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  1. how to read incoming sms
  2. Issue with TCP/IP socket
  3. conferencing help
  4. Error linking to obex.lib
  5. mtm new message notification on 3rd fp2.
  6. [moved] How can i solved Feature not supported(-5)?
  7. Problem in connecting with the server through http post
  8. [moved] Pick up phone's default Access point...
  9. BrCtlInterface: how to stop browser control while it is loading url
  10. About API Connection monitor server
  11. Socket server in S60 2.0 emulator and socket client on Windows
  12. [moved] reading in out sms?
  13. WebClientEngine... Mysterious Function
  14. ask for Access point
  15. TCP implementation
  16. about transfer file use http
  17. how to use RSocket class to transfer file ?
  18. Sockets in SIP.
  19. bluetooth binary data sending
  20. (Dis)-Connection Problems
  21. RConnection + GPRS connectivity Issue
  22. Receive "????" when after sending Chinese chareacter email.
  23. HTTP transaction query
  24. Sms MMs monitor
  25. create sms in inbox have problem
  26. bluetooth passkey problem
  27. don't has network examples
  28. WiFi signal strength
  29. RHTTP* problem that freezes phone
  30. Create new e-mail account
  31. How can I change the charset encoding of outgoing E-mail messages?
  32. failed, leave code = -34
  33. How do I know it's an SMS
  34. SMS is failed to move to Sent folder after sent
  35. Raw sockets
  36. Silent sms(3rd edition)
  37. Sending silent sms
  38. location req error : -46
  39. "Memory full" during TCP communication
  40. How to set the service center number of the phone?
  41. hide window to select APN
  42. SNAPs (S60 3rd FP2)
  43. s60 RSocket connect问题
  44. How to detect cancel event on IAP dialog??????
  45. what is jitter/frame buffer.
  46. Create Local MMS
  47. gsm networks
  48. support wlan?
  49. how to implement file transfer
  50. SilentSMS and N95
  51. IAP select dialog again
  52. Question: can OTA SMS (WBXML binary) be read by SMS API
  53. Doesn't OTA/local Provisioning work, if the Nokia is using only GSM-, not dual mode?
  54. Which one is faster? Receiving SMS from SMSC or auto run application?
  55. Problem with P-Access-Network-Info SIP header
  56. Undefined Identifier-RBasicGsmPhone and MBasicGsmPhoneNetwork.
  57. HTTP download
  58. how to moniter the flow(upload and download) of GPRS of all apps
  59. Nokia 5800 S60 5th Edition Change MTU
  60. Download Manager API and ZIP files
  61. How is that? Feature not supproted error
  62. Configurations of Messaging Settings
  63. Problem with RSocket.
  64. Code from SilentSms freezes in premature call of RunL()
  65. VAS for S60 5th fails to install
  66. Few queston about sockets
  67. Returns number of current GSM calls
  68. How to get the new service center number of the phone?
  69. SMS, MMS, email export and import to file
  70. Call interception with SMS Utilities API
  71. 5th edition - Uninstalling an MTM always fails (KErrInUse)
  72. Sniffer http
  73. [moved] silently control mail?
  74. How can i test my SIP applications?
  76. How to receive sms to a particular port?
  77. RSocket::Write corrupts stack
  78. How to retrieve MMS subject?
  79. [split] Video over GSM (was: Re: retrieve GSM cell id )
  80. how to capture UMTS/GPRS data packets???
  81. CSmsMessage to CMsvEntry
  82. Documentation and tutorial about BioMessaging
  83. Create WiFI AP programatically FP2
  84. SendReceive mail?
  85. About load TSY file to be loaded
  86. telesurveillance application
  87. P2P IP options on phones?
  88. New SMS envelop sign
  89. Opening GPRS channel
  90. questions about sending SMS/mms
  91. problem related setting parameters
  92. Creating WLan Access Point
  93. writing bytes to a socket
  94. CApDataHandler::CreateFromDataL leaves anyway
  95. Http heder problem in 9.4
  96. Networkservices in "Open Signed Online "
  97. Can I possible to get CMsvServerEntry?
  98. How to send chinese sms via socket
  99. send real-time video
  100. How can i access mobile calender from PC side?
  101. WAP IAP or Internet IAP?
  102. bluetooth
  103. [moved] Raw Sockets
  104. How to send sms without promting to user ... using RSendAsMessage >> SendMessage()
  105. Getting the header of a partially downloaded e-mail
  106. TMsvEntry MtmData1,2,3
  107. [moved] making sms of extracted gps data
  108. [moved] how to send sms automatically after the mobile is switched on?
  109. SMS mark as unread in S60v2
  110. Loaning a data port is possible in a not-yet-connected data call
  111. difference between RConnection and RConnectionMonitor
  112. [moved] Ctelephoney for the 1000 time!
  113. MMS / Observer
  114. signal strength/ctelephony
  115. data tranfer using bluetooth
  116. Notify on Event
  117. retrieval of cell id
  118. Should i start from scratch when building a SIP client?
  119. Changing the default port in my SIP client
  120. [moved] silently reading sending sms?
  121. CBaseMtm::LoadMessageL() panic -5 (KErrNotSupport) on real phone
  122. Is sms mtm extendable?
  123. API for communicating to PC serial port over data cable
  124. How to post authentic details to the orkut server
  125. notify user when battery is fully charged.
  126. available BTS list
  127. The "S60 Platform: POP/IMAP Example" didn't work?
  128. How can i use the "CMsvEntry", "TMsvEntry", "CImSmtpSettings"?
  129. GUI application which retrieves cell id with browser control api
  130. USB connection notifications
  131. how to set timeout property in symbian HTTP framework?
  132. Custom MTM and RSendAs::LaunchEditorAndCloseL()
  133. S60v2: Create custom message from Address Book
  134. Getting Phone Number from SMS Message
  135. Sending voice over a SIP Session
  136. How can I prevent a system note-dialog?
  137. Reading email attachment
  138. HTTP Connection information
  139. Custom MTM
  140. HTTP problem
  141. Print device name Bluetooth
  143. Options-NewMessage Menu on Eseries devices
  144. Retrieve Body of Sent Msg from Sent Folder
  145. CSenServiceConnection and HTTP headers
  146. SIP application
  147. SOAP + HTTP + File Upload??
  148. Nokia WSDL-to-C++ Wizard
  149. Problem: Accessing the mails on emulator.
  150. Plz help - How to access call log?
  151. Internet Conn asks me what kind of connection i want
  152. 3rd party MTM mailbox tab icon
  153. How to make CSD call
  154. How to post authentic details to the orkut server?
  155. Send HTTP request without user intervention
  156. Any suggestion for FTP server implementation?
  157. Problem with IssueHTTPGetL. Do nothing.
  158. CSD but with video call bearer?
  159. Network device sleep
  160. create WAP AP with proxy & port
  161. How to Send a file from S60 device to a PC via Bluetooth
  162. URGENT: Extracting attachment of Mail using MMsvAttachmentManager
  163. Custom MTM - problem with CBaseServerMtm
  164. Rcomm and CSD
  165. CellID AT command
  166. How to retrive the IAP username and password?
  167. S40 VPN
  168. Is there any error in the given Wiki page
  169. Some questions about selection of access point
  170. which the lib include "socket" function?
  171. About the Implementation of the SMTP on symbian
  172. Public API's to read emails from Mail For Exchange
  173. [moved] Access specific Symbian functions with a C++ program
  174. How to get voice and data call events?
  175. How to retrive the name of incoming message
  176. Bluetooth comunication
  177. [split] Using CTelephony
  178. [moved] Creating a simple application. CTelephony class
  179. http filter
  180. Cancel CAknWaitDialog, I always get "Application is busy"
  181. check bluetooth status
  182. Probblem With SIP Setting and SIP Server???
  183. Unknow error
  184. Can we attach picture in SMS when we want to send data thr GPRS?
  185. [moved] read number for sending sms?
  186. error file corrupted
  187. How to use "telnet" login to "gmail"?
  188. MMS format
  189. Nokia SIM CSD problem
  190. How to Send a txt file to a PC via Bluetooth
  191. HandleSessionEventL - getting access to the individual message item
  192. About gprs connection
  193. SIP/RTP session
  194. Sending email using Mail for Exchange account
  195. How can I create a WLAN access point without using standart AP-selecting dialog 2009
  196. Disable incomming message notification
  197. Detecting DTMF tones on s60
  198. Internet on Emulator
  199. IrSockets sample's problem
  200. how to read all fetch mail silently?
  201. using RConnectionMonitor for data call
  202. [moved] Problem sending sms.
  203. How to read the bluetooth attachment(wnd edition)
  204. Api Connection Monitor Server
  205. SIP Profile not register sometimes
  206. [moved] working with sms filtering using silentsms
  207. Need to turn of USB port on S60 3rd FP1 device
  208. RConnectionMonitor
  209. location string retrieval
  210. What happens when a server my client is connected to on a public IP goes down
  211. How to start a data connection to my operator's network
  212. Send TCP/IP Data Periodically using CTimer
  213. CSD send image mobile to mobile
  214. GSM Filtering
  215. [moved] Block the incoming calls
  216. make new sms in inbox
  217. creating smil file fails
  218. how to load a file in internet
  219. phone number
  220. How can I get the IAP ID from device?
  221. [moved] UDP packets in S60 emulator
  222. How Do I Write A Server Client Program in Symbian C++
  223. video streaming
  224. quality of signal
  225. listing web sites visited
  226. How can I check the GPRS whether available programatically?
  227. How to get the full message text?
  228. Retrieve TMSI
  229. error while sending silent sms
  230. Socket Programming in Symbian C++
  231. Message sending by changing TMsvEntry flag
  232. Trapping the outgoing SMS.
  233. strange networking bug
  234. Enabling IP forwarding
  235. how to use the download manager in brctlinterface
  236. Client Socket Program Not Working in Symbian C++ GUI Application
  237. [moved] simple UPD Client Example
  238. Server BT on PC
  239. SMS with port != 0 going to INBOX
  240. SenXml trouble
  241. GetCredentialsL + HTTP POST ??
  242. API for GPS via Symbian C++ ?
  243. SdpAgent in console application
  244. socket accept error
  245. how to send sms in different methods?
  246. Remote Update
  247. application freezes when pess any key (silentsms)
  248. Help with RSensAS
  249. Get programmatically user network mode setting
  250. BT: PC with java - mobile with Symbian C++