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  1. Access to Operator Menu
  2. Why no cancel API for async RConnection::Start(TConnPref& , TRequestStatus&) ?
  3. [SIP] Invite fails: 415 Unsupported Media Type
  4. Problem with SMS--Create message
  5. porting btpointopoint MessageServer.cpp in to server.c for PC.
  6. Retrieving incoming data call number in S60 3rd
  7. creating and sending sms
  8. SIP Via Header - RPORT
  9. Increasing amount of stored sent messages
  10. Wireless comunication
  11. Phone-Pc-Phone interaction
  12. Can HTTP requests be pipelined on a single persistent connection.
  13. nokia sms example
  14. Ho to get IP address of a Socket-Server application
  15. KERN- EXEC 3 CCommsDatabase
  16. Establish Browser Iap connection in advance ??
  17. AT Commnads from application
  18. receiving message exits with error code -2
  19. Failed to connect a TCP client app with a server
  20. Telephony API support on N93
  21. Feature is not supported (-5), MTM, Outbox
  22. Check for WLAN availability
  23. Change the bluetooth name
  24. KErrDisconnected (-36) Error for Http get Request
  25. Problem in sending value to a port
  26. SMS format for CDMA
  27. How to modify/disable timeout for OBEX opeartion?
  28. Device to PC Communication
  29. Device to PC Communication(Vice-Versa)
  30. TCP server packet receiving problem
  31. functionid in mmsconst.h
  32. access point on real device problem
  33. SMS sending from application
  34. Sockets tutorial needed
  35. Need HELP!!!
  36. Access point problem in N95
  37. Sdp & StringPool problems for SIP INVITE
  38. System error (-18) at SendInviteL()
  39. Rsocket problem
  40. How to add text message to Image
  41. Ad-hoc networking on WiFi for S60 phones.
  42. Cryptography...??
  43. no sim card?
  44. Does SDk version affect the application performance on S60 platform
  45. SIP: System Error -15 when receiving multiple INVITE request
  46. Sending CrLF on the sip TCP socket
  47. problem in Location (cell id) information application
  48. Problem After Auto Start Application.
  49. Can I visit the attached file in inbox on 3rd phone?
  50. how to Scan and get inbox's unread message?
  51. esock client 23 panic issue
  52. Complile time error
  53. How to Send Reply of Receiverd Message?
  54. How to Send Reply of Receiverd Message?
  55. Problem with PC Bluetooth serial COM Port
  56. Problem in FTP Connection using emulator
  57. Problem in FTP Connection using emulator
  58. Problem in FTP Connection using emulator
  59. Symbian OS End-To-End HTTP API Example
  60. RThread and CleanupStack
  61. HELP, SIPExample in S60 SDK doesn't work.
  62. File Download...
  63. How do you know if the platform Wifi scan is enabled
  64. BT RFCOMM protocol clarification needed
  65. KERN-EXEC 3 when reading sdp
  66. 'CSmsAutoSendAppUi' : no appropriate default constructor available
  67. Exception on manual SIP register
  68. http example post method problem
  69. Connection Monitor Server & Access Point Engine API's
  70. Two receiving sockets
  71. using RConnection and Socket
  72. How to use RComm to send binary data?
  73. Why RCall::Dial() for Data Call return KErrArgument (-6) in 9300i?
  74. Read & Write AT commands on S60 2nd edition phones
  75. Extracting PDU as text string from SMS Inbox
  76. How to perform context switching in symbian
  77. How i can know that user delete the message??
  78. Retrieving SSID from CommunicationDatabase
  79. Symbian OS Error Codes -8268
  80. About Emulator network problem?
  81. How to know Socket has read the full message form a server in SDK socket example?
  82. how to send message using Thread?
  83. How DLNA works in symbian N95?
  84. Record SIP calls
  85. IAP dialog only one and never again
  86. question about IAP selection
  87. MMS on different devices
  88. sniffer
  89. How to groupsend sms?
  90. RHostResolver in emulator
  91. How can I upgrading a custom MTM ?
  92. Error:ESock_bt user 21 in emulator using BT
  93. Getting unreade mails count not working on E61
  94. how to Synchonize member Variable in thread?
  95. OMA BCAST/DVB-H Data available on n77 and n92?
  96. About RTP streaming from the phone
  97. How to map smil src attributes to attachment filenames?
  98. Catch SMS from SIM ToolKit Menu
  99. RTP API Issue
  100. Opening connection directly to other phone (or modem)
  101. Anybody use Thread For Send Sms?
  102. Question about posting a file
  103. Can't receive UDP packages
  104. Internet for emulator
  105. Nokia's WLAN stack error codes
  106. Creating a custom MTM account in s60
  107. can we fetch location area name using HTTP API's
  108. DNS SRV requests
  109. intercepting RSocket methods
  110. how to remote comtrol my program.
  111. Mutliple HTTP Post Transactions?
  112. POSIX Socket mapping to RConnection/RSocket
  113. Answer incoming call silently
  114. Error in RMsgQueue??
  115. -10(underflow) error in Receive RMsgQueue
  116. Help, SIP Resolver Plugin 3rd ed
  117. Is it possible to debug a project on multi instance of emulators on SDK2 FP2 (S60)?
  118. received sms reading problem
  119. memory full close application error
  120. CTelephony Network Info....
  121. Panic while SMS receive
  122. Closing bluetooth socket AFTER all data has been sent
  123. Etel on N76
  124. Maintaining a HTTP state
  125. RTP API example code or documentation
  126. SIM Application Toolkit
  127. SMS transmit errors
  128. MBrCtlDialogsProvider documentation
  129. How to turn off the vibrate and sound notification for incoming message ?
  130. Incoming sip messages
  131. problem sending CONCATENATED SMS
  132. DCS - data coding scheme in USSD reply
  133. Using an S60v3 device to tether another phone as a DUN modem
  134. Receiving sms trigger
  135. Problems enabling SIP profile
  136. WLAN connection in offline mode
  137. how to check if WLAN IAP is available?
  138. TCP/IP Stack over Bluetooth
  139. Suitable IDE for rookie and capture incoming caller id
  140. Deleting SMS
  141. Want software to increase audio recording time.
  142. Want software to increase audio recording time.
  143. About 'Visual radio' service
  144. Https problem
  145. RHTTPSession/RHTTPTransaction priority
  146. Reading SMS body
  147. RConnectionMonitor returning -1 (KErrNotFound)
  148. Saving SMS to PC
  149. RSocket.Connect() block in Chat example from SDK
  150. Http Digest Authentication in S60 2rd edition
  151. Problem With SMS Blocking
  152. Mobile-Mobile packet switched connections, address issues, handover, disconnections.
  153. Puzzled with HTTP over WLan
  155. Connection Status
  156. Question about Cell Broadcast Messages
  157. can any one help me out
  158. retrieve email body text
  159. clientserversync or clientserverasync example for Series60_v21_CW
  160. Problem in configuring DNS Server
  161. P2P and battery life?
  162. FAX FROM E60???????
  163. delete the incoming sms, EFalse.....
  164. Subscribing to RProperty of 3G coverage
  165. Retrieving the MAC address
  166. avoid email sending
  167. how to retrieve the messege from inbox
  168. http client can not work?
  169. Hide Inbox Messages
  170. E32USER-CBase 42 Error when use CIdle????
  171. contact item
  172. Directly Find Message in inbox using ID?
  173. browse Inbox,outbox
  174. http post problem
  175. please help me urgent!!!!
  176. EnumerateConnections Crash
  177. local message folder creation problem
  178. Help In HTTP via RSocket
  179. NEWbie:what does sendreceive actually do
  180. Problem with SIP Resolver Ecom Plugin
  181. Copying SIS file from Inbox on 3rd edition
  182. Asking to Bluetooth Experts , help me
  183. http Cache error
  184. RConnectionMonitor gives Feature not supported
  185. Error in creating new project
  186. RConnectionMonitor::GetUintAttribute KErrNotSupported
  187. Why there is no BPP Job Based Printing in any Nokia's device
  188. Building web services for N70
  189. Get the message sending state in outbox folder (S60 3rd phone)
  190. Is Idt Possiable to Receive SMS without any Confirmation??
  191. error in switchcurrententryL
  192. Bypass Bluetooth Security?
  193. CSdpAgent crashes with KERN-EXEC 3
  194. hide contact
  195. can v get sender number/address when new entry of SMS is in "preparing" state?
  196. MTM client or MTM session
  197. Sending Multiple files via bluetooth (Urgent!!)
  198. How to stop short ringing tone before rejection???
  199. Create mail account in S60 3rd FP1
  200. Email adress validation code
  201. radio button
  202. Determine if "new e-mail alert" is on for an email account
  203. About Http Digest Authentication with qop=auth-int
  204. Active connection recognition by MAC address.
  205. Accept call in a concurrent server
  206. Symbian Contacts Plug-in
  207. how to know the state of a socket
  208. can we able to read the messege in the inbox
  209. fonts in doublestyle listbox
  210. send wap push from mobile
  211. how to create listbox
  212. Call a number from editor
  213. WSDL-to-c++ wizard myServiceTypes.h
  214. problem with auto start application
  215. HTTP error -46
  216. Upload Large/Big Files
  217. HTTP error -36
  218. problem about SSL
  219. how to cancel RecvOneOrMore
  221. Launching an application when a particular SMS arrives
  222. E Series phones and the default mailbox.
  224. Wifi and Bluetooth connection on the application.
  225. How can I get DNS address?
  226. RunL not scheduled with RecvOneOrMore
  227. GPRS amount of data transfer
  228. locate phones through frequency
  229. call to CSmsPDU's SetUserDataPresent causes a crash on device.
  230. Using DialNewCall being self signed
  231. Is it possible to accept (or reject) a BT connection request to device by a Program?
  232. CFTPSession::Store() method
  233. Detecting HSDPA availability and/or usage?
  234. How to send message from the outbox?
  235. WebService and SetStatus()
  236. Problem sending 3gp video as an MMS
  237. Problem in nokia's sms example and in my app
  238. Is there any CWapBoundDatagramService example available?
  239. How can an Symbianapplication find whether a Symbian device support http and socket?
  240. Infrared socket connection between symbian device and windows xp
  241. CBrowserLauncher & MDownloadedContentHandler
  242. receive from TCP port
  243. CSecureSocket Recv and RecvOneOrMore fails to deliver.
  244. Browser Control API - page loading finished?
  245. SIP register without profile
  246. HTTP Post request structure
  247. How to parse XML data using Xsd::SenOps::CProcessedIncomingMessage?
  248. Getting QoS from varius connections.
  249. DTM in 2G?
  250. Problem in recieving AES encrypted data