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  1. Welcome to Windows Phone Discussion
  2. [moved] What resources will Nokia offer
  3. Microsoft and Nokia
  4. Check out the Angry Monsters project for Windows Phone
  5. Beta Mango Tools available today !
  6. What's New in Windows Phone Developer Tools
  7. A way to port Symbian WRT widget to WP?
  8. Hub / home-screen apps for third party apps
  9. Silverlight WP7/Symbian
  10. Porting Qt apps to WP7
  11. Porting games between Windows Phone and Qt examples
  12. Ovi Maps API support for Mango
  13. WP7 Marketplace and country availability
  14. Deployment failed error ?
  15. When will standard C/C++ be supported...
  16. [moved] Android, iOS mapping to Windows Phone. Where's Qt?
  17. Getting Start with Windows Phone 7 Blog
  18. Windows Mobile 7.1 Browser - Flash lite support?...
  19. Windows Phone and Access to Filesystem
  20. Java support
  21. next xbox phone in nokia
  22. Windows Phone Platform security
  23. would be awesome WRT on WP7
  24. Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta 2
  25. Porting some Qt software. HowTo?
  27. Windows Phone Marketplace FAQ
  28. Some 3rd party real Mobile controls for Windows Phone 7
  29. Windows Phone 7 Programing Language
  30. How to add and use a TTF font
  31. Anyone tried Phonegap?
  32. Partnership with Nokia concerning apps for the Windows Phone 7
  33. Microsoft publishes Windows Phone SDK 7.1 Release Candidate
  34. OMA DM on Windows phone
  35. How to Develop an application compatible for other than windows phone using .Net
  36. Data transfer in page navigation
  37. Windows 8 Developer preview available
  38. Managed C++ on WP7
  39. How to close a Silverlight application programatically ?
  40. How to set the brightness of the screen?
  41. How to lock the screen from wp7 app?
  42. Microsoft publishes final release of Windows Phone SDK 7.1
  43. Please suggest some Advertising SDK
  44. $99 annual cost
  45. Deploy Apps on WP7
  46. Help me....
  47. can't play built-in ringtones as alarm sound?
  48. Text to speech in Windows Phone 7
  49. Does offline installer available for windows phone development
  50. Questions on WP7 developing
  51. python on windows mobile?
  52. Windows Phone devices?
  53. Windows Phone 7 for Developers
  54. Can we publish Windows Phone 7 apps to Ovi store?
  55. How to obfuscate WP7 source code?
  56. As a Windows Phone dev, should I register as a Publisher?
  57. Drill down listbox with several detail views for windows phone
  58. Nokia vs Android vs iPhone
  59. WP back button vs OnNavigatedTo method
  60. Make a two column ListBox
  61. Back key behavior
  62. How/Where to get Windows Phone
  63. help with register in app hub from Jordan
  64. ChevronWP7 - An alternative to developers
  65. Need Some Help to start
  66. API for FM Radio?
  67. Windows Phone Toolkit - Nov 2011 released
  68. C# Mini Course
  69. which "Mango" thread BackgroundWorker use ?
  70. How to access compass in WP7
  71. EGNOS SDK and WP7 updates
  72. Interacting with Nokia Drive Application
  73. Remote Device Access
  74. Windows Phone Programming in C# - Free eBook and Samples
  75. Windows Phone 7 Development for Absolute Beginners
  76. Thirdparty Dll in Application
  77. How do I get caller's name/number
  78. Fast Application Switching
  79. how to get signalling?
  80. Maps API for WP7
  81. Is Ovi Map library available on Window Phone 7 Platform
  82. Does Nokia Windows mobiles support Java/JME?
  83. Help needed for a potential bug in video playback Nokia Lumia
  84. how to capture screen on windows phone
  85. Get GPS distance between coordinates.
  86. How to allow my client to test my application before marketplace release?
  87. Streaming on Windows Phone
  88. WebBrowserTask user and password in link
  89. WEBINAR FEEDBACK: Media playback on Windows Phone platform
  90. How crate a "PhoneApplicationPage" not by XAML file on Window Phone 7?
  91. Why does BitmapImage.SetSource() get a image of 1/4 of the correct resolution?
  92. Dealing with Background Tasks: Android Honeycomb and Windows Phone Mango
  93. In-app purchases through Linxter
  94. How to create Trial application?
  95. How to contribute as a Tester on Windows Mobile App projects
  96. Porting iOS Objective-C / C / OpenGL ES game to Windows phone
  97. RSS Reader Silverlight example
  98. Smooth Streaming Audio & Caption Handling
  99. OTA Provisioning the Windows Mobile Device Manager Account
  100. Is there a compiler in QT can compiler a QT's app to mango?
  101. emulator and marketplace
  102. User Control as Library
  103. Qt on WindowsPhone after all ?
  104. Registering at App Hub
  105. Unknown battery status on the Nokia Lumia 800
  106. Map Image API restrictions
  107. Porting the classic Nokia games/apps to Windows Phone
  108. Access sms and call history from WP7?
  109. I want to write a program to transfer data to a computer?
  110. LED Flashlight is allowed, with using Microsoft.Phone.Media.Extended ?
  111. Developing for Windows Phone
  112. Microsoft continues to add countries to Windows Phone Marketplace
  113. Lumia / other WP phones maximum accelerometer sample rate
  114. HTML5 audio element - AAC+ streams
  115. Yet to receive App hub refund
  116. Remote Device Access for Windows phone
  117. Audio cable connected event
  118. Get image from RSS XML
  119. Uploading photos on a Lumia 710
  120. Basic Designing Applications for Windows Phone 7
  121. Developer Lumia 800 battery problems
  122. SIM card access
  123. html formatting in xml retrieve to textblock
  124. pass the URI parameter/value to linq
  125. bind linq to textblock without listBox.ItemsSource
  126. Windows phone 7.5 clarification about incoming call
  127. SPP support missing
  128. How to find Location Provider in windows Phone
  129. Access device location settings directly from my app like bing maps
  130. Getting battery life programmatically in windows phone
  131. How to Get Current Location Updates on basis of time
  132. Flashing Lumia 800 with non-branded image
  133. listpicker can't scroll
  134. Does Lumia 800 support OTA Bitmap?
  135. How to capture "@" key pressed on textbox?
  136. Is Entity Framework 4.1 and Code First available
  137. Request to get nokia windows phone device.
  138. Quick poll: Developing for Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone) with iOS skills wiki?
  139. Problem in parsing embedded Xml file
  140. SOAP web service request with credentials for Windows Phone 7
  141. XML Parsing for windows phone 7
  142. API for Nokia Drive for WP7?
  143. HTML5 Video on Lumia 800
  144. Will Nokia provide Lumia 900 device for developers outside US?
  145. How to customize Windows Phone emulator skin from default to Nokia Lumia 800?
  146. Latest update for Windows Phone SDK from Microsoft
  147. Queries about Nokia Drive & Nokia Apollo
  148. Upload camera captured photo to Facebook in few steps
  149. RDS (Radio Data System) API for Lumia 800
  150. IMSI information on WP7
  151. HTTP Post method
  152. Magnetometer issue
  153. Creating a listbox in windows phone 7
  154. Test device for a presentation
  155. how get Virtual memory for windows phone 'mango'
  156. USSD Timeout
  157. retrieve GSM variables Like Bcch from windows phone 7
  158. Static file as Content in project, can it be modified ?
  159. Strange ListBox scrolling (random empty lines inserted at ends)
  160. How to extract the xml data to listbox source?
  161. About Windows Phone Development Resource
  162. Poor Sensor Fusion in Lumia 900
  163. App doesn't deploy after tombstoning on Lumia 900
  164. listbox returning same data from xml.
  165. Settings – Mobile Network – Edit APN
  166. How to retrieve a unique ID from WP using default mobile Internet Explorer?
  167. How to build a Windows Phone app with existing BB WebWorks codes
  168. [moved] What ID is sent to Exchange ActiveSync from Windows Phone 7
  169. clearable Textbox
  170. blinking amage animation
  171. themes in phone7
  172. How can I store an audio file in the application folder
  173. Can Symbian Belle or Anna OS can be converted to windows OS
  174. Changing image on click
  175. Nokia Play to capabilities
  176. syncing lum 710
  177. My Lumia 800 developer device screen issue
  178. How to read individual bytes from a byte array
  179. Read/write bytes to a usb port
  180. How to get battery level for Lumia 800
  181. [moved] Toast Message in Windows Phone
  182. Showing Images with an RSS Feed.
  183. animation in wp7
  184. App as a service
  185. Transparent page
  186. USSD support
  187. html to pdf coversion
  188. Cant Make instances with usercontrol
  189. Tampere Windows Phone Developer meetup
  190. Small mistake in Nokia Maps.
  191. Can I send OTA SMS to Nokia Lumia?
  192. How to get started with Windows Phone Development (by Rich Dunbar)
  193. "pin an application to menu from the app"
  194. How to get mp3 audio length in wp7??
  195. Rotate the viewfinder & Capture a portrait image in Windows Phone
  196. How to develop a DLNA(Digital Living Network Alliance) based Windows Phone App?
  197. Report Lumia Bug
  198. Generate docx file
  199. Add the frame to a Picture
  200. What's your favourite library?
  201. How to create this type of Tumbler???
  202. Turn off back key vibration
  203. Waiver possible?
  204. Text-to-Speech for windows phone 7.5
  205. make word puzzle game look nice on windows phone
  206. SOAP Parsing in windows phone
  207. Iam a starter/ Beginner in developing apps for windows OS.Basically iam symbian dvpr
  208. phone8 maps terms
  209. Got error on adding php web service in windows phone 7
  210. Not Able To Install Apache Cordova for Windows Phone7
  211. SLARToolkit Error:- Only 32 Bit ARGB pixel format is supported, not Format32bppArgb
  212. Windows Phone 8 SDK is now available, with a but
  213. Test on WP 7.8, release for WP 8?
  214. Nokia maps with antialiazing
  215. Team Foundation Server Service - Free up to 5 users
  216. Windows Phone 8 Wiki Competition
  217. Windows Phone 8 development on Mac and VMWare, also using the Phone Emulator
  218. emulator use SD Card
  219. Maps Polygon Opacity (and Size) in WP8
  220. Windows RT development
  221. Solutions for getting OpenGL ES 2 on WP8?
  222. Anyone actually been able to extend existing subscription with a MS dev center token?
  223. How to add custom route to a new Map?
  224. Map.TransformCenter
  225. Stuck: Can't get localization of App Title to work
  226. WP8 Lumia Custom Camera Properties
  227. Looking for Detailed Map sof Israel
  228. Localized ReverseGeocodeQuery
  229. Nokia Ad Exchange Does not support Windows Phone 8
  230. rSAP - Remote SIM Access Profile support in Windows Phone 8
  231. Windows Phone 8 Pivot and Panorama controls
  232. Unable to connect to Windows Phone 8 device
  233. background applications?
  234. nokia POI rating api
  235. Heads up - Free Jump Start: Build Windows Phone 8 Apps - 28/11/2012
  236. Need help adding NAX DLL to references.
  237. Experienced Developer - Getting started with Phone 8
  238. Windows Phone Photo Upside Down
  239. Welcome João Cardoso, new moderator for Windows Phone
  240. Read Exif data
  241. Issue with WP7 NavigationService.Navigate on Lumia 900
  242. Photo manipulation
  243. Changing the phone:WebBrowser control useragent programatically
  244. Capturing video with AudioVideoCaptureDevice - no auto focus
  245. Emulator messing up
  246. Lumia SerialNumbers
  247. Multiple Language App -- beta testers needed !!
  248. Change volume in windows phone 8
  249. AT + USSD Error
  250. Bluetooth