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  1. how to read ISO15693 mifare tag using windows phone 8
  2. video out support, launching local html files
  3. Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start - Video tutorials
  4. Dim control button light while play video
  5. Drag and drop images in Windows phone 7.1
  6. Webbrowser and Hardware back button in Windows phone 7
  7. Lumia 920 - OIS API?
  8. programmatically creating a tile that will show the small image by default
  9. Windows Phone 8 SDK and NFC Tag
  10. propagate result from C++ native code to C#
  11. IMFMediaPlayer crash on resume
  12. ContextMenu's MenuItem DataContext returns old items
  13. DirectX speeding up CreateTexture2d
  14. console apps on wp8
  15. Codename One
  16. Memory Leaks
  17. WP8: Streaming video and audio from server with Basic Authentication
  18. New contest: Windows Phone Next App Star
  19. Bluetooth Barcode Scanner for Lumia Phones
  20. Lumia 920 Achitecture (32bit or 64bit)
  21. Calling UI from Background Service Windows Phone 7.1
  22. Auto start app
  23. City lens API?
  24. Native photo capture code
  25. Most interesting question gets PDP membership and Lumia 800!
  26. How to capture the video with my windows phone (camera ) and send or transfer
  27. Support Wide tiles in WP 7.1 app using WMAppManifest.xml
  28. How do I solve producer-consumer case in a blocking way in Windows Phone?
  29. Problem with Background Agent to update Live Tile when compiled in Windows 8
  30. Getting network change notification on windows phone
  31. How to calculate direction of a point A in respect to a given point B?
  32. When to use webview and when to redirect user to brower
  33. Lumia 800 Screen Resolution
  34. ListBox DataBinding issue in WP 7.5
  35. PhotoCamera.CaptureImage() fails with front facing camera - WP8
  36. Is running background service possible in WP8?
  37. Is it possible to record a video with "slow motion" effect on Windows Phone devices?
  38. How to handle POST method in AudioPlaybackAgent
  39. will be Adobe AIR available on WP?
  40. how many downloads in the WP store are?
  41. How to connect Windows phone 8 device to a Windows 8 Virtual Machine image
  42. H264 de/compression
  43. Can I capture - Headphone Plug-out event/notification in WP8 / Lumia 920?
  44. Saving data before exiting in PeriodicTask
  45. Socket Client Problem
  46. integrating MATLAB code
  47. similar to epocwind
  48. BackgroundAgents not firing up(PeriodicAgents more precisely)
  49. _com_error in Native Image Capture sample
  50. Background Agent for capturing user data
  51. Multiple Dynamic Font loading
  52. Geolocator seems to block network access
  53. Calendar Attendees Profile
  54. Porting Android to Windows Phone
  55. WP8 update changed something on the PhotoCamera/CaptureCameraTask result?
  56. [Ask] Using Nokia Ads Exchange in XNA API
  57. How many download my app have?
  58. Fast way to get User's Location (and city name)
  59. Link to Lumia user agent profile?
  60. Question about Nokia Premium Developer Program
  61. Send Asynchronous call
  62. horizontal list layout
  63. Dev Machine
  64. Creating a Trial App with usage limit
  65. BUG: Nokia Reading and hub Xbox Music + video (Nokia LUMIA 920)
  66. Background Music - MediaElement
  67. Accessing Camera in Windows Phone Direct3d App
  68. XNA games for WP 7 have problems on some WP8 resolutions?
  69. Dynamic Live Tile issue WP8 [WriteableBitmap]
  70. Importing 3d model to Direct3D 11 [Example]
  71. Running a GPS based app in the background - constant refresh
  72. Custom serialization support in windows phone
  73. Can anyone guide me on How to Develop HTML5 /Web Apps or Browser based apps?
  74. problem in liveTile
  75. how to synchronize WinRT render and directX render
  76. Frequently update content of app
  77. PhoneGap does not support Barcode, how much this factor effect Win apps?
  78. render UI elements to bitmap (directX texture) on WP8
  79. Phone Task Control
  80. Windows phone 8 app installation on phone without putting it on windows store
  81. Numeric password box for windows phone
  82. Take a picture with Lumia 800 using HTML
  83. Is it possible to request driving or walking directions to Nokia Here Drive app?
  84. Publish wp8 then wp7 app
  85. Prefered framwork for WP HTML5 App Dev
  86. Using a .xaml page as PivotItem Content
  87. Localizing List of Objects!
  88. How to take advantage of Windows Phone 8 multi-core processor?
  89. Which events fire on Page Activation - MainPage.xaml.cs
  90. Problem with ScheduledTaskAgent, RestSharp and WriteableBitmap
  91. WP8 - WebBrowser class : How to handle downloading of file?
  92. Changing Language of Reverse Geocode response ? [Localization]
  93. Handle low storage space condition
  94. Communication History
  95. C# play media from buffer packets on the fly
  96. Closing Windows Phone 8 apps programatically
  97. Possible Lumia Bug
  98. Error: Deployment optimization failed with error '1104'
  99. AudioVideoCaptureDevice, Native recording, SetAudioSampleSink, IAudioVideoCaptureDevi
  100. Video Preview Resolution / Frame Grabs in Full HD
  101. How to mix two projects(one pure C++ native project , one C# project) in one XAP rel
  102. SLAR toolkit for wp8 ?
  103. Windows 8 Phone Client Certificate HTTPS authentication
  104. "Windows phone direct 3D with XAML App" Log in C++ does not show in output screen
  105. How to show you app at the "edit", "apps" and "share" menu of the images.
  106. Can i save video to CameraRoll?
  107. Reviews not showing - windowsphone.com
  108. [Moved] Can't find out my app in market place of my lumia510
  109. using preprocessor directives
  110. WP 8-only app DeviceUniqueId Problem
  111. retrieving IMSI number in windows phone
  112. PhoneGap and Windows Phone 8
  113. Multiple language support problem with webbrowser control in windows phone
  114. Issues working with web browser control
  115. [WP8] [Calendar] Save an Appointment with my own date
  116. How to render an image in a xaml & direct 3d project
  117. Rule Engine for C#
  118. [XNA] Can't Draw 3D object in visual studio 2012 for windowsphone
  119. How do you best handle missing hardware capabilities?
  120. WebBrowser prevent scrolling
  121. Not able to retrieve information from <request>
  122. bluetooth problems
  123. Layout problem with fullscreen ViewFinder Canvas
  124. Searchable ListPicker
  125. Contact API in WP ?
  126. Media Sharing
  127. Limit on number of products In-App purchases?!
  128. Bluetooth Pairing of Nokia Lumia 820 (WP8) with Microchip RN-42 fails
  129. Access back key Windows Phone 8 in HTML5
  130. troubles on showing argb data in a surface control
  131. how to smoothly move object on accelerometer value change
  132. Application update simulation.
  133. In-App purchase Mock Service configuration problem
  134. Default connection mode for http traffic
  135. Fastest steps to getting an Azure based service for WP8 clients implemented?
  136. Any API to cut audio file?
  137. Launch Another Windows Phone Application from my Application
  138. Alarm Audio problem
  139. using Windows phone as "remote desktop"
  140. Problem with SystemTray.ProgressIndicator and MessageBox
  141. nokia music not available in this locale? (Music Explorer Sample)
  142. Making a synchronous web request from UI thread.
  143. use of IncomingMobileNetworkMessageTask
  144. Music Explore - detecting content fully loaded and progress bar?
  145. Read all music file bytes WP8
  146. Test swiper
  147. wp8 Fast Resume Behaviour while Tombstone
  148. Portable Client Library - MessageContractAttribute isWrapped not defined
  149. Timer independent of system time even in background and offline mode
  150. Overlay on recorded video
  151. Dictation using Speech Recognition apis in WP8
  152. Problems on deployment [WP7]
  153. Read contacts from phonebook.
  154. How to get response headers from webbrowser control
  155. Location service accuracy
  156. Access call log / call history in Windows Phone
  157. Articles you could help write on the wiki
  158. Speech recogniton error
  159. Shader that crashes on 620 but doesnt on 920
  160. 1280x768 Dynamic LockScreen Wallpaper from Background Agent
  161. How to creat Custom colored text in text block ?
  162. Can't get a tcp socket connection established on wp8 emulator
  163. Render a Map to an image
  164. Help with Buddy.com scoreboard
  165. upgradding application from windows phone 7 to windows phone 8
  166. Set Flash mode : on/off/auto with CameraExplorer sample
  167. Periodic task in windows phone
  168. Distinguishing published app from development version
  169. pre-warming shaders
  170. Graphic resources - Metro Icons
  171. Full Screen Keyboard or Keypad like thing - Lumia
  172. Graphics in the Absence of GDI+
  173. Pin to start from Context Menu
  174. Problem with IconicTileData
  175. Bluetooth/USB connectivity with PC/Desktop- 2 way image transfer
  176. Lumia 920 Deployment issue
  177. front face camera recording
  178. Custom Fimware / Pre installed software
  179. Radio Button help
  180. Lumia 800 - Bootloader locked
  181. What's uri of configuration page provided by Nokia
  182. Camera preview, mediaelement and idle detection/lock screen
  183. Can Symbian /s60 applications be ported to windows applications.If Yes How ?
  184. How to get started to create html5 type or web apps for windows applications?
  185. I need "genuine" guidance to develop my app (Thanks for your time)
  186. Dynamic webpage
  187. [Moved]Capture Screen Programmatically
  188. PhotoCaptureDevice - Error when NavigatingFrom and then NavigatingTo
  189. WP8 & Arduino Uno communicating Problem
  190. XNA discontinued? options?
  191. SkyDrive Login not working on my submitted beta app but works in emulator
  192. Handling UI relative to Software Input Panel
  193. More than one brush in a background property
  194. SpriteFont XNA áéíóúñ Error
  195. Bandwidth check
  196. QOTW: App displayed with Localized language support on WP Marketplace
  197. Roaming Storage
  198. Windows Phone Development - Getting Started
  199. problems with Numers and culture when Convert.ToDouble()
  200. VideoBrush.SetSource(PhotoCaptureDevice) in ViewModel? (MVVM)
  201. Problems with Security
  202. How to handle infinite page navigation loops?
  203. Cannot deploy Phoneapp1 to my lumia 920
  204. PhoneGap App camera not Working.
  205. Change Microphone SampleRate
  206. Error while Creating Smash Session
  207. App architecture suggestion
  208. Is it possible to detect two (or more) simultaneous touches?
  209. excel file handling
  210. A2DP, how to send audio to headset?
  211. Accessing WP Camera in XNA .. Not using SilverLight
  212. How to pass objects from one page to another in widows phone 8
  213. WP8 how to get network notification
  214. windows Phone 8 Quick Start Guide in App
  215. XAML - Drawing images async?
  216. How to test email on windows phone 8 emulator?
  217. Can we share any files using ShareMediaTask?
  218. Windows Phone 8 On-Screen keyboard
  219. WP8 Camera Metering
  220. windows 8 can be used together with windows 7. why not together with belle?
  221. Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 input validations
  222. URL decoding
  223. WAV to MP3 conversion
  224. Interest in Portable DocFile Reader project?
  225. i need apps
  226. VS 2012 does not list devices or Emulator to start application in
  227. [moved] Switching the html page from the MainPage.xaml.cs
  228. tombstoning
  229. Is it possible to change lockscreen wallpaper in WP 7.5?
  230. Lock Screen Swipe Detection
  231. How can I count 3G and wifi data usage in Windows Phone 8 using C#?
  232. What is the Lumia phone browswer default? Desktop or Mobile?
  233. How to convert a pure WP8 Direct3D app into a Direct3D and XAML one
  234. Change ApplicationIcon.png on the fly - Secondary Live Tile for WP 7
  235. Malti language support
  236. Windows Phone 8 HttpWebRequest.BeginGetResponse() issue
  237. System.OutOfMemoryException on load on 256mb devices
  238. Volume key event
  239. How to get Temperature of Windows Phone Battery
  240. Retrieving Mac Address of Windows Phone
  241. error when using BackgroundTransferService in windows phone download file
  242. Internet Not working on Windows Phone 8 Emulator
  243. How to implement the slider control just like the camera app in lumia 1020
  244. 2002 The localized title for [file name] is missing or empty. Update your file and th
  245. WP7.x compatibility problem in WP8
  246. Get the Coordinates of point where user touched on the screen
  247. Play Raw sound
  248. Accessing Files stored on internal memory
  249. How to integrate push notifications in my windows phone Apps
  250. Share Content in WP8