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  1. XHTML Tables on Nokia 6600
  2. Persistent cookies
  3. SMS on nokia 6600
  4. all cards in a deck are shown together
  5. <input type="checkbox" ..>
  6. WAP Advertising and traffic generation
  7. Different ways of submit data in wml
  8. Wap database
  9. xhtml and video
  10. want to color fonts
  11. downloading jad file
  12. plzzzzzzz reply
  13. WTAI or URI Library on Nokia 9500 communicator
  14. for those how have good experience in WML
  15. Toolkit for editing colored images in making WAP pages
  16. Need of Mobile Project Title
  17. Support of Maxlength on Nokia (6620 for instance) fails?
  18. xhtml parser & xml parser
  19. WML1.1 page does not turn up in Nokia 3200
  20. How to Test a WML file?
  21. Right-softkey problem on Nokia 6630 wap browser
  22. My S40 DP 2.0 SDK has some trouble..
  23. Call wmlscript functions
  24. 6610 WAP browser with <SELECT> tags?
  25. WML Browser
  26. how to write XHTML?
  27. WML 1.1 support on cellphones
  28. Reading from html and output on nokia 3300
  29. ecmascript/javascript
  30. Trigger phone call from webpage.
  31. How to give somebody a phone call using XHTML
  32. Accents in XHTML
  33. Xhtml
  34. Browser detection
  35. How to use GIF, JPG images in WML
  36. How to embed Flash(*.swf) files
  37. .smi and wap
  38. Why does the sample WMLScript code of NMIT can not run?
  39. Flash 6 Nokia 7710/Symbian 90 issues
  40. How to use Accesskey in XHTML.
  41. http form objects
  42. What to choose...
  44. New to this thread. Question regarding S60
  45. How to align entire content from right to left in XHTML
  46. How to embed AUDIO and VIDEO files
  47. accesskey - * and #
  48. XHTML Problem
  49. Why some GIFs are displayed as thumbnails
  50. how to change Link colors on Nokia mobile browser
  51. Does Nokia webBrowser support HTML...?
  52. if NOKIA browsers support the function that we can use wap push without any short mes
  53. WML Content Editor won't show up
  54. What is the User-Agent and other Info for the Nokia 6101?
  55. Problem posting XHTML form
  56. XHTML crashes browser
  57. Media Lifestyle for 6680/81 Nseries N70/80/90, please come in..
  58. I can't obtain serial number for Nokia Mobile Browser Simulator 4.0
  59. WEB ON N90
  60. Nokia 3100b - "x-up-destcharset=4" parameter added to querystring in PHP...
  61. Prblem with cookies N90, 7610 and 6670
  62. Why do I get the title also inside the page
  63. SSL connectivity from devices
  64. PHP session problem help! Plz~~
  65. Uploading XHtml..
  66. The cache won't clear itself!
  68. problem in persistant socket connection
  69. How to use flash(.SWF) files in XHTML
  70. Mobile Bugs Report
  71. xhtml: why I am not getting any error!!
  72. NetFront Browser and Nokia phone.. help.
  73. WML vs. XHTML
  74. WML & WMLSCript problem ????
  75. WML & WMLSCript problem ????
  76. WMLScript string function problem ??
  77. WML 1.1 on wap 2.0 and xhtml phones ?
  78. how to disable browser's cache-mechanism in wml?
  79. Hello & Who's who...
  80. File upload through Wap 2.0 XHTML
  81. Colour Images in WML
  82. Embed Video in XHTML pages on S60 2nd FP1
  83. How to link a video in wml
  84. Help regarding WAP
  85. Downloading .jar or .jad files to mobile
  86. How to view video clips on xHTML browser on Nokia handphone
  87. mobile browser info
  88. WML vs web server
  89. img probelm
  90. XHTML MP and scripting on the client side.
  91. Date format
  92. urgent problem: file format unknow for xhtml
  93. High priority Help needed.
  94. xhtml tables on 6060 and maybe others?
  95. Urgent Pls Help: Can't input value via keyboard
  96. XHTML on 6280
  97. Browsing xHTML pages on a 7250 and 6610
  98. Problem While redirecting from servlet to a wml page
  99. How to know whether a phone support tcp/ip directly
  100. How to download a file to Nokia Phone with WML?
  101. Img dimensions calculated wrong
  102. Same XHTML document for phone and PC
  103. XHTML common practice ?
  104. White spacing before 1st image
  105. How to play a video file through a wap server in Nokia phone
  106. [help]how to open mobile document in XHTML
  107. XHTML Mobile and accented characters
  108. first time developing for company 6310i 's
  109. Conflict in WML conformance rule for 'Do' element.
  110. How to stop autocompletion of forms.
  111. Php doesn't execute in nokia simulator
  112. help no error ut not working wml with ASP
  113. is it possible to open up a Java app from a series 40 WAP browser?
  114. dicuss WML&XHTML hacker!!!
  115. urgent: scripting to close browser
  116. getElementbyID
  117. XHTML-sites for all Nokia models
  118. Browser Redirection
  119. using jsp:include on a wml page
  120. How to use code to get images from webCam???
  121. Please help! Accesskey always fails with error. Is Accesskey not supported on 6682?
  122. Network Common WTAI
  123. textarea cols and width of picture?
  124. Disabling the text box using XHTML-MP
  125. Tomcat WAP Configuration - 3gp file downloading
  127. Reloading page in WML
  128. Extra not wanted white space in XHTML MP ??!
  129. Pleease help . .MSISDN ??
  130. referencing phone numbers for nokia handys in XHTML???
  131. nokia-6630 is unable to access my xhtml- mp pages!!!!
  132. ASP/WML issue
  133. using script to access xhtml elements
  134. problem in accessing xhtml mp pages.
  135. How to send wap push message
  136. phone nokia 6030 and wml
  137. echanging information Via the WAP Browser In Hebrew.
  138. PerPlexed - HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  139. Help!Question about Series 80
  140. ASP and "<%" not work!
  141. empty square on xhtml
  142. No XHTML in OPENWAVE 7 simulator
  143. Bad Gateway using NMB4.0
  144. DTD WML2 vs XHTML?
  145. load .CSS for mobile browsers?
  146. Telefonica releases its software mobility platform
  147. Need Help on JSP Paging on the mobile
  148. how can change xhtml font size?
  149. PHP in WML on NMIT
  150. Redirect Messages
  151. WTAI make call for video
  152. how download application into application folder
  153. Cant play media on 6680 browser
  154. WAP Calendar
  155. encoding UTF-8, ISO
  156. WML img tag
  157. Do u think Nokia 3G phone support File Upload???
  158. Xhtml and nokia 6260
  159. Creating Bookmarks..
  160. Xhtml, float and the N70 S60_Platform_Designing_XHTML_MP_Content_v1_4_en.pdf
  161. Multiple Radio Button Groups not working.
  162. cookies in Nokia
  163. Is it possible to use XML?
  164. XHTML+php issue
  165. image support of wml 1.2
  166. Http 204 No Content Bug
  167. Support for css files - How can I tell???
  168. Sending simple sms in xhtml mp
  169. XHTML Testing in a browser
  170. HTML to WML
  171. user - agent for nokia N73
  172. Help with SATML
  173. Good looking xHTML
  174. Setting cookies for 6280
  175. Turn off auto-capitalize
  176. How to call a script during the loading and How to write a formatted text ?
  177. new to WML - help needed wrt links
  178. SVG in the WAP browser - the stupid cursor (Nokias only) & how to hide it??
  179. How to write a wml formatted text generated by a script function?
  180. XHTML : File open Error
  181. unsupport content page
  182. Need header help for Wap 2.0
  183. CSS background-image
  184. MP4 video..
  185. WML and .wmv file display
  186. WML pages on Motorola
  187. XHTML table on N73 WAP browser
  188. ECMA Script not working
  189. SVG not supported.
  190. wml pages won't open on E70
  191. *PN WAP/WML mask on input field
  192. "File to large to be loaded" in WML of OLD Series 40
  193. Extending the wtai://wp/ap; URI functionality on the N80i
  194. emptyok: spec and real life support
  195. Help with redirection and cookies
  196. WAP, WML, WMLScript...Help!
  197. OMA Download (.dd file)
  198. how can i run my wml
  200. Saving site
  201. How to add bookmark/detect browser type?
  202. Creating a compatible website for mobiles
  203. My Nokia6681 not render the xhtml page
  204. xhtml how to back a page like ie in moblie
  205. XHTML vs WML
  206. between two IMG tags
  207. Click-to-call?
  208. help me,urgently
  209. xhtml/php Problem
  210. I can't display php page on S40 emulator!!!
  211. Fit screen size on specific mobile devices
  212. I need Urgent Help with my ASP File on Mobile Browser
  213. question about WAP browser
  214. How to find if it is a simulator or real phone?
  215. N73 XHTML tables issue
  216. Need a XHTML/EcmaScript capable Browser emulator
  217. Struts with XHTML...Caching
  218. how to make a communication between wmls and c++ function?
  219. XML Security, with PayPal
  220. Send SMS from WML/XHTML page
  221. How2get Pixel resolution of Nokia Mobile Browser?
  222. Nokia 6260
  223. submit option in mobile
  224. HTML/1.1 Range header field
  225. <anchor> problem in mobile device.
  226. file format unknown
  227. file format unknown (problem in redirection)
  228. problem showing image in WAP site
  229. How to force download instead of video streaming?
  230. WAP question on wml:format tag.
  231. PHP to WML problem
  232. Form not working ? Testers asked
  233. video display from WAP browser
  234. Viewing WML (WAP <1.2) pages on WAP 2.0 phones
  235. XML to WBXML in Windows
  236. empty select option is not returning null
  237. Reference document
  238. HowTo detect If WiFi-phone is surfing WebSite??
  239. JavaScript And Html For 3G Nokia Phone?
  240. How to Encode image and Music file??
  241. embedded video
  242. Kind request: suggestion
  243. Which Nokia Model support this
  244. Log In Set Up
  245. go to previous page.
  246. wml/xhtml conversion
  247. Any idea about this junk data..really appreciate
  248. Question about Google Mobile Bot
  249. Hi Guys
  250. Want to cache video (3gp) files