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  1. QMobility & ?Compatibility
  2. QT 4.7.1 Map Viewer Example not able to building
  3. Cannot debug Camera example on device
  4. Checking sensor existence
  5. Mobility app does not start after firmware upgrade
  6. QtMobility maps and preloaded maps
  7. Problem with Audio file deployment in a self-signed app
  8. Geocoding and reverse geocoding in Qt Mobility
  9. QMessageManager can't find email account.
  10. Maximum number of QGeoMapObjects within a Map?
  11. Qtmobility app not running on nokia c5
  12. How to get Contact Name from Phone number
  13. Error during audio recording in N97
  14. How to get Qt Mobility 1.1.1 SIS for Symbian 3 phones?
  15. [moved] Error "Symbian-21"during audio recording in N97
  16. [moved] a problem comes from QTM_USE_NAMESPACE
  17. Ask about camera view finder in NOKIA C7 phone
  18. how to change camera orientation?
  19. how to import messages from the custom folder
  20. QGeoPositionInfoSource initialization problem
  21. [moved] How to move/copy messages from Inbox to other folder on memory card in QT
  22. why I can't include XQTelephony
  23. GPS location code problem
  24. Audio Recorder
  25. Ovi Maps API question
  26. Camera API missing from Qt SDK 1.1's Qt Mobility APIs
  27. Building with 1.1 SDK and Qt 4.7.2. Still possible to use Mobility 1.0.2
  28. Camera giving service missing error
  29. Error in audiorecorder
  30. Code can't be built for real device (was. Code can't run on real device)
  31. Symbian Publish & Subscribe: No notification of changes in SDK1.1 beta
  32. Flickering when QVideoWidget starts
  33. QMediaRecorder and QCamera not recording video
  34. QT bluetooth support
  35. QMessageService::compose - fields aren't filled
  36. How to put a guide frame in viewfinder of a camera?
  37. POI located in raidus of a give co-ordinates
  38. Access to camera device has been rejected problem.
  39. QtMobility 1.1.1: Cannot open include file: 'QMessage': No such file or directory
  40. Google maps in Qt Mobility
  41. QtWebkit + api.maps.ovi.com + out of memory
  42. MGRS
  43. Socket route problem
  44. Symbian Publish & subscribe: persIstent storage?
  45. getting gps data with QGeoCoordinate vs ovimap
  46. Qt mobility 1.1.1
  47. QMediaPlayer audio signal output location
  48. how to stream video
  49. How to stop new incoming SMS notification
  50. how to access to Property of QGeoPositionInfo ?
  51. QContact program compilation error
  52. Problem to show the result in N900 simulator
  53. user location on a real time, possible ?
  54. How to volume up my application?
  55. Signal GPS, help please!
  56. cannot get gps location when the qpsdata program did not open
  57. how to release file, opened by QMediaPlayer
  58. video player
  59. launch new sms editor?
  60. App blocking if no network access
  61. Playing videos using Qt
  62. QMessageService send( ) stores messages in draft folder
  63. QtMobility and Desktop
  64. QCamera and QtSimulator
  65. Qt 4.7.2 compiles for Qt Simulator but not for Symbian^1/S60
  66. QTM_USE_NAMESPACE expected a declaration
  67. Another GPS problem
  68. [moved] E-mail issues on E7 and N8
  69. Send multiple sms using QMessageService
  70. Find IP addresses using WiFi
  71. General OS-related error in audiorecorder
  72. supportedPositioningMethods causes an exception
  73. QCompass + QtMobility 1.1 + N97 = crash
  74. on device N-97 background image get disappear or get black background
  75. Unable to use QT Mobility 1.2
  76. how to extract longitude and lattitude from QGeoPositionInfoSource object
  77. How to create QVideoFrame with given memory buffer
  78. Qt SDK 1.1 does not compile app against Qt 4.6.3 + Qt Mobility
  79. [moved] Need QMediaPlayer Examples with guide of deployment on Nokia devicce
  80. question about google map javascript and QT
  81. Compatibility problem
  82. force QNetworkAccessManager to use specified Internet Access Point
  83. Do I have to install S60 SDK to develop Bluetooth app?
  84. Do I have to install S60 SDK to develop Bluetooth app?
  85. Does Phonon module depend on Qt mobility API
  86. Undefined reference using QtMobility
  87. Incompatible Qt library
  88. No sensors in mobility 1.1.3?
  89. Unable to set status of new message to Read
  90. Qt SDK 1.1 Map example problems
  91. [moved] Recording Video and audio Qt 1.1 Example
  92. QCamera: [Qt Message] QEglContext::createSurface(): Unable to create EGL surface
  93. video recording from qimage source
  94. How can I add contacts to the simulator?
  95. how to get(download) MMF and Helix phonon backend and install on device?
  96. QAbstractVideoSurface 's frame coordinate system
  97. QML Contacts and Importing an individual from a list
  98. QtMobility 1.2 QML
  99. Overlap camera image
  100. mapObjectsAtScreenPosition issue
  101. Add photo to contact using Qt
  102. Cannot load library declarative_galleryd.dll
  103. can not able to find qt mobility in symbian folder
  104. QAccelerometrer sensor issue
  105. How to use QGalleryQueryModel with QML?
  106. Save a message in system store with QMessageService
  107. Many problems when using DocumentGalleryModel
  108. QTMobility 1.2 for device
  109. using Location APIs for Symbian^3
  110. send Email with Qt Mobility
  111. Installing qt-mobility 1.2 on OpenSuse 11.2 (64 bit)
  112. How to download the qt mobility examples package in Opensuse 11.2?
  113. Is there anyway to get symbian system LBS settings through QtMobility
  114. error: ‘QtMobility’ is not a namespace-name
  115. Disable Screensaver
  116. Finding paths between two GPS coordinates on Google maps, embedded in a Qt widget
  117. QT Mobility 1.3 and Telephony Event Handling
  118. Slow GPS
  119. How to prevent the screen to go off from Qt?
  120. QWidget over QVideoWidget
  121. QtMobility & QML Camera : how to force camera size to parent size ?
  122. Qt Mobility 1.2.0 Update?
  123. Qt Mobility 1.2 connectivity
  124. Problem using QMediaPlayer and QVideoWiget. The player example also doesn't work.
  125. Autostart App in symbian and call a J2ME application
  126. use qt phonon at phone
  127. camera API: only getting 640x480 pictures
  128. phone to automatically restart each time you run ……
  129. error compiling: using QCamera in qt sdk 1.1
  130. how to get the flux of the Qcamera widget?
  131. problem compiling NFC APIs with Qt Mobility 1.2 Beta
  132. QGeoMapRouteObject + polyline display issue
  133. QGeoSearchManager returns No data available for the specified location
  134. Secondary Camera (face) image is flipped
  135. Help With Qt Mobility 1.2
  136. QT sms application
  137. help for complete Send SMS sample code ?
  138. Magnetometer how to use it?
  139. this code not working on N98G for send sms !!any body guid ?
  140. Lightmaps + marker
  141. question when load project ?
  142. How to set preview size and format using QCamera?
  143. How to retrieve calendar data from device?
  144. Sensors - Nokia phones
  145. recording stopped when making/receiving phone call
  146. load message from inbox of phone device with Qt app
  147. QCamera + QGraphicsVideoItem + S^1 = empty screen
  148. Lots of warnings when compiling Qt Quick application to a device?
  149. QValuespacePublisher::setValue crashes on S60 3.2
  150. QMediaPlayer stops when standby mode is entered on C7
  151. Change camera viewfinder aspect ratio
  152. Get My Current Location Lat, lon
  153. Exposure compensation, how?
  154. Face detection not supported?
  155. Capture QCamera image to memory
  156. Can we change profile of a Symbian^3 phone via QtMobility?
  157. QMediaPlayer: Only Sound but No Video
  158. Getting product code on Nokia N8
  159. QCamera, QImage and QPaint related performance issues S^3
  160. How to obtain language code from phone
  161. Connect automatically to an access point
  162. Access to Symbian camera object from QMobility
  163. How can I use QGalleryMetaDataFilter?
  164. Where can I find language code list
  165. Qt MediaPlayer play audio from memory
  166. Play synchronized audio and haptic feedback?
  167. how to use location api in Qt?
  168. Qt Camera error “failed to set flash mode”
  169. change the profile from 'general' to 'silent'?
  170. QMessageManager doen't show the Emails in Nokia N97 mini
  171. help for sending a message using Qt?
  172. how to play audio files in Qt?
  173. QCompass measurements compensation
  174. QMediaPlayer doesnt play desired file???
  175. phonon on n97 mini!!
  176. help for map and navigation
  177. require Symbian Location
  178. QMessage - SMS Port numbers
  179. how to invoke "Select connection" dialog
  180. Messaging capabilities
  181. QtMobility and Symbian^3?
  182. Cannot fetch pending todo items with qtmobility organizer
  183. Accelerometer values using Qt
  184. Can’t use QtMobility.feedback QML API in Qt Creator 2.2.1
  185. GPS on fresh device
  186. Simulator stops when running qt-mobility simple example
  187. QMediaPlayer on N950
  188. [Moved and Merged]How to send message to several phones by QtMobility?
  189. QMessageManager.queryMessage returns 0 messages
  190. Problem while configure Qt Mobility on windows
  191. QGeoRoutingManager updateRoute problem
  192. NFC widget
  193. How to include Mobility 1.2 in Qt SDK ?
  194. GroundSpeed and Symbain Anna
  195. how to open the sub camera in qtmobility?
  196. How to make Qt and QCamera work in S60 3rd edition?
  197. directing to a particular location
  198. Bluetooth NFC tag support in Anna
  199. Compile errors in custom QContactDetail
  200. How to reporting missed calendar events via the Notification Light?
  201. Problem in building Qt Mobility
  202. Having a problem in Symbian Simulator
  203. Thumbnail contact QML
  204. Bluetooth client connection stuck in "ConnectingState" (N950)
  205. camera flash in QT
  206. Blocking I/O on QBluetoothSocket
  207. QCamera use to put flash in torch mode
  208. Missing headers
  209. How to read the call log from Qt?
  210. Emulating the NDEF message in SmartMX JCOP
  211. read/write to desfire tag
  212. Get QImage from QML Camera element
  213. QtMobility's QBluetoothSocket::close() not working???
  214. Qt Mobility ServiceFramework and SecurityFilter
  215. QtMobility 1.02(1) for Anna?
  216. how to get phone number from the incoming call using QT?
  217. GPS not started or fix impossible with QtMobility
  218. QLocation: How to use multiple providers in a GeoMap
  219. Use of QT Organizer APIs - can't find any items
  220. Unable to add messaging header files
  221. QML DeviceInfo doesn't notice changes in VibrationActive? (MeeGo)
  222. Can i cut incoming call using qt mobility package ?
  223. Unble to execute program on device due to problem with mobility
  224. QML Camera (QCamera). Image saving.
  225. QCamera example does not work with QtMobility 1.2.0
  226. How to get data from sensors of N8
  227. Problems with QtMobility Location APIs
  228. [Help] adding sms message into the inner message pool
  229. Getting message ids by clicking on a button
  230. unable to send text message
  231. Delaying between two sms to be sended
  232. QNearFieldTarget inheritence
  233. what to #include to actually use QtMobility!? (bundled with QtSDK 1.1.3)
  234. Change the language of qt map
  235. Very strange crash in QPainterPath in QGeoMapCustomObject
  236. NFC - send APDU command
  237. QRadioTuner::frequencyRange() returns <0, 0>
  238. how to select the output device (headphone or speaker) of a instance of QRadioTuner?
  239. QtMobility Plugin search fails
  240. Licence for Qt Location
  241. Sending SMS or Email in QML
  242. QDocumentGallery Feature Request: "Grouping" Tag
  243. Qt mobility include files not found
  244. 'Missing dependency: QtMobility, need version 1.00(2) or newer' Code: 131073
  245. Tier 2 platforms: where?
  246. Configuring QtMobility in Carbide C++
  247. QtMobility starter
  248. [moved] About the deployment of qt C++ app
  249. location by sms
  250. QMessageManager crashes on app exits