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  1. problem using button (post back)!
  2. Web Browser Padding Bug on Nokia 6260 Nokia 7610
  3. XHTML anchor bug in Nokia browsers?
  4. WCSS Issue
  5. Help with simple Javascript example
  6. Xhtml Dl and Div tags
  7. form tag margin in nokia n73 / e61
  8. xhtml + jsp question
  9. how is wap browser to call local application?
  10. Wml Password Help!
  11. wap 2.0 developer needed
  12. How to set the color of the focus for an image
  13. wml and jsp connection??
  14. File upload support
  15. Need Help with Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit
  16. How should i run XHMTL on Nokia 7210 ?
  17. php wml not working with Nokia
  18. Tables rendering incorrect sizes on Nokia N73
  19. Meta tag to force browser to "original screen" mode on S60?
  20. filter xhtml device from wml
  21. type of mobile browser that support the wap
  22. WCSS
  23. Looking for Nokia emulator for .xhtml
  24. Can i change focus among controls in wml?
  25. problem in files downloading in mobile application
  26. css on mobile
  27. XHTML+ECMAScript Onclick Change Colour code review
  28. Can anyone figure this one out?
  29. Can't link PHP to WML
  30. File format unknown
  31. Server Side Push content type multipart
  32. csd setting for nokia 6600
  33. How to divide wml page
  34. Problem WML for Nokia 6610 !!!
  35. List of phones that supports ecmascript?
  36. how do you develop wap triggered by sms?
  37. pass variable using XHTML MP
  38. Nokia Emulator Not loading html
  39. WTAI - Save several phones under the same name
  40. Does Nokia Browser support AJAX?? Help..
  41. 'jump down' anchors do not work on some nokia devices
  42. Vcard in xhtml file
  43. send sms using mobile browser
  44. how to run .wmls file
  45. <input type="file" name="">
  46. Display WML
  47. Why does my JAR-file get downloaded as a regular text-file?
  48. WTAI and "*" symbol
  49. "-wap-input-format:*N" does not work fine in password field
  50. cache control?
  51. WML --> HTML
  52. XML Code for messagetone/ SMS tone
  53. Problem in downloading 3gp video from server
  54. Error Message : Link not available. Try again
  55. XHTML MP Link navigation order
  56. Empty links in Nokia WML not supported???
  57. XHTML Development Methodology
  58. file upload from phone to server
  59. N73 CSS List bug with padding?
  60. problem with submit button
  61. .Net Mobile Forms - Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit (MMIT)
  62. How to access URL's/Links in a Web Page
  63. Make navigating a web site easier
  64. Conflicting mime types?
  65. Has anyone tried to bypass the back key?
  66. smsto: & mmsto: phones support list
  67. wtaiLibraries
  68. How to use NMIL4.1
  69. How to show Tooltips on Browser?
  70. html code shown if links are empty
  71. Apparent CSS Bug Pseudoclass Inheritance
  72. Can AJAX run on mobile? how to stream text data?
  73. wap site video download cannot be completed
  74. Nokia 6131: Access local stored html files
  75. hit count of anchor
  76. image doesnt show
  77. HTTP Header through WML
  78. howto:Numerical accesskeys in E61?
  79. How to browse/upload Phone Book inside your phone?
  80. Wap page creation help
  81. Nokia Mobile Browser 4.0 Error
  82. How to display the content on same page?
  83. Order in UA
  84. new to xhtml
  85. ECMAScript/onclick event and nokia 6233
  86. How to validate XHTML+MP pages correctly?
  87. <form> tag not working on xHTML-MP
  88. redirection not handled by 6101 and 6230
  89. How to implement "Add to favorites"?
  90. Urgent::Can I use ajax to download file?
  91. urgent:SMS through WAP 2.0
  92. Supporting WMLScript on current phones and operators
  93. Reverse engineer WMLScript bytecode to actual text source?
  94. Interfacing a Mobile Web Application with Nokia Maps
  95. WML editors
  96. Can't install NMIT, anyone help?
  97. how to get database values from xhtml page
  98. Xml transformation into wml
  99. s40 and wml
  100. problems with xhtml and tables with nokia browser
  101. Serving content for Accept */*?
  102. Tables are not rendered correctly on S60 devices
  103. Any solution for KIC000536 (Image padding behaviour on S40)?
  104. WML tables with xslt
  105. Chat Script
  106. problem in loading wml files
  107. wml support for asp.net
  108. sql server connection from wml, asp.net
  109. input type=file in nokia 5700
  110. input format for type=password
  111. server control for wml
  112. register Nokia Mobile Browser ?
  113. Cookies (OTA) and MIDlets in S60 emulator
  114. Xml transformation using asp.net
  115. WAP trends
  116. WAP setfocus
  117. HTTP 204 alternative?
  118. s40 and xhtml/php
  119. Overlay Images
  120. XHTML-MP hidden fields
  121. E65 and E61 wrong table rendering
  122. Programmable Soft Keys in Mobile Browser using ECMAScript MP
  123. MP newbie
  124. WML
  125. override nokia browser css
  126. can we apply font color in wml 1.2
  127. Wingdings with Windows Mobile
  128. nokia n70/6680: problem with sizes in input fields
  129. setRequestHeader S60 Browser N95
  130. CSS Adjacent sibling selectors
  131. Sending SMS from XHTML
  132. WML Help - Translator Application
  133. Javascript S40 - is there a way to get this to work?
  134. wtai for czech ??
  135. WAP Download Script
  136. webkit support for nokia browser
  137. javascript set focus to input text box ??
  138. Is this library can call number start with *xxxx "WTAPublic.makeCall(number) "
  139. What code makes "links" to dial numbers?
  140. Generating XHTML code dynamically using asp.net
  141. SMSTO
  142. Nokia phones modifier
  143. Download and install application on S60
  144. N95-S60 Browser: Javascript can't do?
  145. Starting a midlet from Browser
  146. disable blue link selector
  147. WML supported by "all" mobiles?
  148. Pass Parameters to native exe application
  149. embed object for mp3 with progressive download
  150. Video streaming
  151. Javascript Support for S60 Browser
  152. Browsing of .aspx page in Nokia 6085 and Nokia 3230
  153. sending wml / xhtml files over bluetooth
  154. 6810 JavaScript
  155. Support of images embedded in html
  156. Integrating PHP into WML
  157. Render a file based web-page
  158. wml and XHTML
  159. Problem in calling WMLS function
  160. json script tag hack does not work from window.onload
  161. Battery status using js file (C++ enum to javascript var?)
  162. Choose contact
  163. S60 link hover border
  164. WML rendering bug
  165. Display Chinese in western Nokia
  166. Disable ability to click on a Flash lite movie with Javascript?
  167. Browser S60 3rd ed fp2 specification
  168. How to scroll static google map image ?
  169. Setting color in rows?
  170. Switch CSS according to the display width
  171. -wap-input-format: 'AAANNN';
  172. Add toolbar to Mobile Browser
  173. No SDK Installed
  174. How to decide on serving wml, xhtml?
  175. how to create hyperlink ?
  176. xHTML VS xHTML Mobile Profile
  177. background: repeat-x not working on Nokia 6103
  178. how to downlaod a file by clicking a link
  179. How do I Get the Video Player to display?
  180. Regarding error ::URGENT
  181. [HELP]WML Timeout on connection
  182. Problems centering images on Nokia handsets
  183. SVG in HTML/WML
  184. JSONP woes w/S60 3.1 WebKit
  185. detecting device model with opera browser
  186. warning msgs on redirection
  187. S60 link hover hidden border
  188. Image and margin issues with 6300
  189. S60 Webkit browser and Canvas tag?
  190. CSS positioning
  191. get Cell Id using browser
  192. start video call from mobile web
  193. Web to Wap Development; please help
  194. Opening maps application with a link? (maps: protocol?)
  195. Problem in MIME (multipart) response parsing in N 95
  196. S60 Javascript Events
  197. onScroll event support
  198. Screen orientation/resolution change event
  199. browse a wml file
  200. Make video call via WAP
  201. Space In Form Field Causing An Error Only On Nokia Browser
  202. Change Browser on "0" - key
  203. N73 user agent
  204. Image dithering on S60 3rd edition
  205. s60 wap accesskey cant work, why
  206. Russian text encoding problem
  207. armenian language character does not display correctly
  208. Problem with cellpadding and cellspacing
  209. WAP site behaviour NOT OK with some of the handsets.
  210. beginner WAP appliactions
  211. wml - onevent problem
  212. problem with using java application in 3600slide
  213. HtmlControl for Symbian
  214. a symbian browser plugins problem
  215. Error in accessing HTTPS in NMBS4.0
  216. Webinar: Why Mobilise Websites? You Can Win BIG!
  217. Browsing and SVG
  218. selcting the label of a XHTML form element does not give focus
  219. Browser version on 5800XM - Library vs reality
  220. s40 based phone javascript
  221. Javascript "OnChange" event from Nokia 8800 Arte...
  222. "required attribute missing"
  223. Can the S60 browser pointer be hidden?
  224. 2 questions
  225. Data URI scheme support
  226. 6230i not meta-refreshing
  227. Local hyperlinks (not functional) vs. server hyperlinks (functional)
  228. http support in device
  229. must produce XHTML Mobile Profile (XHTML MP) Code and not Normal XHTML?
  230. input element of type image
  231. [moved] Wml in Nokia
  232. Problem in Redirecting in S40
  233. Disabling browser features for application like webpages: Pan, Zoom
  234. S60 default font size and adjusting font for N95
  235. S40 CSS compatibility and styling links
  236. Horizontal scrollbar appearing on N6110
  237. n97: css hover
  238. S60 5th Edition Constrain Browser Width
  239. 6300 Adding unwated space after images
  240. Does browser of Nokia 6500s/3120c support aspx pages?
  241. wap background problem
  242. How to create .wml file
  243. Nokia Toolkit for linux
  244. Nokia Mobile Web Templates Updated
  245. I need suggestions to develope the quiz applications
  246. Download Path In N97
  247. Nokia N97 Multipart form
  248. Difference between the xhtml MP ,WAP 2.0 and WAP 1.x
  249. How to connect with the database using the xhtml MP or WAP?
  250. Real Player unable to connect ?