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  1. Need help: Can not get SMS messages when using Qt Mobility SDK on Qt Creator
  2. Is QContactManager working under Symbian?
  3. How to pop-up a AP search-widget
  4. How to categorize APIs from Modular Libraries: QtMobility and QtNetwork?
  5. Detect nearby devices
  6. QCameraExample build error
  7. Can we serialize QNetworkSession object
  8. Simple GPS programm
  9. Qt Mobility-messaging in Nokia Qt SDK
  10. How to access missed call list from device in QT?
  11. Ambient light sensor not detected (S60 3rd FP2)
  12. Qt GPS position data
  13. Mobility 1.1, Nokia Qt SDK release schedule
  14. How to get our own number from SMS
  15. How to keep Internet Connection open
  16. "please check that the media service plugins are installed"
  17. Use Qt Mobility
  18. [S^3] Stream audio via WLAN with QMediaPlayer
  19. Example Project
  20. How to get the quantity of all records in phone book?
  21. Mobile Extension problem
  22. Problem with QNetworkConfiguration
  23. System Info little example
  24. What are the magic rules behind setting resolution on a QCameraImageCapture?
  25. QContactManager::contacts() crashing on Symbian 5th edition
  26. Set Backlight time-out
  27. Get the Volume Button Event
  28. Error building sis file
  29. App can't start using GPS with Mobility 1.1
  30. QVideoWidget Full Screen on 360x640
  31. qmediaplayer no service found for - "com.nokia.qt.mediaplayer"
  32. Contacts on QT Simulator
  33. Storing IMSI to txt
  34. Qt Mobility missing at N8
  35. Problem: Can not get the name of SMS sender; And SMS content messed up
  36. QSystemStorageInfo::logicalDrives
  37. how to change the default contacts resist in the QT simulator?
  38. Where are EPOC32 zip files in qt-mobility-opensource-src-1.1.0-tp.zip
  39. QT Symbian^3 Video Streaming example
  40. Get Data from Network
  41. Problem with QtMobility
  42. QServiceManager on E72
  43. Any1 tried to build QtM 1.1 beta
  44. Reading contacts of emulator
  45. How do I detect if I lost GPS signal?
  46. Lock / Unlock device from Qt
  47. sending email via Qt
  48. Audio output routing
  49. what version of QtMobility is in N8?
  50. Very Urgent:: How to be notified when contacts changed or added on the simulator?
  51. QtMobility Camera example with webcam?
  52. how to solve this problem?
  53. I need SMS sample code.
  54. Using active configuration with QNetworkSession
  55. how to run Mobility application in emulator?
  56. How to use QContactPhoneNumber?
  57. how to check Qt Mobility version?
  58. Read contact in Group?
  59. Qt 4.7.0 incompatible with Qt Mobility 1.0.2 (Bearer management)?
  60. vCard Support in Qt 4.8
  61. Disassembler failed: Cannot access memory at address 0x82542e74
  62. How to avoid screen poweroff
  63. No C++ header files in Qt Mobility 1.1.0 Beta II for Symbian 3
  64. audiooutput example fails to start on symbian device but runs on emulator
  65. qmessagestore.h missing from Nokia Qt SDK 1.0.1?
  66. How to get GPS coordinate?
  67. Simple widget app getting segmentation fault..
  68. SMS Forwarding Program
  69. QGeoRouteReply
  70. can't include Location API
  71. QVideoWidget - Sound is available, but no video
  72. Is it possible to have a same localId() value from multiple contactManager?
  73. QtMobility/QtLocation doesn't appear to be activating the GPS device
  74. network session problem
  75. Video playback with Qt 4.7 and Qt Mobility 1.1.0 on Symbian^3
  76. Wiki Tutorial not working! Need Help!
  77. fetching product code with Qt api
  78. Wi-Fi availability for Qt
  79. How to retrieve groups from phonebook
  80. undefined reference to '_imp__ZN10QtMobility8QContactC1ERKSO_'
  81. SMS Sending in QT Mobility just doesnt work!!!
  82. Need help for frustrating problem!!
  83. bearerType undefined
  84. :confused: Need help for QT QNetworkConfigurationManager on vertu s60 device
  85. Can we use QContactUnionFilter to union two QContactRelationshipFilter results?
  86. how to use mobility api......
  87. fortuneserver is not compiling
  88. Bearer API and simultaneous connections
  89. Unread msg with Qt
  90. Qt Messaging: QMessageService::send(...) not working on Symbian^3
  91. QGeoPositionInfoSource::createDefaultSource results in Lbs Client Fault; Reason 6
  92. Can't compile BearerMonitor example
  93. Getting the device location in Qt for Symbian
  94. Accessing GPS device from qt desktop(windows) App
  95. How to start a call?
  96. SMS Editor already in use Problem.
  97. Undefined reference to 'QtMobility::QMessageAccountFilter::QMessageAccountFilter()
  98. QContactManager - CNTMODEL 15
  99. Can not send Sms on Symbian( Nokia X6), but it can work on N900
  100. Qmessage don't send correctely Arabic sms
  101. Qt Mobility 1.1 Installation error
  102. (Offline) ovi maps use
  103. how to ... in qt-mobility?
  104. BatteryIndicator example - undefined reference to QSystemDeviceInfo
  105. QtMobility 1.0.2 -> 1.1.0 Beta 2 trial
  106. Mobility 1.1.0
  107. Requesting accelerometer help
  108. Qt Mobility 1.1 organizer API problems on N900
  109. undefined reference to `QtMobility::QSensorFilter::~QSensorFilter()'???
  110. bearer: RConnection & RSocket
  111. Mobility compatible in 3rd and 5th (+smart installer on Qt 4.6.2)
  112. Notification of new SMS
  113. How can i disable the display timeout of the device?
  114. QtMobility adding new contact group
  115. Problems using QVideoWidget and QMediaPlayer - QtMobility 1.0.2
  116. Mapviewer from Mobility 1.1.0 requires QtMobility 1.0.2(0) during installation?
  117. Qt get handset carrier string?
  118. Phone call still support?
  119. How to store a SMS as draft instead sending it?
  120. Access Denied when streaming video
  121. QAccelerometer shows strange effects after changing output range
  122. which is the best way to play sound
  123. QNetworkConfiguration (force user choice popup)
  124. searching contacts
  125. Mobility Installation
  126. QMediaPlayer remote files
  127. access phonebook and make a call
  128. Problem with sis file
  129. registerService doesn't work
  130. How to install Qt Mobility API's
  131. Pausing an application on an incoming call
  132. clarification on available audio codecs
  133. contact action api in qtmobility 1.1.0
  134. :: error: cannot find -lQtContacts110
  135. make call by Mobility api.
  136. Linking issues with QSystemDeviceInfo
  137. error with installing qtmobility
  138. Qline enable only numbers
  139. maps
  140. QNetworkSession - too much coonections problem
  141. Problem installing Qt Mobility 1.1.0
  142. retrieve the number from incoming sms
  143. defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "com.nokia.qt.mediap
  144. vibration
  145. Disable screensaver and backlight
  146. Could not start application: General OS-related error
  147. how to use variables of a GUI in my second class
  148. how to use variables of a GUI in my second class
  149. Using QFeedbackEffect to vibrate device
  150. How to include image file in QT installer
  151. Two QListWidgets
  152. get caller number while ringing
  153. QGraphicsGeoMap::fitInViewport with a QGeoMapRouteObject::boundingBox error
  154. Error while build QtMobility 1.10 For Wince.
  155. Problem Access Contacts in E72
  156. set a volume for a defined number
  157. Qt Mobility API not working with Nokia Qt SDK + incomplete docs
  158. how to assign a ringtone to a contact
  159. Nokia map api
  160. QtMobility 1.1.0 Installation
  161. Never able to play mp3 file on N8 using QMediaPlayer
  162. Organizer - ToDo alarm not working
  163. Installing Qt Mobility 1.1 on Ubuntu 10.04 and using it with Qt Creator
  164. how to implement QmessageService::compose in QT Mobility
  165. add a ringtone to a contact
  166. QCamera memory issue ("Option" menu not refreshing)
  167. Map Application using Qt Mobility
  168. QtMobility Install error
  169. Getting access to the frames in video stream provided by QCamera
  170. N8 and Qt Mobility 1.1
  171. QMediaPlayer on N8
  172. how to mute sms ringtone for a defined number
  173. how to read new income SMS automatically in QT
  174. PushRegistry and RegisterAlarm in QT?
  175. QSystemNetworkInfo cause application crash
  176. Reading data from Magnetometer or Compass causes error
  177. how to updateQt and QtMobility Version in Nokia Qt SDK?
  178. QSystemInfo was not declared in this scope
  179. How do I know that my post belongs to this forum?
  180. sending mail via default mail account in phone
  181. Installing qtmobility application into hardware(symbian device)
  182. Use QtMobility for a desktop application
  183. QtMobility and QML
  184. QtGallery in Mobility 1.1.0
  185. Update NokiaQtSDK to Use QtMobilityAPI1.1.0 (Simulator and Maemo)
  186. QML QtMultimediaKit Video Element
  187. set Landscape Mode & fullscreen
  188. Nokia Qt SDK 1.0.2 and Mobility Location - can't get GPS lock
  189. QtMobility 1.2 tech preview for Ubuntu users
  190. How to use the device camera to take pictures?
  191. QLisiWidget Problem
  192. How to get the path to photos on memory card?
  193. How to interpret data from rotation sensor on Symbian device?
  194. Unable to send email?
  195. Qt Application did not start on Nokia N96
  196. Access notes via QtMobility
  197. need help in installing Qt Mobility 1.1.0
  198. Qt Mobility 1.1.0: Macro Focus on N8 not supported?
  199. Cannot send SMS the second time. Need help with QtMobility problem!
  200. QQrDecoder will not build under Qt Creator
  201. mySQL with Qt mobility
  202. how to make application fit the deviice screen?
  203. QMediaRecorder don't have access
  204. Getting speed with Location API
  205. Qt Mobility & publishing to Ovi Store
  206. how to create a contact groups and add contacts to it?
  207. phonon/capability demo problem
  208. Nokia Qt SDK and SMS Sending
  209. QContactManager thread safety
  210. Using QtMobility fails again and again.
  211. QtMobilty Sensor backend
  212. how to send sms message?
  213. Runing mapviewer example
  214. Satellite view (without labels) in Ovi maps
  215. Camera support for Windows
  216. undefined Qt Mobility symbols at linking phase
  217. Application exits randomly while getting gps updates
  218. Once again ... QT Mobility 1.0.2 with Location .. how-to for dummies?
  219. Sample doesn't start
  220. Unable to run Qt Mobility example
  221. Are the Maps & Navigation functionality available?
  222. How to write Telephony app using Nokia Qt SDK
  223. Where is the support fot Telephony in mobility API ?
  224. GPS class
  225. Cannot get GPS info from real Device(Nokia C7) using Qt Mobility
  226. undefined reference to 'QtMobility::QGeoServiceProvider::QGeoServiceProvider(QString
  227. merging contacts
  228. Contacts module status in qtmobility 1.0.2 aka why sample code is not working?
  229. Getting error in N8 while installing PIPS_S60_1_6_ss or qt_installer from Qt v4.6.3
  230. Qt_Installer for Symbian^3
  231. Qt and offline maps
  232. Qt Simulator - trigger SMS
  233. How to use service framework in Qt Simulator?
  234. Conditional compiling on Qt Mobility
  235. Qt Mobility 1.1.0 with Nokia Qt SDK 1.0.2: Simulator
  236. Sensor problem on Symbian 3
  237. Access denied (QMediaPlayer, QVideoWidget)
  238. How does QGeoAreaMonitor work?
  239. What's wrong with my Code in Nokia QtSDK v1.1
  240. how to send flash sms?
  241. N900 QtMultimediaKit 1.1
  242. Sending Email using QtMobility
  243. Problem in compiling QtMobility Messaging code to send email
  244. Reading contacts
  245. very stupid question
  246. Sending an SMS fails on Symbian S60 3.1 with InvalidId error
  247. Error in using QMediaPlayer
  248. How to retrieve if gps functionality are active?
  249. Send an email with Qt
  250. QAcceleremoter go to sleep when app in background