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  1. SDK S60 2nd FP 3rd Http Problem
  2. convert between UCS2 and GSM 7-bit
  3. Do not get the callback "NextRecordRequestComplete"
  4. Help! RConnection::Start doesn't work on s60 2nd fp3
  5. Connection not working on phone, does on emulator
  6. Problem showing the SMS body text on RichText Editor
  7. Emulator configurations for socket programming
  8. HTTP PUT???
  9. DndTimedOut (-5120) on S60 2nd Fp3
  10. object accessing problem
  11. Error in Sending a file via Bluetooth
  12. How to get the Bluetooth device type by discovery or by BTRegister
  13. modify the user agent on the fly ?
  14. Sending Richtext email
  15. how to send WAP data and receive its' response
  16. Connect to internet through bluetooth
  17. error: while using CSendUi
  18. Bluetooth Service Discovery Problem
  19. Video call on S60 3rd
  20. How to differentiate two services which share SPP
  21. Access point default
  22. Bluetooth string transfer problems
  23. RTP API for s60
  24. Making a data connection within a voice call
  25. IssueHTTPGetL() problem
  27. How can i get the sum of inbox?(SMS)
  28. Retrieving SIP profile parameters
  29. Security in Symbian
  30. which table define the proxy server?
  31. Message Sending failed !!!!!
  32. how to create a access point about proxy server?
  33. Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution
  34. how to get the local device address
  35. avoid -> connection to server needed ..
  36. Sniffer: Raw Socket
  37. How to write a TCP/IP server in S60 3rd edition
  38. Internet Sockets not working in 2nd edition FP2
  39. Using sockets in Full Duplex example
  40. How to set different TCP options when creating a socket
  41. RThread or CActiveScheduler with SMSSend
  42. Nokia 6708 UIQ2.1 problem with WapBrowser
  43. How to receive destination ip address of connection
  44. Why the Obex server not working ??
  45. Problem in Bluetooth UI
  46. How to receive destination ip address of connection
  47. Memory leaks in point to multipoint example?
  48. connectivity error- 7372
  49. What Bluetooth service class is for ?
  50. Problem in getting the sequence number
  51. how can i get the iDetails of TPtrC
  52. simple http server?
  53. TCP/IP packet over bluetooth
  54. Email Client
  55. Why*******MyServerWontRunOnInstall
  56. HTTP post(ing) problem
  57. UDp sockets
  58. Problem with etelagsm
  59. How to recieve active tcp and udp connections?
  60. Anybody work on TLS ?
  61. When is RComm::OpenWhenAvailable() function used?
  62. HTTP Get and cache problem?????
  63. HTTP class missing in any export library?
  64. Stability problems while sending consecutive packets over Bluetooth very fast
  65. Determing size of file http server
  66. Big problem in Obex File transfer
  67. creating and saving message in IMAP4 folder
  68. HTTP PUT Problem?
  69. To delete default Bluetooth service
  70. Multithreaded server
  71. SMS as Hyperlink
  72. How to search Specific SMS in Inbox?
  73. Creating connection to iap and opening browser
  74. Is thread necessary?? Urgent
  75. NextRecordRequestL doesnt complete!!
  76. Upload Image with POST and catch it with PHP
  77. 302 redirection response header missing
  78. synchronize http get ???
  79. Simple HTTP Client
  80. Nokia N70 - HTTP POST problem
  81. Receiving data form HTTP POST
  82. connection between a 2ed fp2 em and 6680
  83. l2cap connection with windows
  84. simulate incoming sms on emulator
  85. iap example link wanted
  86. send Email error:( :( :( :(
  87. Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM)
  88. Problem connectting Emulator to the Internet?
  89. IP Hook on 3rd
  90. cant use HTTP
  91. CHttpFilterProxyFilterInterface not available in S60 3rd Edition
  92. Bluetooth notify that is in use
  93. How maximal long can a Buffer be sent by Socket?
  94. Retrieve WLAN MAC Address on E65
  95. GSM-based Location Services
  96. timer!!!!
  97. Sending Flash SMS on 3rd edition
  98. USB on S60 2nd FP3 ?
  99. bluetooth new device notification?
  100. How to use CSIPExample ??
  101. Email sending problem (blank body)
  102. Why program exit abnormal after net connection is interrupted ?
  103. Free modem connection in 6680 ~ import to other phone?
  104. sending sms like PC Suite ???
  105. Wap access point detection
  106. Is there any existing framework for network programming with Symbian c++
  107. regarding extracting a integer from tbuf
  108. Why IAP dialog pop up in the bad network situation?
  109. RTP example
  110. how to test telephony using sim.tsy
  111. Sip registration problem
  112. Application is closed when a key is pressed or screen saver is running
  113. limited wait for server reply
  114. How to add new X-fields to email header
  115. can i run Dll::Tls in emulator...
  116. Is there a limitation on UDP SendTo and RecvFrom functions
  117. can't connect to the server residing in Emulator
  118. Compatability with PC Suite (6133 Model)
  119. TCP/IP communication failure
  120. Is NetworkControl capability needed for multiple RSocket connections?
  121. mobile camera
  122. How to synchronous RecvFrom() from 2 UDP sockets in an application?
  123. Bluetooth OBEX operations, help me pls
  124. Can only open incoming call once
  125. Location string Why its giving me error ?
  126. 407 Proxy Authentication in SUBSCRIBE on S60 3rd MR
  127. retrieving incoming senders phone number
  128. Http PUT and DELETE request on 3rd
  129. SIP stack re-send interval
  130. Is MTM UI the solution?
  131. Data Transmission
  132. can't send SMS to other networks' phones
  133. how to get rconnection bearer type?
  134. Cellid while getting gps position
  135. How to get the emulator's ip address?
  136. TCP Problems when run on phone - connection error -46
  137. 9.1/3rd - RSocket/RConnection SetOpt HOW?!?! Transfer rate optimization HOW???!?!?
  138. Connection Monitor Server API: Using the RConnectionMonitor
  139. ECommDbDialogPrefDoNotPrompt does not work on N95?
  140. Problem with Sending MMS. Need Help
  141. edited field in the URL
  142. Reconnecting bluetooth socket
  143. Cannot communicate between emulators
  144. Hide grps connectionbox / or set default connection
  145. ftpsess ????
  146. How could i get IAP-ID
  147. Thread or Active Object?
  148. SOCKET PROGRAMMING: Client can not connect to server...
  149. How can I detect an outgoing message
  150. MTP support on Symbian 9.2
  151. (Bluetooth) RSocket Write function does not call RunL function
  152. Creation and enabling of SIP profile
  153. How to use Tranport layer security (TLS)
  154. How to create a message, and put it into inbox
  155. Is KL2CAP/RFComm socket widely supported?
  156. connection using thread!!!!
  157. reject incoming call without answering
  158. SIP calls via UMTS, not WLAN
  159. Credentials and settings
  160. Nokia 3GPP
  161. Serial/USB connection
  162. Building application for S60_3rd_b
  163. CApSelect::NewLC crash in case of no APN defined
  164. Relaying data between TCP and UDP
  165. How to use CActive Object for CTelephony
  166. CSIPInviteDialogAssoc usage in S60 3.0
  167. Webservice parameters
  168. CSecureSocket KErrSSLAlertInternalError !!!
  169. Questions about Access point (not a newbie)
  170. Difference in socket connection on 3rd?
  171. socket server and client
  172. getting the samepage twice using web client example problem?
  173. reset http session?
  174. What Capabilities need to mention in MMP file for using RSockets.
  175. Sync problem with N90 (S60V2FP3)
  176. How to capture Invite to a VoIP client ?
  177. Disabling wifi access pooint during RConnection.Start
  178. S60 2nd SDK FP2 - Emulator connecting to Internet problem
  179. APN selection not working in N80
  180. iSocket.RecvOneOrMore()
  181. Clear http session cache ??
  182. E32USER-CBASE 46 error
  183. Connect to internet while dataport is in use
  184. not able to build SipEx for Emulator B.
  185. How to place a call over SIP!
  186. Session with Message is not getting initiated
  187. socket error...
  188. Download Manager API
  189. Why RComm SetConfig() returns KErrNotSupported?
  190. can i get socket example for 3rd edition.
  191. Problem with creating email attachment
  192. UPnP/DLNA support in Symbian Version 9.X ?
  193. error related to GSM
  194. looking for this guide "Series 60 SIP Programmer's Guide"
  195. ACM::1 port on Windows PC
  196. after moving an sms from inbox to MyFolder my app crashes......
  197. socket connection works fine on the emulator but not onthe phone
  198. Exiting app from HTTPClientEngine
  199. how to make a call ?
  200. Knowing 3G status with our application
  201. gsmuset.h, access to TSmsUserDataSettings, S60v3 MR
  202. Browser Control API
  203. Browser control+View
  204. rconnmon.h -> KSignalStrength (dBm) ?!
  205. How to receive SMS that was sent from our own application?
  206. Where is TCallNotifyInfo?
  207. How to remove sent sms notification?
  208. Can we create our own Inbox for sms?
  209. App exiting on issuing a number of HTTP POST Requests.
  210. sending OTA
  211. Limit of 500 msgs on E62 w/ Blackberry Service?
  212. IP address of the remote host and connection initiating app info
  213. How to get TMsvId from the folder that was made by ourself?
  214. cookies in browser and session management in j2me
  215. RunL function is not called right away after SetActive()
  216. loading URL
  217. Delete the SMS in outbox (Sent Item)
  218. How can we block I/O ports in Symbian devices
  219. how to check if the 3G signal is available on the phone?
  220. Function CBaseMtm->SaveMessageL() Leave with KErrAccessDenied
  221. Type mis match error
  222. Type mis match error
  223. Connection problem with RFCOMM : error -6305
  224. All I just wanted to know is change the message's content, is this possible? (please)
  225. Problem with Current network information
  226. Problem with Current network information
  227. Transfer SMS from Nokia 6234 to application
  228. launching Editor by CreateAndSendMessageL()
  229. AnswerIncomingCall() -not responding ..
  230. Wap Push
  231. How to use socket bind and accept the PC
  232. 如何建立socket server端
  233. Unrecognized event
  234. auto answer incoming call ..
  235. download a file
  236. c++ and java communication
  237. send log file via ftp (file already in use)
  238. Https with RHttpTransaction gives Kern-Exec 3
  239. sending SMS via exe on S60 2 Edition
  240. To test GPRS network coverage availability
  241. how to get OBEX PUT final response code
  242. How to Push data to server??????????
  243. Get Local IP address problem
  244. Porting to 3rd MR problem
  245. Enumerating sending features...
  246. how modify Btpinttopoint example ??
  247. recovering deleted messages from internal memory
  248. HTTP POST to stream data
  249. Problem about RGenericAgent::StartOutgoing
  250. Bluetooth multicast