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  20. disableDrag is not working
  21. How-to use "map.Display.setHeading" and ".setTilt"
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  23. nokia.maps.routing.WaypointParameterList is not a function
  24. Polyline between waypoints
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  27. Does anyone know a good example using the API with Heatmap based on zipcode
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  29. nokia.maps.gfx.CanvasPainter
  30. Map Pan not working
  31. How do you know if a StandardMarker, is inside a route?
  32. sales manager help please, pricing info
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  38. Having problems with the Quick-Start example in Chrome/Firefox, blank page
  39. How can i move/drag to a position,a nokia.maps.map.StandardMarker with a button event
  40. General Questions / License
  41. No Response from Location API Licensing Department
  42. Is there any function to load layers of map objects?
  43. Parsing KML
  44. Updating my maps
  45. code test
  46. Removal of infobubbles with a markers container
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  48. Text on Marker
  49. routing and context menu
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  52. GeoCode without any Result
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  58. Throw exception on webkit,while IE and Firefox is OK
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  68. Template examples
  69. how add text to circles and Polygons ??
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  71. zoom level change event
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  86. No answer from locationapi­@nokia.com
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  95. Re: Welcome to Maps API for Javascript
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  98. Multiple Infobubbles on the Map at once.
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  115. How can I retrieve a decimal latitude / longitude when dragging a marker?
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  119. Change initial scale unit
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  123. ClusterProvider redrawing unchanged points
  124. Retina display support
  125. How can I add a DIV next MARKER?
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  127. Fastest way to remove points
  128. Bug: All Map Images Not Loading
  129. NS_ERROR_FAILURE nsIDOMWindow.outerWidth while requesting API in Gecko Browser Frame
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  131. How to avoid script errors with many locations
  132. getCenter()
  133. Type Errors
  134. Contol zooming when using Positioning
  135. onComplete not called after search timeout
  136. Routing result box
  137. Creating a route after User input
  138. Multiple Markers with infoBubbles
  139. 'Could not create app because of org.springframework.web.client.HttpClientErrorExcep
  140. KML size and KMZ support
  141. cannot load kml file from my domain
  142. Restrict the map to the UK only
  143. Is there GeoJSON support for Here Maps or any alternative to KML
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