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  1. Delivery repert..
  2. SMTP send attachment error
  3. Help! How to close all existing network connection?
  4. RConnection::Start() and RConnection::Stop() causes ViewSrv 11
  5. Contacts issue
  6. CTelephony::DialNewCall and dashes bug
  7. Problem in using CSenServiceConnection API for Web Services
  8. Standard Internet Access Point (IAP) Selection List
  9. how to turn off GPRS
  10. How to delete SMS from inbox
  11. Log every outgoing SMS
  12. Unable to deinstall MTM on 5800
  13. SIP profile registration problem
  14. Sms in outbox
  15. The API to change the ip adress of WLAN connection
  16. Bluetooth pulls me to hell !!!!!!
  17. bytes in Data Connection Log Counters
  18. Listening SMS in inbox
  19. GPRS On Hold during call
  20. Place SMS in inbox
  21. SMS link to installed app
  22. SMS reply via IM
  23. browser can't open https page
  24. Incoming SMS notification
  25. about Eap in wlan wifi
  26. Help in SMS localization
  27. count data packet
  28. RSocket, UDP, RecvFrom and WLAN
  29. How to edit a message after the user has entered it
  30. OBEX PUT command takes long time to complete with PCL data.
  31. problem with SMS operation
  32. HandleSessionEventL not being called
  33. Composing MMS..
  34. CreateMessageL crash emulator
  35. sms
  36. 5800, Launch Browser doesn't work
  37. Icon for access points
  38. CSendUi::CreateAndSendMessageL and default numer bug
  39. unable to send emails using a mailbox created programmatically
  40. GPRS connection suddenly fail
  41. Would messaging affect telephony or say phone book?
  42. block pop-up window
  43. UDP Client
  44. Message not reaching to server through socket connection.
  45. how to create a wifi AccessPoint
  46. Is there already a tool used for measure latency, down-/upload speed?
  47. [Moved] How to move message of Inbox to new folder?
  48. How to move message of Inbox to new folder?
  49. Non-blocking RConnection
  50. Disabling Dialog Prompt for "Connect" in Open C SIOCSIFSTART ioctl call
  51. Problem in communicating two running apps
  52. How to use the "TCommDbMultiConnPref" class?
  53. can not call webservice methods
  54. What is going on with messaging?
  55. [Repository file] -> [CommsDb] -> [WLAN]
  56. Intercepting sms and KIoctlReadMessageFailed
  57. HTTP Connection on S60 v1.2 (1st edition)
  58. get/intercept caller's number in S60 2nd edition
  59. how to send a picture file to internet www ?
  60. Connecting S60 emulator to PC suite
  61. I need help on USSD
  62. Unable to connect to GPRS using IAP
  63. Data transfer via WLAN while Bluetooth device scanning
  64. WLAN and GPRS support
  65. Send email via a particular account...
  66. access to radio UMTS / GSM parameters
  67. How can i Change SMS type?
  68. sms engine deletion of msgs issues
  69. sending an arabic-content SMS
  70. a way to transfer a MMS message from a PC to a nokia smart phone?
  71. how to set network mode
  72. "My Nokia" message on "Sent" messages that won't open
  73. [moved] reading messages from inbox
  74. getting utf8 chars via http
  75. Problem with RecvOneOrMore in recieving server response
  76. Sending data through HttpClientExample_v2.0
  77. Transfereing video via rtp
  78. SIP conferencing
  79. Reading calander entrties
  80. Possible to trap missing GPRS con.nectivity?
  81. [moved] CSendUi issue on E70
  82. Browser Crashes after downloading the application, Installation never starts
  83. Problem In retriving the Number
  84. BrCtl, delete cookies
  85. MMS using IP ADDRESS not phone number?
  86. Issue with RDA device because of Mail for Exchange
  87. Make call with CTelephony
  88. Start application when a call is ending
  89. Help! fail to connect in tcpip
  90. Receiving delivery reports on emulator
  91. How to post data to a server
  92. Remote Address from RSocket
  93. CBrCtlInterface can't display picture
  94. How to read SMS via Socket and get into inbox
  95. Problem moving intercepted messsage
  96. sis file download using http API's
  97. How to get the active connection connection type
  98. POST multipart query for upload binary files
  99. Invisible characters in SMS
  100. Phone Flickering problem
  101. How to create a wappush sms in the inbox
  102. How to launch the browser on S60 3rd Edition with and without FP1?
  103. How to set the volumes in S60 3rd edition FP1 and in FP2
  104. avoid AP prompt only in Open C
  105. RConneciotn.start(TConnSnapPref) - KErrNotSupported
  106. Anti spy software
  107. About GPRS traffic statistics
  108. USSD via AT hangs up Green Button on N95, N82
  109. Is it possible to get info of outgoing sms and delete it before sent?
  110. Current Access point
  111. How to add Marquee effect in CEikTextListBox
  112. The final discussion and question about IAP
  113. wap browser not open
  114. SIP registration
  115. RSendAsMessage::SendMessage, 5800
  116. [bug] Voip over umts fails, not on WLAN
  117. How to send Files(Images/Videos) Through Socket connection.
  118. Can someboy help me solve "bio message" in s60 3rd?
  119. enabling Local Services Capability does not start application.
  120. Start VPN Client from source
  121. FTP problem: works on emulator, but fails on device
  122. SIP server
  123. is CBrCtlInterface bug?
  124. Midlet Native Services Framework Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
  125. Retrieving multiple attachments in MMS
  126. Enable/Disable Usb ports
  127. Basic information regarding VPN
  128. Socket Binding Problem on S60 3rd FP2 (works on FP1)
  129. Socket on loopback interface
  130. How to make Socket Server understand Get ,Post request? Please
  131. Can Socket server resolve the HTTP command?
  132. [moved] Bluetooth connection between device and mobile phone
  133. [split/moved] Send/receive USSD
  134. Difference Between GET & POST method
  135. How to sent message from mobile to PC & vice versa?
  136. Multiple http connections in 5800
  137. RSocket::Read() failed!
  138. How to Create Http Connection.
  139. A question about CommsDat API
  140. Problem with WLAN Access Point
  141. Promiscuous mode
  142. Handing multiple HTTP conenctions (Best Practice)
  143. WLAN Ad-hoc ethernet
  144. HTTP Connection problem
  145. how to send data to server continuously?
  146. how to send data from pc to mobile phone?
  147. [moved] HTTP & SSL
  148. VoIP SIP n Media question
  149. Porting code from 5th Ed to 3rd Ed
  150. send text sms
  151. Delete reports and items in my folders
  152. [moved] http request
  153. [moved] How to send data to a remote server (was: help me..)
  154. [moved] RCall::AnswerIncomingCall()
  155. SIP api: no incoming response callback
  156. How to get how many bytes be sent or received ?
  157. why get phone number?
  158. [moved] SMS control in symbian C
  159. web client session priority
  160. [moved] File Transfer Between two SIP user agents
  161. libc socket and autoselect IAP
  162. [moved] WIFI signal strength
  163. Browser Control API
  164. How To Retrive Contact From AddresBook
  165. E71 reboots after KConfigDaemonStartingRegistration in bad network connection.
  166. about RSocket
  167. Error values for EMsvGeneralError
  168. Error in editing the inbox
  169. No RunL after DialNewCall
  170. stopped bluetooth popup
  171. a problem about how to compress data
  172. HttpConnection: Download from server
  173. Bluetooth
  174. HTTP client example
  175. 5320 xm messaging problem!
  176. [moved] About the sms sending status
  177. [moved] Choose Internet connection
  178. GPRS WLAN Switch
  179. Emulator network connection
  180. User prompted twice for APN selection
  181. Socket connection
  182. calendar not syncing
  183. Activating speaker phone from application in S60 5th edition
  184. general error -2 whene i try to connect
  185. HttpClient example - Transaction Failed for XML file
  186. New Message Notification
  187. SecureSocket issues in a thread.
  188. [moved] How to check my device is connected or not with wlan
  189. delete incoming MMS
  190. how to make 3g video talk software?
  191. HandleMessageSentL() is not getting called
  192. iStatus in UDP always is KErrNone
  193. Can I make wifi connection between two phone without a router or wireless network?
  194. how to trigger a launch of a .sis/.sisx via call status
  195. cell tower id and sms without user intervention
  196. HTTP Keep Alive connection
  197. SMS Receiver (code misunderstanding)
  198. 出售短信、电话监听软件
  199. SetCharacterSetL has no effect
  200. HTTPEvent error
  201. KErrDisconnected on SecureSocket Send
  202. Answer phone by BT, listen Navigation by speaker
  203. WAP2\EAP-TLS Accsess Point
  204. HTTP POST not working
  205. Image Download using HTTP GET
  206. parsing xml..
  207. How I detect message and sender details from inbox
  208. Capability issue with 5800
  209. How can I remove the "Select connection" dialog when I access a url by http?
  210. Problem with CSmsSettings
  211. Long delay in opening url in 5800
  212. SyncML mail with attachments?
  213. Error -34 on real device..application works fine on emulator
  214. About case THTTPEvent::ERedirectedTemporarily: problem.
  215. Problem of Latitude&longitude showing in SMS!
  216. about THTTPEvent.iStatus -46 problem
  217. Outgoing SMS Notification
  218. exe crashing???
  219. HTTP and Secure Transaction??
  220. Http data *receiving* problem
  221. Unable to open.. Download file application
  222. [moved] getting panic view-srv 11 at RConnection.Start
  223. CSocketsEngine::ResponseReceived
  224. How to test call Log Monitor on emulator?
  225. the error of "flogger connect failed"
  226. How I can send data to PC using my application ?
  227. my application exit in DoCancel
  228. WLAN
  229. Monitoring voice call state network layer
  230. how to check the connecting flux
  231. connection manager
  232. HTTP Problem
  233. How to disable the call Information when there is a incoing call
  234. Possible to get notified if GPS is active?
  235. How can i move the sms from Draft into the Outbox
  236. accesss point duplication
  237. No sync mailbox on N79?
  238. Pass value from browser to C++ app.
  239. HTTP connection??
  240. Access Point creation for MMS
  241. Nokia Email 2.0 with third party apps
  242. How to dial a string (with pause characters) on 3rd edition fp1/fp2 devices
  243. Different SMS tone on 2nd edition phone
  244. KErrHttpCantResetRequestBody & HTTPS problem
  245. [moved] HTTPS on Symbian 2nd edition
  246. genereal operation time out 33 - EMAIL
  247. how to distinguish MMS and SMS in drafts folder
  248. How can i get Redirected URL
  249. Provisioning SIP Profile - duplicatation upon Appllication start
  250. Data leak on RComm