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  1. How to listen incoming USSD message?
  2. how to send/recieve data from java server to symbian client through socket.
  3. How to change destination port in SIP client?
  4. Error in EmailEditor example in wiki
  5. How to do download using Active Object
  6. Retreiving Phone number of incoming SMS
  7. -30291error while accessing web service
  8. CX509Certificate::NewL Error
  9. RHttpDownloadMgr, ALLOC error popup when quit in emulator
  10. NAT / STUN / TURN / ICE
  11. How do two sip server Migration presence?
  12. How to Close built in Email Client Application
  13. How to get HTML body of the POP3 message (email)
  14. illegal use of abstract class
  15. IAP Selection dialog on localhost connections
  16. getting error in listen api..
  17. Setting default Email-id while Emailing via messaging application
  18. Registering S60 emulator to SIP Server
  19. SIP error KErrSipCodecDuplicateParam
  20. Enable Error reporting
  21. coneecting emulator to ethernet
  22. DataBase Problem!!!
  23. Question about Internet browser in Nokia N73
  24. Send SMS in 3rd Edition
  25. SocketEngine example problem
  26. Connecting emulator through proxy
  27. process the sms before stroring in to the inbox
  28. SIP Message With Public IP?
  29. Setting AdHoc Signal Strength (RSSI)
  30. Intercept SMS based on sender address
  31. Browser control API: how to modify link
  32. incoming sip 180 ringing problem
  33. RSocket: File Uploading
  34. Connecting emulator to Internet in S60 5th edition
  35. How to Detect End of Stream?
  36. to get Cell ID of mobile on call
  37. An example of s60 3rd application which sends and receivies data from server
  38. Connection problem in simulator
  39. To read and edit PIN number on SIM
  40. I want to create PDP context with in application that has user define primary APN (Mu
  41. [moved] dialing & listening, threads
  42. WLan Info problem undefined symbol:
  43. :( Bluetooth connection problem!
  44. Bluetooth connection problem! Help!
  45. Error -46
  46. how to make an http editor client which communicates to my tomcat server
  47. CommsDb deprecated. Replaced by what?
  48. [split] Master-Slave role
  49. Sms Time Format Doubt?
  50. Customized HTTP header ???
  51. [ETEL] subsequent call crashes on OpenExistingCall
  52. Has anyone tried to parse index.dat to get web history?
  53. No alert when sms arrive.
  54. how to send an image from phone memory using HTTPClient post example
  55. Functionality on highlighted Number,URL,Email Address
  56. MHTTPFilter on the emulator
  57. SIP error no username
  58. how to get notify about 'data packet connection on hold' when making calls
  59. Finding all networks
  60. Clearing heap and stack while writing to file
  61. question about BT(torrent or p2p)!
  62. Passing data through Http connection
  63. Hide Access point selection menu while accessing Webservice
  64. RHttpSession, Killing me!
  65. Program exit when getting an incoming call
  66. Resolverplugin replies message 401
  67. GetOperatorName return -1
  68. WiFi ad-hoc connection
  69. Creating Access points with S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v0.9 for Symbian
  70. How to fetch/set automatic retrieval settings for email account in 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 d
  71. how to write WEP key correctly???
  72. does anyone have code to get the data from server?
  73. how to check if gps hardware is present or not
  74. problem in SIPExample
  75. CTelephony api calls at startup : Should they work or crash?
  76. Error -7373 Urgent!!!
  77. Need your help about active data connecting over GPRS/EDGE/WLAN...
  78. Phone client dial api and aiw dial data consumer api compability
  79. Get IP address of WLAN connection other application is using
  80. Determine current network class ( 3g, gprs, edge, etc )
  81. Context sensitive help for MTM
  82. Uninstall MTM while message application is running
  83. How to implement "Mark as Read" in MTM
  84. call conference over ip
  85. CBrCtlInterface UTF8 charset problem
  86. Problem in HTTP code!!
  87. GetNextDataPart called only once :(
  88. Destoring CMsvEntry object
  89. Call divert indicator
  90. Create CMsvEntry as member var for best performance?
  91. Access Point: Disallow "Maximum number of connection in use..." dialog.
  92. AT commands getting LLC, RLC info
  93. N73 does not react on Reactive Presence Authorization
  94. TAiwDialDataV1 and TAiwDialDataV1Pckg not working in 3rd edition FP2
  95. How to add User-agent header in a Register message using SIP without profiles
  96. The TCP/IP issue in real time
  97. Sip Lib don't deliver all received messages
  98. Socked Server class - undefined reference to `RSocket::
  99. Getting large HBufC from webservice
  100. smsin folder
  101. How to receive Cell Broadcast message?
  102. THttpEvent Error code Status= -46
  103. RConnection & N76
  104. Undefined Identifier:-RBTSecuritySettings
  105. Fetch the text of sms editor
  106. RunL in CEchoEngine is not executed.
  107. send picture from gallery using httpclient example
  108. HTTPClientExample_S60_3_0_v_2_1_0 issues
  109. AsyncStop doesn't stop MMsvSessionObserver
  110. USER EXEC 3 panic
  111. Stop or hide default USSD application
  112. Multicast group joining support with RTP Extension API Plug-in
  113. Get Default Access Point Id
  114. Sending Contacts in Vcard format
  115. Socket Programming Connect bind error
  116. How can i read SMS from temporary folders?
  117. Create AP programically
  118. JSON Engine Help
  119. Retrieving data from a server..?
  120. RTP Extension API issue in WLAN
  121. ProfileRegistryEventOccurred never call
  122. sip registration question
  123. sip registration request continuing
  124. GPS Module in Symbian c++
  125. Sending SMS from MIDlet causes error in sending normal sms's
  126. How to get all sms from sent messages folder?
  127. Problem while reading message from inbox
  128. Sms with socket
  129. How to detect Connection lost Status
  130. Problem with Synching IMAP4 Mailbox.
  131. Thanks
  132. Hang-up all incoming calls
  133. Getting content of an SMS - user11 panic
  134. LBS Data - Doubt in example
  135. ESock_Client :23 Panic
  136. I use http to download,but the speed become slower and slower.
  137. how to retrieve data from CTelephony
  138. How to copy a file to a remote Drive.(WebDav Server)
  139. Socket problem with remote IP address
  140. Crashing S60 with SMS
  141. Memory Leak in Http Api
  142. Ad hoc network on N95
  143. How to make e71 center numerics function like normal phone when sms-ing
  144. Including STLPort in Symbian Project
  145. Jaula JSON Help Please
  146. Reading SMS
  147. uploading pictures from device
  148. Help in using Resolvr, Zeroconf for Symbian
  149. Need Help on Messaging Application over WLAN
  150. Confirmation Message while sending the Message
  151. Values not retrieved using Ctelephony
  152. starting a Packet Chain using inhook6 APIs (iphooks)
  153. SIP problem II
  154. Error in Sending message
  155. Switching from GSM to WCDMA and vice versa
  156. CTelephony::GetCurrentNetworkInfo - Nokias vs Samsung INNOV8
  157. Get mails from mailbox on the S60 phone
  158. Strange Problem with Nokia N73
  159. How to get access to SmsPDU()
  160. Kern Exec :0 error..?
  161. How keep http session
  162. Nokia Smart Message issue with Nokia N73 (all N- Series ).
  163. RConnection and POSIX socket
  164. Multimedia Messaging Service
  165. How to pass a String of Text from Computer to Mobile Phone.
  166. How to add new mms header(property) ?
  167. CTelephoney on 2nd Edition devices
  168. Real player RTSP issue with client_port over UDP
  169. Encryption mode for wlan network
  170. Messaging application
  171. retrieve cell-id and location area code
  172. Access Point Name - Network Destinations (FP2)
  173. Virtual Access Point
  174. Sending HTTP GET request with body
  175. S60 5.0: Grouping emails - API?
  176. How to read remote device directories' names (using socket)
  177. I can't receive THTTPEvent::EResponseComplete
  178. KErrBadDescriptor while Doing an IPCRead , Commserver Panic 4
  179. Browser Control API - send always an username
  180. How to extract MMS settings from configuration message
  181. [split] Set Download Manager's destination (was Re: Signing an upgrade)
  182. send/receive text data to/from java servlet
  183. SMS handler in S60 second edition
  184. Regarding launching Browser
  185. how to send sms to particular port?
  186. RSocket Connectt() hangs application
  187. CSmtpClientMtm + AddAttachmentL() NO WAY OUT
  188. HTTP + RThread
  189. [moved] Register a sms command in the interceptor??
  190. Problem With TCommDbConnPref::SetIapId in Series60 2nd
  191. Implementing a webserver in mobiles
  192. Regarding Gps
  193. How to get the url of popup window of one webpage?
  194. HTTP Filters
  195. POST request and authorization/authentication problem
  196. [moved] Illegal value for cellID
  197. Http client with CActive object
  198. 3rd: examples about sending emails with attachment
  199. Launch application from menu MTM & Sendui
  200. Concatenated SMS
  201. Problem using RMobileONStore
  202. sms not support any language instead english......
  203. Location Area name
  204. WLAN & Realm
  205. HTTP Connection using Private connection
  206. Sending Sms Problem(2nd edition)
  207. How to create a new MMS in inBox ?
  208. MMS opening
  209. Attach mobile phone to emulator for TCP/IP comms
  210. Edit Winsock connection?
  211. Modify WLAN scan frequency
  212. HTTPS + Certificate + http example in emulator
  213. Delete message from Sent Item ( Online Mode )
  214. how to pick access point automatically?
  215. XMPP in symbian ?
  216. sharing and sending/transfer image file between 2 devices using sockets
  217. [moved] application not working on mobile
  218. sms receiver
  219. why i am unable to get data from HTTP POST method?
  220. KErrBadName in RSocket connection
  221. conference chat using multicast over wlan
  222. -5120 No response from DNS server Error
  223. Edit incoming sms
  224. $$..inpur frm user..$$
  225. receiving e-mail SMS
  226. how to get map of a location if I know its Latitude and Longitude?
  227. Setting cookies for CBrCtlInterface
  228. Calling CBrCtlInterface::LoadUrlL crashes on series 60, 5th edition platform
  229. Writing bytes to send as a http post content
  230. How to read raw SMS body (8-bit encoding) from the Inbox
  231. sip cancel invite problem
  232. Disconnect the HTTP connection??
  233. A VERY head-ache prob on SilentSMS
  234. Real time event handling in Symbian IPC
  235. National Code from network - how to get ?
  236. RConnection::Start(TRequestStatus); results ViewSrv 11 in Nokia 5800
  237. RHTTPSession between threads.
  238. Read Socket + KErrEof
  239. HTTP tutorials
  241. Setting Access Point
  242. How to send MMS via Sockets ???
  243. about connection
  244. [moved] Programatically Trapp incoming or outgoing sms notify?
  245. Retrieving MMS attachments - (S60 2nd Edition FP3)
  246. CWlanScanInfo in S60 5th edition
  247. RHTTPTransactions
  248. S60 2nd FP3 how to connect emulator to internet / apache localhost
  249. Communicate between s60 device and PC using USB/Bluetooth
  250. Problem with Access point selection on N95.