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  1. Launching threaded SMS conversation view
  2. How to setHeader from response
  3. Support for WPA-PSK security algorithm
  4. HELP!: can anyone help us to program an sms automatic reply embedded in Nokia Symbian
  5. XML parsing
  6. bluetooth data transfer design architecture
  7. Stuck RConnectionMonitor::CancelAsyncRequest(EConnMonGetConnectionCount)
  8. CSdpAgent’s SetRecordFilterL for Service Discovery
  9. Delete or resend failed SMS in Outbox?
  10. some problems of s60v5 wlan
  11. How to open the message in inbox through my app ?
  12. RConnection Attach and Close behaviour
  13. CSmsPDU::UserData().Body() is always empty
  14. Connect Internet using WiFi or GPRS by high preference to WiFi
  15. Localhost UDP reception problem - sendTo()/recv()
  16. How to make this progarm?/
  17. How to open the default browser with URL path
  18. How can i hide my application with high priority window pops up?
  19. rsocket send()
  20. Changing WLAN AP configuration
  21. method for HTTP AUTHENTICATION
  22. create SMS Conversation / add sms to conversation on N8
  23. How to get Operator name of IAP, using CCommsDatabase
  24. CTelephony sendDTMFTones crashes my application and sometimes reboots the phone.
  25. How to use HTTP Post method to pass more than one parameters
  26. Can't send email without launching editor on Symbian^3 (N8,C7)
  27. communication between pc and gprs modem
  28. Problem in RSocket::Accept
  29. http post again and again
  30. SSL session id caching
  31. using voice line 2
  32. how to set iap using libcurl?
  33. How to get APN value at browser Launch event...
  34. Download Displaying
  35. Download Displaying
  36. How to create a Destination (SNAP)?
  37. HTTP Example error : No Internet connection(error -5120)
  38. Initiate USSD Call
  39. problem in soap example
  40. About the message language
  41. Open SMS Editor "Feature Not Supported"
  42. How to develop an app to transfer data between Symbian device and PC over USB?
  43. Error With CBrCtlInterface::OfferKeyEventL
  44. Download file using RHTTPTransaction
  45. CTelephony API and RFC
  46. drafts to inbox, and
  47. missing headers smsuaddr
  48. Issue with the GetScanResults(*scanInfo)
  49. Connection preferences pop-up on Symbian^3
  50. Problem with Nokia E72.
  51. Browser Control navigation
  52. what's the differences between hayes.tsy and phonetsy.tsy
  53. RConnection and TCommDbConnPref prefs are not recognized
  54. Nokia Carbide c++ Location upload application for e72
  55. Listen for delivery reports
  56. Accept a SMSmessage silently
  57. When RCall::OpenNewCall() crashes?
  58. How to observe mail entries in mailbox?
  59. Location using network Network method not work in E71 but work for E72
  60. Read and Write Data on WLAN
  61. EUnrecoverableError on HTTP Request?
  62. DataCall (HSCSD) for Symbian^3 (Nokia C7)
  63. \0 issue in SMS
  64. How to Create an RTSP Client model ?????
  65. Error Length of iSmsMtm->Entry().Entry().iDescription
  66. Number not in use when trying to make a data call
  67. Recognize turned-offed device by RCall::TStatus
  68. Sending image as MMS
  69. Voip 3rd FP2 - using publish&subscribe
  70. Silent SMS problem
  71. The mail in the Sent Box?
  72. RSocket Recv() method behavior?
  73. Hangup a call
  74. Tcp Socket Cilent (Connection error -2 )
  75. Email attachment?
  76. RHttpDownloadMgr::ConnectL with error E32USER-CBase 103
  77. Nokia 97mini set ad-hoc networking
  78. Hangup and DialNewCall in Symbian^3
  79. Bearer Type
  80. How to Connect Symbian phone to Android phone Use Bluetooth
  81. Need help for a simple RSocket server
  82. HTTP client - handle multiple access point
  83. http coonection problem..
  84. error:ViewSrc:11 sometimes?
  85. ReadContactL leaves in error KErrNotFound
  86. problem in connection active object class
  87. How to recover the result of invoking a web service
  88. sending sms fails with incoming address
  89. DNS -5120 error PC Labview application access
  90. aes encryption problem
  91. show alert box before sending message (sms)
  92. MTM memory leak, Panic MSGS 195
  93. Is it possible to log Class 2 SMS?
  94. Getting Error msgs195 in Massageing.....
  95. How to differentiate a process lauch through scheduling or by user??
  96. KErrOverflow on C5-03 when opening RSocket connection
  97. problem in connection with the server
  98. CCmApplicationSettingsUi and serach for WLAN
  99. built-in email editor
  100. Sound interjection and DTMF tone decoder
  101. How to set messaging time for local messaging?
  102. Problem with connection
  103. ESockClient_23 Panic
  104. RConnection ServiceChangeNotification returns KErrNotReady in Symbian^3
  105. How to use PBAP in symbian.
  106. iSocket.Bind system error -1
  107. Receiving bluetooth file with Symbian 3
  108. Etel Server 3
  109. MMS delivery notification
  110. Disable wi-fi
  111. How to implement a obex client used for PBAP
  112. USSD Commands cannot be sent
  113. make a call
  114. How to intercept video call & how to get video call number(incoming & outgoing)
  115. How to hangup call
  116. SilentSMS - RunL not called (receiving, emulator)
  117. Email Tracking .. Help needed
  118. connect via usb?
  119. Digest Authentication: incorrect parameter name "Username"
  120. Wlan internet to use from nokia mobile to desktop computer
  121. GetCallInfo Issue
  122. Not able to connect internet through httpclient
  123. What is the parameter of RCall::CancelAsynRequest(TInt aReqToCancel)
  124. [Moved] Problem tracking email with IMAP4. Help needed
  125. problem About "CMsvEntry::ChildrenWithMtmL(KUidMsgTypeSMS)"
  126. USB serial communication?
  127. Access Point Issue for GPRS Connection.
  128. How to dial USSD and simple call in symbain
  129. How to send SMS in symbian
  130. testing sockets on emulator
  131. Why RCall::Dial(TRequestStatus, TDesC) returns KErrInUse?
  132. [Moved] Reading Cell broad cast Messages
  133. reusing socket
  134. Uniqueness of the custom BIO message type
  135. How to convert coordinates to a map location
  136. symbian http client example not working in the S60 3rd fp2 v1.1
  137. How to encrypt data in USSD
  138. RSocket - RecvFrom problem
  139. Where i am wrong?
  140. Total Rx/Tx stats for a socket
  141. Intermittent RSocket connection failures on Orange network
  142. socket operation using openc send
  143. CSenServiceConnection handleError return -7372
  144. RCall::AnswerIncomingCall() takes a very long time to connect
  145. How to send some values to PHP script using HTTP Post
  146. How to schdeule data upload ativity?
  147. Unable to test EchoServlet sample.
  148. Sending App in SMS
  149. Catch SIP Call
  150. Uncatogrized Connection Folder in Symbian 5th Edition Problem
  151. HTTP Post problem
  152. anyone able to retrieve the received sms date & time
  153. HTTP Post method send Empty values only to database over php
  154. Difference between IFormEncoder and MHttpDataSupplier in Post method
  155. how to used web services in symbian application?
  156. Getting data from server in Emulator
  157. Nokia E52 CDS problem
  158. Http Post data not encoded properly
  159. gSOAP with s60 3rd FP1, undefined select identifier.
  160. Observing port by RComm::NotifyDataAvailable()
  161. acknowledgement for thanks to Symbian support team and developer platform members
  162. How to make emergency call in symbian ~3
  163. Detect redirection with Browser Control API
  164. Rconnection , disconnected event?
  165. sending byte message
  166. Detect a wifi and connect with it automatically without user involvment
  167. Getting HTML source from browser interface control
  168. Values not sent to server continuously using Http Post
  169. Openning a Connection. What does it mean for data volume prices?
  170. send & receive pdu message
  171. payload??
  172. A helper class for working with ports
  173. How to upload file (image) to server?
  174. getting device iP adress
  175. changing bearer type and IP
  176. IPHook example code
  177. How to make Uploading Progress
  178. How to upload multiple file?
  179. problem with reading SMS in Thai language
  180. IAP id
  181. how to avoid telephony application going to background?
  182. location from telephony
  183. RMobileCall doesn't notify call status change!!
  184. After Sending DTMF program crashes !!
  185. How to get the available WLAN mac address and signal strength?
  186. How to upload big file?
  187. SIP resolver is not passing invite to client
  188. monitoring sms
  189. connecting symbian^3 emulator to internet
  190. RComm::Write() just write 8 bytes of data
  191. Initiate email sync programmatically
  192. mmsmtm
  193. MNC/MCC
  194. send message number?
  195. TCP timeout on NAT.
  196. Http filter works now, how to cancel a selected link download
  197. IAP Configuration
  198. LAC change
  199. neighbouring cell info
  200. http post not posts data to server more than four times
  201. mms outgoing numbner
  202. how to judge the apn's type
  203. MMs incoming , finding sender name
  204. IP address when 2 active connections
  205. IAP Id for OpenC
  206. How to count the amount of incoming and outgoing SMS?
  207. Hang Up ANY call
  208. can its possible to create won browser.....
  209. rsocket open KErrBadName
  210. StartClientHandshake fails with KErrDisconnected
  211. How to find whether bluetooth is enabled or not
  212. iphook6 incoming port() returns 0
  213. socke:connect timed out -33 (KErrTimedOut) Rconnectoin stop fails
  214. Is posible reject GPRS connections?
  215. APIs for developing VoIP/SIP client on Symbian^3
  216. what is the reason for getting esock_client 14 panic?
  217. How to know RSocket connection is Closed or still Open?
  218. Secure Connection Choose permanently Problem..
  219. Transparency in CSD call
  220. How to access a bt received install file.
  221. How to check the KMsvUnreadAttribute of a message.
  222. At command ,ReadOneOrMore function ,status KErrInUse
  223. CSipProfileRegistry fails - no callback
  224. RMobileCall (etelmm related) Private API - urgent
  225. [moved] How can I get Cell ID, Signal Strength and so on through Symbian API ?
  226. Http Request and response
  227. Retrieving AP related to SyncML profile
  228. How to copy TBuf to TBTDevAddr
  229. How to observe the internet connection
  230. Rhostresolver must?
  231. KErrHttpEncodeUSN error in MHFRunL
  232. WLAN gateway & network mask problem
  233. Accessing inbox in Symbian C++.....
  234. BIO Messaging??
  235. RHttpDownloadMgr issue with Nokia E71
  236. CTelephony does not work on Nokia C5-00
  237. Hitting Google Map API is not working correctly in N8
  238. Rconnection monitor GetUintAttribute
  239. Autodial a number at a specified date/time
  240. HELP:: Batch program to change network mode from pc via usb/bt ??
  241. Retrieving external WLAN IP-address
  242. Code currupted:Get sms service center number
  243. [Moved] How implement own Communication
  244. Connection unavailable message in N8.
  245. Download path using MHttpDownloadMgrObserver
  246. listening SMS in backround
  247. aEvent.iStatus < 0 occured in HTTPEvent after 2 hours of Application running
  248. CTelephony example including DialNewCall
  249. Stray signal while sending message
  250. Error in http client engine