVER
  247. Nokia E72 = No email new messages notifications=
  248. Nokia 5233 Messaging: Unable to login to rediffmail account.
  249. Binary sms provider recommendation
  250. Delete Custom Messages on Google Talk, HELP!