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  1. Welcome to Qt Mobility forum
  2. First experience
  3. Qt Mobility project techonology preview updated + Contest with great prizes launched
  4. Compiling Qt Mobility Problem
  5. Example . New Qt APIs Technology Preview 2 - Mobility Project
  6. fetchgooglemap example
  7. Not able to add Mobility APIs
  8. Problem with Qt Mobility
  9. Where is libraries for emulator?
  10. Installing Mobility Project Problem
  11. CONFIG += mobility & MOBILITY = ...
  12. QtMobility with GCCE - Where are the .lib files ?
  13. Qt Mobility contest - remember to register by 30th of this month
  14. No response when click "send" button for writemessage example
  15. Installation Problem for Perl
  16. How to solve Error 1: collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
  17. Samplephonebook on S60 not possible with opensigned online?
  18. How got get Avatar pictures using contact framework?
  19. Cannot compile Qt Mobility 1.0-TP2 on Windows: Cannot find 'nmake'... in your PATH
  20. QSystemNetworkInfo hangs application
  21. CameraMMS - Captured picture doesn't correspond to picture in view finder on E52
  22. ServiceBrowser example: addService() fails
  23. Possibility of Qt Mobility API
  24. Can't build QtMoblity on Maemo5 platform - 'conninet' and 'contextsubscriber-1.0'
  25. About QT Mobility
  26. Not connecting to the mail site
  27. How to dial a number
  28. How can i use Qtmessaging?
  29. How to handle incoming SMS with QtMobility
  30. QMessageServiceAction + Console
  31. Deployment of Qt application on latest Nokia Mobile
  32. Qt Console + Mobility
  33. How to build Messaging API + MAPI with mingw32 on Windows?
  34. How to run a Qt Mobility app on the S60 emulator
  35. fetchgooglemaps cannot run on handphone
  36. Feedback on QVideoWidget: Use Enum from QImage
  37. Problem when installing qt-mobility extension
  38. Publish app developed using QT Mobility to ovi store
  39. problem with install for VC2008
  40. Installation of QtMobility on WinCE
  41. Issue in logfilepositionsource example
  42. Qt Mobility Project - Beta Package
  43. QT Mobility Contacts - N900
  44. Run mobility examples on real wm device
  45. Qt Mobility Beta changes
  46. How to use Qt mobility?
  47. grab Frame/Image using QCamera
  48. .dso file not found. problem config. qtmobility project
  49. draw line on googlemap
  50. Specific instruction on building QTMessaging for Win32?
  51. Building the new example code (examples that include QTMobility)
  52. Service Framework can't find service plugins
  53. How to get phone number with Qt/QtMobility?
  54. Make Call(Telephony)
  55. Strange problem related to QtMobility package
  56. Purpose of QOrientationReading::setOrientation?
  57. Feedback: Name clash in new Sensor API
  58. how to use QNetworkConfigurationManager to handle access point
  59. Qt Creator code completion not working with Qt Mobility for Symbian
  60. problem with install qt mobility
  61. Qt Mobility Contest Results
  62. Qt Bluetooth
  63. Not able to run qtmobility apps on S60 emulator
  64. Qt mobility installation
  65. Able to send MMS but not SMS using Qt Mobility Messenger
  66. FetchgoogleMaps not working on Windows CE device
  67. Intercept SMS using Qt Mobility Project?
  68. "Getting started" for Mobility?
  69. Bluetooth support in Qt Mobility
  70. Hwo to setFocusMode on the N97
  71. How to grab one frame with QCamera in Qt mobility?
  72. QT Mobility Production Version
  73. Roaming type on N97
  74. Program won't start when using Qt-Mobility
  75. how to test writemessage example for qt mobility
  76. How to send and receive msg using Qt for wince
  77. Qt QCamera example didn't autofocus
  78. QT Mobility + MADDE?
  79. QVideoWidget & own view finder
  80. Building Qt-mobility libs and installing on phone
  81. querymessages example not compiling when QMessageStore is added
  82. Can you test SMS message interception on emulator?
  83. How to use bearer management to select access point
  84. how to retrieve SMS body
  85. How can I set the best one access point as default
  86. How can I set QNetworkConfiguration::Type
  87. New Qt Mobility release
  88. How to change orientation of View Finder widget?
  89. errors while compiling QTMobility for gcce
  90. Sensor Support for Simulator/S60/Symbian^3
  91. errors while compiling QTMobility for gcce
  92. how to send email using QT
  93. How to send emails in qt maemo applications.....
  94. Problem getting network-based location
  95. How to install QT mobility on Fedora 12
  96. QtMobility
  97. Qt Mobility and Webkit
  98. QtMobility example buyild problem
  99. How to develop widgets on the phone desktop
  100. Problem with QGeoLocationInfoSource
  101. Error when building library of mobility
  102. Listening for sms
  103. audio Player
  104. Sending SMS with multiple recipients slower then sending separate SMS
  105. installing QTMobility application on Target
  106. default Media player
  107. How to access phonebook contacts in Qt application
  108. Qt Mobility and GPS data
  109. Does Qt Mobility 1.0.0 support QCamera for N900?
  110. Qt Mobility on Nokia Qt SDK Beta
  111. Qt Mobility Location on Nokia N97
  112. Problem about QMessageStoreExample
  113. Installing qtmobility sms application fails in N95
  114. QSensor compilation problem
  115. 'QMessageServiceAction.h' cannot be opened
  116. Qt Mobility Location, interval function is messed up.
  117. Sending Email Using Qt Mobility
  118. Mobility location in Maemo not working
  119. How do you remove videoWidget ?
  120. is there a windows 7/vista backend to qt mobility location
  121. QContactPresence detail - how?
  122. QContactOnlineAccount - what is the account name?
  123. [moved] Multiple Network selection
  124. MOBILITY = bearer or MOBILITY = Bearer??
  125. QNetworkSession->open() do not open nothing
  126. QtMessaging
  127. Video Recording
  128. error: 'QSensor' was not declared in this scope
  129. Latest qtmobility.sis?
  130. SIM card data using Qt-Mobility
  131. QMessageService throws exception
  132. QtMobility Messaging API: InstantMessage and XMMP does/will it work? when?
  133. Mobile extensions compiling problem.
  134. Compiling QT Mobility GCCE or ARMV5?
  135. QContactDetailFieldDefinition? Can I add custom fields to existing details? how?
  136. QtMobility on Windows for Symbian header file problem
  137. QCompass / QMagnetometer on N900
  138. Qt Mobility + Qt 4.7 SDK is it posible on N900
  139. QSensor failing to connect to Backend
  140. Help me.. sendind SMS in Qt
  141. Qt Mobility and video streaming
  142. NokiaQTSDk problems
  143. QtMobility without Multimedia
  144. Qt mobility Bearer error when search for WLAN
  145. QtMobility1.0.1 probleme!!!
  146. Error with QtMobility 1.0 after succesfully intall QtMobility tp2
  147. Get panicked when using QGeoLocation
  148. QCamera is missing from QtMobility SDK
  149. 4.7/Mobility/QGeoPositionInfo
  150. Location through cell tower triangulation
  151. How to send chinese sms using qtmobilty?
  152. QSensor problem
  153. My first Project on Qt Nokia SDK!! :D
  154. QSystemScreenSaver etc
  155. Using Messaging not in main thread
  156. Is the bug QTMOBILITY-326 fixed in the new release?
  157. how to get phone number for SMS
  158. Qt Mobility for Symbian^3
  159. Issue with QGeoPositionInfoSource
  160. problem sending SMS in Qt... help please :(
  161. QCamera+QVideoWidget in a QStackedWidget on Ubuntu gives an X error
  162. Qt contacts api on windows mobile
  163. networkSignalStrengthChanged explanation, please ;)
  164. Binary compatbility with QtMobility 1.0.2 ?
  165. Backlight and symbian.
  166. QNetworkSession in 1.0 RC
  167. Does Nokia Qt SDK support Compass ?
  168. I can know if an incoming sms is reply of an sent sms???
  169. How to open symbian contacts?
  170. Continuous locartion updates not working
  171. Strange behaviour of QMaemoInternetConnectivity
  172. sensor example
  173. Cannot make QtMobility TP2
  174. Messaging account problem ..
  175. Qt Location A-GPS
  176. QMessageManager performances
  177. Problem linking with Qt mobility sensor API.
  178. Location namespace problem
  179. Some questions about configuration of Qt Mobiliy
  180. message slot problems--QMessageManager::messageAdded
  181. QMessageManager->queryMessages works in simulator, but not in N900
  182. QMessageManager::message(id) conn't get the message object
  183. App: On SMS receive make a phone call
  184. Not able to open Qt Mobility applications on Nokia N97 Device!
  185. Cannot get IAP 's QNetworkConfiguration by QNetworkConfigurationManager!
  186. undefined reference to vtable
  187. QAccelerator
  188. 2 problems in Nokia Qt SDK
  189. QtMobility 1.1.0 for Symbian preview
  190. How to get speed with location API
  191. QSystemNetworkInfo doesen't run on E51
  192. 'ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘QSystemDeviceInfo’ with no type' in QT SDK for Linux
  193. Open mobile's contact book
  194. How use GPS in Symbian Qt 4.6.3.
  195. QtMobility QMediaplayer::SetMedia()
  196. Fall Detector Demo fails w/ Nokia Qt SDK 1.0
  197. Retrieving contact avatar on N900
  198. App runs in simulator but not on real device
  199. QGeoMappingManager issue
  200. Qt help urgent.... please help
  201. How can we make a telephone call using QT
  202. Where may i find documentation un panic codes
  203. Qt mobility 1.1.0 examples compile error
  204. Getting started with Qt Mobility development
  205. QtMobility headers working on simulator but not on symbian.
  206. mobility project not open
  207. How to Replace Qt Mobility 1.0.1 with 1.0.2 into Nokia SDK?
  208. Question about QSystemNetworkInfo::networkStatus(...)
  209. Installing QtMobility 1.0.2 on a Win system
  210. problem with audio recorder- qmobility multimedia api
  211. problem with radio project - qt mobilty radio project
  212. unrecognized QMOBILITY classes in NokiaQTsdk
  213. finding device model and the company to which it belongs
  214. Requested application access note granted
  215. Qmessage of type sms, receiver number returns ring/tel/ring
  216. How to capture raw audio data with amr codec?
  217. Mobile Extensions Telephony Api problem
  218. getting IMEI capability issue
  219. Location API, is it working on 1.0.2?
  220. undefined identifier 'QTM_USE_NAMESPACE' ?
  221. Location API: distanceTo function
  222. QtCreator does not offer the Symbian build target after an Update Nokia QT SDK
  223. 1.1 TP build issues
  224. QMediaPlayer : required capabilities
  225. Undefined symbol: '__declspec(dllimport) QtMobility ?
  226. Porting Qt Mobility 1.1.0 on N900.
  227. QT Mobility set up environment ?
  228. Play wav file in resources with QMediaPlayerControl
  229. Service Framework dll loading problem
  230. Can't install Mobility Apps after SDK upgrade
  231. Create new email account with QtMobility
  232. Install 1.1.0 TP1 on symbian device
  233. Mobility 1.1.0 Link Error
  234. Qt Mobility and video frame access
  235. Playing two audio streams at a time
  236. Recording audio clips in Qt Simulator
  237. QMessage::setStatus(QMessage::Read,true); does not work
  238. Qt Mobility on Device
  239. Qt Location API - weird problem
  240. stuck with the example "CS001617 - Receiving an SMS in Qt"
  241. Detect Roaming
  242. How to Get the contact user interface using Qt
  243. Where did AMR codec go? QtMobility 1.0.2 on N900
  244. Problem with Qt Mobility 1.1.0 TP For Symbian
  245. Only recieving SMS signal on first run
  246. first application batteryindiacator giving error :(
  247. unable to fix link error
  248. Gerenal error when running Location API examples
  249. Cannot get a pointer to QContactManager
  250. QMediaPlayer example on Device error