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  1. General announcements
  2. Feedback/Error Reports/Feature Requests
  3. Nokia Developer Summit Web SDK Tutorial
  4. QtWRT and Flash
  5. Localization for the simulator
  6. Packaging and testing ovi web apps on Phone
  7. Packaging error
  8. remote device access
  9. Why nokia hides platform
  10. NOKIA WRT Widget Crash ( Nokia E71, E63 and other E-Series )
  11. Sound Problem in RDA
  12. How to change the default WebSDK simulator Contacts?
  13. Using javascript on old nokia like n70
  14. Widget Signing - Ubiquitous context
  15. Is it possible to put the ovi.js file under symbian WRT environment?
  16. Fail to render Guarana Button on WebSDK
  17. Can this sdk be used to create local content for nokia ovi maps?
  18. Screen fit problem
  19. Getting keypad events in JavaScript
  20. flash player on nokia cymbian emulator
  21. How to specify widget content with Web SDK (Apatana)?
  22. PhoneGap WRT/QtWebkit
  23. FAQ and Known Issues
  24. Publishing Series 40 web apps
  25. Nokia App Wizard for Series 40 web apps
  26. Nokia Web Tools 1.2 Released
  27. Web Apps for Series 40 feature phones
  28. Deploy App - Problem
  29. How To Close Series 40 web apps Window By Clicking A Button
  30. How To Implement Autocomplete In A Textbox for Series 40 Device.
  31. [moved] Web apps on S40 device
  32. Issues with fonts in Nokia Web Tools
  33. Float CSS support?
  34. Layout Issue in Simulator (S40 Web App)
  35. Soft key button support
  36. Tabbed Browsing (?)
  37. Preview issues with Nokia Web Tools 1.2.0
  38. Using MWL outside of S40 WebApps
  39. How to start web app
  40. How to save an image in mobile memory from Web Apps Program using javascript
  41. How to invoke another application by a web app in S40 ?
  42. mwl.insertHTML in Nokia Web tools 1.2
  43. Facing server connection problem
  44. How to call mwl.addSwipeLeftListener method inside javascript function
  45. [moved] web apps s40-Deployment issue
  46. S40 Web App- 'Out Of Memory Error java/lang/OutOfMemoryError'
  47. How to wrap a website?
  48. Java API for Ovi browser
  49. MWL API reference documentation
  50. 302 HTTP Code issues
  51. document.getElementById().innerHTML Doesn't work on device
  52. Web Apps - Distribution
  53. deploy app to device with URL
  54. Origin http://dev-cloud1.browser.ovi.com is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origi
  55. Customize favicons for your web app
  56. App update
  57. error in web app template
  58. AJAX/Server Push?
  59. Check device screensize
  60. Differences between simulator and device (mwl.switchClass)
  61. Inline code issue on device
  62. CSS Issue with overflow text.
  63. screen fit problem
  64. Get local time and/or time zone?
  65. CSS font-family ignored by ovi browser
  66. Out of memory Exception if loading more number of data
  67. Incomplete server responses
  68. Where to download latest Ovi Browser release?
  69. Problem with timer
  70. ovi maps in wrt widget on N8 does't work
  71. How to Call Soap service in S40 web apps
  72. How to get input value without executing server script?
  73. barcode scan via wrt thecnologies
  74. Simulator Web is different from the terminal
  75. setGroupNext is not working
  76. Web Tools Environment doesn't support SVN
  77. Mobile Phone recharging - I can't deploy the WebApp
  78. Web Tools Environment - Error Log
  79. Patch to resolve preview issues with Series 40 web apps in Windows simulator
  80. Patch to resolve preview issues in Nokia Web Tools for Windows
  81. Deploy by short URL always gives the same URL
  82. Section to publish Web Apps Libraries
  83. Some questions with the Web Apps S40 developing
  84. Web App Deploy - Communication Error
  85. Browser return 404 or 504 error
  86. Problem with my blog application on Ovi Is there a solution
  87. problems in full screen view
  88. Problem with soap xml http request [with code]
  89. Problem with soap xml http request [with code]
  90. Short URL distribution
  91. WDE Generated VERY LARGE _prev.wgt file
  92. Text around image
  93. fscommand - Flash Lite support & Ovi Browser
  94. XMLHttpRequest.status return -1
  95. Buggy Rendering on device
  96. Problem with preferences.
  97. Slow setPreferencesKey
  98. Geolocation API support for S40 Web?
  99. Get Screenshot of Mobile Device
  100. Nokia 2730 Classic
  101. Ovi browser standards and questions
  102. Add Class To All Element
  103. Date() and TimeZone
  104. Error Details: Service Temporarily Unavailable
  105. Append method in MWL?
  106. Web App for MeeGo
  107. problem with Bluetooth deployment of web apps
  108. Lock Orientation
  109. Adding Carousel Items
  110. shall i include jQuery?
  111. Nokia with google maps
  112. Create package with version information in filename
  113. How to send SMS from Web Apps Application
  114. simulator does not load when Web preview app is clicked
  115. Problems with preferences
  116. Corrupted Info.plist file. Patch didn't help!
  117. Max Size allowed for Nokia S40 Web App
  118. Show Welcome/Splash screen
  119. S40 Web Apps
  120. Acces contact list and sms with series 40 web apps
  121. Nokia Web Tools IDE generate *.wgz file as error file
  122. Marker is not display in the Google Map of Nokia C5
  123. Where is the S40 webapps metadata stored?
  124. XML Parsing in s40 web apps?
  125. Support for canvas?
  126. Access to phone's resources (camera, contacts etc)
  127. Switch resolution from 240x320 to 320x240 S40 device
  128. Unique Device ID
  129. Nokia Browser issues in S40
  130. Problem with loading
  131. Garbled Emulator Text Rendering On Ubuntu 11.04
  132. XMLHttpRequest in Nokia Browser
  133. About "Out of memory"
  134. Get IMEI and Phone Model in S40
  135. S40 Webapp Audio
  136. Web app! I Need Help
  137. Need help for download link not working
  138. Open web browser through Nokia web tool application
  139. Nokia browser non qwerty handsets
  140. Problem uploading series 40 web app using short url method
  141. Problem uploading into server an Series 40 web app for testing purposes
  142. Does the simulator support onfocus and onblur?
  143. mwl.setGroupTarget and Table
  144. Animated transitions using -webkit-transition
  145. Problem with user authentication XML
  146. File upload for s40
  147. Browser proxy - outside S40.
  148. Jwplayer not running on non-touch devices like E series {E5, E63, E71, E72}
  149. Include Youtube player
  150. Best or most compatible ring tones format for nokia devices
  151. plz guide me for using mp3 player for s40 device.
  152. Ovi Browser for 5310XExpressMusic
  153. PRoblem persisting data
  154. Error occured when i am deploying my s40 application (wgt) :
  155. Size limit of S40 (wgt) applcation:
  156. Activating the javascript code require refresh widget
  157. Aptana vs Nokia web tools
  158. Download wallpaer (.jpg image file) on button click.
  159. OAuth flow redirection possible in S40 web apps?
  160. Feature Request
  161. Calling a url - html form
  162. Hide unwanted Signal status bar
  163. Hi, Why does the 'alert' function (javascript) is not working in device.?
  164. Div alignment at top of screen
  165. COMPLETED - Service break due to platform upgrade - September 7th, 2011
  166. wgt file not running on n950 developer edition.
  167. mwl.addSwipeLeftListener only work on emulator
  168. Anyone else having issues deploying to device?? Server down?
  169. Alert
  170. Calling a number from a link in s40 webapps
  171. Webapps nokia browser menu bar.
  172. Unable to install app
  173. HTTP Error 413: Request entity too large
  174. x3-02 connectivity problem
  175. S40 QA Failing
  176. Nokia X3-02 Remote Device Acces
  177. Generic Web Apps
  178. Hoe to get select box value?
  179. Nokia Browser fails from Ovi Store
  180. Check for Touch and Type device?
  181. Loading XML for multilanguage support
  182. Help with App Testing
  183. Alignment issue on device
  184. Problem when app start vía short url (Cannot load styles, preferences and javascript)
  185. Can I develeop an App for capture images using Nokia WDE
  186. code example for brows file system of the phone(to get images) using WDE
  187. Google Analytics in S40 web apps
  188. S40 web app bluetooth connectivity
  189. <document> will be dropped
  190. IP address
  191. Applications free of charge or payment?
  192. How to include other library?
  193. Get Server Error Message
  194. Drop Down selection box bug
  195. HTTP X headers added by the Proxy - Country Code?
  196. ellipsis for text-overflow not working
  197. Multiple pages (or scenes) for a webapp
  198. OVI Map change Language
  199. s40 web app html tags?
  200. S40 Web Apps and Character Encoding
  201. How to connect a S40 web apps with a database
  202. S40 web apps screenshot
  203. API Bridge on S40 Phones
  204. Availability of Chinese based servers for Series 40 web apps 1.5
  205. Is it possible to redirect by using window.location in s40 web apps?
  206. timer based 'socket' polling
  207. redirect back to the application
  208. Media quality failed problem
  209. No CSS background-image on S40?
  210. Nokia Web Tools 1.5 available
  211. Nokia Web Tools 1.5 released
  212. Fullscreen? Remove Options Menu?
  213. SMS URI scheme tests and failures
  214. Get Phone IP address
  215. Geolocation API on X3-02 (v5.65) has some problems
  216. Series 40 Web Browser font family
  217. version 1.5.0 cannot play video: "file format not supported"
  218. 3gp Streaming on Series 40 Web Apps
  219. Creating Web App Icons and Favicons
  220. The link to download Nokia web tools 1.5 is not working
  221. CSS Rendering incorrectly when deployed onto device.
  222. Adding Cookies with S40 web app
  223. S40 Code Example download links are broken
  224. how can i print value of variables in web apps?
  225. Web App Simulator, nothing happens when clicking Debugger button.
  226. Soft key population
  227. Adding events to calendar
  228. Error occured. Unable to complete operation. (006)
  229. WebSocket Support in Browser for Series 40
  230. is XMLHttpRequest setRequestHeader(change 'Content-type' or others) supported?
  231. App works in Emulator not in devices (problems specifically in image handling)
  232. XML Parsing Issue and How to solve this issue?
  233. QA fails for web app saying "There is no information displayed in the application"
  234. Maintenance events - service breaks during January 25, 26, 27
  235. Nokia Templates for Mobile and Android Compatibility - Menu button mishitting
  236. location API and mwl call issue
  237. How to get IMEI number in S40 web app
  238. mwl undefined in some files, but not others
  239. Escape character ( \ ) problem
  240. How to solve 'Unable to establish secure connection' issue ?
  241. Web App Being Cached
  242. (nokia web tools 1.5) mwl fucntions are not working on nokia web browser.
  243. Blank space added by 'options' button on device
  244. 'Help Please'
  245. Json post example for nokia s40 web tools 1.5
  246. Problem: Display in Simulator and Device
  247. Using Googel Weather API for weather Info
  248. is s40 series support XML parsing?
  249. [moved] S40 application works on stimulator but falis on nokia 300 asha
  250. Re: S40 On Device Debugging (ODD)